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WOW, Canon still at least 2 years shy of the Nikon D800 sensor ...  :o
Confirms what I thought all along.

Geriatric ward really missed the boat big time.

How many years did Canon have a 'prosumer' 21 MP FF camera while Nikon's offering in that space had 12 MP?

And after 4.5 years  Canon has reduced the number of MP they had in that camera from 21 to 18, falling behind Nikon.

How many megapixels does the D4 have?

D4 is not the style of camera being referred to here, it is the 5D2/6D/D700/D600.

Oh I get it...we can only look at a select few to make the point valid right?  ???

Some of these comments make me smile...

Canon focused on AF systems this time around. They have lead the industry with their sensors for a while, and only have slowed down in the last few years. But the AF systems have needed some improvement and they certainly have done that with the 1Dx. The 1Dx's AF is up to 3 times more responsive than the D4's AF system and has pretty much more of everything in it than the D4's AF. Plus it has 2mp more, and shoots faster FPS.  (Great review to compare them:

I swear, people are never happy. I see it everywhere. I also do real estate. You want EVERYTHING in one house/camera and then complain if you have to pay for it.


No Seriously, this is EXACTLY my point on another thread.

EOS-M / Re: To buy M or not to buy M?
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:07:43 PM »
I can't tell you what to buy, but I can suggest to write a pros and cons list. I did this and compared it to the other cameras I was considering (X100,Nex,OMD and lumix) and it really showed that the M isn't a too bad of a camera, for its price.
I've just ordered mine and it should arrive in a week. I had to get it parallel imported here in NZ as they only offer 2 kits (single lens and twin lens) and I didn't want the zoom as my 17-40 will be my standard zoom on the M.

I reckon this will make a handy second camera and I think it's pretty cool.

Good luck.

I myself like the idea, and can't wait for a V2 of this camera to get for my girlfriend (aka second body 8))


You know how silly you are sounding?  I've shot with the 10d all the way to 7d and 5d's. all the prior cameras had even less DR than the 5d3. I've shot landscape, portraits, weddings, aviation, macro, etc. I know what I want and how to get it and I don't blame my gear. I know how to get what I want with what I have, and that used to not be much. I couldn't care less how much DR a camera has, as long as I can get what I want

goody for you, not everyone can get all the DR they need for all types of shots, if you never shoot that fine but don't pretend that is the case for everyone

Sigh..give it time. I don't know why people don't get that there isn't ONE company that has the best of everything in their product for that industry. Seriously, if you REALLY NEED the DR then just get Nikon bodies. You should already know this. It's not me being an asshole but research what you want before investing. Stop blaming Canon for not dedicating their R&D into something they never promised. If you look at any sporting event, you will see Canon dominating the floor, why? Because Canon produces the best High ISO and FPS DSLR out there. Take that into consideration when you ask for more DR; its not their main objective.

Seriously be realistic. Every manufacture has their benefits and weakness. If you obviously need the DR then again get the gear that is right for YOU. Canon will make higher DR cameras, but just cause it's not NOW doesn't mean they suck.

Also again, the AFMA arguement needs to stop. It's not like its only 50% of Rebel users are beginners, its a massive amount which can be estimated to 80%. LEAVE IT BE. Know that the Rebel line is not targeting Advanced users. Yes I wouldn't mind if they did add it, but it doesn't make it a BAD camera because it doesn't have it.

To add to that, it's not FIXING anything BROKEN. Being within specs is a choice, a choice that benefits us the consumers. If you really wanted everything perfectly aligned to begin with then trust me, forum sites would be down for week with threads yelling at Canon for raising the price by an insane amount. So stop with this battle, learn to pick your fights, its not broken, its how its meant to be.

We need a 7D mark II with a cf card slot, a 5D Mark IV or higher with a cf card slot and a lot of lens replacements or new lenses.

What's so important about cf cards (or was that irony)? For my money, I want dual sd cards - smaller and also very fast.

This is not far from the truth.  In October 2011, Canon announced that the 50 millionth EOS cameras and 70 millionth EF lens was produced.  1.4 lenses to each body.

It's be really interesting if the ef-s lenses are included - but even if not this proves Canon marketing's efficiency, they manage to make people buy new camera bodies all the time - just like Intel/AMD convince users to change their mainboard/memory alongside their cpu but at the same time market them as "changeable".

Yes thank you! What is wrong with people. Why do they want CF? That sh*t is outdated. SD Cards which are cheaper and more durable are getting faster and faster, have more interest in that. I would think that would be in everyones minds especially how people are going over "innovation".

I meant it isnt a traditional rebel

You are clearly confused.  Put on your plastic glasses and step out of your virtual reality. Canon's marketing strategy is an open secret - and that's not just an unbiased opinion, it's based on an original copy of an internal memo.  I'd go into more detail, but I have to go finish the larger half of my dinner, I'm having jumbo shrimp.

Sorry for the digression - I found your oxymoron seriously funny.


Lmfao such a trololol, love it!

It's fascinating how the only people defending Canon's latest releases all own either a 5D3 or a 1DX, and as such, are probably not going to buy a Rebel. If yes, only as back-back-back-back-up body.

It is interesting, but easily explained. 

If anyone wants to announce that a new $649 13-ounce camera doesn't meet their personal photographic needs, this forum and a few other forums is where they will come to say it.  If anyone is inclined to tell the world how they've divined a manufacturer's devious thoughts and strategies, this forum and a few other forums is where they will come to say it. 

Photo gear forums tend to be gathering places for people who are very gear-oriented and also very discontented.  Recently, I felt very sorry for a guy who had just bought a new Fuji camera and gone to a Fuji camera forum to post how happy he was with it.  He was verbally blasted by a number of people who use that forum for their criticisms of Fuji.  He quickly realized that he should have kept his mouth shut.

Many, many people who are buying, and successfully using, low-end cameras for kids' sports, holidays, birthdays, etc. are not coming to a photo gear rumors forum, or to any photo gear forum, to explain their choices or to express what they're looking for in a $649 13-ounce camera.  That's not saying anything bad about them or their photographic skills.  It's just a fact that they are not buying that camera with a desire to do AFMA adjustments.   Of course there are some people who do want that ... and this forum is where they will come to say that.  I would be happy to see AFMA in the little SL1, but I'm not the target market for that camera.

If I buy a cheap little car that gets great gas mileage and meets my needs very well, I will not hang out on a forum to discuss the design of the engine or the gearing of the transmission.  But if I intend to use that same car at the race track, I may find a forum to express how it lacks certain features that would really help me for racing.  And on that forum, I may well find a few other people expressing the same desire.

+1000 I think that's already 2000 points for you sir   ;D

and as expected this thread devolved into a pissing match...for the record i know I'm not helping with this post.

Oh yes it did.

It's funny cause I have the T3i, wanted something better, got the 6D. You remember how much people complained when the specs came out? I know I did, but once it was in my hands, I was set.

I think you guys forget that the rebels are the highest sellings cameras, and they are without AFMA. Not everyone will use it, shoot I have it and still haven't used it. It's not a FLAW, have you worked in manufacturing before? Lets take it to the next level, have you work in a MASS MANUFACTURING company. I would LOVE to see canon "perfect" the tolerance between body and lens, then see you all cry because of the prices of the items reaching ten-fold.

Being quite isn't the way to resolve what you want, but being loud isn't either, pick your fights. I too wish Canon was more innovative, but honestly, when it comes to it, they did make the best AF, best High ISO cameras out there.

The more money Canon milks from its entry-level product line, the more money it has to invest in its pro and semi-pro gear. Sounds good to me ;D

yeah well it only has to show results some day....

I would say the 1Dx and the 5D3 are adequate results.

Aside from dominating the DSLR market, yes.
But that's only because we don't know what we're buying.

Don't know what we're buying? PLEASE say that the D4 is better than the 1DX, PLEASE!


So it's somehow wrong to convince buyers to spend more money for more features?  Wrong to offer a diverse product line with products at different price levels?  Then we photographers should follow the same rules: never offer clients a way to spend more to get more.  Never offer any extra product for any extra money.  Offer just one product at one price, one size fits all?  Or, offer various products but all at the same price, no matter what it costs to make and service them? ???  In what galaxy does business work that way?

well you think like the typical brainwashed consumer slave and i can´t blame you for that.
but maybe you should think again before wasting so much time asking rhetorical questions.

i think it´s pretty clear why AFMA should be in any camera.
i don´t want all the 1D X features in all the cheaper bodys.

AFMA fixes a FLAW.... i could also ask for body and lenses that focus correct from the start.

It's pretty clear that AFMA should be in your camera.  It isn't clear that it should be in this camera.  Photographers don't all have the same needs as you.

This cameras will focus correctly from the start for the vast majority of users, even without AFMA.  The review on
indicates that the autofocus is "really good". 

AFMA recognizes that autofocus isn't perfect for more demanding users in certain situations.  It is a brilliant solution to customizing each individual camera to each individual lens.  But Canon knows well that AFMA is also laborious to implement.  The typical buyer of this camera will not know what it is and will not want to do it.  There is such a thing as "feature bloat" where there are just too many unfamiliar settings on the menus, making a camera less attractive to many buyers.

+1000. Freelancer, I get it, trust me I do, but you are forgetting we live in an open market world. Canon can't make ONE camera with EVERYTHING in it. Come to think of it, NO COMPANY CAN, in any industry. Seriously calm down, there is already a camera out there for your needs, Nikon has it. I'm not trying to be a dick about it, but that's the whole point of different manufactures, they reach out to different people. Just chillax for once.

You're complaining for low ISO IQ when low ISO wasn't the one that needed improvement, it was high ISO and Canon again is the BEST in that area. Relax a bit, seriously.

well you don´t know what i want or need, so much is certain.
i don´t care about HIGH ISO.

when i look at the D800 and it´s LOW ISO performance i tell you that is where canon needs to improve. or do you love canons ugly shadow banding for example?

Oh plus the 6D has the BEST low light AF.....

yeah well that´s open to discussion.
it may has the most sensitive central cross point. that´s pretty much it.

does not help S___ when you want to track a subject in low light.

Lmao...SO GET THE D800!
Canon is still improving, and just cause they don't improve in what YOU want doesn't mean jack to the companies standing in innovation.

Let's be fair... Canon released three major full frame upgrades in the past 12 month cycle...3 actually before the end of the year 2012...1DX, 5D3, and 6D....

So now they are releasing a few for the average consumer aka non-fanboys... come on now boys...seriously... How many bodies more can Canon release in quick succession? If you were them, wouldn't you want to pace yourself?

How can they possibly keep on releasing major updated bodies and lenses every two weeks because forum members expect something new to chew on and dissect? hmm? ;)

there is on big fault in your post...  it´s not about how many "new" models canon releases!
it´s about WHAT canon releases.

major updated bodies

have i missed something?

those who complain, complain about image quality (sensors).
and canon has not improved IQ for a great percentage of users.
those who don´t shot at high ISO have no reason to upgrade to a new canon camera.

You need to relax. Keep in mind that the 1DX is the BEST camera of its class. The 5D M3 takes from the 1DX and has the BEST AF in its class.

You're complaining for low ISO IQ when low ISO wasn't the one that needed improvement, it was high ISO and Canon again is the BEST in that area. Relax a bit, seriously.

Oh plus the 6D has the BEST low light AF.....

Software & Accessories / Re: Tri Pods!!!!!
« on: March 12, 2013, 07:53:30 PM »
I will testify for the RRS. Just got the Compact Series Kits (23 + BH-40LR) and it is just AMAZING. My friend and I are urban explorers and today we had to climb an 8ft+ wall. He got up no problem, but I on the other hand didn't. He used my tripod to hoist me up (5' 9" 155lbs). At first try it pinched him and he lost the grip which made me drop from that height backwards (wrist still hurts, and a story that we'll never forget). The second time we were successful. The tripod was still rock solid only leaving with a few scratches from the wall. After this incident I'm glad I went with this purchase, the pictures were worth the fall :D

Software & Accessories / Re: How good is Datacolor Spyder 4 pro
« on: March 12, 2013, 10:55:08 AM »
for calibrating my new Dell U2713H monitor?

The dell is my first wide-gamut monitor and I want to calibrate it correctly. How good is the Spyder 4 pro?

I was asking the same question when I bought that monitor. In the end I bought the Xrite Display Pro just cause as of now, its the only one compatible with the hardware calibration. Just waiting on Dell/Xrite to update their software for it >.<

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 6D or 5D Mark III
« on: March 08, 2013, 05:29:12 PM »
Coming from two Canon 5d MK II bodies and killing one, which I replaced with a mk III. I'm seriously considering selling my remaining mk II and getting a 6D as a second (walkaround and backup) body. The low light AF (dis)abilities of the mk II really bothered me since its release and reports of the 6D are very positive in this regard. I also have the cash for a second MK III but at this point I find it a little overkill to use a 3K camera as a walkaround body dangling over my shoulder or wrist wherever I go, but the 5D Mk III is a JOY to use and love the images I take with it. It is a fantastic camera and the images looks more "natural" to my eyes than the the 5d mk II ever did.  And reports that the IQ of the 6D is at least as good as the 5d mk III gives me a reason to ditch the 5d II for one of these two bodies. I can't choose!!

That's probably the best case I've heard so far for a 6D. If it's really just a backup and for walkaround I see how a smaller lighter plastic camera makes sense and its limitations probably won't be too difficult to deal with since you still have the Mark III for the more serious stuff.

On the other hand I personally would keep the second 5DII until fails before spending more money. I still think that the MarkII beats the 6D overall - but then I was never concerned with the AF performance and find it plenty good even in difficult light.

How about something completely different for everyday use/walkaround? I'd consider a Fuji or Sony and keep the 5DII around as second SLR body.

The 5D MII is not better. 1/180 & 1/4000 max shutter is not much of a difference. The 6D is the better camera, especially in low light photography (concerts, clubs, night shots etc) it has 2 full stops of ISO advantage, plus it's a cleaner image. Faster FPS, less shutter lag, better screen, 2 more AF points and better AF in general. If you would list out the differences the advantages are clearly to the 6D. Also especially if you're in colder the states, like Minnesota, the Wifi is so useful. Frame your shot and go back into your car while taking pictures, that comes INCLUDED.

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