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Lenses / Please give me an advice for an prime lens 300/400mm
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:43:55 PM »
Hi Guys!

As my children have grown up now, I can invest more time in my hobby. So I am looking for an mide-sized "L" prime lens to shoot animals.
I saw the 300mm II 2.8 L an the 400mm 4 DO II. For the 300mm I would suggest buying an 2x III extender, for the 400mm an 1.4 III extender.

Which combination would you prefer - if you look at the lens image quality?

The cameras I would use with the lens would be the 6D and the 7D MK 1.

Does anybody own the new 400mm DO IS II and can tell me, if this lens is as sharp as the 300mm?

Greeting from the white Tyrol

I am interested in the Sigma 150-600/5,0-6,3 DG OS HSM.
Does anybody of you own this lens?
How is the AF and the image quality of this lens >400mm?

I am photographing with the common 100-400 Canon lens, somtimes with an converter on. But then the quality sucks a lot. Is the Sigma better in the high tele area?

G, Daniela

Lighting / Midsized Flashlights to work unleashed
« on: June 24, 2014, 05:24:55 AM »
Hi Guys!

As my husband stays in Brazil for 10 weeks, I have plenty of time to join photographic courses.
One course is to learn to work with unleashed flashes for portraits, where it is preferred to bring your own flashes along (to learn how to perform best with your own EQ).

For this, I´d like to buy 2 smaller flashes (430EXII or an third party model) to work with my 550EX.
I found an Nissin i40 and the Metz mecablitz 48 AF-1 Digital as an third party flash.

Would one of these be an good choice too, or stay at Canon 430EXII? Or do You know another good flash for me? I will use them with diffusors or other flash units header. My Cams are an 7D and my new 6D.


p.s.: My husband wrote, he sees an enormous amount of expensive equipment each day in Brazil. Some have taped their bodies, some are using neopren covers. So there is much speculation about new cameras and lenses. He personally thinks, he saw an D800 successor. Some photographers use faked straps (my husband bought an "7D Mark 2" for me ;-), for himself an "D810"). For 40BRL your Cam changes into an eyecatcher, if someone sees your neckstrap ;-))) He noticed some "1DX Mark II" an "5D MarkIV" who have been surrounded by photographers mwho tried to get an shot of these "new" cams and were disappointed as this was just fake.

Software & Accessories / Pol-Filter for 24mm lens
« on: June 11, 2014, 04:37:58 PM »
Hi Everybody!

As I could not wait until the new 16-35mm 4.0 Canon appears on the market (trip to Greece next wekk), I will first fetch the Canon 2.8 IS 24mm lens.
As my old polarization filter has some scratches, I need a new one.

I looked up, B&W and Hoya are the favourites.  Maybe in an slim version.

As the B+W Pol Cir Käsemann XS-Pro Digital MRC nano 58mm is nearly as expensive an the Hoya Pro1, I would prefer the German product.
Does the lens hood still hold on the Filter?
Any other suggestions of Pol filters?

(just taking some shots of lightnings that impact near our house)

Lenses / Looking for an wideangle lens about 20mm
« on: June 08, 2014, 04:35:12 AM »
For my crop Cameras I own the Tokina 12-24mm 4.0. But I need an wideangle lens for my 6D too. The 24mm 2.8 IS from Canon is ordered. But I´d like to get one about 20mm too....

But which one? An 2000€ prime is to expensive. The highest price is 1000-1200€, I´d like to spend for ist.
The Sigma 20mm?
Or should I wait for the 16-35mm 4.0 from Canon and send the 24mm back?

Does anybody know, how the old 17-35mm L USM zoom lens performs on the 6D? I still own one - bought about 20years ago.

Please give me your advice!


Software & Accessories / Which Software to convert Raw files?
« on: May 27, 2014, 03:27:13 PM »

Some software advice needed, please:
Which is an very good software to convert the 6D files to jpeg?
I heared of the DXO Optics program, with optical modules for lens-cam combinations.
Should I buy it (now just 99€ in Germany), or continue using the Canon DPP?
Are there such modules existing for lightroom too?


Lighting / New flash for eos 6d?
« on: May 22, 2014, 07:51:23 AM »
Sorry, guys! another question: 8)

I own an 550ex AND AN 540Ex (for the old Eos 3 and 1V) flash and new, a Eos 6D.

Can I feel an big improvement when i buy an 430 EX-II or an 600EX-RT? Or an third party flash?

If I would buy one of these new flashes, what do I need to use the flash off the camera? Do i need an wireless transmitter ? the shop assistant told me to buy an 300€ transmitter. Or is there an another third party transmitter equal to it?


Lenses / Primelens 24mm for landscape?
« on: May 22, 2014, 07:34:27 AM »
I am looking for am prime lens (<800€) to shoot landscape. Cam is an Eos 6D.
I own an Tokina 4 12-24 and the Canon 28-70 2.8L.
Would the 24mm 2.8 Canon lens a good choice?Other suggestions?



As I want to start shooting landscape, I want to buy an FF SLR in the next days for our pre-summer holidays.

As there will be an rumored FF body this year, I do not want to an expersive one (5D Mark 3). I do prefer the 6D.

My questions are:
- Buy the 6D, or wait until the new appears (I know, Guys.... Then I do never buy a new body as there will always be an successor.... But will the new FF body around the corner?)?

- Which Third-party grip to buy? (NOT the original Canon, as it is to expernsive).

- Which card to store (Transcend R95 SDXC 64GB, UHS-I U3 (TS64GSDU3) good choice?) Will an  UHS-I U3 work with the 6D?

And: How is it to work with the small AF-Area? The few AF points are quite grouped around the Center AF.

Thanks for all of your replies

Lenses / Old lenses - really so bad?
« on: October 23, 2013, 05:04:43 PM »
Today I got my "new" 70D back from the shop I bought it in Munich. They exchanged it, after an system breakdown (posted).
My question: The shop assistents told me to exchange 2 of my lenses. I own an 70-200mm 2.8L and an 28-70mm L 2.8. I bought them about 7-8 years ago and they work well.
Are they really so "sub" using them on the 70D?
They said, that the 70D requires an IS Lens, the 70-200 II or the 24-70 2.8 II (no IS). Is this true?


Canon General / Canon behavior at launching new products
« on: September 09, 2013, 03:26:52 AM »
As I have an actual problem with my new Camera, I wonder, if Canon will act as it does at releasing the 70D.

Announcing the Camera, delivering a few Cameras to professional Canon stores after some month of being announced - and delivering it to other stores after an long "announcment time".
For me, this is just to keep the price high by making the product rare.

My japanese Girlfriends think, that this will be done by all new "highlights" from Canon to milk us custoerms  as much as possible.
Maybe the 7D2 and an big MP Camera will be announced and released 2-3 month later and kept rare 6month. Rumored in by them. But who knows if this won´t be true?

What do you think?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Problem: 70D saving 0-Byte files
« on: September 07, 2013, 04:14:33 AM »
Hi guys!

I need your help:
My brandnew 70D (4 days old), has problems at saving files on the sdhc card. I use an sandisc extreme 32 gb uhs-1 card. The first files on Wednesday and Thursday were ok, but now all Raw files have 0 Bytes, the jpegs too.
I tried one of my older sdhc cards, but there appears the same problem.
I did an reset on all Camera functions, and reformatted the card. The card is ok, when I save files from the computer on it.

What can I do?
My son thinks, there is an hardware problem. Is there anything I can do against it?

I wrote to the internet shop, where i bought it. They refused exchanging the Camera (despite they offer an uncomplicated exchange in the first 7 days if something is broken), because they only own a few of them.

Send it to Canon here in Germany? Or rely on an exchange?


Technical Support / Help needes: EOS 7D - noisy pictures
« on: July 03, 2013, 02:43:38 PM »

I bought an refurbished 7D for my son. A few days ago, he was on an airshow and took some shots.
But he is very disappointed, because the pictures are very noisy.
He shot faster then 1/1250, Auto Iso,  Exposure: spot, +1/3-2/3.

So I called the Canon service center, who told me that this is normal for the 7D.
Is it really? Which Iso is maximum to get no noisy pictures?

As an attachment, one example, where the noise is extremly visible. This frame shows the full picture

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Advice needed: performance of 6D
« on: May 30, 2013, 04:38:05 AM »
Sorry, guys!
But I need some advice: For the high school graduation of one of my sons, I am looking for an Camera. He likes to photograph birds and planes, and now landscape at climbing.
Which Camera? I do not want to spend 3000€ for a 5D3. Would be the cheaper 6D an alternative? How is the performance of this Camera in the field for shooting fast objects? How fast is the Cam saving the images? I know that the image quality is very good.

Or should I buy an 700D first and wait for the 70D or 7D2? How fast is the 700D at RAW continuous shooting saving the images on the card? Faster then my 60D?
(I owned an 7D, but when I photographed with it, I did not use the continuous shooting mode. After it crashed, I use an 60D. But my son tells me, that the 60D takes a lot of time to save the images when the buffer is full. Sometimes he is not able to shoot another RAW series of 10 images for 3-4 minutes.)

Third Party Manufacturers / D7100 ... Will Canon meet this specs?
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:51:38 AM »

    • Outstanding low ISO performance in both JPEG and Raw files
      Very good default JPEG settings
      Excellent build quality and very good ergonomics and handling
      Effective auto white balance in a variety of lighting conditions
      Comprehensive camera customization options
      Auto ISO selection can be linked to lens focal length
      Fast, accurate AF system (inherited from Nikon D4)
      Center point autofocus at F8
      1.3x crop mode provides extensive AF array coverage
      6 fps burst rate (7 fps in 1.3x crop mode)
      Weather-sealing comparable to D800
      100% viewfinder coverage
      Dual SD card slots
      Built-in flash can act as Commander for multi-flash setups
      RGBW rear LCD offers improved visibility in bright daylight
      In-camera raw processing
      Ability to output uncompr

Will the 7D2 or the 70D meet this Specs? I hope so....

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