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:( so it still remains the first option...

Thanks for the information


And while you're buying the 7D, pick up a 400 f/5.6 too. Same range as your combination, but fast, very fast AF.

Yes that looks good! I forgot about this option ;D
I might go with 5D3 2x TC and 400mm

I still wait for some samples, however this looks good! :)


I shoot with a 5D mk III and I need a second body for sports.
Mainly what I need is to shoot powder skiers/snowboarders coming down on the hill, and I shoot them or from the bottom of the mountain or from helicopter.
I know the best results would be with a 600 lens but I dont have it.
I was thinking that maybe the 400mm is not enough (5D3 2x TC III 70-200) so to buy a second used body.

Among crop bodies with one has the best auto focus and pretty good fps?

Any experience with that setup ether sport or wildlife? (50D/7D 2x TC III and 70-200 IS II)
If someone has some samples with that setup, please post them.


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