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@eml58 - Fantastic use! Beutiful shot... this is more proof that tech allows us to do more, but it still comes down to experience!
Thank you for sharing.
That is a picture? No no no! This is eml's new hobby - water colours.

Why are there so many artifacts there? is this the conversion to png issue?

eml, when you posted this one or one similar to it that looked different. Lovely pic! As usual.

Hi RPT, your right, it's a poor attempt at turning the Image into a water-colour using some 3rd party software, I was bored at the time, the Original I posted on another thread, can't remember which one, I'm away from Home on Holidays (Japan/Burma) and this was the only version I had on my Computer to Post regards Images taken with a WiFi set up.

Anyone who really loves the TS-E 17mm and 24mm lenses could use 'em with the Metabones (although possibly with some added flocking, based on reviews I've read.)

I'm currently using the V4 Metabones for my a7r, larger diameter Barrel (for better use with Canon TSE) and additional black flocking (for reduced reflection), works exceptionally well, although I haven't had any real issues with the V3 either, except some vignetting with the TSE use, V4 resolves that issue for me.

Had the loan of a Pentax 645z for a week, just simply love this sensor, quite possibly the best I've ever encountered in any Camera I've used (Haven't tried Phase one yet), not too keen on the Camera style, but it works well (if someone gets this sensor into a dslr/1D form, I'm onboard in a new york second), let down like the a7r with poorish selection of Lenses, if Pentax fix the lens issue, adapt Leaf Shutter etc, it's a real nice set up for Landscape/Still Imaging.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Posting about sensors and DR!
« on: October 03, 2014, 11:16:53 PM »
I think one of the best posts on this was the one where jrista did his comparison, made his point about DR but then balanced it with some of the problems the Sony camera presented due to it being inferior in other areas.

Completely agree, totally.

But we've seen the reaction that comes from being the "messenger", jrista is now sitting somewhere picking tar & feathers from himself, insulted, bullied & bashed (but I'm sure not beaten).

It seems difficult for some to accept someone else's argument if it conflicts with their own view, and too often the reactions are what we've seen here on CR regards this DR debate (I'm sure the letters actually stand for "dopey reaction").

Not sure why people can't read a Post, feel it conflicts with their own view but maintain respect for someone else having a different view, and simply move onto another Post/View/Opinion without reaching for the Red Button that launches the nukes, Human Nature ??

Fingers crossed ...

And Toes.

I have a suspicion this could actually happen, too much happening with High MP Sony/Nikon/Hassie/Pentax etc for Canon not to want to have some of this action.

I also have my doubts Canon will want to go head to head with the a7r/D810, it will more likely be a better Business Decision for Canon to go "Balls & All" with a 1D Body, I personally hope that's the case. I don't for a second believe this will be a 1DxII, the current 1Dx is about as good as it gets for high ISO/12fps style of Imaging, but 50MP & 6fps ?? works for me, better "xx" (don't want to start another war of words by using those two little capital letters some Canon users just about have a baby hippo over).

I also dread the "announcement" may be another 200-400f/4 type situation, announce now to stop the rot setting in & the actual "development" takes the next 2 years.

But I've been wrong before, often in fact.


I'm not exactly sure what having Wifi enables you to do but from eml58s wonderful example it sounds like you can change focus after the camera has been positioned. This, if it is truly possible, is a great advantage over the method that I have used before as is the ability to change ISO, aperture and shutter speeds after positioning the camera.

A single tap on the screen where you want to focus will adjust the AF on the Camera remotely, it's very good for still subjects, it doesn't have the capacity to continuos  AF, that would be something quite amazing and I expect we will see it in the future upgrades, I hope.

You can have a look here at just what this piece of Kit is capable of, it certainly beats Canon's WiFi built in or otherwise hands down.

Most other attributes can be changed remotely, ISO, shutter speed & f stop.

And Jura, love the Images.

The attached I posted in another Thread on WiFi Remote shooting, in it's original form (I don't remember which Thread unfortunately), I'm away on Holiday at present and this is the only version of the Original I have, but it shows what can be done with remote WiFi shooting.

I've found it a staggering omission from Canon that they haven't gone all the way with imbedded WiFi, I guess that prefer to sell a somewhat hamstrung add on in the form of the E6 at a staggering $799, this device does about 20% of what the CamRanger will do, the CamRanger sells for $299, the excuse that the Bodies of the 5DMK III & 1Dx are Magnesium & don't allow WiFi passage is patently ridiculous, others with similar Body tech have been doing it for Years.

Getting onto the subject though.

The original Image was taken with the 1Dx & 300f/2.8 II on a RRS metal low profile Tripod + RRS levelling Base, connected to a CamRanger WiFi device, which connects remotely to my iPad Mini.

I set the tripod/Camera & attached CamRanger in the path of this Mother Leopard & her two Cubs, the Mother was extremely wary of the vehicle and we didn't want to stress either the mother or the Cubs plus there were a pack of Hyenas in the area and they've learnt that following the vehicles will often lead to other Animals Kills, and Hyenas love to Kill Leopard Cubs unfortunately (Baboons as well, Leopard Cub # 1 danger), once I set the Tripod on the path we sat off behind some bush about 50-70 metres away out of direct site, then via the iPad, remotely focussed the Animals as they got closer, then tripped the shutter via the CamRanger software on the iPad Mini once the Leopards attention was fully on the weird object in the pathway.

I've used the CamRanger now extensively, the app you download to control the gear via the iPad (or phone, computer etc) is remarkably good, allows setting of most Camera Functions including focus with an AF lens, it's best to set a wider aperture as although the equipment reacts quite fast, it doesn't allow for constant AF of a moving subject as far as I've been able to test to date.

I've also just purchased the CamRanger MP360 Motorised Tripod Base and I'm quite impressed with this piece of equipment as well.

Only downside I've found to date is that Lions are not only inquisitive, but they also like to "taste" the gear, so be prepared and bring an extra Camera.

Its an interesting question, I often enjoy looking back on my earlier Images, most often thought being "What was I thinking", probably not a lot actually.

The biggest boon to my current Photography has been more knowledge, a lot of reading on how best to look at a scene, how to frame, and most important of all, Focus, & the best balance of 'f' stop, shutter speed & ISO. All of this works as well with a Box Brownie as it does with a 1Dx.

Better gear has improved my ability to get a load of Images in Wildlife situations that I may well not have been able to get previous, the 12fps of the 1Dx in certain situations is magical, the 4fps of some of my previous Bodies, not so.

There's a lot to be said for the more "basic" cameras, I flirted for a while with a Leica M9, loved a lot of that Camera, but as most of my Imaging is Wildlife or Underwater found I was using it less & less.

My current Photography has been given a boost I feel with my choice of using Zeiss Lenses for anything less than 200mm, it's "better" gear, but Manual Focus so a bit of a step back in time, it has seemed to have the effect of making me think more about the Image I want.

But I am a lapsed Technoholic, I generally lapse every time a new shiny bit of Camera gear appears, I covert my neighbours newer better more technically superior bit of gear, knowing full well it won't make me a better Photographer, but maybe.......

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Deal: Canon EOS-1D X Body $4799
« on: September 29, 2014, 09:44:26 PM »
No dealer would sell an item in loss, especially a current model. So even if the dealer is selling it for the price they bought the item from Canon for would it be a correct assumption that the dealer's mark up is $2000? And ASSUMING Canon made a profit of $1000, then would it be correct assumption that the mark ups on the camera is around $3000?

It's an interesting question Sanj, I read the other day that Apple's margin on the new iPhone 6 & 6+ are somewhere between 75% & 80%, which was no real surprise of course.

Canon ?? maybe not as much, but exactly how much ??

I suppose as long as Canon stay within the bounds of competition it's a moot point, having said that Canon do generally have a Premium price schedule over competition, especially with their Lenses, which I've always been prepared to pay for in the "Whites", less so these days in anything less than 135, I prefer to pay the Zeiss Premium & re learn to Manual Focus.

EOS Bodies / Re: Poll: Would you buy a high MP Canon EOS 5DIV?
« on: September 29, 2014, 09:28:39 PM »
Based on the difference between the D750 and 5DIII the high megapixel Canon offering would be about $700 or $800 more than what the (then old) D8xx would be.

It seems you have lost yourself in misreading this thread.

To make it simple: My guess a high MP 5DIV would be in the same price range as the 5DII and 5DIII at their respective launch.

Wow thank you for putting me right. I am soooo dumb sometimes.

Love it.

I don't think there's any possible chance a high MP Canon Body won't come at a premium over competition, wether it's a 1D body (more likely I feel) or a 5DMK IVx Body, Canon will not kill the 5D goose, it's been the mainstay dslr for them for some years, Canon may offer a variant of the 5DMK IV as a higher MP sensor/body, but I doubt it, my guess would be an entirely new 5D style body with high MP sensor, or a 1DXs variant.

Either way in keeping with Canon's penchant for higher priced gear than the competition, there's little doubt the Canon challenge to the a7r/D800/D810, will be quite a bit more expensive.

And unless Canon drop a sensor of the 45/50 MP range into that Camera, they will almost certainly find them selves once again caught out when both Nikon & Sony come through in 2015 with high MP bodies sporting the Sony 50MP sensor currently in the phase One & Pentax 645z.

With regards the original Poll Question, I'll reserve my hopes & dreams of a high MP Canon Body in the form of my much loved 1Dx, if Canon do this, I'll have the best of both worlds, 1Dx + 1Dxs, Oh Joy, I can palm off the a7r, stop drooling over the Phase One & 645z, and climb gracefully back into my "only Canon will do" bed.

But like "Zv" I can be sooooo dumb sometimes, what do I know.

Just 3 months ago made the move from Singapore to East Coast Australia (Gold Coast), carried the basics, the rest (quite a large amount of gear), was packed in mostly pelican cases & moved with the rest of our gear by Crown Pacific Worldwide, all ensured fully.

Gear arrived, unpacked & not a single issue.

I've travelled to Norway twice (Svalbard), each time with a large carry on Back Pak & 2 medium sized Pelican cases as check in, haven't had an issue anywhere into or out of Europe (but all my equipment is fully ensured, just in case).

Africa is a different case, Pelican Cases seem to have an invisible sign painted on them "Please Steal Me", so I stick to Carry On when ever possible for Lenses & Bodies.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Posting about sensors and DR!
« on: September 23, 2014, 11:39:30 PM »
It used to be amusing, seems to have lost it's amusement factor of late, the snide personal attacks that abound, the "I'm smarter than anyone else" viewpoints, Human Nature at it's worse in almost any thread that mentions Canon Sensors/DR, the "how dare you have an opinion that differs to mine"damn pity but their you are.

I'de suggest feeding anyone that mentions DR/Canon Sensors to those meat eating Squirrels, in particular those that I've seen Sporgon post Images of, Scottish Squirrels seem to be extra "meaty", I guess that would mean though that I'm first in line, I mentioned the dreaded S & DR words twice in this Post alone, deserving of eternal damnation, at least.

I love the TS-E 17mm.   The current 90mm TS-E has been around for more than 20 years, and lacks the optical quality and independent rotation of Tilt and Shift.   Have rented it, but not in love.     

Should I buy the current TS-E 90mm, or wait and pray (and rent) until a new one is released?

They're coming, a little like the VII 100-400f/4/f5.6, the High MP Body, the 35f/1.4 II, 11-24f/2.8, you may need the patience of Jobe.

Schnieder have some amazingly good T/S lenses as pointed out, if you can rent that would be the better option, they are hugely expensive & huge in size.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: September 23, 2014, 03:54:56 AM »
Does anyone know why the saturation goes away when I upload?  That file looks nothing like the one on my computer that I posted.

It's usually missing a step going from ProPhotoRGB or AdobeRGB to sRGB.  Blues end up purple-ish also.


Conflict between how your processing on your Computer (Perhaps ProPhoto), and the uploaded file, the uploaded file needs to be re-saved in sRGB format to render well on the web (had this issue myself earlier when I first started to Post Images.

If your using Adobe LR or Photoshop the software will almost certainly simply save the file in what ever you've decided is the best format to work with (Often ProPhoto), ProPhoto/Adobe RGB don't play well with the Web.

Hope I'm right & hope it helps.

Nice Image as well.

Lenses / Re: Do you keep all your boxes?
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:28:57 PM »
I like to know if you keep all your lens boxes? I can imagine that it's useful to keep the camera box , but do you keep all the other boxes too?
Keep in mind that I am a minimalist ;)

I can see the attraction if your intention is to sell later, but a Box is a box, if it doesn't attach somehow to the Camera, it gets chucked.

Most of my gear gets hammered, so resale value, with or without a Box isn't a priority when considering a new purchase, I rarely sell gear, still have my old 5DMK II, 5D, 1DsMK III.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:40:28 PM »

Nice shot(s) Edward. I suppose the lighting you showed on the night shot was part of the show.

I was in Sidney during their light festival in 2012, where the entire city is illuminated in spectacular colors. I have attached the youtube videos from 2012 and 2014 of the Opera house show. For anyone with an interest in light, math and geometry, this is rather spectacular and if anyone is planning on going to Sidney, try to time it when this is on.

Hi Eldar, yes the art was lit up during the night, the festival of Art goes for about 2 weeks each year, about a Kilometre of beach is studded with Art pieces by various artists, its called the "Swell Festival", situated about 30 minutes South of where I live on the Gold Coast now.

I'm having to re-look at what I Photograph these days, not a lot of large Predators here, at least not with four legs.

Sydney is a lovely City, bit big for my taste but it's got some Beautiful areas.

beautiful shot love it hope you had a great time

Hi Gary, nice to hear from you, it was different to what I usually like to do, but it was Fun.

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