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EOS Bodies / Re: Videographers happy with 5D Mark III?
« on: March 02, 2012, 08:44:23 PM »
Actually the HDMI out is 1080p and remains 1080p during recording, it just still has overlays so it's not technically clean.  Also I read it has a bitrate of 91mbps!  But that's a variable bitrate so what you get depends on what you're shooting.

And they said the moire/rolling shutter is much improved but still not completely eliminated.  I wish they would hurry up and ship already!

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Is the 5DM3 better for video?
« on: March 02, 2012, 08:20:05 PM »
""The video bitrate is a very high 91Mbit* in 1080p ALL-I mode. That is well beyond broadcast standard AVC Intra 50." 8)

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 05:15:42 PM »
Woah ok now I was cool with the price of the 5DIII, but $490 for a friggin battery grip?  Have they lost their minds?!

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 04:59:52 PM »
well this is what i call a mass suicide, and i thought that the tech on the D800 was old, lmao look at the metering system on this beauty, no AF on video, black spots(a la 5dmk2), omfg no clean uncompressed hdmi out, wasn't this thing suppose to be a cinema minded kind of HDSLR king, so why the ___ this options aren't there? omg the video from the D800 is crap compared to Canon's but c'mon, at least a proper face lift to justify the price hype madness that is going on at Canon, Jesus this is not Olympus with it's bloated company, this is Canon men i use to have them since i was 15 yo.

Sure I'm a little disappointed about no clean HDMI, but it's better than a 480p signal.  I don't think AF for video is realistic with interchangeable lenses, it would be a costly feature that would increase the price even more and considering some people will never use the video feature it would just be a waste.  And no, it wasn't supposed to be the HDSLR king of cinema or whatever, the Cinema DSLR is. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: No Focusing Screens for 5D MIII?
« on: March 02, 2012, 01:17:38 PM »
Did they actually say there wouldn't be any focusing screens for it or that it couldn't use them?  It may just be too early for them to have shown up in stores....

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIII pre-order thread
« on: March 02, 2012, 01:15:02 PM »
Pre-ordered yesterday, even though I was a day early I was still 4th on the list.

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 01:14:00 PM »
The price shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, as the price was posted on CR several weeks ago, and it was suggested that it would be over $3k a month ago.  Everyone believed the specs but chose to ignore the price.  I could understand the disappointment if CR had said it was going to be $2500, but that wasn't the case.  The price wasn't any higher or lower than predicted, so it shouldn't really be a shock to anyone..

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 11:02:13 AM »
We, as consumers, should demand more.  I still maintain that the 5D3 should be <= $3k.  I'm not a professional, nor do I make big $$, so $3500 is a significant chunk of change for me. If I had a 5D2, I couldn't see myself justifying spending $3500 (+ tax) for the 5D3.  I currently have a 60D, and I've been looking to jump up to FF, but I'd rather get a budget FF (<$2k) with 3-4 fps, less sophisticated AF and AE, etc.; I may end up with a 5D2 assuming the price drops.

Are you serious?!  This ISNT A CONSUMER CAMERA!  You "maintain that the 5D3 should be $3k" because that's the price limit you had set in your head and now you're disappointed that it's not.  I don't get it, there will always be stuff that people want but can't afford, but usually they just get the next cheapest alternative that fits their budget...but with this everyone is complaining and screaming about how it's not worth it. 

If you don't have the money, they make other cameras that do not cost $3500, I suggest you get one of those.  And you can say it's not worth $3500 all you want, but if the thing sells out obviously there are enough people that DO think it's worth it.

Yeah I'm kinda fed up with people complaining about prices too, but I'm not going to tell them to shut up.  I've spent the last month trying to tell people that $3500 was accurate and what I noticed was, people didn't really use reason.  It boiled down to this:
1) Anyone that couldn't/wouldn't pay $3500 didn't want it to be $3500
2) Anyone that could/would pay $3500 didn't care

It sucks when you really want something and it's released and not in your price range, but come on it's not like no one saw this coming!  The price has been up for a month, and it's interesting that people welcomed and accepted every single spec except the price.  "Oh well the rest of the list looks good but the guy must have misheard/misread the price."  or "that's gotta be the kit price"--- even though that would put the body within a couple hundred bucks of the 5DII, which would be foolish.  I even saw someone suggest $3500 was the price with the 24-70 II, which seriously made me laugh so hard I was almost crying.

EOS Bodies / Re: BH has it up
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:43:53 AM »

I'd tell you that too, if I was selling cameras.  Congrats- you didn't do anything special.

Man why don't you piss off and go rain on someone else's parade.  I was just trying to let everyone know that the price was $3499.99 and that I was positive, and from the looks of it I was 100% correct.

I never said I did anything special, I just did what I needed to do to ensure that I got a camera from the first shipment, call it preordering, getting put on the waiting list, whatever.  The only reason I even brought up the preorder was to explain how I was so sure it was $3499. 

Why they would accept preorders so early you're wondering?  Maybe because the thing is shipping THIS MONTH!

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3...Ok so it's official, when's it coming!?
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:38:41 AM »

EOS Bodies / Re: Introducing the Canon 5D Mark III
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:25:32 AM »
YES!  1DX autofocus and no more moire or artifacts in video!  Still doesn't say whether the HDMI is uncompressed.

I went to the store of a major retailer that also runs a major online camera/electronics site (One Call) at 1:00 PST, and they did not know what the camera was going to retail at, nor what dealer cost is going to be. The sales guy checked their internal pricing data base and could only tell me "it may be around $3500" retail. That may be where it ends up, but he clearly did not know for sure even now. He didn't invite me to "preorder" at that price, even though he knows I'm a serious buyer.

You're talking about one salesman at a shop, and I'm sure he'll tell you tomorrow that you can preorder for $3500.  And do you have a personal relationship with these people or are you just another customer walking into a photo store?  Is this store one of the 17 stores that Canon chose to carry the C300?

In my situation, I know the people at the shop very well, and have spent over $20k there in the last year.  They are also the biggest canon dealer in Georgia.  They didn't invite me to do anything, I went in there with $4k and demanded that I get one of the first ones they get.  They wouldn't take my money, but they put me on the list.  I asked if they thought it might be any cheaper or more expensive, and they said no, not to worry because they already had the SKU in the computer for it, $3499.99.

People have been saying $3500 all over the web and they said the same thing, meaning that is the set price until proven otherwise.  I go to the shop, and they say $3500.  If that's not enough for someone to believe that it's going to be $3500, they must really really want it to be cheaper.  See when you really want something, you'll cling onto any little shred of evidence that you may be right.  Even if you read 10 articles contradicting your belief, you'll only focus on the one article you found just to hold on to that little piece of hope.  It's called confirmation bias, and if you have a brain this affects you, and that's ok, it affects me too.  But in this situation I am indifferent, if it cost $4000 I wouldn't care, and if it cost $3000 I wouldn't care. 
I was just about to write a "jump back, dude" response to this, when it occurred to me that you probably thought I was a doubting Thomas about your preorder experience, rather than just a guy who had a contrasting experience at a different location. Sorry if you took it that way, that's not what was intended.

It's cool man, just having one of those moments.  Anyways, I hope you have better luck getting your preorder in soon, hopefully they'll be able to do it tomorrow for you.

I'm going to disagree with you on this one.

In my experience, most Canon dealers stand by the "money talks" motto when customers want to get in line for new product launches.  They will not be willing to give up a pre-order position to some one who can't back up their order with cold hard cash.  You don't always need 100% up-front, but pre-orders on announcement days usually require a $1000 deposit (or more) to show intent.  Otherwise, everyone and their brother would call up screaming "put me on the list" - and then when the shop calls 6 weeks later to tell them their 5D Mark III just arrived, they might change their mind and the shop would be out the wholesale money on their product orders.  Not smart business.

So - needless to say - anyone who wants a Canon 5D Mark III will need to shell out some serious coin to get on a pre-order list.  It's just the nature of the beast.  The shops are not going to put themselves at risk on the whims of thousands of photographers dreaming of the next best camera, only to have them back out weeks later when they can't come up with the cash.

I went in there with cash and they told me it wasn't necessary, told me I was 4th on the list and assured me I would have one from the first shipment.  Granted I go there all the time and rarely leave without spending at least a grand, so they know I'm good for it.  I'm not sure if they made an exception or if they're doing it for anyone, I didn't ask.

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