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A small sensor does not inherently have "more reach". A sensor of dense sensels does have more reach. Often, smaller sensors have more sensel density than large sensors, but this is no rule written in stone. The D800 seems to point towards FF sensors using the same sensel tech as APS-C sensors.


Yes, I know. Sorry for leaving that out. I mean that it will always be cheaper to make a small high density (APS-C) sensor, than a large high density (FF) sensor, and, as a consequence, the APS-C sensors will be leading the way in this (ofc the compact camera sensors are already there and improving).

It is simply a matter of scale :) (pun intended)


To go off-topic a bit here, I really like the idea one of the commentators to article had: To put a Canon compact sensor into a smartphone. That would be really nice, and I guess Canon could earn aLOT of money that way.

Ok, back on topic. It is very true that a good product does not mena that you can sell said product. But, when looking at the profit Nikon will STILL have (4-500 millions?), I would not get too worried. Although the trend is not looking the best for entry DSLRs...

EOS Bodies / Re: Recommend Cheap Second Body
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:11:24 AM »
40D or 50D used? They have some weather sealing. Could come in handy when out camping... They are also Magnesium-alloy bodies, which I would take any day over a plastic one.

Ok, I think everyone needs a time out here.

Mikael, I am sure you mean well, and have excellent points to back up your claims, but please start your own thread discussing DR, banding, comparing sensors and such. It is NOT on-topic here.

The rest of you, don't bite. It turns into a flame war every time.

AND, I would ask you all to keep the tone polite. I know that it is hard when you get emotionally engaged, but for the rest of the forum's sake, please constrain yourselves. :)

Now, back on-topic: I think 70D and 7D2 will both be APS-C, as will all their successors. When the day comes and Canon goes 5 FF-models, they will no longer be successors of these lines, but rather something new. Like the 6D. (Canon could ofc reuse the names).

I think there will always be a place for pro "sub-FF" sensors, just because of the reach. Canon knows this, and for them, putting a APS-C sensor in the same body as a FF camera is a cost-effective way to create a new camera.

So, I would prepare for APS-C 7D2 and 7D3. I think it is only a question of what they improve every time, not change in sensor size.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon T4i or wait for T5i?
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:42:51 AM »
Like others have said, it depends on your current situation. Do you have a camera now? If not, then buy it now. There is always something better around the corner. Meanwhile, you are missing pictures.

If you DO have a camera now (with adequate IQ), do you really need to upgrade? And if you do, how soon?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: TAMRON'S thinking about making FAST PRIMES
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:13:08 AM »
Yes! I really like Tamron, and with their VC and USD tech, they could probably compete in the 200-400 range with fast primes. Hopefully they introduce something not offered by anyone else, like a 200mm f/2.4 or a 350mm f/3.5. Available in black... :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Confirms 70D; Future of Semi-Pro DSLR is FF
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:17:23 AM »
In that respect, Canon does a better job making cameras for photographers, rather than refining technology for obsessive-compulsive minutia-entwined techno-babbling batshit-crazy should-be-out-photographing-something wackos like myself and so many others on this forum.  ;D

Oh, this deserves a HUGE +1. Touché, my friend. :D

Ah, that is the point. I did not put style of photography in there on purpose. This list could be used for everyone. So you can suggest good UWAs, Macros, Tilt-shifts, Teles, zooms, primes, well whatever you feel is "good enough"!

I am reading up a lot on this, preparing for purchasing a 7D classic, and everyone seems to agree that the 18mp APS-C sensor is capable of excellent results, providing it is paired with a "good enough lens".

So, my question is: Which lenses ARE good enough for the 18mp APS-C sensor?

Lots of answers are: "L mark II"

So, is it only L mark II that are "good enough" for 7D? Where do you draw the line? At L-glass?
Is the 85mm f1.8 good enough? The 70-300 non-L? the 17-40L?

If someone had a list of "good enough" lenses, I would (and I think others too) appreciate it a lot. Especially where to draw the line. L mark II are WAY out of my budget, so lets set the limit to 1000$.

Which lenses are good enough (sharp and resolving power) for the 18mp APS-C sensor, below 1000$?

Come on! Give me some nice recommendations! (3rd party is fine too) :)

True that Scarpz! Convincing the partner is one thing we all have to deal with. :)
Good luck with your purchase!

Rienz: you are quite correct in the IQ and responsiveness comments. But, I would argue that the use the OP is suggesting for their setup, lends itself very well for the SX50. Usually daylight photos, not often fast moving objects, and I would like the possibility to get a close-up at the top of the rollercoaster, just before the first drop, all while standing on the ground. :)

For fun family and vacation pictures in daylight, the SX50 is more than capable of delivering nice pics, and you never have to switch lenses, and as I mentioned, it weighs less than the lens, making it easy to handle for kids and the like, when the OP wants a pic of themselves in the rollercoaster... :)

...if you do own a 7D and you don't need the FPS then sell it and get a second hand 5Dii.
But what if you do? Or need good/fast AF? Or if you are somewhat weak (sick, old...) and want a smaller setup? Or if you are into birding/wildlife/telephoto? And, most importantly, if you are low on funds?
I may even flippantly throw in my doubt that photog > equipment even applies any more...
I would not even go there :)

Seriously though. FF is great. I have tried the 5D and like you say, the "depth" is what makes it stand out from the APS-C pictures. I do not see any conflict between APS-C and FF. It is like debating if a Humvee is better than a BMW. For what?

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Confirms 70D; Future of Semi-Pro DSLR is FF
« on: February 04, 2013, 10:41:43 AM »
And given the overall IQ benefits of the 5Diii, I have doubts that there would be many, if any, 7Dii buyers out there. 
I think here you are just plain wrong. Yes, the 5DIII has superior IQ, but most of the potential customers are used to APS-C quality or less (think iPhone), and they actually don't care if the 5DIII is 10, 15 or even 50% better, since it is way outside their price limit for a camera. Especially with lenses added. Most will just be satisfied with a 15-85 and a 70-300 IS USM (non-L), or just the kit 18-135! Most of the potential customers will never exceed that 3000$ line.

And for the pros wanting a backup, they will accept the hi-iso limitations etc, because their style of work does not require noiseless pictures in the dark. They value the reach much more.

We'll only see a 7Dii when Canon develops a next generation of APS-C sensors in which the image quality is noticeably better than a cropped 5Diii image.
Not necessarily true, because of the reasons above. If it is at least 5-10% better than the current 7D, most customers will accept it as good enough, when combined with other upgrades, like wide-tele AFMA, GPS/WiFi, bigger screen etc. etc.

Lenses / Re: What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a lens?
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:54:43 AM »
Bought a used EOS 500N with a 28-105 USM for 50$ this fall. I thought it was the 4-5.6, which costs around 75$ used here. (I know it is supposed to be abysmal, I wanted it to try out the reach on a crop).

When I met up with the seller, it was a 3.5-4.5. Thank you!

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