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Lenses / Re: 70-200 f2.8ii or i
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:59:18 AM »
I recently had some unplanned cash at hand and upgraded the 4 IS to 2,8 II IS.
Although pretty much razor sharp, sometimes the 4 did limit my exposure time - I know ...this is post-hoc rationalizing for GAS
I really see a difference in autofocus performance on my 5D3, and I can make good use of the additional weight for training purpose...

Bottom line: If IQ is your driver, 4 will get you there. If weight and shooting time per day may be a limiting factor, don't go for the 2,8. It is substantially heavier more than double the weight and very obvious (no really for candid portraits)

If you are strong and committed to weight lifting -go for it, it is sooo cool...

Hi Graham,

gear returned last Tuesday: safely, untouched (?) but definitely in full working condition.
It was "forgotten" in the hotel locker room and they could not identify the bag by my verbal description while I had them on the phone still at Newark waiting for my plane.
A photo of an identical bag helped them identify it, shipping with FedEx went smoothly and the hotel took the financial impact.
Lesson learned is to always double-ckeck what returns from a hotel locker room and - when in doubt - rather carry the beast even in hot and humid conditions.
The incident has one lucky ending: Already mindsetted to fully replace the content at about 7500€, the "exchange fee" transforming 70-200 4 IS to 2,8 II was very easily digested. This is now my latest toy, and its added value (pardon me: weight) shall remind me to safeguard it at all times ;-))

Thanks for asking and kind regards

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sony RX100 MIII
« on: June 13, 2014, 03:58:01 AM »
I went to local camera shop last week, just looking for camera backpack that can hold x2 5d III with 24-70 II and 70-200 attached. I ended up with this.............

You mean the naughty fourty, right ;-))

Portrait / Re: Mobile studio portraits - am I doing this properly?
« on: June 02, 2014, 09:38:53 AM »
Hi Marsu,

the portraits look quite ok for starters.
Do you need flashlight?
Any chance to start out with available light and maybe a fill flash for the eyes?
If you need to use flashes, the one left of your subject needs less energy (or placed at a greater distance)
Personally I would rather take a little lower perspective not "to look down" on my subject.
I like your middle execution best for the lighter backdrop.

Hope that helps

Luck is with the simple minded...
My bag had never left the hotel locker room in the first place...
When I called from the airport I did use the Britsh English "Rucksack" instead of "backpack". And so they could not find it...After I sent a photo off ebay of a similar bag, they just picked it up...
It is currently in transit with FedEx and I am so curious to see if everthing has arrived ok
Will let you know

one more thing - just checked the EXIF of one of the last pictures I hae - it does not contain the serial number.
Just to learn for the new cam to come in - is that a feature I need to actively enable? I do not recall that I turned it of, but you never know...

@degies Thanks for the tip  sigened up for the 3+1

To all of you people - thanks for the hhelpful hints and your "condolences"

Can I report a loss/theft to NYPD while no longer in the States (and how would I do that)
Can and will provide serial numbers of most pieces.

Thanks for "Find stolen camera"  tip.

I do not believe that "all Americans are thieves" ;-)
Actually, being the first time in NYC I felt very welcome and "surprisingly safe".

I will return - maybe for an intense day at B&H ;-)

All the best

Guy and girls - I am in trouble
While departing from NYC this Monday to go the airport and back home to Germany, my camera bag "disappeared" someweher betwen the supposedly secure holding space at the Ink48 and my arrival at Newark airport. I spare you the details (stupidity on my behalf cannot be fully excluded), but would like to know where you would search for "resurfacing" gear.
Would B&H purchase "off the street"? Craiglist? Any other suggestions? Will come back with serial numbers.
We are talking 5D3, 24-70 2,8 II, 135/2,0, 600 Speedlie (yes - this one hurts seriously)
Thanks for any help I can get

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« on: April 17, 2014, 03:44:27 AM »
Hi Grumbaki,
I just now read your list of pro's, and the admiration of superb craftsmanship is the main reason for my all-mechanical "film stuff" still sitting on ashelf and - yes, gathering dust. Anytime I try to sell off anything, I feel embarassed to part for relatively little money (that makes no vital difference in my day to day living) from these pieces of beauty. I think of my Nikon FE2: light, reliable, all mechanical and still fully functional. A couple of years ago in my "medium format phase" I traveld with a Hasselblad 500C and a bystander commented on the bright viewfinder "most likely draining the battry really fast". Imagine his surprise...
Whatever you do, GAS is severe, to my knowledge incurable, and very good fun if you dont overspend your existential limits ;.))
Enjoy and Happy Easter

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« on: April 14, 2014, 09:21:39 AM »
I do have a near mint Rolleiflex 6008i with some accessoires. I love the beast, but have not used it for a long time. I can send pictures if you are interested. Where are you based?

Lenses / Re: Wait for Sigma 50mm Art or purchase Canon 135 f2L.
« on: April 08, 2014, 12:00:43 PM »
If you can rent the 135 prior to buying, do so - but make sure that you can deduct the retal cost if you decide to  buy (within a reasonable period of time, I guess). I bet, if you rent it out on Friday for the weekend, you end up (at least wanting) to buy(ing) the next following work day. It is "just" soooo nice...

When photographing a family of 5, which is most appropriate?*

Have the family face the sun
Achieve an oval composition with a symetrical head to ear relationship  ::) ::) ::)

Place the subjects in size order.
Place the skinny subjects in the back

Portrait / Re: Looking for advice on my portraits...
« on: December 02, 2013, 11:35:40 AM »
Lots of valid feedback already
So I will add to composition
Busy background in "all familly picture":
Clean up walls, get subjects further away from wall (if needed, move furniture)
Kid in the middle, rather than the somehow akward off center position
Be patient, wait for the little guy to smile ;-)

"Mom & kid":
Lots of empty (=non interesting) space left of mom.
If you intend to crop in tight, rather open space to the right of kid, as mom leans over to the right. Use that "momentum" for framing. Would either crop mom's hand fully out or try to keep it "intact" (kind of try not "to cut flesh")

This one is very nice, again I would try to not go that close to the body to crop of arms  (either in post or while framing the picture)

The colours seem a bit oversaturated.

If these are your start-up portraits, you are on a good learning paths.
Keep going


Lenses / Re: Refurbed lenses and sharpness
« on: November 25, 2013, 11:31:00 AM »
Have not bought refurb yet, but try this line of thought
Routine QA does not test each individual copy as thouroughly due to volume
Returned copies should be below 1% and will be "hand-tested" before delivery and adjusted if needed
Woulnt you get a positive selection?

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