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Canon General / Re: Imaging Resource: Canon Q&A @ CP+ 2015
« on: February 18, 2015, 01:44:58 PM »
It's good to know they recognize this weakness. The 5DIII and pretty much any of their DSLRs' video look incredibly soft. Compared to the GH4 or a7s' 1080p it has a lot of room for improvement.

As a photo and video shooter, I'd really love 4K in the 5DIV, but if I had to choose between 4K + 1080p of the current video quality, or just 1080p of SHARP video quality, I'd easily go with the latter.

It's interesting that when the 5D3 was released, Canon and C.W. kept going on about how the 5D3 delivered perfectly crisp 1080P and that there was no softness at all. Yet internally, their engineers at least clearly knew the real deal.

It's also interesting that ML RAW gets nicely detailed 1080P out of the 5D3 HW and yet the Canon firmware delivers waxy, soft mush. So was it DIGIC? Marketing insisting they go for a consumer waxy look because that is what consumers supposedly want? Marketing insisting they give it a waxy look to protect 1DC and Cxx?

5D3 with ML gives some pretty nice 1080p if you can deal with RAW shooting, about the nicest direct 1080P from the DSLR. RAW does eat up space like made though. But it sure is nice to play with 10+ bit 4:4:4 files in post, a million times nicer than 4:2:0 8bit and get decent sharpness (also without much aliasing or moire still).

Canon General / Re: Imaging Resource: Canon Q&A @ CP+ 2015
« on: February 17, 2015, 06:42:43 PM »
Too bad he didn't bring up DR and the 500nm and so on as he actually seemed to be getting some real answers from Canon for once.

It's odd that they implied the moire would still be OK for 5Ds video and that it would finally have better resolution than the rather sub-1080P that Canon had been delivering.... and yet the Canon marketing people keep going on about how the video on the 5Ds is poor and not as good as the 5D3 and that there was no point to giving it clean HDMI out or zebras or focus peaking etc. etc. because it was too poor to bother. So.... something ain't adding up.

Maybe it could produce good video so marketing had them leave out clean hdmi, zebras, focusing aids, 4k, etc. to not compete with Cxx and 1DC too much??

wow, that was just like reading the numerous anti-Canon comments in DP member comments.  Does Tom moonlight a lot?

Actually most of the 'anti-Canon' comments are actually, at their depth, pro-Canon comments from people who have probably shot Canon longer than you have and would rather wish to continue to do so rather than have to switch to Nikon or elsewhere. Although it seems like Canon just doesn't see a reason to listen and apparently has zero fear of lost sales so you should be happy soon as the set of long time Canon shooters who wanted change but didn't get it stop bothering and you can have fun with your 2007 sensor in 2017 and 2027 and perhaps far beyond and applaud yourself for doing everything possible to cheer on Canon to hold back (granted the low ISO DR doens't matter to everyone, but you'd think it does with the way anyone who mentions it isn't as good as other brands posts 100 posts in refutation). Perhaps you'll get zebras and focusing aids, ultra high-end features!!!!, by 2037 in a regular priced body (note how the incredible complex to code and implement AutoISO was dribbled out to Canon DSLRs over a period of well over a decade and micro-focus adjustment was repeatedly taken out and put back into the xxD line so they could keep offering a new feature every other cycle).

Anyway, I mean for many none of those may matter at all, and that's cool, but to those that stuff does matter, they are just trying to prod Canon and not destroy them as most would rather stay using Canon. And it's not like it hurts any of the rest to not get silly little things like AutoISO or whatnot held back because some MBA came up with some scheme and even if you don't need the DR, everyone makes a mistake once in a few thousand shots and if they extra DR let you rescue it, that would be a plus for you too no?

What happens is if bring it up once or twice and don't go all over the top then you get swarmed by 1000 fanboys and the message gets lost and distorted, so it's useless. But then if you respond and counter everything and try to raise enough attention for it to have a chance then you become a pest and it backfires. And then if you get sucked into combating all the "learn how to shoot moron", "have you ever taken a photo geek" and all sorts of other ridiculous nonsense stuff then you just end up becoming a jerk too. So I guess it's all pointless ot bother, especially on some forums.


other than for:"Why are there crop settings in this new camera? Why are there crop settings in our competitor’s cameras? Marketing told us that we needed parity or else they would have to come up with a reason why cropping is bad. "

These modes make a ton of sense! Who wants to waste tons of CF space, HD drive and make the buffer performance and clearance horrible when you don't need to but when you still want nice reach for wildlife or some sports?

And they also allow you to bump up the fps (well so long as you don't shoot Canon) since there are less MP to process making the cameras much more all-around!

Lenses / Re: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art announced..
« on: February 10, 2015, 04:27:11 PM »
Here's the product page from Sigma America with more technical information:

Funny, they state there: "This product is discontinued."  ;D

Boy they aren't even waiting until a few months after release (24-105) this time. ;D

More seriously, it sounds nice, especially if the N24-70 isn't so great at 24mm and the 5Ds doesn't have the better DR that a few are now claiming (although it all seems like reaching to me) and one goes N.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R Preview
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:37:14 AM »
<p>Bryan at The Digital Picture has compiled a pretty extensive preview of Canon’s latest professional DSLRs.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Canon EOS 5Ds &  EOS 5Ds R Preview</a></p>

So is Bryan the new Canon PR guy or something?? He should complain if he's not getting paid like it.

EOS Bodies / Re: Future Canon DSLR Strategy for More Focused Products?
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:33:22 PM »
Personally I'd rather have a D810 type beast that does high MP FF for some stuff and then 7fps high-speed in crop mode for sports and wildlife and you just carry and buy once than each thing have some aspect artificially crippled away (like the 5Ds seems to be 5fps in crop mode even though it has the processing to do 10fps there and even just re-using 5D3 mirror box could've given it 6fps there).

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Press Release
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:43:42 PM »
" For added flexibility, the cameras’ resolution enables three new in-camera crop shooting modes–1.3x, 1.6x and 1:1. Visible through the viewfinder, the crop modes deliver outstanding results, with stills at 19 MP even when cropped to 1.6x."

Bah why no fps increase though as with Nikon? Nikon turns from a high MP landscape cam into a high-speed action/wildlife/sports cam in 1.5x mode.

The 5Ds has more than enough power to drive 1.6x at even 10fps if they wanted and even the old 5D3 mirror box re-used could have drive it at 6fps at least.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Press Release
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:11:23 PM »
The fact that they mention dynamic range again for the first time in years and years is a quite promising sign!  ;D

OTOH the fact that it appears to still be stuck at 5fps even in cropped mode while the Nikons go to 7fps is a pretty mega turn off, especially since it appears that the video will absolutely stink on it (by today's standards) and be both much less usable and with far worse IQ than 5D3 + ML video.

So it seems that Canon did, one hopes, finally move us into wide dynamic range world (although it does still remain to be proven and it might just be some big new stride at high ISO only or something) but they are still being Canon in not even being willing to put in even just a 5D3 class mirror box to at least get it to a key 6fps for action.

Fact of the matter is the Nikon cameras are a lot more all around since they can hit not only 6fps but even 7fps in cropped modes and are thus pretty fine for action and then they can drop into 36MP FF high DR for low ISO landscapes and such. The D810 is awesome for field sports action and wildlife with the decent 36MP reach and 7fps speed and then awesome for landscapes with the 36MP FF with high DR. That is a much more rounded camera overall IMO. (of course the lenses and UI are worse IMO)

This does offer more reach for wildlife than the D810, but you have to think it won't be too long before Nikon comes out with their 50MP cam with high low ISO DR and that it will hit 7fps in cropped mode.

If it had high low ISO DR and good video or high low ISO DR and became a bit of an action camera in cropped wildlife/field sports mode then you'd be talking, but it seems like it will deliver only 1 of the 3 (and the 1 is not yet a guarantee). At the very least if it does end up delivering the DR at least we know Canon is finally back in the game for sensors though and not a lost cause brand.

It still seems that Nikon will soon release a camera that will be an equal or better body in every way though. Of course it is true that the Canon lens line-up is much nicer (not a small thing by any means) and many prefer the Canon UI by a fair bit.

I'm a bit bummed that Canon had to be Canon and cripple the mirror box to sub-5D3 levels and prevent it from cranking out fps in cropped modes.

Sure the 5D4 will deliver the speed and hopefully video and DR, but then it won't have the reach for wildlife this one does.

The 7D2 has the speed and the reach but not the FF or DR for landscapes or the video.

They always have to leave one or more things out from each, even in the cases where it would've been trivial to allow for the extra thing.

With punting the video so badly on this, I thought they'd then knock every stills aspect out of the park. They may have for static stuff, but punted on the higher fps in cropped modes thing.

Depending on this or that I could end up with 5Ds alone, 5Ds followed by an add-on A7S2 for video, a 5D4, a Nikon, a Nikon plus an A7S2, keeping 5D3 and adding A7RII.

Too early to ask.

Does it actually go to 7fps in crop mode as some claim?
Will it deliver Exmor or better DR?

It sounds like it will deliver all of that, but I'm still a bit worried it might be stuck at 5fps even in crop mode or that maybe the 5fps is the crop mode speed and FF speed is even slower. And maybe it's wishful thinking to believe the Sony sensor or Sony fab producing a radical new Canon design.

(Sadly, it seems like all signs are pointing to rather poor video, but there is still a chance it might have zebras,focusing aids,10bits,4:2:2 or 4:4:4 although the hints make it sound all very unlikely, which is really a shame, since between no 4k and none of that it will mean giving away a 5D3 that actually, with ML, will likely deliver much better video quality (if willing to mess with RAW video) and with much better video usability than this new camera.)

For me it's simply got to have the Exmor or better DR since it won't give top quality 4k video.

And since the video will probably be even worse than what I can get out of my 5D3 and tougher to use, I'd say it's also gotta give me the 7fps in the crop mode and arrive at a decent price.

Between the 5fps FF, 7fps cropped, the 50MP, the Exmor DR, the likely 5D3 or better AF, it would at least deliver pretty much all I could ask for as far as still as this point in time.

If the price is too crazy though then you are left with truly no money (well I would be at least hah) to get video from some other brand or even to afford the 5Ds to begin with regardless).

If doesn't do all that, then considering the likely poor video, forget it.

If it delivers the 50MP, 7fps cropped mode, Exmor or better DR and overall excellent sensor performance, AF at least as good as in the 5D3 and the price isn't more than what the Euro pricing rumor hints going by direct $ exchange then I think I'd be pretty interested. It would be exceedingly dissapointing regarding video, but basically deliver on every last thing I could ask for in a still cam at this point in time, which would be a pretty refreshing and exciting change from Canon (ignoring the sad video aspect) and rather enticing to say the least.

If it is a 7D2 sensor made FF size, max 5fps and poor video, I won't even know what to say other than I guess it would be a clear sign that it's time to just give up on Canon and maybe make the full switch to Nikon and not even bother using a hybrid Canon plus Sony+adapter system.

EOS Bodies / Re: Bingo! New Canon 5Ds has 50.6 MP new rumored specs
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:59:57 PM »
oh really?
and suppose something unexpected happens and you are close but have no flash and they need a shot and there is terrible back lighting?

If you carry a 1D Pro Series camera and you have no flash you should set up the ISO ;)

How does that fix heavy backlighting? Especially with Canon sensors that have low DR?

If you miss it to a real shoot you should think about your job. Popup-flashes are really useless, they do nothing except of flashing something near to death.

Nonsense. For a little fill, if nothing else is available they are a heck of a lot better than the nothing else available.

Or as I say, maybe you wandering back and it's dark and then out of nowhere a Luna Moth or a tree frog appears, the pop-up can mean zero shot vs a shot. It won't happen often, but it's happened to me three times over the last five years.

Not everyone is always on the job or on a real shoot, but sometimes an urgent call comes in our of nowhere or you run into something unexpected or you are just on vacation and not caring about flash photography but then you suddenly wouldn't mind if a snapshot with a friend had a little fill.

What the what does the pop-up hurt? If you'd rather use nothing than something or only shoot under 100% prepared conditions then simply don't use it!

It's not the problem to have it in the cam, it's the problem that you carry it with the cam for 99% of the time, not using it. You make the body bigger, heavier, more prone to water and the viewfinder is more complicated for a decent 100% view.

popup flash weights like 2 ounces or something

The flash even sucks on your batterylife. You can Put a 270EX on your Body every time you go out.

270EX is a bulky mess to drag around all the time

I did finally get a sunpack which is really small, although it's still easy enough to forget.

Nikon has a flash in the body? Wow. Leica doesn't. And the real Pro Models are D3s and D4 not the D800... guess what. They have no flash  8)

And real pros, not posers, don't brag about how it's so pro and cool that they have no pop-up.

EOS Bodies / Re: Bingo! New Canon 5Ds has 50.6 MP new rumored specs
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:52:56 PM »
On models with a built-in flash, it also doubles as a strobe for AF assistance.

Back on some of the EOS SLRs, there was a separate red light for that.

With the 1D and 5D series, there is no AF assist at all.

The AF assist on my Elan IIe actually saved my life once when we got stuck out in frigid weather at night with a broken flashlight. We had to navigate a treacherous icy path over a raging river in pure darkness. The lamp was just enough to keep us from stepping in the wrong spots to our deaths. Waiting until morning would have meant certain hypothermia.

How about them apples? :)

Wow, now there you go!
Can't get a better or more dramatic than this one!

EOS Bodies / Re: The New Rebels Will be Called the 760D and 750D
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:45:23 PM »
The 24MP sensor is what jumps out at me.  That's a whole new animal for Canon.  Did they make it? Did Sony? Did Nintendo?

We got a DPAF 20.2MP 70D, semi-flagship not long ago.  Then the DPAF "tweaked up" 20.2MP 7D2 full flagship

And now along comes this lil' Rebel with 24MP???  Uhh-k.

Yeah, very interesting. It seems to imply Sony (or at the very least some new process sensor).

Lenses / Re: A New Nifty Fifty Coming [CR1]
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:41:23 PM »
Man, what is with keeping the current 50mm 1.4? Maybe the design flaw that makes the AF break non-stop gives them a lot of profit? Are they waiting for a class action lawsuit on that lens or what?

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