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Software & Accessories / Re: how to backup photos in the field?
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:30:21 AM »
There are portal devices like Hyperdrive...

Are these portals to another dimension?

Why not?  What better way to get effective and fast offsite backup to the cloud!?   ;D

Software & Accessories / Re: how to backup photos in the field?
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:29:29 AM »
I tried several products a few years ago.  Just about all the devices I returned because they were not reliable, they were too much trouble to use in the field or the battery life was too short.  The only one that was reliable, fast and simple was the NEXTO product.  I have a slightly older version (2725) of the 2730.  I also got the little extended battery.  It came with a nice leather case which also will hold the extra battery on the side.  I think the 2901 is the current model which is faster and uses USB 3 to connect to a computer.  These aren't cheap but they work well and they are reliable.  They are simple to use which is key.  They require almost no user interaction.  Turn it on, put in the media and it copies.  Done.  You can almost use it unseen in your pocket.  And it's fast.  The battery lasts for a long time.  You can also connect other devices to it in the field and transfer either way so it's flexible to share images with another drive or device in the field.

I think the key to this device's effectiveness is that it's not trying to be a hybrid multi-purpose device.  It's not trying to be a viewer for instance.  It's focusing on being a simple and effective BACKUP DEVICE.  If you want it to be super tough and more resistant to shocks, get one with and SSD drive.


I still have mine and I am still using it after about 3 years.  Besides backups on week long trips, I also use mine to collect images from other people at events or trips so I can post them in one place for everyone.  Much easier than having to fire up a laptop, mess with usb readers, etc.  I just pop in their media and talk with them while it copies.  Then it beeps and I pull out the media and hand it back to them.  Done.

Sports / Re: Critique My "Running" Photos?
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:01:11 AM »
Muchos appreciated.  I think I'll go with RAW next time and better choose the location.  I got all tied up speaking with people not realizing that runners would be coming off of the trail as quickly as they did and got all frantic.  Was able to capture everyone, but definitely could have better scouted out the area.  Also, I guess that a cloudy or foggy day would be much better vs. sun.
Next time will be better.

That has happened to me as well.  These things are always a bit stressful when you feel like you are trying to provide good images for others.  I try to do as much prep as I can with regard to the location.  I either go a few days early and scout the route/venue at the same time of day as the event or I arrive extra early the day of.  Either way, it's a "Plan your work, Work your plan." kind of thing.  This way, you can relax and just enjoy the shoot.  Get insurance shots and then go for the more interesting ones.  Always have a flash because fill flash is your friend outdoors.  (Unless the subjects are too far away.)  And if sunny, try to avoid direct sun and shoot folks as they are under shade, preferably with some fill flash.  Everyone has an opinion about RAW vs JPG but I shoot RAW on everything.  I just figure, why not?  That way, the inevitable best shot of the day that happens to be off on exposure has the best chance of recovery in post.

Canon General / Re: Canon Date codes gone? Why?
« on: January 12, 2015, 09:14:20 AM »
I was under the impression that Canon simply changed their method and started integrating the date code into the serial number.  I don't think anyone is 100% sure and Canon hasn't released an official key or explanation.  Keep in mind that Canon doesn't care about maintaining a system to support resale values.  If anything, they would prefer everyone buy new.  This may be the reason for keeping the date code "secret" in the first place.  Good resale values doesn't help Canon make profit, it helps the buyer save money and in a way is probably considered competition.

Here is a good web site for understanding what is known about the date codes.

Sports / Re: Critique My "Running" Photos?
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:58:14 AM »
Great work!  There is nothing wrong with your image in general and I agree with the previous posts about those improvements.  I think yorgasor's edit is a good example of what I would have done.  IMO, you did great.  Shooting sports or anything else in the heat of the moment is tough and we are blessed with the ability to adjust things later in post.  yorgasor took down the brightness/highlights just a bit which is what I prefer, a face that is a bit warmer without the shimmer and moving the runner over the side a bit.  But that is personal taste!

Since I shoot outside a lot, I learned a long time ago to buy some warm high quality thin gloves and even a second pair of fingerless gloves to go over those if needed.  Obviously it's worth it if you are out for longer than 30 minutes.

If you (or anyone else!) care to look at similar run photos I shot, go here... http://rustythegeek.zenfolio.com/run4hills
I am by no means a pro and I don't shoot "sports" shots that often.  You'll see where I tried to mix candid personal shots of the people with the action shots of the runners and then shots of the awards ceremony afterwards.  (Yeah, I got a little carried away with the cute little girls at the end.)  I shot everything with a 5D3+24-70f/2.8 and a 6D+70-200f/2.8 combo.  The running shots where taken sitting from a stool just before the finish line.  Since these runs were all on asphalt streets through neighborhoods and commercial buildings, there wasn't really a good spot along the route with a great background.  I hate that stupid sign pole in several shots.  Couldn't be avoided.  Grrr.

Before the 2013 run, I posted a request here for advice.  There were a lot of good suggestions.
One thing I took away that I never forgot was to try and catch runners as they are leaping, not landing in their pace.  In other words, catch them while their body is going up and in mid air.  This way, their face, chest, clothes, hair, etc are all uplifted or more natural, not sagging and being pulled down from landing on the ground with their other foot.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Difference in image from APS-C to FF
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:01:30 PM »
My only follow-up question is, do I wait to see what Canon's rebates will be in Feb?

I'm no expert on rebates.  However, others will probably correct me but rebates are usually over after New Years.  This year, they extended them through January.  Who knows what Canon will do after that but I suspect the rebates will be over.  I think that this year there is enough stuff coming in 2015 that Canon is trying to help the various authorized dealers clear some inventory for another month past the normal Nov-Dec rebate/sales time window.

If you aren't already looking at canonpricewatch.com, I would give that a shot.  Gordon does a great job of doing deal alerts, and wrangling a few deals for his subscribers.  If anyone can predict rebate stuff, it might be him.

Photography Technique / Re: Travel set up
« on: January 10, 2015, 12:16:29 PM »
Maybe he never returned!  Perhaps he found a nice pretty native that captured his heart and convinced him to never leave!  Or maybe a few days into the trip, he was kidnapped and put to work harvesting crops for the drug trade!  Anyway, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he chimes in and tells us his exciting story!

In the meantime, we can always make up versions of what might have happened!  LOL!   ;D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Preparing for the switch
« on: January 09, 2015, 02:15:19 PM »
I shoot mostly events, school sports and portraits, with occasional travel photography thrown in.  In my case, the 70-200 f2.8L II is my most used lens.  This was the case with my 7D and is still the case with my 5D3.

I bought the 5D3 with the 24-105 f4L IS kit lens and I really like this lens.  It's my first choice for a walk-around lens when I want to travel light with a single body and don't have a specific subject in mind.  (For "serious" shoots, I use two bodies.)  I also like the flexibility of shooting scenery around water (streams, waterfalls, etc.) with very slow shutter speeds and IS.

Still, the faster 24-70 f2.8L II was very tempting for its extra speed.  For people shots, I prefer 1/100 min and generally shoot 1/200 and up.  But, losing the IS was a huge concern.  Until the temptation grew to strong to resist.

I now keep the 70-200 on one body and the 24-70 on the other (both 5D3's).  I really like the 24-70.  It's great for action shots.  Because it's faster, it focuses quicker in low light.  It also seems to be a brighter lens.  Comparing the 24-70 at 70 with the 70-200 at 70, both at f2.8, the 24-70 seems to be 1/2 to 2/3 stop brighter.  This helps me use a little faster shutter speed or lower ISO. 

Typically, I shoot above 1/100 with the 24-70 and sometimes down to 1/60 without concern.  On occasion, I will use 1/40 or 1/30 and take extra measures to brace myself.  But, more likely, I'll bump up the ISO.

I can't gloss over the focus speed benefits of the 24-70.  I shoot action -- which can include a fleeting moment during an event.  The 24-70 is better at the quick aim-focus-shoot than the 24-105 f4 lens.  Part of this may be an improved USM, but part is also the f2.8 aperture and the brighter optics.  For me, this outweighs that benefit of IS on a short zoom for most of my shooting.  (To be clear, I do rely on IS frequently with the 70-200.)

I also have the 35 f2.0 IS and plan to get the 50 fx.x IS if and when Canon refreshes it.   The 35 is a fun lens and my "extra low light" lens of choice.  I anticipate the future 50 to be the same.  the 35 is as bright as the 24-70 and comparable in IQ with the 24-70 at 35mm.

I will admit that I have no plans to sell the 24-105, at least not yet.  With IS, it is a a bit of a "security blanket lens".  There was a time when I carried it and the 24-70 to events, but no more.  The 24-70 has quickly become my preferred short zoom.  If I get concerned about a low light situation and want IS, I tend to grab the 35 now -- two stops faster than the 24-105 with IS to boot.

Admittedly, I'm still torn about landscapes.  Although not a main interest, I like IS for them and often use polarizers.  While I stop down smaller than f4 for landscapes, the 24-70 may still be better suited (unless there's moving water and I want a slow shutter) because it is a bright lens.

Of course, your mileage may vary.  But, I would recommend the 24-70 f2.8L II.  If I could only have one 24-xxx Canon zoom, it would be the 24-70 f2.8L II.

Big time Ditto.  I could have written this entire post myself except for the bit about the primes because I don't own the 35 IS prime.

Another thing... we did a premium senior portrait shoot for my son a few months ago at a great studio with a great reputation.  Spent over $1000 for the printed products and the digital image rights.  The sitting went very smoothly and guess what they shot it all with?  Canon 1DX, 24-70 f/2.8 II and 70-200 f/2.8 II.  Portraits all came out great.  I'm not saying some high end L primes wouldn't do better but they are definitely not crucial to have if you have those two stellar zooms in your kit.  Just get them and see for yourself.   :)

EOS-M / Re: Why do I keep my Eos M?
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:47:00 PM »
Ditto.  Bought mine a few months back for $249 + $62 for an adapter.  I was impressed with the build quality.  It was an extremely "neat-o" little camera.

But, I never used it.  I couldn't get too excited for the same reasons mentioned above and I already had the SL1 that works great.  Plus, since Canon crippled it with firmware limitations, I couldn't use it for special projects that a mirrorless non-shutter design would have been perfect for.  So I took the chance to sell it for what I paid as essentially brand new recently.

I'd love to try again someday though if Canon would release another one that hits it out of the park!  The whole concept has a lot of merit.  Come on Canon!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Preparing for the switch
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:41:40 PM »
I actually started a thread a while back about whether to sell or keep my 24-70 f/2.8 II after I got a great price on the new f/4 IS version.  (I wondered if I should reclaim some of my cash for the more expensive f/2.8 version.)  The overall response was to keep the f/2.8.  After much thought, I agreed.  It's a great lens that is so good, it even negates the need for expensive primes in some cases.  So with the lenses you have listed, you will probably not have a huge need to buy more than maybe one special prime in the future.  And that helps justify the higher cost.  Good luck and welcome to Canon!   :)

I forgot all about turning it off until you said that!

Note that I didn't state that I'm running and adblocker (though there are ways of detecting it) :-> ... it was just a theoretical possibility. Remember: Superheros always watch ads and buy products by clicking on affiliate links :-p

Now I feel really bad for anyone not running an Ad Blocker.

Reminds me of the poker wisdom: "If after 10 minutes you don't know who the sucker is, it's you".

I don't mind Ads until they cause a significant impact on the site's core function/purpose.  Then they are counter productive and drive people AWAY from the site.  If I had to scroll down every time I visited the CR Main Page to see what I wanted, I would definitely visit less because I would get tired of all the extra wasted effort simply due to a bad design choice.  It sends a message that the site is more interested in free revenue (generated at my expense) than providing a good user experience.

Yesterday, a large "AdChoice" Ad Block on CR Home Page was apparently added to take the place of / push down the trending Forum Discussion List on the right side.  WTH??   ???  There was already an Ad Block below the Forum Thread List.  Why do we need one on the top as well?

Probably the "paradigm of constant ad revenue" - for more people using adblockers, sites need to place more ads. Sooner or later, the one user left that still hasn't installed an adblocker will get a site only consisting of ads :-p

Thank you Marsu42!!  A day or two ago, I had to view a site that didn't work right with the AdBlocker running.  I forgot all about turning it off until you said that!  I just turned the AdBlocker back on and Viola!, no more problem!  I've been running the AdBlock so long, I forgot how useful it is!   :D

Now I feel really bad for anyone not running an Ad Blocker.   :(

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 5D Mark III Replacement Talk [CR2]
« on: January 09, 2015, 09:44:28 AM »
It'd have to be a really awesome camera to make me spend more monies from my mk3.

Hey, weren't you the one saying the same thing about the 5d1 until just before you upgraded :-p ?
Yup. 5d1----> 5D3(held out on buying a 5d2 for along time) and it's very likely it will be 5d3---> 5D5 if it doesn't have those things.

And even when the MK3 was released, I waited until the price was ripe @ $2499 before I bought it. I can wait and make money just fine with the mk3 as I did with the 5d1 at the time.

I think RLPhoto and I think in the same way and we have followed similar upgrade paths.  I used my 5D and skipped the 5D2 on purpose, then waited about a year to buy my 5D3 after its release.  Plus, I would like to see what the 6D2 is before I jump.

What I fear is they will put truly coveted features like internal RT only in the highest priced 5Ds model to try and force you to buy the highest priced version.  I doubt I'll be too interested in the high MP version but I definitely want the other features that could improve the overall experience and workflow.

EDIT:  I discovered that my AdBlocker was the reason.  With it enabled, I see the Discussion List on top like I prefer.  I disabled it temporarily and forgot so the AdBlock appeared on the top instead.  Yuck.  But I guess it's been that way for a while.  Too bad.   :(

Yesterday, a large "AdChoice" Ad Block on CR Home Page was apparently added to take the place of / push down the trending Forum Discussion List on the right side.  WTH??   ???  There was already an Ad Block below the Forum Thread List.  Why do we need one on the top as well?

CR AdminsPlease move the Forum Discussion List back up top right where it was!  It sucks having to scroll down to see it every time I check the home page for new topics.  I'm not trying to whine here, this is a real issue.  I don't mind tolerating the Ad Blocks as long as they don't affect functionality.  This one does!

IMHO, if this change is permanent, it will significantly reduce your traffic because checking for new forum topics will not be as quick or easy and folks will be less inclined to go to the extra scrolling effort.  When the Forum Discussion List is where it was before at the top, you simply needed to refresh the pageNow it's hidden completely without scrolling down.  Yuck!!

EOS Bodies / Re: NEW CAMERA - EOS 80D?
« on: January 08, 2015, 08:40:02 PM »
The dial looks like a P&S or Eos M. But the body looks too bulky to be a mirrorless.
Maybe a newer version of the superzoom Powershots?

Powershot is kind of what I was thinking.  The dial is also what makes me think powershot or some kind of new M or S line type thing.

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