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The first time I read your story I thought hang on, you see guys nicking a relatively inexpensive ladder and then grab a few thousand dollars worth of camera equipment to point at them. If I were a thief that nice white lens with a good looking camera may have seemed like the better option!

My first thought would be to grab a baseball bat or worse! Probably not that smart either.

Anyway, sorry that you were a victim of this crime and hope you can claim on insurance at least.

LOL!  I hear 'ya!  I thought as I ran back in the house, "Gee, it sure would have felt good to heave a brick at them as they passed by!"  I didn't have a white on the camera, it was a 24-70.  But I see your point.  The ladder isn't worth turning in to insurance, esp with what can happen to homeowner's insurance rates these days.  Thanks for your input!

Portrait / Re: Post your best portraits(street, studio, candid etc...).
« on: November 30, 2014, 11:34:37 PM »
Keith, you 'da man!!   8)

What camera do you have?  I'll sell you one of the many grips that I have collecting dust that I never use.

We had another thread going where many of us agreed that we just don't use grips much anymore.

It's obviously a personal thing.  I used them, then I didn't and I don't miss them at all.

In my camera club we call the green box "Bigfoot Mode".  When bigfoot walks across the road in front of you, bigfoot mode will get the shot regardless of your crazy settings.  Your kid's first step, people stealing stuff, Large ape like beasts at Walmart: bigfoot mode...

Love it!  I've never heard this before but it's cool.  Not bad advice.  Just no RAW in Bigfoot Mode.   :(

The first step in recovering files from a card is to do an image copy of the card and then only use the image to do recovery.
If you are using any *nix like OS then the command is 'dd'. That may even work on a Mac. Once you have an image of the card then you can send that image file to somebody who knows how to recover files.

This is true but you have to make sure it's a true sector by sector image, not simply a "backup" image.  I'm a little weak on Mac software but I think SuperDuper does a good job of creating disk images.  If not that, perhaps CarbonCopy.  Any Mac experts out there feel free to correct me.  Thanks.

Sorry to hear, that is everyone's worst nightmare, losing images or footage.  The larger the file footprint, the bigger chance of not having it all intact to recover.  Just don't write anything to that card!  Since it wasn't a data corruption but merely a format that caused the loss, it should be intact unless it was a low level format.  All the high level format does is wipe the file index.  Problem is that the larger video file spans multiple sectors and so is difficult to retrieve and reassemble correctly to have a working mov file.  Good luck!!  Let us know how it turns out and what you used.  Thanks.

My advice would be to mark and store that card away for goodDon't ever use it again.  Even if you don't retrieve the data now, you might find another way or a good service or individual that can recover it for you later, given that the original card still exists.

Lenses / Re: I *HATE* UPS.
« on: November 30, 2014, 02:11:48 PM »
From what I have heard, UPS works as a franchise, so your local area may be very different from other local areas.

Franchise doesn't mean the subsidiaries can do as they like, on the contrary - they just have to take the whole risk. I guess there are minute procedures the employees have to conform to - if they had the time to do it. Question is how much control there is from the main ups company and how much interest they put into customer complaints.

The way I understand it, there is UPS the main carrier company and then there are franchise storefronts that are simply "Pack & Mail" retail stores that use the UPS logo to lend legitimacy.  Otherwise, there is no connection other than the logo.  When you go to a UPS warehouse location to pick up a package, that's UPS.  When you go to a storefront in a shopping area, that is a mom & pop "pack & mail" store that upcharges everything and also sometimes offers mail boxes as well.  Otherwise, UPS has nothing to do with them.

I always have a dislike for 2 footed beasts that take up things they did not put down,hope they go to jail, I have come to learn that a ladder should be chained when not in use.

Actually, all or our ladders are chained.   :)   If a ladder can't be stored securely inside, it should be chained to prevent the ladder being used to rob the house it's stored at!!  The extension ladder was on my RAV4 because I had been taking it to another location off and on and I got lazy instead of taking it down like I should have.  And yes, it could/should have had some kind of theft deterrent on it while mounted to the vehicle. 

I literally would have been better off just using my smartphone camera!

Probably that's why the p&s market expands :-p ... but I guess we all know these "Murphy's Law" situations. My usual approach: Forget about it asap, if I'd remember all those excellent scenes I blew because I (or my 6d's af...) screwed up I'd have sleepless nights :-o

... and +1 for the statement: With more dynamic range, you would have been able to recover the blown whites of the Canon sensor :->

Yeah, at one point in my original post I had a snarky comment about the "lack" of DR with the sensor but it got edited out.  In this case, I was pretty much sinking the boat regardless of the sensor tech.

The photography technique lesson I learned is what I've been trying to do more lately anyway... watch the green numbers in the viewfinder more attentively.  I used to do that all the time, then I got out of the habit for some reason.  Since it was in manual, if I had been paying attention to the exposure and settings in the viewfinder, I could have at least quickly dialed the aperture down to get something useful if not perfect.  So that's the lesson I'm going to run with I guess.   ;)

I'm a Clint Eastwood fan.  He's great.  My wife said I should have perhaps been shooting bullets instead of pictures.  My answer was, "Ah, if only we lived far out in the country.... no one would have to know, right?"   8)

How terribly frustrating. I hope the cops catch them and you get your ladder back. If that had been a Sony sensor... ;D

Thanks.  Yeah, I'll get another better ladder this time.  My main goal is to hopefully see these punks caught so they don't keep stealing from others.  I've had many things stolen over my lifetime and this is definitely one of the least gut wrenching.  Nothing was broken to steal it and it's just a ladder.  Not a fancy car stereo system I worked all summer to pay for when I was a teenager or mechanics tools that I'll never see again that I had a bit of a connection to.

I tried manipulating the photos to get more detail... Ironically, I can read "the lone star state" on the plate, but not the numbers :(

Thanks!  Yeah, me too.  There's just no info there to recover.

I'd ask how you could possibly make such a mistake..... instead, why don't you enjoy this picture of a coyote walking through my back yard.... (pulled 5 stops)

Thanks Don.  Was that coyote carrying anything away from your property?   ;D

Last Tuesday morning, I'm drinking coffee and taking care of misc stuff in the front room.  I hear my car alarm chirp a couple times but I don't see any large trucks or anything that usually causes that to happen.  We live in a Cul-De-Sac so it's easy to see who comes and goes.  I take a peek out the window and 'sum bitch!  Someone is stealing the extension ladder off the top of my SUV.

I keep at least one but usually more than one DSLR on the entry foyer table since it's by my office and it's handy to get a family shot or whatever.  I walk right out the front door with my trusty 5D3 and 24-70 f/2.8 v2 and fire away at the thieves as they drive away.  I figure I'm pretty fortunate.  I have high resolution images of the car, the license plate and the guys inside.  Wow!  How often do you get that chance, to catch thieves in action, in good light with a good camera?  Wow!

I go back inside, call 911 and pop my memory card into my Photo PC.  Imagine my disappointment when I realize that all the pictures are white!  Totally blown out over exposed crap that is virtually worthless!  Turns out, the camera was still set on manual from the night before when we ended a Boy Scout Court of Honor with a short induction ceremony at the end.  This is where we induct new scouts into the troop by candlelight.  I could have grabbed any other camera off the table and been fine but I had to grab the one camera that was set about as wrong as could be set for this particular 'shoot'!!  Dang!!   :o 

I was so put out with myself because I usually set my camera back to P as soon as I am finished shooting with extreme settings for just this reason.  (I have no idea why I didn't do it this time.)  Anyway, I was so preoccupied with trying to recover the images enough to get the license plate info that I forgot I had security camera video until later.  Still kicking myself.....  :-[

If you want to see the theft video footage, here it is along with the worthless pictures that really only show the vehicle color and type.  The video only lasts a couple minutes where the thieves drive up and back once to case the place, then come back, park at frame right, walk up, remove the ladder and run away.  Then you see me in the left of the frame shooting pictures.  If you don't want to watch the whole video, time index 1:55 is where they steal the ladder and 2:40 is where you see me taking my worthless pictures.

I find it ironic that after investing thousands of dollars in camera equipment and years improving my photography skills to take thousands of images for so many other folks, I totally blow an opportunity for all the gear and skill to serve myself!   I literally would have been better off just using my smartphone camera!  :-[

The next important thing is to get a worthwhile subject to photograph.

After seeing some of the pictures sanj has shared, I'd go hang out with him!  Oh, yeah!!   ;)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: GoPro on Canon Lens Hood
« on: November 30, 2014, 10:12:22 AM »
Thanks for all the comments and ideas.  I will certainly strip out the video as I probably say a little more then I should under my breath! 

Have a GREAT week!

You mean audio, right?   Although using your 'under the breath' comments during the slideshow of your stills might be fun!  :)

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