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EOS Bodies / Re: 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 12, 2012, 09:45:57 AM »
I'm not a big fan of flash photography.

Personally, I'm a big fan of flash photography, but in a way you cannot or can only barely see there was artificial light involved - and to let the background meld with the lit object high iso capability is important as well.

Here is my "super-skill" of PP when I need an object stands out under low light :P :P :P  J.K

Most of my photos are just family moments - kids running around the house and family vacation etc... nothing special.

I did have a chance to play with the studio lighting few months back. Yes....it's very nice to have proper lighting when we serious about photography.

For now, I like FF plus my fav 24-70 + 70-200. I'm thinking about 50L this x-mas, since I have over $500 cash value with Crutchfiled.

This would look a lot better if you're using a fill-in flash.  Scenes like these, I'll go full manual, meter on the background (most probably, requiring high ISO), and use an external fill-in flash to illuminate the foreground.  Even a cheap third party flash will greatly improve these kind of shots.  Just my 2 cents.

Canon General / Re: Remote Shutter Release for Canon 5D3
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:34:40 PM »
IPHONE.  oops...   ;)

Marsu42 will you please just buy a full frame camera before you drive us all insane

I find him and everybody entertaining to our otherwise boring forum.   :)

Canon General / Re: What real Pros shoot...
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:29:34 PM »
The lack of 1Ds models stands out.  Another indicator that photojournalists are required to double up as videographers, too.

+1.  Sometimes it's more important to capture the video to tell the whole scene.  With video, you capture almost everything including momentary facial expressions, conversations and other sounds which are also very important to journalism.

Lenses / Re: Zoom vs Primes?
« on: December 11, 2012, 10:35:29 AM »
I survived on 28mm, 50mm, 100mm, and a 55-250 in an APS-C for those rare times that I need longer focal length.  I find my 28mm 80% of the time in my camera body.  The 50mm, I use exclusively for portraits.  Once, I covered a whole wedding with just the 28mm and the 55-250.  You just need to be more agile and aware when using a prime lens.  Yes, you get the good IQ with primes but you need to work for it.  As for the zoom, I think this is more for event type usage.  I'd carry both depending on the situation.  For me, IQ is nothing if you can't get the shot you want.  That said, I'm fit and athletic enough to compensate for my lack of zoom lens like a 24-70 or 24-105 but sometimes, being able to zoom with your feet isn't enough.

Lenses / Re: 100mm 2.8L vs 135mm 2.0L
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:27:05 AM »
If identically framed for both 100mm lenses, then yes the DoF doesn't change. But comparing the 100mm macro with the 135mm at the same framing[
/b], DoF should be less with the 100mm macro.

+1 but at the same aperture.

Body: FF
Aperture: F2.8
Focal length: 135
Focus distance: 10 meters (to get 2X magnification)
Total Depth of field: 0.97m

Body: FF
Aperture: F2.8
Focal length: 100
Focus distance: 6.75 (to get 2X magnification)
Total Depth of field: 0.81m

But you forgot.  If you need that bokeh so bad for portraiture, 135 is still a lot better than 100mm due to its bigger aperture at F2.

Body: FF
Aperture: F2
Focal length: 135
Focus distance: 10 meters
Total Depth of field: 0.69m

Source Magnification: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Canon-Lenses/Canon-Lens-Magnification-Value.aspx
Source DOF calculator: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/dof-calculator.htm

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Only 1 lens
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:46:53 PM »
Thanks for the input. i like the idea of the 24-105, but on a crop it is no longer so wide. the 5dc is an option that i havnt thought of in a while...   and getting rid of the 5d2 would be so hard.. its been my best friend

oh yeah, i forgot i have the 50 1.8, didnt even think of it since its not used too often and wouldnt be worth it to sell. its great for normal, i guess my problem is, i want wide, and tele..

If you really want to get rid of everything, except your 50 1.8, then get a 550D + 18-200.  If you go FF, there's not one lens that's cheap enough to have everything you want (wide and tele).  Get a dirt cheap Yongnuo if you want an external flash.  But for me, I'd settle with a 5D2 + 50 1.8/40 F2.8 at the very least.  You can zoom (in or out) with your feet for the meantime.  It's not perfect but at least you get the best IQ for your money.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Only 1 lens
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:31:21 PM »
I'd keep the 5DII, sell both lenses and the 580, get a used 24-105L, a used 430 flash, and a used 50/1.8 II. I think that could net you $1500 and leave you with a very good kit for landscapes and portraits.

+1.  That's the cheapest and most versatile list I can think of also.  You can also skip on the 24-105L for the meantime if you really need the money but I can't think of letting go of your 5D2.

Lenses / Re: Best Value "Normal" Lens for 6d?
« on: December 10, 2012, 08:19:25 PM »
As regards 'normal', if you mean what the human eye sees (in terms of focal length) w/out moving then normal is about 43mm to 44mm (on a 35mm FF sensor DSLR), so the 40mm Pancake is optimal, plus the 6D can fully use this STM lens (check out website below) and it will be an extremely lightweight combo (and cheaper than the nifty-fifty 1.4 so better 'value')


But less versatile than nifty-fifty.  I had the 1.8 version and I can go to at least F2.2 without worrying about IQ.  On second thoughts, 6D is such a low-light performer that you'd probably won't miss shooting that wide open.

EOS Bodies / Re: What will be the issue with the 6D
« on: December 10, 2012, 07:29:51 PM »
Well...I got my 6D...and the Wi-Fi was DOA.  The rest of the camera worked well. I did a shoot with it this weekend before I sent it in for repair.  I have to say, the High-ISO performance is phenomenal.  ISO 1600 looks like 100 on my 7D.

So far so good with mine. The first chance I had to play around with it was indoors at night at home. High-ISO performance is amazing! Being an early adopter of the 6D, its more than possible there will be issues. I can accept that with a new camera. I live 20 minutes from their repair facility.

BTW- I believe that a person like me is a likely target market for this type of camera. This is my first full frame. In fact, I skipped crop sensor DSLRs all together after owning a bullet proof AE-1 Program and having access to a couple of T-90's from the film days. when film died a sudden and violent death, money went into point and shoot digital cameras and camcorders  with the kids.
So I am going from an S100 to this. I would outgrow a T4i in a month, The 60D and 7D crops are going to be who knows what next year, and the 5Dmkiii is too much camera for me.
Good entry level full frame DSLR. If I grow out of this, maybe the 5D mark 4 or something.

+1.  or a 1DX2 since you like skipping series models.   ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: What will be the issue with the 6D
« on: December 10, 2012, 07:27:26 PM »
For me the issue with 6D was IQ. The AF was good as was the ISO. I sent mine back and got a 5D3.

Either you got that mixed up - or what factor in the iq are you talking about - sharpness, metapixies, ...?

I think he got a defective 6D because no one but him has experienced it.  He already said so in a different thread.


3. 6D is a bit smaller than 7D in my hand. It doesn't have the solid feel like 5D II, III, 7D etc...I feel like FF sensor in Rebel chassis.

It's small yes, but it's hardly a Rebel chassis.  The Rebel is all plastic, and not very good plastic at that.  It's somewhere between the 60D and 5D3/7D in build quality.  I'm quite sure it'll take more abuse than a Rebel or 60D, if not as much as a 5D3/7D.

+1.  And being small and light isn't always a bad thing.  It's entirely dependent on the user preference.  6D being small and light has its merits.  Just asked those photogs that are tasked to carry their camera from morning till night.  Even a slight weight difference feels like heaven.  I had a lot of times where I shoot at least 3-4 hours straight (with 2 ultra-light lens, 28mm and 55-250 + external flash).  Although I find the IQ of a gripped 500D sometimes lacking, it's heaven compared to an un-gripped 5D2 that I was able to carry and shoot once for 3 hours (wedding + reception) (with a 24-70mm lens + flash).

-1 Rebel, xD and 5D,.....to me the weight of these cameras are not much different - in ounces? The lenses...yes. To have a snug fit camera in the hands is HUGE bonus.

Have you ever mount 70-200 on rebel Vs 7D or 5D?

Yes actually and they felt different.  If all else equal, I'll take a gripped rebel.  Sadly, I also take IQ into consideration. 

I guess you've got a large hand?  As I've said, this is purely subjective.  That's why I did not generalize.  Again, it is entirely dependent on the user's preference.  Of course, I'll still prefer 5D3 even with the added weight more than the 6D and a little bit of loss in IQ (almost non-noticeable) if I got the money.  But with restrained budget, a 6D + lens is more appealing than a 5D3.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5D Mark III Frustrated Focusing problem
« on: December 10, 2012, 01:17:04 PM »
There's no rule that says a person can't have the best or whatever they can afford, but we always don't like to hear the advice so nothing is asked.   ;)

Part of the problem is that many people assume that best == most expensive, rather than best == ideal solution that meets a need.

For example, for someone wanting a P&S experience but with better IQ, something more like a Nikon1 or u4/3 camera probably would probably be better than a 1DX with full set of f2.8 zooms...

That, but sometimes, you had to look in your future e.g., if you're going into serious photography.  As the saying goes, the poor man always pays twice.  Plan accordingly so as to avoid unnecessary acquisition.

Lenses / Re: 100mm 2.8L vs 135mm 2.0L
« on: December 10, 2012, 01:12:21 PM »
i have the 100mm2.8 macro and i would only use it for portraits if i didn't have another lens with me.  the macro lens shows you such a narrow depth of field in your view finder that it makes it hard to focus handheld.  at least for me.  i've probably shot 2000-2500 frames with it.  i'd say about 10 of those were handheld.  that lens and a tripod make for some sharp pictures.

Why would the macro have a shallower DoF? For equivalent FoV at the widest aperture the macro should have greater DoF than the 135. Or is there something different about macro lenses? Some clarification is appreciated.

Staying away from the 135mm vs 100mm DOF conversation, and equivalent FOV, just because it is a Macro lens doesn't change the DOF you get from a 100mm non Macro lens to a 100mm Macro lens.

@bobbysamat do you have the Non L version of the 100mm which does not have IS? What makes the 100mm f/2.8 L IS great is the fact it does have hybrid IS and can be hand held.

+1.  IQ wise, they're the same.  I had the non-L.  Very sharp from edge to edge and renders the colors nicely.  It's just that with the non-L version, I limit myself from 1/150 to 1/200 (I had to use flash) handheld.  I can go as low as 1/100 or 1/60 but it will require a lot, lot of patience to shoot.  I think with IS, I can handheld more for at least 2-3 stops.

Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
« on: December 10, 2012, 01:05:00 PM »
Long time reader, first time poster :)

I took this picture yesterday... I also played with LR for the first time and finally start shooting RAW. I am just not sure if I like the result. 50% of the time I look at it, I like it (because it makes the chopper look tough :)), the other 50% I am like "waaaaaaay overdone". Guess I have to find the balance somewhere :)

Lots to learn :)

Nice picture for me though I'd prefer a little bit less saturation and a little bit more warmth but it's just me.  :)

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