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Lenses / How can I add filters on Tokina 16-28 f2.8 Lens?
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:12:22 AM »
I am looking to purchase the Tokina 16-28 f2.8 . Due to its bulbous front element there is no filter thread. Are there any adapter/method or some sort of holder out there that are used on such designs so that one can use filters. I am hoping to use ND filters and really need to figure out there are ways I can attach filters before I hit the buy button.


Lenses / Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS vs Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS II
« on: October 18, 2012, 03:52:51 PM »
I know the version two is sharper, has better flare control, and better IS, etc. I am only concerned about the sharpness across the range. I can get a new/semi new version 1 for 1500usd and was wondering if version 2 (which is 2100usd) really makes that much of a difference in terms of sharpness? The lens will be paired with a 5DIII and will be used to shoot wildlife, portraits, events. No sports. Go for the version one or get version two?

5D MK III Sample Images / Post Your Best Hi-ISO/Low Light 5DIII Shots!
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:19:51 AM »
I was trying to find samples of high-iso/low light shots taken with a 5DIII but they are all spread around the net, and I thought it'be useful for folks if they could find some great sample shots taken under low light conditions under one thread. If possible please post basic exif data (ISO, aperture value, and shutter speed) along with the photos. If the thread seems redundant I guess the moderators can close it if needed.

Lenses / Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS (version 1) vs Sigma 70-200 f2.8 OS
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:07:25 PM »
So there! Both have the Image Stabilization (Optical Stabilization or OS for Sigma). So the mark 1 version from Canon vs the Sigma's OS version. How is the sharpness and contrast from Sigma 70-200 f2.8 OS compared to the Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS version one. Is the difference in terms of sharpness and contrast huge or noticeable? AF performance of Sigma I hear is more or less on par with the Canon version, but please correct me if I am wrong. Also, can you AFMA Sigma or other 3rd part lenses on a 5DII/III ? Lastly, if I want to add focal length multiplier which teleconverters would be great for the Sigma glass on the bodies mentioned above. Kenko? Thanks.

Ok, so this is extremely tempting. I have been meaning to upgrade for sometime but waiting for the right moment (in terms of price) to pull the trigger.

I have the following gears right now:
1) Canon 60D
2) Canon 24-70mm f2.8L (MK I)
3) Canon 50mm f1.8 II
4) Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

I shoot:

1) Landscape, Architecture 2) Portrait, Group Portraits 3) Still-life, 4) Often in low-light situations, often dont have control over lighting situation. 5) Any kind of interesting surface textures for use in 3D Modeling.

So one of the reason I bought 24-70 is the f2.8 aperture in the normal zoom range, since 60Ds ISO performance isn't something to write about. And I avoid going above 400 ISO. I hate the noise. Another reason is the shallow depth of field. Now if jump in on this BnH deal, I have 2 options

Keep 24-70 and sell 24-105 OR
Keep 24-105 and sell off the 24-70.

My question is if I keep, 24-105 I will lose the shallow depth of field that I get from f2.8. How significant is the loss in shallowness from f2.8 to f4. I can try taking shots in f2.8 and f4 with my 24-70 and see the approximate difference, but if any of you out there who had already faced similar situation may be able to shed some light and would be of great help. Also, is 24-105 comparatively sharper across the range? Let's say both lens are calibrated to work with the same body. I am guessing I will bump up the ISO higher if I end up getting the 5DIII to get acceptable shutter speed to freeze subject, plus IS helps.

So there, hope I made sense. Is it better to keep the 24-70 or 24-105 in terms of shallow dof, sharpness. Oh, in the future I know I will get the 70-200 so I am not thinking the reach as a factor that much (even though switching to FF).

OR just wait for another one of those 2700-2800 5DIII body only deal :S ? (bangs head against the wall)!

Lenses / Calibrate Canon 24-70L?
« on: October 10, 2012, 09:08:14 AM »
I just wanted to know how I can calibrate the AF of my Canon 24-70L when mounted on a Canon 60D. Since there is no AFMA in the 60D does that mean my only resolution is to send it to Canon and have them take a look at it? Also, I dont know if its really an AF issue, it's known to be soft at f2.8 but when set to f5.6 or above it starts to become sharper but still not quite as sharp as I was hoping an expensive lens like this to be. Is this really a known property of this lens? You know, being a little soft. :(

I am looking to get myself a tripod that is suitable for the listed gears. I am looking to get something that is well built, sturdy and will last a long time. I often like to take long exposure shots, often in portrait modes as well. I would like something that is easy and that you can quickly tumble the mounted gear. I liked those ball joint heads as I thought it was pretty intuitive and easy to use. I currently have a couple of old tripods and I hate screwing and unscrewing knobs to tilt or swivel in order to get the desired frame for the shot.

Oh, so I do landscape. Like shooting from low angles as well. If there are any features in tripod that I may like then by all means please suggest them. I dont have much idea about tripods hence the post.

I would use the tripods to mount the following gears
5D Mark III, with attached lens such as
1) 24-70L f2.8
2) 70-200 f2.8 L IS

I dont see myself ever using lenses heavier than the 70-200. That being said I would like something that can bear the load and wont wobble in windy conditions. Any advice is greatly appreciated. ^_^

Lenses / Sharpest Ultra-wide Lens for Full Frame
« on: September 30, 2012, 02:16:26 PM »
I currently have the Canon 60D and will upgrade to either 5D Mk III or 6D. I currently own the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 DX Pro and absolutely love it. However, once I make the jump to full frame I am contemplating buying one of the following UWA lens. I currently have the Canon 24-70L as well.

1) Canon 16-35 f2.8L
2) Canon 17-40 f4L
3) Canon 14 f2.8L II [not too eager as it's way too expensive :( ]

Though I hoped there was a 14-24 version from Canon. :(

Of the 3 mentioned, which one delivers greater contrast and sharpness. If there are any other lens from Canon or other brands that will delivers stellar sharpness in the center of the frame as well as in the corners then I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Lenses / Canon 70-200 f2.8L (non-IS) vs Canon 70-200 f4L IS
« on: September 07, 2012, 06:14:17 AM »
Currently using the Canon 60D, and maybe down the road (maybe a year or two) will go for a full frame body. I am sure many of you faced the same dilemma. While I'd love the f2.8L IS I or II of this lens, the budget is keeping me from going for it. :'(

Was scouring the flickr pages, forums for photos taken with the f2.8L (non-IS) and f4L IS. Since I have no experience with this lens (considering its weight and size) I was wondering how difficult it is to keep the f2.8L (non-IS) steady while framing your shot. I am asking this because a friend of mine bought the f2.8L (non-IS) but returned it because it was difficult (at least for him) to get a good shot and freeze his subject (unless with high shutter speed). I know this various from person to person, as some of us may have steady hands than others. Any experiences shared here would be really helpful.

Also, I was wondering given the f4L lens with it's biggest aperture of f4; how is it's bokey quality in comparison to the bokeh rendered by the f2.8L at f2.8.

I am guessing the f4L IS is sharper. Correct me if I am wrong.


I have been shooting quite a lot with the 60D for past 1.5 years. I must say I enjoyed shooting with this body even though it is not considered stellar. However, I am tempted to upgrade to the 5D Mark II but holding back for few reasons:

1) Is the IQ between the 60D and 5D huge? Like in the out of camera RAW files. Also I do a bit of PP in Lightroom.

2) I understand the ISO performance in the 5D is better than my 60D, but I tend to not go beyond 800 and try to stick to 100 as much as possible. Will I see substantial difference in ISO performance when shooting in ISO 800/1600. Or even at low ISO such as 100.

3) Any idea if 60D's AF system is better than 5D Mark II or not? I shoot wildlife, but not too often though. Mostly landscape, portraits, street, still life.

4) I have a 24-70 f2/8L, how likely will I get better results when paired with a 5D MkII. Is there any focus microadjustment function in 5D MkII?

5) They say bokeh quality in full frames are better/creamier, if that's true is it really that noticeable?

6) How about the dynamic range in 5D?

Any other points I may have left out or should be aware of? Thanks in advance.

Lighting / Buying a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II - Advice Needed
« on: September 02, 2012, 12:19:51 AM »

I am completely new to flash photography.  I am a hobbyist and that being said one of the main purposes for the speedlite is that I hope to do portraits (single, group, etc), sometimes weddings (night events) and still life.  I own a Canon 60D, but sometime down the road I have intentions to replace it with a 5D Mark III. I am contemplating buying the Canon 430 EX II soon. What I dont know is will I be able to wireless-ly trigger my flash and camera to take shots? If so, do I need additional hardware/device to be able to do that? If I later get myself the 5D, will I need a separate trigger again?

My second question is, as far as rechargeable batteries, and charger which brand would you fine folks recommend? Some suggest Eneloop, some Pearstone. I rather buy something that will last me longer than something that I have to replace often or will die out on me.

Third and last question, anything else I should be looking to add to the list over time? I will need a diffuser? Any particular type or brand I should be looking into?

Your advice is appreciated. Thanks :)

Lenses / Wide lens for full frame body!
« on: August 25, 2012, 09:38:54 PM »

I currently own the Canon 60D, and thinking of switching to full frame (maybe the 5d mk ii or mk iii) by the end of this year. I own a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and it is by far my most favorite lens to date. I have a 24-70L from Canon, a 50mm 1.8 II as well. I was wondering if you folks could point me to a wide lens fit for full frame. The 16-35 L from Canon is just way beyond my budget. Is the 17-40L sharp enough? Or is there an adapter that I can fit on my tokina so that it works fine with a full frame body? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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