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EOS Bodies / Re: How can I choose between 1DX and 5D MARK III?
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:06:23 AM »
I want to upgrade my camera which is 5D markii.
For those of you who have tried both the Canon 1DX and 5D MKIII,

1. how do they compare to each other?

2. How do they compare in image quality?(Especially under ISO 50 and 100)

3. Do you think that it's worth getting the 1DX over the 5D MKIII if I mostly do a lot of landscape shots and sometime shoot birds?

Many thanks!

(1) They are completely different.

(2) Don't know- pretty rare for me to be at 100. But, in actual use, the 1DX has far more latitude in producing totally useable files over ISO 4000 right out of the camera. The noise looks nicer and cleans up easier. Even at A3+ size prints, you may not have do do anything special. For me, more latitude without using a flash is a big deal.

(3) There are so many variables that there is no one correct answer. I suspect there are many people that will only take pictures at ISO 100 and others that do not. There is a great deal of skill in capturing great bird photos and you do not need a 5DIII or 1DX to do it (certainly, lots of great bird images were taken without either camera)- but either may help. Note- I do not yet posess the skills to take great bird pictures. There is a list of stuff on a spec sheet and there is the stuff that happens in real life when using the equipment. There seems to be an awful lot of pixel peeping going on- my 5D2 produced images that I never would have imagined from plain old 35mm film, when 4x6 prints were an upgrade. Seems to be an awful lot of fixation on the details that can be extracted from dark areas in a picture/file. I don't get that, either. To each their own*. That said, if you flub a picture and want to try and recover it a bit, there is more latitude in 1DX files.

In short, if the 5DIII is a 9 or 10 on the volume knob, the 1DX goes to 11. Certainly worth it if it is on your list.

*So, how many people pushing shadows on a computer had the darkroom equipment to do the same thing? :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Get the 1DX or wait for the 7D Mark II?!
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:20:03 AM »
Well, the 7DII isn't out yet. Not even sure if there is a timeline yet.

I suspect the cost difference between the two will be quite substantial.

If you can purchase the 1DX now, you can use it and sell it if the 7DII is a better fit.

One thing I have noticed about video is that it takes up a $hitload of memory space.

The other is that processing it takes a lot of time.

But, no one knows what the future holds. I remember acoustic modems and tales of spending all night to download files from a message board.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Gateway drug: 600 RT + ST E3
« on: November 06, 2013, 07:10:08 AM »
I am also amazed at how well it works.

I'll admit to not being able to use about 95% of the features, but what I have used, works as advertised. Did the basics without even cracking open the manual :) All kidding aside, that says a lot for how well the system was engineered.

However, I am very disappointed that the focus assist light was not included. I mean, really?

A tilt screen or mounting would have been nice.

An assist light and tilt screen would add what, $20 to the price and a bunch more utility???

If the rumored Yongnuo is fully compatible and includes an assist light, I know I'll (eventually) get one.

EOS Bodies / Re: Need to upgrade my eos- 1dsmark3 but to what???
« on: November 05, 2013, 07:49:02 AM »
Hi all,
I have been shooting with the eos 1ds mark3 since 2008/9 (which I've loved) but.. I think I am quite overdue for an upgrade, but to what???

I've heard terrible things about the 1dx, plus it would be a downgrade in megapixels.

So does that just leave me with the 5dmark3? And is that really more of a sidestep than an upgrade? Thoughts? Advice?

Is there a better camera that I just don't know about? Is the nikon d800 worth the switch?

I have read many things across the web that make some pretty sound reasons why the resolution difference between the 5DIII/1DsIII and 1DX are trivial. Some make a linear printed DPI comparison and others factor in noise and how it impacts resolution. Most of what I have read essentially boils down to this: low ISO (~<400) is the only place you will find any minute resolution differences, and it takes pixel peeping to find it. Anywhere else, the 1DX is far superior.

Many sources claim that the 1DsIII is still tops at 100 ISO.

The ergonomics between the 5D series and 1D series are completely different.

Metering between the 5D and 1D series is not the same.

On the surface the 5DIII and 1DX appear to have the same AF system, but they do not.

I know nothing about the Nikon cameras.

The rumored Canon "big megapixel" is still vaporware. When it does come out, I wouldn't be surprised if it is close to $10k USD. Then there is all of the other stuff that goes with it, like ~50Mb RAW files.

If I was in your position, I'd seriously consider renting the 5DIII and 1DX and put each through their paces. Or join CPS and try to get a loaner. 

Macro / Re: Denizens of the Forest Floor
« on: November 05, 2013, 06:55:56 AM »
Always something different on this log :)

Landscape / Re: Flowers
« on: November 04, 2013, 02:43:29 PM »

EOS Bodies / Re: Why are DSLRs so Big?
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:47:51 AM »
I wouldn't want to go smaller than the 5D series body, and even that with even a 100mm lens I find difficult to control balance handheld. It is worse with something like a 180mm macro lens.

I prefer the 1 series ergonomics (size and eye relief) much more. Too bad they are so expensive. I think the Canon 5D series camera guts installed in a 1D form factor, and priced comparable to a 5D + grip would sell reasonably well. Not sure on the battery style, but the bigger batteries in the 1D series wouldn't hurt. I'd still buy one with the standard 5 series battery.

I haven't checked out an M series camera, but it just seems silly in principle except when used with smaller lenses.

Landscape / Re: Fall Leaves
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:06:43 AM »

Cool. Thanks for clarifying.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS-1 Announcement Q2 2014? [CR1]
« on: November 01, 2013, 11:39:01 AM »
Do I hear a bunch of miffed 1DX owners?


Yes the 6D links to the devices directly. For this purpose you have to set up, lets say, a private Wi-Fi network between the phone and the camera.

I have tried this in the past with a demo thermal imager and an Android phone.

It didn't work unless the imager and phone were paired on an established WiFi network. The two devices could not communicate directly even though each device was visible to the other. I didn't have a tethering/hot spot feature on my phone (well, really on the monthly bill), so I couldn't test that.

On the other hand, the imager could link directly to an iPad without going through an established WiFi network.

For this I find the 6D to be quite fun. Pair it with the iPhone and push it on to the net while on the move

Unfortunately, Canon chose not to provide such features on the 5DIII. I haven't really given serious thought to selling the 5DIII to get a 6D.

Can the 6D link to Android devices directly, or will they link through an existing WiFi network only?

EOS Bodies / Re: Wait for the Canon 5D Mark IV or get the Mark III?
« on: November 01, 2013, 07:17:09 AM »
While introducing new problems that'll leave you withing for either the 5d5 or 1dx2 :-p

Well, duh.

I hope the 1DX III or 1DXs II is out by then.


Two quick comments:
1.  While 90% of the time I believe you are correct and that those using camera phones will never buy a dSLR, I have to think to some degree increasing the number of people snapping pictures, posting pictures and ultimately participating in photography will eventually increase the number of dSLR owners.  The slice of the pie may shrink, but the size of the pie may be growing. 

2.  For people that can't afford a Luxury lens (L is for Luxury), have you noticed the new 55-250 STM, or the newer 18-55 lens.  Honestly, they are getting pretty darn good optically.  Canon also cut prices on the 17-55 and the 15-85, which are optically very good.  So Canon does have an improving "value" product.  Not surprisingly at all, their top of the line, Luxury, products, aren't aimed at their "value" customers.  They are aimed at people that will pay a lot more for something that is a little better.  Your complaint is analogous to someone that can afford a Honda but angry that a Mercedes isn't more affordable.  Honda is a good car (I drive one).  But it isn't Luxury.


I eventually migrated to a dSLR from a point and shoot and camera phone.

Tried a couple of different point and shoots, and they never gave me what I was looking for.

Current camera phones are equal or better than my P&S cameras, with similar limitations. However, the phone camera can do things like email and messaging, which are valuable functions not available on my P&S or dSLR cameras.

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