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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D & 1.4X -or- 7D Mk II?
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:05:25 PM »
I own(ed) all of them except the 7D.

It depends mostly on what you shoot and you don't mention that.  Or your budget.

Based on my use of the 7D2, buy the 7D2.  It has great high ISO, amazing AF and a few features that no other camera has like Deflicker.  It also has a variation of Dual Pixel sensor tech and quiet 10 fps.  It will give you more reach with all lenses along with the necessary AF to exploit them.

The 6D is a wonderful camera but the fps is pretty slow.  It has the best low light sensor available.  It has built-in WiFi which allows Remote Shooting + GPS.  And it's Full Frame.  It offers more creativity if you prefer wide lenses.

Owning both gives you incredible versatility.  But the 7D2 is more versatile by itself as long as you don't need WiFi or extra wide range.  (So get an Eye-Fi card and/or CamRanger along with one 10-22 EF-S lens.)

The 7D2 is currently a bit overpriced but it is getting great reviews.  Buying the 7D2 now will cost you a high price but that doesn't matter if you need the technology now.

Canon General / Re: Forum Decorum....Deshmorum?
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:18:14 PM »
Yeah, thick skin and an abundance of patience makes life much easier to live.  Not to mention a smoother ride.   ;)

Canon General / Re: First time shooting a wedding...
« on: November 15, 2014, 04:07:43 PM »
Kick it in the ass!!

Take your time, relax and try to enjoy the shoot.

Put the 24-70 and 70-200 on each camera and relax.  Don't forget to set each camera to Silent Shutter mode.

Share some pics with us later and tell us your war story!!

Canon General / Re: Forum Decorum....Deshmorum?
« on: November 15, 2014, 04:04:27 PM »
I think this is an interesting thread.  Let's be honest... we humans love to see a good fight.  Esp a hair pulling, nail scratching girl fight.  But any fight will do.  We like to see gladiators in all their glory.  We like to see NASCAR races with big firey crashes.  We love action movies with lots of mayhem and action.

Face it, we're just wired that way.

So when things get heated in forums, regardless of the topic, we just can't resist the urge to get a punch in.  It requires a certain level of maturity and discipline to resist that urge.  I've always found it to be a fascinating thing that Internet Forums provide detachment and anonymity which allows us to view arguments from a distance, take our time, maintain calm and decorum and avoid the impulsive emotion laden responses that in-person confrontations can provoke... and then many folks still act irrationally anyway.

Lenses / Re: Advice needed on possible 100-400 L Lens Trade
« on: November 15, 2014, 03:34:18 PM »
Big thanks everyone!  Turns out, I spoke with the guy on the phone for quite a while.  He owns several photography related businesses here locally including

I think he decided to just sell his lens but I think I made a friend in the process so it's still a win.

Again, I appreciate the advice on the 100-400 and I'll keep it in mind if/when I evaluate one of them sometime.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1D X REPAIR HELP URGENT
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:30:37 PM »
This happens to me sometimes.  In my attempt to be the smartest guy in the room, I inevitably create more confusion to everyone except myself.  Over the years, I've learned to ask more and talk less.  Best intentions can often misfire.

Don't get me wrong, I feel your pain.  I run in to non-qualified techs and service people all the time where I wonder how they keep their job they are so seemingly helpless and apathetic.

It sort of a no-win situation.  For many reasons, this being one of the biggies, I prefer to perform my own repairs, service, etc whenever possible.  But fixing my $3500 DSLR isn't something I really want to do if others are more experienced and good at it.

Good luck getting your camera back ASAP and working like new again!

Lenses / Re: Advice needed on possible 100-400 L Lens Trade
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:19:18 PM »
Thanks for the quick reply jdramirez!  I was thinking about the same thing as you.  So far, after a couple weeks I have had very little interest in the 24-70 and have considered actually trying to sell it on eBay.  (*Gasp!*)

I've never owned the 100-400 so it would be something I could learn something about.  I don't use my 70-300 that much so the 100-400 would probably sit around a LOT.  And I don't think I would ever warm up to a pumper lens.  So after the trade, I would most likely list it pretty quick.

But since the 100-400 is a popular sports lens, it might draw more buyers than the multiple redundant 24-70.  Not that the 24-70 is a bad lens because it's not.  Like you said, it just doesn't appear to be a fast mover.

Lenses / Advice needed on possible 100-400 L Lens Trade
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:27:17 PM »
I received a CL offer to trade the New in Box 24-70L f/4 IS Lens I have listed to sell for a used 100-400 L Lens.  No box on the 100-400, just the Caps, Hood and Tripod Mount.  It sounds like another photographer that is making the offer.

My question to the forum is, would you do it?  (From a value and selling perspective, not a lens comparison perspective.)  And are there any known issues with the 100-400 L that I should be aware of and check for specifically when I inspect it?

I'm thinking it's possible the used 100-400 L might actually sell faster and for maybe more money than the 24-70 f/4 IS (even New).

Thanks in Advance.


EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 05:01:10 PM »
1st, if only the lawyers would fix this, we could all enjoy reading a lengthy written warning on the door of every camera card slot door.

2nd, a design flaw exists if the design allows a failure.  Period.  Good design requires the accurate prediction of user error or the possibility of a failure for any reason.  This is typically determined by sufficient testing during the prototype stage.  So IMO, the CF package design has a flaw because a failure (sideways insertion) can easily occur through user error, thus it is a fault prone design.  This is why I mentioned the manhole cover.  If manhole covers were not round, people would be hurt, killed or maimed by falling manhole covers due to user error.  It doesn't matter the reason, the outcome would be the same and the design would need to be changed to prevent injury.  It's just that simple.

A good design doesn't require any caveats that sound like, "Just don't do that and everything will be fine!".  You know, like pressurized doors on airplanes, space capsules, etc...

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 12:13:41 PM »
Yes.  Using a square design was the first flaw.  Using exposed pins was the second.

This train of thought reminds me of why heavy iron manhole covers are round....

If SD cards had the same or better performance, I might like them better than CF.  But the larger size of CF is easier to manage and the performance is more robust.  I've always thought of CF as like SCSI and Firewire.  Much better performance from a transfer protocol designed to move data efficiently and reliably.  SD is more common but slower.  It definitely has a better form factor so it's more popular.  (But SD is a bit too small for my taste.)

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:11:15 AM »
I had no interest in the thread other than why the OP thought he would "just send it back. Im pretty sure i will get a replacement without any trouble.". Because we all pay for that kind of 'repair' and it seems a clear feeling of entitlement with so many people nowadays.

The point is that it is possible to disagree with a poster without resorting to insulting them or calling them names.

I agree with that, but saying somebody did something stupid is not the same as calling them stupid. We all do stupid things, well I know I do, and I have no problem with people saying 'that was a stupid thing to do', interestingly, for once, I am in the clear here, it was jrista that first used the word 'stupidity' in the thread and that was long after I raised my question about the expectation of a warranty claim.

This sounds like a familiar argument I have occasionally with my wife.

"Don't you call me stupid!"
"I didn't call you stupid, I just said that was a stupid thing to do."

Feel free to substitute whatever word you like for the word 'stupid'.  The argument still ends up going the same way and I am usually in the dog house regardless.  So the lesson here is that perception is 9/10 of the law...

Landscape / Re: Railway odds and ends...
« on: November 14, 2014, 10:40:34 AM »
I have to admit that I am not getting the "Bourbon & Creosote" composition.  Does it have another meaning or context?

I'm not sure what's to get or not get, but agree with others that it's a nice image. IMHO, it would have been better without such a busy / unattractive background (houses & power lines / poles).

Ditto.  Great colors, neat shot but I immediately wanted the background gone.  I suspect this was merely a quick fun experiment shot before the bottle was "less full".   :D

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:15:42 AM »
I'm puzzled about the warranty thing.  It's a brand new camera.  It never hurts to ask about the warranty.  Then Canon will say yes or no.  Why does anyone care either way?

IMHO, while the CF card slot design is a CF standard design (not Canon's), it has had the same design weakness since it was released over a decade ago.  It doesn't resist careless penetration.  I think Canon could have perhaps designed the slot so the tolerance leans toward tighter slot size so as to help prevent a mindless insertion without a bit more resistance/difficulty.  I just tried to insert a CF card in the 5D3 sideways and it wasn't very hard (based on the minimum force needed to penetrate the slot).  So the 5D3 can be easily damaged by a careless penetration as well.

Something I have done for years that I think helps prevent me from sticking it in wrong... painters' tape on the CF card.  I put a tape tab on each of my CF cards that hangs off the back edge a bit.  When I pull out and insert another card, I move the tape tab around to the pin edge and fold it over.  This reminds me that this CF card is spent and can't be used again for this shoot.  Now that I think about it, it also helps make sure that I am inserting the right way too.

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:51:05 AM »
Wow, this thread got a lot of attention...

The trick is to simply take your time when inserting and NEVER PUSH TOO HARD.  If the card doesn't slide in like butter, don't force it.  There is something wrong and forcing it will always end in regret!


Yeah, one can read that any way they like!   ;)  Way to go SportsGal!  I like your style!  LOLOL!

If I might take a shot in the next 5-10 minutes I leave it on including for changing lenses and cards.

Once I figure I'm definitely out of photo-ops I'll turn it off.  I don't like auto sleep because I also use ML, plus doing landscapes I can easily have the camera on for 5-10 minutes or longer while waiting for the light.  If I'm in a 'C' mode and have changed exposure for the scene, I don't want to revert back to my saved settings.  This happened a few times years ago and I have turned off the auto power down ever since.

I prefer to carry a lot of battery power (I do sometimes switch off between battery changes, but not always either).

I never turned off my film camera for changing lenses or film.

One might just opt to go the Iron Man route and have an Arc Reactor fitted into their chest.  That would power a billion cameras for a billion lifetimes!   ;D

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