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How did CR miss this announcement?


Apparently, for just the C100 at this point, dual-pixel AF can be added as a $500 upgrade.

I am not a video guy at all, but nutty upgrade stories like this warm my heart that someday my 5D3 will allow the 1DX's spot-metering at the focus point.   :D

Anyway, FYI if you hadn't heard.  Think this upgrade might sift down to the 5D3 as well?

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It will cost $2746 for the body only $3k with 50mm kit lens:

That's a DOA price.  This can't cost a penny above the D610 and be viable unless there is something better under the hood that they haven't mentioned yet.

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I like the "Made in Japan".

If the price is contained and Nikon has gone all-in in stills functionality - aka 24MP, 51pt AF, HSS, 6-7fps, interchangeable mirrors, etc... then it's a winner and finally a real successor to the D700.

I don't believe that will be the offering:

Looks like A+ for mechanicals and B for features / electronics / bells and whistles.

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Here it is:

They've been hyping the balls out of this.  If you've been hiding under a rock and missed all the teaser videos, in five words or less, this new body is:

Stills (only)

I just don't get it. It's got a prism and optical viewfinder, so it will not be small.  It's just a vintage film camera hiding modern tech beneath.  This is a fashion-skinned DSLR.

It's like they are going after (a) film users and (b) Fuji users who still want to look cool but with a larger sensor.  Or -- big reach here -- Leica users who really want autofocus?  (Surely they'd go with the new Sony rigs, right?)

I live in California, and I know a ton of arty kids with photography classroom experience who shoot old film SLRs partly for the craft of it and partly for the style of the old tech.  But these kids don't have the coin for an FF DSLR.

I'm lost here.  Unless the stills-only / no frills aspect of the design gets the price way down, I just don't get what they're aiming for here.

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I was disappointed with the 24-70 f/4 IS as well. 

Go and try one. In a couple of years time people will be raving about this lens. It's the 70-300L all over again.

Agree 100%.  When I compare it to the 24-70 F/2.8L I that it replaced in my bag, it was a no brainer.  Trading one stop for all of those upsides -- sharper, lighter, IS, and macro -- was a great value proposition to me.

Also, it's a shade shorter, which gets me under the max length requirement of 6" to get it into some stadiums where I live.

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That tells me the 24-105 is not dead yet.
Despite all of the griping we've heard ever since the introduction of the 24-70/4, there has never been any indication from Canon that the 24-70/4 would replace the 24-105/4.  They are different lenses and it makes good sense to keep both in the product line.  Canon offers many similar products that overlap but don't replace each other.  I would sooner expect a version II of the popular 24-105/4 than its discontinuation.

I'm not convinced of this.  They've flooded the market with so many that they cannot keep the price up.  I see the 24-105 being obsoleted, but not necessarily with this 24-70 kit announcement.

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I'd much prefer the 24-105mmL for way less, they often pop up for $650.  The longer focal length range makes up for the very tiny difference in MTF.  I have the 24-70 f/2.8 MK II.

You sound like someone who has has never actually tried the 24-70 f/4 IS. I've tried all three (24-105,24-70 f/4 IS, 24-70 II, more than one copy of each too) and the 24-70 f/4 IS is much closer to the 24-70 II at 24mm than to the 24-105, the difference is not very tiny at all, much sharper edges and corners, much less distortion, much less prone to smearing purple fringing all over branches against bright white clouds, much less lateral CA (and as already mentioned much less longitudinal CA, although as not as much less as the near APO 24-70 II).

I could never tolerate the 24-105 for 24mm finely detailed edge to edge landscapes on FF but have no problems with the 24-70 f/4 IS at all (nor the 24 1.4 II or 24 T&S II or 24-70 II). The 70-105 can be covered at much higher quality (and with more more extra focal length as well) with a 70-200 f/4 IS or 70-300L (although it's a personal thing, for me the switch over at 70mm is fine, but I suppose there could be some for whom it would be bothersome).

Granted now that the 24-105L is only $650 or so, it's not bad for the price (I always thought it was an optical rip for the old $850-1250 price), but that still doesn't mean it's not more than a very tiny difference compared to the 24-70 f/4 IS, at least not if you care about the wide end, only at 50mm IMO are they similar at all (the weak point of the 24-70 f/4 IS is right around 50mm, it gets stronger below and above that focal length).

24-70 f/4 IS is also smaller and lighter than the 24-105 and has much more macro ability and a bit more effective IS.

Every thing you said is dead on.  However, for some folks, the convenience of the longer zoom trumps what they believe to be a small hit to IQ.  (I am not one of them, but there are many many 24-105 fans in this forum)

I prefer the combination of "almost best-in-class" IQ + IS + Macro + low weight + weathersealing.  The F/4 IS is a great lens for me.

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I'd much prefer the 24-105mmL for way less, they often pop up for $650.  The longer focal length range makes up for the very tiny difference in MTF.  I have the 24-70 f/2.8 MK II.

I am weirdo who is in love with the 0.7x macro opportunity with this lens.  Yes, handheld macro work without a flash at that working distance is not remotely ideal, but for touristy/walkabout/hiking events, it's been a real pleasure to use.

It will never replace my 100L macro, but it's handy.  Almost like finding out your shortstop has experience playing catcher.   :P

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Roger from LR wrote a terrific resolution summary comparing many 24-70/105 lenses here:


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What this really means is we'll be seeing the 24-70 f/4 for <$1000 un-kitted relatively soon


I scored mine for $1025 on Adorama's eBay storefront when it was selling for $1499 everywhere else.  It's a peach of a lens.  Folks will gripe at the (presumed though not announced) demise of the 24-105, but the 24-70 is a better lens for my needs.  More folks should check it out.  It's analogous to those who opt for the F/4 70-200 over the F/2.8.  You'll get excellent images with both, but the 2.8 can fight in a few more battlegrounds -- portraiture, freezing motion for sports, etc.  I'm just not in those battlegrounds at that focal length, so I'll gladly shed the weight and use the F/4.
My only downside is that the new 24-70 F/4, though sharper than the 24-105 (esp at 24mm) and 24-70 F/2.8 Mk I (by a great deal across the board), is not in the same sharpness league as the 24-70 F/2.8 II.

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RIP the 24-105 F/4L IS?


I own the 24-70 F/4L IS and it is brilliant.  Sharp, (relatively) light, weathersealed and 0.7x macro.  It's the perfect hiking lens for me.

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Pricewatch Deals / Re: Any deals coming for 70-200 IS II?
« on: October 29, 2013, 07:01:57 PM »
Been watching intermittently all day on the Canon refurb site.  Earlier, the 70-200 IS II was showing as out of stock.  Now, it does not show up at all....


The problem with Canon refurb gear is stock.  Everyone tracks that store page, and when there is a 15% or 20% off sale, L-series glass disappears in minutes.   The gear is effectively new and you see deals like a 70-200 F/2.8 IS II for $1600 or a 24-70 II for $1500, so it's easy to understand why this happens.

Fortunately, there is a site which simplifies this for you.  Go to http://www.canonpricewatch.com/ and setup an auto-alert which pings you via e-mail when gear you want (new/used/refurbished, up to you) surfaces below a price threshold you set.

But a sale like we just had was crazy.  20% off of $2,000+ items like the two lenses I mentioned plus the discount for being a refurb is an awesome opportunity.  Keep your eyes peeled for more like that one -- sometimes the 20% off is still in effect over a window of time, and 2-3 sellouts and restocks might take place over that time.  Again, alerts are the way to go.

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Pricewatch Deals / Re: Any deals coming for 70-200 IS II?
« on: October 29, 2013, 02:10:53 PM »
Hi guys, I'm on the market for 70-200 IS II...   Canon offers $300 mail-in rebate now... that comes to $2199. Any chance we might have better deals on that lens for Holidays?


You can always go refurb + coupon code at the Canon store:

$1599 for a 70-200 F/2.8L IS II...

For those commenting on weight, that is a consideration.  But F/2.8 opens up the 2x T/C option for you.

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Sports / Re: First time photographing a skateboarder, need feedback
« on: October 16, 2013, 08:52:53 AM »

Nice shots!  Thanks for sharing.

I don't shoot sports/action that often, but you may want to experiment with panning -- longer exposure while you are panning with the camera at a speed consistent with the subject.  It creates a nice sense of motion.  Guys who photograph bicycle races do it often. 

See here if you've never panned before:
(Around 2:15 or 2:30 in the video, he walks through it.) 

Enjoy and keep shooting!

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Lighting / Re: 90EX on a 5D3?
« on: October 11, 2013, 03:40:23 PM »
If you need only fill light, or Catch Light, 90EX is an interesting option. But remember that the small size can make the flash light obstructed by large diameter lenses such as 24-70mm when used in 24.

I presume you mean the 24-70 F/2.8L Mk I?  Because the 24-70 F/4L IS and 24-70 F/2.8L Mk II are longer at 70, not 24.

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