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This will be my first 50mm upgrade if reviews would find AF to be fine on 6D.

White 6D... please?   ;)

Just playing with my "old" G11 with underwater casing...  I can't wait to test this out in Krabi.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS sensors, and technology
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:53:22 AM »
Hmmm... Just buy a Sony A7R + EF adapter.  Since you're doing food photography and other macros, you don't need that "better" AF.   ;D  You don't need to stay with one brand (and I know you don't).  Give some love to other brands also.

Landscape / Re: Deep Sky Astrophotography
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:07:17 PM »
Beautiful Sir!  Someday, I dream also to take one.  Keep posting these excellent work of yours.

Photography Technique / Re: Missed opportunity
« on: April 08, 2014, 12:00:37 AM »
You are not alone sir.  I had a lot of missed opportunities too also but that's life.  Just move on and hope for the best.  :)  A zoom might make your life easier even if it's an F4.    For fast, small critters like these, I prefer a smaller aperture to help make the capture sharper. 

Photography Technique / Re: Help on what to bring to Krabi...
« on: April 07, 2014, 11:54:22 PM »
Sir Surapon, these are quite interesting images.  Thanks again for the advise.  I'll keep them in mind.  Hopefully, it will be a blissful travel.  It's my first time to be in Thailand though I'm quite familiar with the scenarios you have said because I've spent much of my life in Philippines.  I just grew a little bit complacent because I'm living now in Malaysia which is a much "easier" country to live in than Philippines.  Thanks again for the reminders.   :)

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:32:11 AM »
The lens was a 300mm f2.8

Again!  This is top-notch...

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:30:49 AM »

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Gets Reviewed
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:29:52 AM »
P.S. I hope Samyang will join the fast 50 competition soon.

Partly agree ... that Samyang makes a 50mm prime.

However, I hope they produce a relatively slow f2.8 lens without the trade-offs required for f1.4 to f1.8.

I am very, very happy with my Samyang 14mm f2.8, even though it is fully manual. I have little interest in their faster 35mm and 85mm lenses with f1.4.

My "vote" would be for Samyang to have a full line-up of very affordable, very sharp, fully manual f2.8 prime lenses, such as 24mm, 50mm, and 100mm (about doubling each step from 14mm, and skipping "intermediates" like 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, and 85mm, which also would duplicate their existing FL's).

I have to say that I respectfully totally disagree with you!  ;)

For me, those kind of lens wouldn't have much of a market. I think it would be much more interesting for Samyang to produce very fast lens, for instance a 50mm f/1.2 or f/1. I personally can't find much use for a f/2.8 standard prime and even then, you can easily find old manual lens on eBay that are plenty sharp at f2.8 for less than 100$, sometime even less than 35$!

Yep. The shorty-forty is a very good 50 for 2.8+ , no need for more slow normal primes. However, manual 50/2 macro would be nice. 5 years ago I was wondering why Samyang doesn't make T-S and Macro lenses, for which manual-only focusing is not a problem. Now they are making T-S, so maybe Macros are coming too. 200/4 would be a good start :)

Hmmm... something like a 50mm F2.5 macro? 

Photography Technique / Re: Help on what to bring to Krabi...
« on: April 07, 2014, 05:47:53 AM »
Even tho we can discuss the style, I kinda agree with Texas about those topics.

All of them could be answered with 16-35 24-70II and 70-200II. What place in the world wouldn't be covered with those?

Then it's just a very personnal questions about style of shooting, finances (but then again the upgrade/budget path is pretty clear with canon gear), taste for primes (extremely subjective) and tolerance to weight carrying (once again so subjective, some poeple have a 70-200 f4 limit, some other are Surapon style supermen).

I also tend to think that people (who are not newbs) with this kind of issues could rethink their kits to check out for redundancy/inadequacy.

To be productive cristicm: we could have a travel section where people post where they go and could receive advice from local CRers or forumers with experience or interest for the place. This way non interested people like Texas wouldn't have to click on those threads they don't want to see :P

But in one word: Enjoy Thailand. I hadn't had the chance yet so I'll envy you. Show us some pics!

I think I can agree with you regarding the focal lengths you have mentioned and about price/budget limitations.  And I agree with you that weight and sizes must also be taken into account especially when travelling.  It's always good to have the lightest, flexible gear with you.  With cameras having good ISO performance these days, it just made F2.8 an added luxury (and weight).  Having said that, I want a Sony A7 (with new sets of lenses) instead of the 6D when travelling but my wife will kill me if I get one.    ;D  Therefore, it's better to just stick with 6D and make my backpack as light as possible by cutting on the lenses to bring.  This is my primary goal when I started this thread.  I'm hoping that some forumers will help me plus give me useful advise like the one given by our resident guru, Mr. Surapon.

Yup.  You can be sure that I'll post some picture like I always do.  I love showing my pics and let people give me suggestions/critiques on how to improve on photography.  I think I've posted a lot in the 6D and lens gallery already due to that and I welcome any critique, be it good or bad.  Anyway thanks man.  I hope you can visit Thailand too.  It's our first time and I just want to enjoy it as much as possible.  It's not so easy to earn money for trips like these after all.

Am a bit late to this thread but having had a skim through the comments most of them are laughably misguided in terms of the legal rights of the professional photographer over the OP.

Under Australian copyright law, the OP gained sole copyright over the photos that he took as soon as he pressed the shutter. That gives him unfettered rights to commercially exploit his photos.

The only way that the professional could restrict those rights is by virtue of a contract containing explicit terms prohibiting him from using/selling the photos. There is no way that the a court would read in such an onerous term into the very loose arrangement described here. I very much doubt that there is any contract between the OP and the pro photographer governing the shadowing arrangement, but there clearly is no term covering assignment of copyright or prohibition on exploitation of photos.

The one legal claim to the photos of the OP would be from the part of the bride. If we changed the facts a bit here and the OP wanted to sell his photos to a bridal magazine, the bride may be able to restrain this by bringing an action for breach of confidence. However, even this would be a pretty weak action given the reluctance of Australian courts to recognise any tort of privacy. Her only strong action would be against the professional (who she has a contract with) for his negligence in allowing the OP to tag along without requiring him to enter into a contract to restrain his use of the photos. But I digress.

The only issue at stake here is the OP's ethics. And personally I think the professional is the one who should be grateful that the bride isn't tempted to take him to VCAT for stuffing up the coverage: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/13/wedding-photographer-sued-for-missing-the-kiss/

Think a lot of the comments here are fuelled by "professionals" feeling a bit insecure about second shooters :P

[FWIW I'm in my final year of a law degree]

Once you've got a few years' IP law under your belt, you might see things differently.  I'd argue that the OP took the images as an agent of the pro photographer (as he would have been under the supervision and guidance of the pro and his attendance at the event would have been under the pro's direction), and consequently the pro owns the copyright (subject to the contract with the bride and groom....as they are the client, depending on the wording of the contract, you might find that they already own the copyright - take a look at s35(5) of the Copyright Act.)

Given the circumstances, I have a hard time seeing how the OP could own the copyright.  I suspect he'd argue that as the person pressing the shutter button, he was the creator and therefore the owner.  But given that this would have been a private event, with the OP attending under the direction of the pro photographer, if this ever became a serious issue, I'd suggest the pro (or the bride and groom) would have the winning argument. (Law degree and 20+ years experience.)

Back to the OP, I'm happy that you discussed it with the pro (even if it wasn't 100% your desired outcome).  We'd have 2 or 3 people come and do work experience with us from high schools and universities each year.  And while we're not in a photography related industry, everyone that works with us always acts on their best behaviour and we're delighted to have them, even though a certain percentage will ultimately become direct competitors.  But we like doing it.  Not only do we identify potential employees, but it is always useful having contacts in other firms or different specialities.  Hopefully, you've kept the relationship with the pro on a good footing as you never know when your paths might cross again.

Just to summarize what he said... "Don't burn bridges."  :)  Just charge it to experience and move on.  If you feel cheated then just move on and don't work for/with him anymore in the future.  There are times that nature has a way of giving back whatever you lost.  Karma, as we always say will always get you.  I don't know if you believe but I've always believe in this.  It just made my life better and with less worries.   8)

Photography Technique / Re: Help on what to bring to Krabi...
« on: April 06, 2014, 11:19:42 PM »

I'm thinking of bringing just 2 or 3 lens along with my 6D.  Initially, I've thought of just bringing the 24-105L + 50mm F1.8.  I want to be as light as possible.  Last time I went to Langkawi, I brought the 17-40, 28mm and 50mm but found a little bit wanting more length.  Side note, wife is bringing a G11 with underwater case...

Canon 24-105L F4
Canon 17-40L F4
Canon 28mm F1.8
Canon 50mm F1.8 II
Canon 100mm F2.8 (macro)
Canon 70-300L
Canon 70-200L F4


Dear Jason.
Yes, I was born in thailand And Live in Thailand untill age 26 Years old, And Move to NC., USA  and live here 39 years.
But We went back to Thailand in every 2 years, And Go to Krabi 5-7 times, Because My Brother In-Law live in Phuket, Close to Krabi.
Here are the weather in Krabi :


Yes, To travel in Thailand, You must carry your equipment with you all the time-----If you want to leave your equipment in the Hotel, You must  bring to the Hotel Manager and Leave with him/ her Office----Not just leave in your hotel room---Some one might want to borrow your equipments----Ha, Ha, Ha..
Yes, The most important thing = Get 2-3 big and small trash bag/ Plastic bags( A lot of Rubber Bands) with you all the time, to protect your Camera Gears----The Rain and Monsoon season can come any time and any days.
Yes, Enjoy the great Scenery, Beautiful Girls and the Great Thai Foods, Including Fruits and Coconuts.
Good Luck.
PS. The Camera equipment are belong to your arms, Neck, and your back---Depend on your health and strong body. For me, I am "Army in one", and I am ready for any situations that I want to shoot. Crazy Surapon.


Thank you kind sir!  Those are a wealth of advise.  I'll keep them to mind.  I like everything except "Beautiful Girls" part... (Not because I don't really like them.  ;D)  My wife might be reluctant to set me free during the night for "night" photography.   ;)  I've been putting off getting those 30L waterproof bags so I can bring my camera anywhere and everywhere (it floats yet still very light...) but now that you told me about this monsoon rains, I think I'll gonna buy one. 

After you've shown me what you're bringing, I might opt to bring the 17-40, 24-105 (or 50), 28,  the 70-300 and the 100 macro.  I'm still justifying to myself if it's worth bringing the 100mm macro.  The 28mm might be sufficient already due it's close focus and some cropping.  2 flash and some triggers should complete the set.  I discarded the thought of bringing a small reflector because my wife is too lazy to hold it for me many times.  I'm planning to give my daughter something like a glamour photo-shoot near the beach.   :P

About the hotels, won't it be safe even in a 4-star hotel?  We will be staying in Aonangphupetra.  If there's a safe box, is it safe to leave my gears there?  For those night walk-outs, I've been planning to bring only my camera + a 28mm + flash. 

Oh and I forgot to add... On a side note, your gears sir make me salivate and too envious.   ;D  A long time ago, I've seen Neuro's gears and the same (if not more) triggered GAS in me.  Since then, I've been convincing myself that I really don't need a lot but just enough (but can anybody define "enough"? ).  Anyway, thanks again.  I really appreciate your advise and would be looking for more advise from you.

I thought 500D (TI1) isn't old enough...   :)   Taken with TI1 and 100mm F2.8 USM / 55-250mm IS / 50mm F1.8 II

Photography Technique / Re: Help on what to bring to Krabi...
« on: April 06, 2014, 07:07:19 AM »
I just came back from Krabi 6 months ago - to be honest it is hard to give any lens advice because unless you are shooting something in particular it is like any other beach town.  I am not saying it is ugly by any means but just bring what you would normally bring on any other vacation. 
A wide, a telephoto, and your favorite day lens would probably suffice. 
Honestly I always take more than I need and end up kind of regretting carrying so much gear. 
And if you end up taking one of the boat rides out to the islands its not like you really want to switch lenses with all the salt water being thrown around anyway.  My 24-105 broke due to the jarring of the boat ride (luckily I have insurance).

Thanks!  I guess I'll just be carrying the G11 with underwater casing for the boat ride.  It's not a risk I think I can take.   :(  We're planning on island hopping and snorkeling.  I guess I'll have to restrict my DSLR use on the beach near the resort.  Is it advisable to go to the shell cemetery?  Is it worth to bring a macro there?  How about the other tourist places such as the Tiger Cave Temple?  Do you have any experience going through those?

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