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1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:40:28 PM »
Golden Mane

400mm, f2.8, 1/1000, ISO400.

A CR page with my 2 most favourite Animals, Leopards & Lions, well shot Menace, Male Lions most favoured position, lying down.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:20:29 PM »
Snow leopard
200-400mm f4L IS 1.4x @383mm
1/500s, f5.6, ISO3200

Lovely Eldar, such a Beautiful animal.

To see this animal in the wild & be fortunate enough to Photograph it is a Bucket List item for me, times running out though, for both of us.

New GoPro, I do a lot of underwater Photography, currently with the 5DMK III & Sony a7r, both Housed set ups, but rarely go underwater these days without the GoPro as well, for Sharks the GoPro is almost essential as on a 2 metre extension it's almost the only way now to get close Images of Sharks, Sharks have fortunately for them, learnt to keep their distance from Humans, may be too late.

The new GoPro not only takes excellent video, it's small, you can use it in almost any environment, and takes a pretty good still Image as well.

When my son was learning underwater photography I set him up with a Canon G11 in a "FIX" Housing (Canon also make a Housing for the "G" range), this isn't the cheapest way but you do end up with a much better Camera that can be Housed reasonably priced.

My experience with the Olympus/Sony type Cameras that don't require a Housing is that they don't last well, inevitably the "O" rings degrade, people forget to shut the battery compartment properly etc, and you have a drowned camera that's not going to be resuscitated, sea water id deadly on electronics, this from personal experience, I've drowned 2 x 5DMK II's over the years, not pleasant.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Anyone own both Canon and Nikon
« on: July 07, 2014, 06:50:59 PM »
RGF, couple more comments.

Like Mt Spokane I also purchased the Nikkon 24-70f/2.8 Lens, along with the 14-24f/2.8, 14f/1.4 & 24f/1.4

The 24-70f/2.8 was, for the price, heavy & results were disappointing, having owned & used the Canon Mk 1 24-70f/2.8, now the Mk II 24-70f/2.8, the Nikkon is far from an equal to either of these two Canon Lenses.

The 14-24f/2.8 though is sublime, but is that one Lens worth taking on a second system ??

If your wanting more resolution to work with, try buying a RRS Panorama Kit, take 4 to 8 Images of the Landscape (they generally don't move too much), put the Images together with some good Stitching Software, and you've got yourself an Image with way more resolution than anything short of an IQ180.

If Landscape is the thing you want a 2nd system for in particular, and your looking to try a few systems before buying, look at the Pentax 645z, new CMOS Sensor @ 51MP, some excellent Glass in the Range your looking for, yes it's more expensive, but not Phase One expensive, this is where I'm currently sitting, waiting to get my hands on the 645z and try it out, see how it compares to a 5DMK III and 6 stitched Images.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Anyone own both Canon and Nikon
« on: July 07, 2014, 02:05:24 AM »
I've owned a few Nikons over the Years, the best by far being the D3x, I sold that & bough the D800, not so successful.

In terms of producing Images either works fine, without getting into the DR BS, the D800 has only two major flaws in my view, 4fps, of course not an issue for Landscape, and the 2nd flaw is the Menu system, compared to Canons it's like it was designed by a Gibbon on crack cocaine.

Both the D3x & D800 in my situation have been used for Underwater Photography, with the occasional foray into Above water Imaging, for this I bought the 14-24f/2.8, in my view still the best Medium Wide Zoom available today.

Perhaps the single biggest issue of two system ownership is simply that, two systems, two different Lens packages, two different Menu systems, if you can get around this issue, I don't believe the other minor issues around Canon/Nikon are really that big a hurdle.

I had a poor experience with the D800, I had ALL the early issues with this Camera and finally sold it, the D3x is still in my Bag & get's pulled out only to shoot the 14-24f/2.8, if Canon eventually bring out an equivalent I'll sell both no problem.

I did go to the Sony a7r a few months back, like the size, Menu system better than Nikons, great Sensor (similar to the D800), but the whole package let down by Sony poor after sales, not enough Lenses to make the system anything like a replacement for with the D800 or the 5DMK III.

My thoughts for what they're worth.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: July 05, 2014, 08:22:35 PM »
Head Shot

400mm, f2.8, 1/1000, ISO400.

Nice Menace

Animal Kingdom / Re: Bears in the Wild
« on: July 04, 2014, 06:38:01 AM »
Edward, your images never cease to thrill me!  Thanks for sharing!  :D

Thanks Krob, appreciated

Lovely shot!

I almost got on the Stockholm this year, unfortunatly it didn't happen. But it is top of my list to try and do next year.

Thanks Skulker & Love the 2nd Image, the Black on Black is always a winner for me.

Spent 21 days on the "Stockholm" with my eldest Son last Year, you won't regret it, great small ship, 6 Cabins (try to get one of the four towards the stern, the 2 forward Cabins are a little pokey).

Depending on Ice Conditions you can get some amazing Polar Bear sightings in the Pack Ice, 10 Days (Their normal schedule) is probably all you want, 21 days we were getting a little Cabin Fevered, but we did get to see 16 Different Polar Bears over the 21 Days.

Make sure you take good covers for your Lenses if you aren't using Big Whites + 1Dx, had a couple of dead D800 & 5DMK III units belonging to other people during our trip (water spray damage in the Zodiac excursions mostly), I used a pair of 1Dx + 200-400f/4, 600f/4 II & 70-200f/2.8 L, no protection & no problems.

The Image precious was a Female Bear that climbed to the top of the Berg to see if she could step over onto the Ships deck, in the end I was shooting this Bear with the 70-200 @ around 100mm &  keeping an eye out for the escape route, crazy stuff.

The Walrus come up to the Zodiac & the Females with Calves try to poke a hole in the Zodiac to protect the younger ones, which have zero fear of Humans & the Zodiac, great trip, lovely old ship immaculately kept & wonderful Swedish Crew.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Bears in the Wild
« on: July 03, 2014, 09:19:00 PM »
North of Svalbard Islands 2014

1Dx 200-400f/4

From the Deck of the "Stockholm"

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: June 22, 2014, 10:10:15 PM »

WELL DONE eml58!  Spot on.

Two images - focus stacked.  Only had time to take two shots as either one of the cats was moving or one of them was  looking away.

It was a good challenge though.


It was well done Menace, have to admit at times we get so wrapped up in "Getting the Image" we tend to forget about creativity, your Image made me think a little more about the patience required for that creativity.

Again, well done.

12. I would like glowing buttons like on the D4s.

The D4s has glowing buttons you say ???????????

That's it, I'm deserting to Nikon.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: June 22, 2014, 09:50:16 PM »


Depth of field :)

Yes, at f/2.8 one or the other should be in focus, definitely not both at that distance.

So stacked Images, at least two, the f/2.8 keeps the Bokeh in the background, nice, if you can get the subjects to play the Game & keep still, well done Menace.

The attached was shot at f/5.6 with the 200-400, the Big Guy in the background wasn't Happy so getting them together long enough for stacked shots wasn't an option.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: June 21, 2014, 05:50:36 AM »

Very Nice Gary, Looks Cold.

Software & Accessories / Re: Inconspicuous Messenger Bag
« on: June 20, 2014, 09:07:23 PM »
I use a couple of these Domke Bags when I'm not looking to carry the Kitchen Sink.

I have the J2 Canvas version but I find the J1 & J3 Ballistic Nylon works better.

The J3 seems about what you may be looking for, but they have a number of larger sizes that you may grow into.

Landscape / Re: Mountains, Lakes and Rivers
« on: June 19, 2014, 09:09:21 PM »
These were taken one cloudy morning on a canoe trip below Squaretop Mountain in the Wind River Range of Wyoming between the two Green River Lakes.

Lovely Image, especially the first, reminds me of scenes from The Hobbit.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: June 18, 2014, 08:59:15 PM »
400mm, f2.8, ISO500, 1/1000

Yep, only time I feel for having sold the 400, when i see something like this shot @ f2.8.

Lovely shot Menace, I see this often as well, Predators drooling while looking at Photographers    :).

But what an amazingly Beautiful Animal, in my view about the only thing on the Planet more Beautiful than a Leopard.

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