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Landscape / Re: Railway odds and ends...
« on: November 14, 2014, 10:40:34 AM »
I have to admit that I am not getting the "Bourbon & Creosote" composition.  Does it have another meaning or context?

I'm not sure what's to get or not get, but agree with others that it's a nice image. IMHO, it would have been better without such a busy / unattractive background (houses & power lines / poles).

Ditto.  Great colors, neat shot but I immediately wanted the background gone.  I suspect this was merely a quick fun experiment shot before the bottle was "less full".   :D

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:15:42 AM »
I'm puzzled about the warranty thing.  It's a brand new camera.  It never hurts to ask about the warranty.  Then Canon will say yes or no.  Why does anyone care either way?

IMHO, while the CF card slot design is a CF standard design (not Canon's), it has had the same design weakness since it was released over a decade ago.  It doesn't resist careless penetration.  I think Canon could have perhaps designed the slot so the tolerance leans toward tighter slot size so as to help prevent a mindless insertion without a bit more resistance/difficulty.  I just tried to insert a CF card in the 5D3 sideways and it wasn't very hard (based on the minimum force needed to penetrate the slot).  So the 5D3 can be easily damaged by a careless penetration as well.

Something I have done for years that I think helps prevent me from sticking it in wrong... painters' tape on the CF card.  I put a tape tab on each of my CF cards that hangs off the back edge a bit.  When I pull out and insert another card, I move the tape tab around to the pin edge and fold it over.  This reminds me that this CF card is spent and can't be used again for this shoot.  Now that I think about it, it also helps make sure that I am inserting the right way too.

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:51:05 AM »
Wow, this thread got a lot of attention...

The trick is to simply take your time when inserting and NEVER PUSH TOO HARD.  If the card doesn't slide in like butter, don't force it.  There is something wrong and forcing it will always end in regret!


Yeah, one can read that any way they like!   ;)  Way to go SportsGal!  I like your style!  LOLOL!

If I might take a shot in the next 5-10 minutes I leave it on including for changing lenses and cards.

Once I figure I'm definitely out of photo-ops I'll turn it off.  I don't like auto sleep because I also use ML, plus doing landscapes I can easily have the camera on for 5-10 minutes or longer while waiting for the light.  If I'm in a 'C' mode and have changed exposure for the scene, I don't want to revert back to my saved settings.  This happened a few times years ago and I have turned off the auto power down ever since.

I prefer to carry a lot of battery power (I do sometimes switch off between battery changes, but not always either).

I never turned off my film camera for changing lenses or film.

One might just opt to go the Iron Man route and have an Arc Reactor fitted into their chest.  That would power a billion cameras for a billion lifetimes!   ;D

Nope, leave it on all day (when in use) only switch off to change lens or card


Everyone does realize that there is a switch built in to the card and battery doors that automatically switches the camera off when the door is opened, correct?  Hence, no need to manually switch it off to change a card.

Not so sure about the lens change.  It might be prudent to power off for that but I've never had a problem.

No, I see no need.   I turn it off when storing it (bag or hard case).

Ditto.  No.  I go for weeks without touching the power switch.  Only use it when I want to be sure the camera won't power on, like when it's in a bag, case, etc.  IMO, it's just another step that might cause me to miss a shot.  Plus, it puts needless wear on another component.

But meh, everyone does what makes them comfortable.  I know others that do this too.  (And they miss shots sometimes too.)

Maybe you should have made this a poll!   ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: I killed my brand new 7D MK2 today
« on: November 14, 2014, 06:58:00 AM »
Wow, this thread got a lot of attention...

While I love the CF card over other types of removable memory for performance and form factor, the fragile pin design is my only caveat/complaint.  I'm an IT guy and I've used CF cards ever since they started.  The pin design on CF cards is ancient.  Almost nothing uses an exposed pin design like this anymore.  (Remember IDE and SCSI hard drives?)

I wouldn't be too hard on the OP.  This CAN happen.  And Canon didn't design it, it's the CF standard.

The trick is to simply take your time when inserting and NEVER PUSH TOO HARD.  If the card doesn't slide in like butter, don't force it.  There is something wrong and forcing it will always end in regret!

Fortunately, I've never bent any pins in something important like a camera but I did bend pins in a reader one time.  It was a cheap plastic reader that flexed a bit too much so the card could easily get out of alignment.

Prices lowered on both.  This is now officially lower than retail and likely street on both items.

Is it just me or this one of the most complicated and confusing kickstarter promotions you've ever seen?  Maybe it's just too early in the morning...  ???

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I took the cheap road to FF
« on: November 10, 2014, 05:07:52 PM »
Sporgon, thanks for the info about the serial numbers.  I guess my serial number beginning with a 2 is why I have so many 1000's of actuations on my 5D without a failure!

And I'll also agree that the 5D can be a bit prone to sensor dust.  (Ditto for the 30D and 40D.)  Much more so than newer bodies.  I think they did something to help with static electrical charges or something because it sure seems like I was always cleaning the older body sensors.  Now not so much...

Wow, just picking up my 5D was a nice feeling.  I'm not normally very nostalgic but I got some great images with this 5D.  In fact, I think I'll go out and shoot with it a bit more soon.   :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I took the cheap road to FF
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:28:38 PM »
Wow, great info about detecting if the fix has been applied Scott!  Even though I've heard of this 5D mirror issue, I honestly never thought to check my 5D.  I've used the dickens out of it and I bought it used.  Turns out, mine hasn't had the fix either.

Maybe I'll get send it in to Canon.  Any advice on which service center is the best and if there is a particular way to request this repair?  Thanks.

BTW, I want to congratulate the OP on his 5D purchase.  I hope you love this camera, I sure have!!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Recommend first slr
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:11:53 PM »
I'd go refurb. Either an SL1 or a T4/5i. Then add either a 50 prime or a 18-135 zoom with IS.

I loved my 50mm f/1.8... and I wanted to love the 50mm f/1.4... but I didn't... it was as good... maybe better... but I didn't like it that much especially with the 80mm crop field of view. 

I think a 30 or 35 is more tolerable... I think having a prime is worth having initially... it helps to figure out whether you like think dof, bokeh, and image quality... and low light...

Ditto.  That is why I like my EF 28mm f/1.8 USM prime so much.  It works great on both crop and full frame.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Recommend first slr
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:10:41 PM »
Look at the Pentax K5 or K3. 

Rugged with real weather sealing (watch some of the youtube videos!)
In Body Image Stabalization means that you don't have to pay extra for a stabalized lens
Lots of really good glass both new and used

All this at a low price so you can afford to buy a body and a few good lenses.

I have considered a Pentax weather sealed system several times over the last couple years.

Software & Accessories / Re: Which SD card for Canon 70d?
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:06:34 PM »
I'd recommend sandisk... they have an excellent reputation (and only buy from an authorized retailer... and depending on how often you clear the information, you really probably don't need much more than 8gb...

Do you format SD card before you start using it? I've heard different opinions about that.

Personally I format the SD card in the camera after every shoot.  In other words, every time I am done with the thousand or so images I retrieve from it, once they are imported into Lightroom and exist in 2 places, I format the SD card in the camera to erase it.

I've been in the computer industry since 1983.  Whether you choose Apple or Windows doesn't matter to me.  Both work well, and I know there are fans of both technologies.

If you choose to go the Windows route, I purchased a computer a few months ago that I can highly, highly recommend.  It's a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (not the Yoga 2).  I bought mine at a Microsoft Store because they don't allow any junkware to be installed on it when it's purchased through them.  Here's the link:

The screen on this Thinkpad Yoga is a 12.5" 1920x1080 IPS non-glare screen.  It's really nice.  I do have a 23" IPS monitor that I plug into occasionally, but I find that I can do most of my post processing without the bigger display.  I do have a Spyder calibrator for the screen and the external monitor.

If you get this machine, be sure to set the display scaling to 100% (it will probably default to 120%).  100% works great for processing photos.

Good luck with your new machine, whatever it happens to be!

Regards, Jim

I would support Jim's suggestion as well.  The Yoga is a great product from Lenovo despite it being in their consumer line.  The Yoga 1 can be obtained for a great price point too.  The Yoga 2 was very well reviewed as a super upgrade but the screen is so high resolution that you will need loupes to read it.  The resolution of the Yoga 1 is much more realistic.  Lenovo also makes a business line rugged Thinkpad version of the Yoga that is heavier and more expensive but it has an amazing keyboard and is a little easier to set up and support.  If you go to the Microsoft Store, make sure you also check out the Surface Pro 3.  It is also a great product.  Very well designed, well made and a strong competitor to the Yoga series.  Also keep in mind that when you start looking at touch screen designs, Windows 8 is your best bet.  As much as folks like to hate it, it's actually a great and perfectly fine OS, esp after they released the 8.1 update.

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