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EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Building kit around 5D Mark II...
« on: March 06, 2012, 09:58:30 AM »
Wow, thanks for all the replies guys. Appreciate it.

So, from what I've seen Zeiss seems to be the fan favorite here. As far as lens type/focal lengths; If you had three to choose from to carry in your kit - which would you carry and why? Which do you find best for wide shots, closeups, etc... I'm very curious as to which lenses I MUST have and those I can add later.

Vuilang, and everyone else, beyond body/lenses these are the other items I intend to order: (Anyone use any of these products before, suggestions?)

Thanks again guys.

It depends on how much money you want to spend, but I'd say to start with either:
•18mm f/3.5 or 21mm f/2.8 for the wide end
•35mm f/2 or 50mm (f/1.4 or f/2, in this case the f/2 is more expensive)
•85mm f/1.4

If you don't want to shoot ultra wide at all you could get away with the 35, 50, and 85, but that 21 2.8 is an awesome lens and so is the 18mm.  For the 50mm the 1.4 is only $725, the f/2 Makro is $1200 I think, but it's incredibly sharp and has macro capability (min. focus distance is 10").  The 85mm is an excellent portrait range and produces a stunning bokeh.  The 100mm Makro is the only ZE lens they have any longer than that, and while it is amazing it's almost $2k. 

You could create some truly sick images with those and keep yourself busy for quite a while.  I wouldn't buy any more new lenses than that at 1 time, 3 is already pushing it.  You want to spend time learning each lens and figuring out it's quirks, sweet spots, etc. 

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: BG-E11 questions
« on: March 05, 2012, 10:19:35 PM »
For $500 it better be the best battery grip ever made, seriously.  But yeah I'm pretty sure it's rear-loading like the 5DII grip, and is better built. 

I am OK with the price but would be over the moon if they threw in the battery grip.

Now that's one thing I agree is overpriced, $500 for a battery grip is insane.  The only difference between it and the BG-E6 is that little knob, no way that knob is worth $300. 

Funny thing is, when many of us thought it would be $3000 or more, we were told we were out of our mind. 

I am no soothsayer, but not surprised by the price of the 5D MK III, nor the capabilities, and pretty much exactly what I expected to slightly higher... I was thinking more at $3299

Conversely, had the 5D MK III come in at $2700 I would have been surprised.  Still would not have had buyer regret, because no matter what, I would have gotten at least 6 months in with the MK II. 

But to the point, I think there is a direct relationship between price/expectation and whether people are happy or not with the announcement

I agree 100%, every thread about price predictions my answer was always $3299-$3499.  Plus, we got specs a few weeks before the announcement, and everyone welcomed all of them with open arms...except the price.  It must be a mistake they said.  It must be the kit price (which would have put the body at $2500, which just seemed ridiculous).  The price really shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone, we knew it already, the announcement was just a confirmation.  Plus, the rumor that it would be more than $3k has been around for a while.

And the camera is awesome and while people like to compare it to the 5DII, but why not compare it to the 1DX?  It shares a lot of the same features and is $3000 cheaper!  You can look at it like it costs "that much more" than a 5DII, or that it's "that much less" than the 1DX.  I prefer the latter.

the new pricing policy of canon is over control.   canon 5d mark ll  3500 e  canon 24-70 f2.8 ll   2300 e
                                                                            nikon d800          2900 e   nikon 24-70 f2.8     1500 e
 canon 3500+2300=5800 e
 nikon  2900+1500=4400 e  5800-4400= 1400e  with extra 100e you can buy the nikon 14-24 f2.8 a great lense that canon has not!!. nikon d800 36mp,auto focus to f8,crop mode 1.2 and 1.5 and better qualite body. bye bye canon.                                                                               

Did you really create an account just for this?  You know what complaining about the price on here does for you?  NOTHING.  See ya later, have fun over at Nikon Rumors.

@Axilrod I take back my previous comments.  You're absolutely right.  +1 to you.

Haha thank you sir, and of course what I said doesn't apply to everyone.  Some people just say "well that's too much to spend on a camera, I guess I'll pass."  You were right about me being a little harsh sometimes, and I'm working on that,  I just have very little tolerance for ignorance.

Does it really make sense that they would release a sub part product after waiting 4 years?  I guess we'll have to wait and see :)

I think it's kind of hard to judge a camera in 10 minutes of use, I can think of plenty of times that I didn't think much of a lens when I only had a few minutes to play with it.  You have to use it in a variety of situations before you can make a fair assessment.  It's a shame that the OP has a bad initial impression, but I remain hopeful.

so, when you say the hdmi out mirrors whats on the screen, does that mean the lcd screen on the camera stayed on when you had an external monitor attached??? like you could see both at once? that would be a big revaluation if so and what a lot of people are waiting to hear, tell me its true!!!

What benefit do you see in being able to look at the screen and a monitor at the same time?  Am I missing something?

Lenses / Re: Lytro - the light field camera
« on: March 05, 2012, 11:38:05 AM »
Yeah I thought the technology was very cool, being able to adjust the focus could be very useful.  But it would also be an excuse for a photographer to be that much more careless, "we can just fix it in post," I hate hearing those words (when said before the shot has even been taken).

EOS Bodies / Re: I hope 5dx , 45 million pixels
« on: March 05, 2012, 11:35:26 AM »
I hope for 5DXXX, 85 BILLION pixels.  I can take picture from end of field of football and crop my penis and make it look 5 feet long instead of 2 inches.

EOS Bodies / Re: Refurbished 5D for $1,759
« on: March 05, 2012, 11:34:14 AM »
Just checked the Canon USA Refurbished Store. They have dropped the price of the refurbished 5D II to $1,759.20.

That's an awesome deal.

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 05, 2012, 11:33:41 AM »

i've read other reviews though that specifically say the wheel now does both.  plus he was controlling video volume levels, exactly what the touch sensitiviy was added for.

but think about this:  if the wheel is purely touch sensitive, why does it have those grippy teeth on it still?  if it was touch only wouldn't you think they'd take those off?  teeth don't make sense when you're using a touch wheel that's supposed to be easy to slide your finger around.

Ok cool, I just couldn't find anything saying that it would spin and I didn't see anyone spinning them in the videos.  It's nice to know that you can go either way, and aside from that quote you found everything was kind of unclear.

Geez enough threads about the price and trying to justify paying the price. 

The problem is that too many people have waited to upgrade and now they feel like they waited for nothing, or that they should have just updated to the 5DII a year ago.  They hung on to their 30D/40D/50D/60D/7Ds patiently and assumed (incorrectly) that the 5DIII would be the exact same price as the 5DII.  Now that the 5DIII is out of their price range, they are trying to internally rationalize why it's not worth $3500, even if the simple reason is that they just can't afford it.  They are trying to marginalize it, make it seem like it's just a 5DII with improved AF, because after all, it's hard to admit "hey this thing is awesome, I've been waiting on it forever, and I can't have it."  It's much easier to tell yourself "meh, it's just a little better than the 5DII, I'm not missing out." (which makes them feel better about now having to get a 5DII).  Then the confirmation bias sets in, they only read reviews that make the 5DIII seem not that great, they ignore the praises, and before you know it they genuinely believe it's a crap camera.  They post polls talking about what would "justify the price tag."  ;)

I mean usually when people DONT want something they DONT talk about it, why should they care?  Yet I see thread after thread of people that supposedly "dont want a 5DIII because it's not worth it," yet they can't shut up about the thing.  I know it sucks that it's out of reach for some people, I mean announcement day was the closest thing to Christmas morning that an adult camera enthusiast can experience, and it's a bummer when you realize Santa didn't bring you anything.  But have patience, the price will come down and a 5DII is still an awesome, very capable camera (I'm not getting rid of mine).

I am OP. This is my argument: We, as consumers, are collectively indifferent. some want this, and some want that.

The 1dX addresses High ISO performance issues. We also have the existing 1D4 (16 MP) that is impressive in high ISO. And it is a wonderful camera from all I have seen, read, and heard.

Okay, so since the 5dII came out nearly 4 years ago, Canon has added 1MP, better ISO performance, similar video features, same metering, 2 frames per second, and "pro" AF. All of this for $500 more-- 4 years later.

I know I am leaving out some specs--what dual card slots that many sub-FF cameras already have? I just don't see why anyone would pay $1,500 MORE for these upgrades. And yes, the 5dII can be found for $2,000 flat.

Look at some of the other specs and the fine details.  The resolution is much improved, and there are more than enough new video features to make me very excited about shooting at the end of the month.  I really only use these things for video and astrophotography, and I still think it's an awesome camera and worth the $.  Sure it would have been cool if it was cheaper, but I don't think it's a rip off by any means. 

The problem is that so many people have been holding out for this camera, waiting patiently with their 40D/50D/60D/7D to take the leap to full frame.  We've been waiting for so long that people just had it stuck in their heads that the 5DIII was what they were going to get.  Now they feel stupid for waiting, or cheated because it's out of their price range.  And that's unfortunate, but I think a lot of the animosity comes from people holding off upgrading for so long for something they couldn't afford. 

A major mistake on the price.  Is this camera so good it warrants a launch price double the high street price of the previous model, and 25% more expensive than the D800?  Somehow I doubt it, the improvements seem very incremental over the MkII, and while that camera sold in massive numbers I'll stick my neck out and say that this one won't.

I don't know how you came up with 2 x $2700 = $3500, but ok.  It's not Canon determining the MSRP country by country, so if you live in a place that it's very expensive, that's unfortunate.  But the MSRP is only $800 more than the 5DII originally was, I don't think it's that ridiculous. 

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