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Video & Movie / Blue Angels Practice Perfection
« on: April 20, 2014, 08:07:05 AM »
Not sure where to post this but it's a cool short video on a beautiful morning of amazing aviation with some views of the cameras, lenses, etc.  Enjoy!

Software & Accessories / Re: Lens Cover Retainers
« on: April 12, 2014, 08:12:04 PM »
I wrestled with this issue years ago.  Cap?  No Cap?  Tethered Cap?  Ball Cap?  Bottle Cap?

Consider a tethered cap hanging from a camera or lens.  Sorry, but that looks really silly and... it will hit you, your lens or your camera when the wind blows.  I think I have a few pictures from years ago with lens cap blurs in the picture.  Nix that.

So what to do?  Well, first, I toss the worthless (but expensive) Canon cap in the box it came in (for lens resale later)  that you can't get a grip on anyway and usually just gets dropped a lot never to be seen again.

-  I buy the less expensive but fairly well made Tamron cap.
-  I use a silver sharpie and put my initials and the cap size inside the cap.
-  I cut some black gaffer tape to cover up the Tamron name on the cap so it's just black and I look uber-cool and mysterious but not too cheap.
-  I might get an extra cap(s) and toss them in the bag because even though I don't use them much, you can never have too many caps, right?
-  I seldom use a cap at all but I have the caps in the bag if I ever need them because I like to carry a bunch of stuff that I never use.  Most real photographers do this.  You know who you are!

Seriously, the only time I use caps is when the lens is being stored in the bag while I'm carrying/banging it around or when I use the lens to hit a mugger over the head.  Besides, I always have a high quality filter and lens hood on the lens and I rarely have any problems.  If I need to clean the filter face, so be it.  I usually don't eat fried chicken and then wipe my fingers on my lens.  (But fresh veggies aren't that greasy.)


Lenses / Re: Help with choosing a wide angle lens
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:05:26 PM »
All responses have been great and I really like mackguyver's detail and depth to his answers on this.  I lack his experience with the whole lens range but I will say that the 16-35 has been one of my favorite lenses for years on both APS-C and FF cameras.  I've never used the APS-H (1.3) camera.  Personally I have the 16-35 v1, not the v2 but it's still a great lens.  Keep in mind that the v2 has a 82mm filter, the v1 has a 77mm filter, FWIW.  I personally own the 24-70 (both ver), 24-105, 70-200 and 24 f/1.4 (among others) with respect to this discussion and the 16-35 is almost always with me.

So I would vote for the 16-35 in your situation.  24-70 as the second choice.

Another lens I love to have fun with is the the EF 15mm/2.8 FishEye.  It's not too expensive and makes wonderful images for the price.  (I'm not suggesting this lens as a alternative to the others mentioned, just a fun lens to get someday.)

Reading through this thread is why I like Canon Rumors.  Good feedback, good knowledge and some good ideas!   8)

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 10, 2014, 03:20:53 PM »
I dont agree that Adobe main customer base is business it maybe where it makes the most money but hundreds of thousands of copies of Photoshop Elements are sold on Amazon, at Costco etc. every year and thousands of Camera Club members globally use this with Lr these are not generally sold to "professionals" but to amateurs and Im sure Adobe would miss the profits they generate.

Next time that you are at a camera club ask how many members use Photoshop, then how many paid for it.  Most members are amazed when I inform them that I only use genuine Adobe software.

LOL!  Yeah, unfortunately this is fairly common.   I think people think they are clever when they manage to get around paying for software.  Sort of like many feel when they get around paying some taxes or something.  As an IT guy, I am asked from time to time to hack software to get it for free for someone.  While I don't mind the occasional double install of MS Office for an otherwise honest and legal home user, I cringe when people just assume that stealing software is something I don't mind doing for them.  Esp for good software like Lightroom that is often priced under $100 when you find the deals.  And some folks qualify for academic pricing and don't even realize it.  My son owns my copy of Photoshop and Lightroom.  I don't make profit from my photography and I'm taking pictures of my sons' activities most of the time anyway.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 11:03:37 PM »
Paying a monthly subscription fee for software makes about as much sense as leasing a car.  Ask just about any good financial advisor.  Pisses me off that they alienate those of us who buy their software outright.  LR5 is likely the last boxed version of LR that we will see.
I agree and I hate the subscription model because it locks you in for eternity.  If you slow down your use someday and photography is less of a hobby, what are you going to do when you want to view your extensive photo inventory down the line?  Paying $$ each month just to have access to your images and their edits is not what I signed up for when I committed thousands of images to a Lightroom catalog and the Adobe DNG format.

This opinion is based on pure assumption at this point.  I pray that LR stays a standard software license product if for only the fact that it is an organizational database tool first and foremost.

FYI - For those of you that haven't heard the news about the HEARTBLEED SSL BUG...

There are many websites that are vulnerable to the bug until they are patched.

Affected PHOTO sites include and

(As listed here...

Also, I just tested the login page and it is also affected.

Go to these sites to test (paste in the address of) the URL of the https login page before you use or login to the site again.  There is also a Chrome Extension linked at the filippo site.  OR

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 11:11:03 AM »
... lots of things including 'local' sync methods are possible in future versions, it all depends on what users ask for. is the place to make your suggestions and complaints, both equally welcome.

how about starting a well-designed poll thread on this forum and asking you to then forward results directly to those responsible Adobe?  :)
Seems to me that if Adobe is interested in feedback, it's not too hard to search the web, find threads like this one, copy and paste the relevant bits into a short synopsis and present it to those that need to see it internally.  I assume that is what happens (or should) anyway if Adobe is truly looking for opinions and feedback in this day and age.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 11:05:46 AM »
1) Photoshop on an iPad? Might as well skip PS and use Instagram filters to post process your images. I'm unlikely to convince Apple to make a 30" iPad, so it seems I'll stay with my desktop to edit images.

2) I do not always connect to the internet, so the CC thing is a pain for me. If I go off somewhere for months, why do I need to check back in with Adobe when I'm paying the bill? Makes zero sense, and I will not pursue the CC scheme. Their reasoning is twisted, and not based on real numbers.

3) Anyone examine the data throughput to Adobe to see how much you end up paying if not on WiFi but using 3G? More costs involved?

4) The second year is five times the price? And Adobe expects you to fulfill the contract for the first year regardless of usage? Automatic renewal? If you are off the grid then or get the notices routed to your junk folder, you might be looking at the second year contract buy out plan (50% of the remain contract). $300 to say, "No, thanks"?

No, thanks.

Pretty much what I've always thought too.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 09:59:32 AM »
1st, I want to say how much many of us appreciate a representative from Adobe participating in this forum, watching this thread and sharing input to help answer questions and provide feedback.

There will always be arguments about whether the consumer products (Lr, Elements, etc) will go 'subscription only' in future, and Adobe can't do more than to say there are no plans. There really aren't, it's not something the target customers would accept. Maybe in 30 years when the entire concept of 'installing' something is dead and buried the idea will be forced upon us all, so Adobe cannot say "never".

Thanks for the insight.  I suspect the Adobe stockholders will demand this subscription model be forced upon us all much sooner than 30 years.  From the consumer standpoint, it appears to already be happening.  The subscription model has been the holy grail of the software developer industry since the beginning of the industry.  That and total control against piracy.

Right now with LR Mobile version 1, all the data flows through Adobe's network, and there's a lot of it. I do understand people are angry about having to subscribe to get the app working (personally I didn't think it was a good idea), but it's not ad-funded and there are real costs to keep the thing operational. By all means complain about it, Adobe do take note of feedback. That's what people like me are here for - I don't mind being shouted at.

I'm glad you have a thick skin!   :)   While I know you didn't design the product, sending all the data through the Adobe network is quite silly if you ask me.  If the goal is to sync images with a local LR database on a local computer, why go to through the Internet unless the local connection doesn't exist?  There should be a way to set it to "local port only", "local network only", "cloud based" or have a connection priority setting since a lot of folks just want to put images on the portable device in the field from the camera and then sync with their computer when they are back home.  A cloud only connection would be useful for social media while away from home but a lot of photographers don't need that if you ask me.  I think many folks get the feeling when they try to use products like this that the designers don't quite understand what photographers want or need.

Sorry but with regard to the CC model payment requirement and needing revenue to fund the project... respectfully... that's ridiculous.  Launching a new product successfully requires taking chances and accepting some revenue loss in the short term.  Crippling the adoption of a new product by restricting the ability to use it based on a payment structure sends the wrong message to the loyal (already paying) honest user and invites negative assumptions about the company in general.

A ver 1 product with limited functionality and bugs doesn't deserve to be paid for yet anyway.  Wouldn't it be easier/more productive/better PR to just make ver 1 of this product free and see how many people jump on it, help test it, provide positive feedback to you and then require payment in the next more useful and stable version?

..and when I'm shooting on location I run Lr5 on a Surface Pro; quite frankly it's much better. I can shoot tethered, develop stuff and hand off the final results to a client while they're watching. I'd also suggest using a small laptop in the same way; the Surface is overpriced for what it is but I got the thing for testing, and forgot to give it back.. ;)

I totally agree.  A local connection is the best way to do this.  Then only upload selected images to the cloud as an option if needed/desired later.  Hence my statement above about not sending the data through the cloud unless necessary.  Keep it local.  Why can't the iPad product simply do the same thing?  Oh wait..... that's right.... the iPad doesn't have a connection port that enables tethering!  (Except their proprietary connector that Apple won't allow to be used for connecting things unless it's a keyboard or iTunes!  Nice.)  But there's still an ad-hoc WiFi signal... ah crap.  The camera doesn't have WiFi.  Oh well, thanks anyway Apple.  After several years, still no useful standard ports on an iPad.

Elsewhere in this thread I suggest using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which is similar to the Surface Pro.  These hybrid tablet/laptops are finally getting light enough and affordable enough to offer a good alternative to a tablet.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 08:41:44 AM »
It's fascinating to see the almost pathological level of emotion certain posters have against this company or that one. If you're so convinced one way or another that Android is better than Apple, then don't buy the Apple products, give your money to Samsung, vote with your wallet, no one cares. Likewise in reverse for the Apple fanatics. But spare us the lecturing please. For all the mocking that Apple "fanbois" receive, it's interesting to note that in this thread most of the hysterics are coming from disgruntled Win/Android users. Enough already - message received. Can we move on to the real point of here, to review LR Mobile? I'm sure Adobe will eventually release a version for Android, once they figure out how to support it on countless diverse hardware and software versions. Such is the downside of all that "choice".

Kudos to those who have tried to steer back on course. In that vein, I also agree that there are much better mobile options for syncing with LR. Photosmith has been mentioned.

Yeah, message received.   :-[   I'll accept most of the blame for going off topic and I actually already said that further up.  I got a little carried away.  Sorry!

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:21:56 AM »
...while I sound like an Apple hater

Just so you know, I was rather careful not to call you a 'hater'.   8)

and they don't sue what seems like the entire world at the same time they fleece the consumers within their ecosystem.

This is one way in which Apple is not perfect.  I think they would be better off focusing their time, money and energy on product innovation instead of lawsuits.  Whether Samsung is right or wrong, when you're at the top the competition is going to go after your market share.  They are not going to sit still.  Apple needs to focus on moving forward, not worrying about the competition copying what they did in the past, particularly in a field that changes so fast and the past is rapidly irrelevant.

And yes, they are expensive, really too expensive.  It disturbs me that they charge $100 for each bump in storage when storage is so cheap.  It disturbs me that the iPad 2 lived so long for so much money.  I think Macs are incredibly expensive, though I am thinking about one at some point.  But I do think they make a good product (not perfect) and it's really a personal choice if the cost is worth it for all the pros and cons.

That said, Samsung isn't shy about what they charge for their top tier products and even Amazon cranked up the price of the Fire HDX from the HD to a level I don't think they are worth.

Yeah tntwit, I really appreciate you not jumping to conclusions with my rant.  I try to be objective with technology but I also try not to be taken in by marketing and pretty lights and elegant surfaces.  Technology should make things better and provide productivity, not just look nice.  I applaud Apple for many things.  They stomp the competition with their ingenuity, innovation and the simplicity and functionality of their interfaces.  There are good reasons why they are a leader.  Grandparents can use their products with ease.  So can most of the rest of us.  Their downfall is their pompous arrogance and insistence on total control along with their ruthless corporate attitude.  And over the last couple years, they have become stagnant.  Steve Jobs was a master visionary and great at many things including being a perfectionist and demanding excellence.  But his downside was his ego and the way he took competition so personally.  He needed more Wozniak to offset his Jobs.

I have owned Apple products in the past, I have clients that have or do own Apple products.  I may own another Apple product some day.  I had an iPhone.  Now I have an Android.  My wife still has an iPhone.  We have various electronics around the house, some Apple, some Android, some Windows, some Linux, etc.  But overall, if I am going to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something that is overpriced, I'll buy another camera, lens or photography item.  At least I can get most of my money back when I sell it down the road and it probably won't fail on me or be easily damaged.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:04:58 AM »

I have much better luck with the Camera Connector Kit than either an Eye-Fi card or a Canon WFT.

Which iPad and I assume iOS7?

I heard some people were having issues with the connector kit and I don't recall if it was the iPad Air they were blaming or iOS7.

1st iPad and OS 5.1.1. Forget wireless RAW files, though you can do them, technically, the only way I will do them is via the WFT via FTP to Photosmith, EyeFi cards are very slow for RAW's and just not worth it.

Funny you guys are discussing connectivity and the iPad.  I remember back in the old iPad 1 days when most folks couldn't get the Camera Connector Kit to even work and if they did, it was dead slow and killed the battery very quickly.

This is part of the reason I was/am so irritated with Apple and iPads.  I really really really wanted to use an iPad for photography from day 1.  It was never a realistic option due partly to limited connectivity and partly due to lack of decent apps.  There was just no way to get photos on an iPad out in the field that was even remotely useful.  You had to use iTunes.  What a joke.  At least these days there is the ability to use WiFi to some extent.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Version Official
« on: April 08, 2014, 07:28:05 PM »
You could run LR 5 on a Windows Surface Pro.  I've used Premiere Pro and After Affects on a Surface Pro, though memory and RAM are a bit of an issue...and rendering is god awfully long.  LR 5 is fine, though it gobbles up RAM pretty quickly.  But if you absolutely need it on a tablet it's there.
A buddy of mine has run LR and PS on one of the EEE ASUS tablet with the built-in Wacom display for on location use - pretty handy indeed. I am sure the more recent Surface devices are way better than the older ASUS boxes.

Once these tablets are a serious contender as a desktop/laptop replacement I will likely step-up but although they are small they still have poor battery life and are heavy compared to an iPad or Android tablet.

Check out the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.  i7 CPU, 8G RAM, 256 SSD, ultra-high res display (3200×1800 at 13.3" (276 ppi), higher than retina) and great battery life.  Reviews are mostly great except the ultra high resolution is actually almost a negative it's so high.  Great for photos though!  It's about $1000 or $1200 from Best Buy depending on whether you want the i5/4G/128 version or the i7/8G/256 version.


I can tell you that regardless of age, experience, talent or skill level, everyone gets nervous.  But that soon goes away when you get rolling if you are well prepared and you have a solid plan to follow.

Rusty.... a slight edit:

I can tell you that regardless of age, experience, talent or skill level, everyone gets nervous.  But that soon goes away after two or three shots of vodka!

 ;D ::)

Or smooth whiskey!  Or not-so-smooth whiskey!   ;D

If you are a fan of the sitcom Big Bang Theory, then consider the episodes where Sheldon Cooper has ever touched alcohol.    Then picture a photographer at a shoot!   Bwaaa ha ha ha!!   :P

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