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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: I'm returning my Sigma 35 1.4
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:20:31 AM »
As far as all of my use with the Sig 35 is concerned it is the most consistently focusing lens that didn't need any AFMA for. My Canon 50mm 1.4 fails consistently though, I can never get it well adjusted as it behaves differently at varying distances, and the whole part about it not being sharp and all the CA and PF. Meanwhile, just last week I dropped my Sig 35 onto concrete, and I'll have to send it in (hopefully warranty will cover), but it still works perfectly!! Just really tight getting it on and off the camera. I'm impressed with Sigma and will be looking forward to their future releases.

But if there's an offer out there for a 35L around $900 then shoot, take it, you'll be guaranteed to get close to that much back in the future too

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: DSLR Video Questions.
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:40:44 PM »
Haven't read through all the replies so sorry if there's some things already covered:

It is recommended (I would, along with many users) to install ML onto the camera, read through the manual the team provides and get used to the way the camera functions with it. Without manual control over even the basics of Aperture will be a pain, and people have dealt with that by disconnecting the lens from the camera slightly by just rotating it. This endangers the lens from falling off accidentally.

Image stabilized lenses can help if you don't have any rigs at the time and are going hand held. But I suggest against the use of IS while using such lenses, especially for narrative productions, as the IS is built for photography and not optimized for video use. It will yield stable shots, but when there's some movement, there will be "jumps" and very unnatural movement while the gyros figure out how to get a stable view. Doesn't feel cinematic and almost like Post processed stabilization sometimes. Perfectly fine for event coverage or on-the-go journalistic/broadcast work though.

Yes you would need another screen especially to save your back (or gear) by having to get smack behind the camera. Just having a better angle for monitoring helps, but I don't have any suggestions, there are several well rated ones for around $200, so really anything above that in price range should be good, just depends on your needs, and weight should still be considered when traveling even tough image quality is a priority.

For sound recording using an external to record directly into the camera is standard practice, but I record both in camera and external and sync in post. In case the external has a problem or the recording just didn't turn out then there's the in-camera to fall back to.

Sliders - I've been looking at getting a better one myself, and trying out one in a shop I will likely go for the Edelkrone Slider+ as it's super smooth and stable, short for easy transport too. And is pretty cheap compared to most other sliders that are usable. Otherwise you should look at the Kesslar slider options, some are very good for the price as well.

Back with the 5D Mark II the ISO settings were a bigger deal, now with being the low light beast, 5D Mark III noise isn't much of a factor to be concerned over. Naturally dynamic range will drop at higher ISOs, and as it was said above as well starting at 160 and going multiples of that should be good, but I don't think following that method is important anymore since the 5DII. You should stay between 200 ~ 800 for most shooting, while up to 3200 can yeild very usable/acceptable results. You can go beyond that, but the already soft image of the faux-1080P of the 5DIII will start to show more.
Again, don't worry about the noise for this camera, 1600 and below to keep it simple though.

Your iMac - It should do fine, well, depends on your RAM, video card and processor but I'm using a 4 year old MBP and it does fine. But that depends on what's usable, if you're on a tight schedule then get yourself a Mac Pro and upgrade it as much as you can and even then you would want more speed :)
If you're coming from RED and Alexa then you probably worked with better codecs and compression, maybe even RAW. 5DIII outputs in MOV with .h264 and although works fine will slow down any system as is, you will benefit from transcoding to ProRes first then editing, but again coming from better systems you won't be able to do a whole lot of grading in post. For recording just watch out for those blown highlights, but I suggest slightly overexposing the shots in general as the sensor is better with maintaining highlight detail over shadows.

Now also mentioned there's a firmware hack out that allows for Cinema RAW output from the camera, and again is still in ALPHA and not fully functional/available yet. And your current card will only yield you a matter of minutes with RAW anyways. But, get more cards, at least have more than enough recording room, I wouldn't want to remind myself about the lack of space and just not shoot potentially usable material.

Finally, there is no ML for the 1DX, but the video function of that camera is well regarded, just not "the camera" for video users so I don't hear so much of that, so there will be less material out there on shooting video with that camera.
And batteries, get plenty, in video mode (just having the screen on even) DSLRs just guzzle battery juice

Talking about the Sig 35mm, I just had a mishap the other day and dropped the baby 4ft onto concrete :(
Never dropped a lens or camera before and it had to be my best lens right before a wedding shoot!!
But alas, the build quality! It hit the mount and bent it a little, and there's a big scuff on the side near the mount, which caused it to be real tough to get it back onto my 5DII, but with force it clicked in.
And it works! No broken glass, aperture and AF work perfectly, and dead on with no need for AFMA.
No weird flares and signs of anything wrong, I'm impressed with Sigma~
Per chance there could be misalignment or some sort of failure-waiting-to-happen, but as long as it could get through the next even then I'm sending it in for warranty right away, hopefully they fix any problems.

So yes, a new A 50mm would be sweet, although I got a 35mm because 50mm I find is too boring, but I'll be paying close attention to their new releases~

Kind of like "New sensor allows for photos to be taken with no light!"
Yeah wow oK, like what others say, without light there's no photography, and the quality, color and 'depth' of a photo is so dependent on light and the quality of it, that people thinking they don't need any external light source because their camera is sensitive enough probably don't understand what makes a good photo to begin with.
Oh well, as some photographer long ago said in response to cameras becoming affordable to the masses:
"I'm not worried about professionals losing their jobs to all these new people with cameras, but rather pleased, as it will become clear what sets the pros apart from the amateurs in the images we can create" :)

Canon General / Re: Newspaper Dumps Photographers, Wants Video
« on: June 01, 2013, 03:31:29 PM »
We can't have video everywhere, stills will still be relevant, but the future is motion and you need to change to accommodate and deliver, and being able to do hybrid shooting with video capable stills cameras has really allowed a lot of that to happen rather seamlessly, even though not many things in technique/theory carry over.
And what the... Sun Times just shot themselves in the foot; their understanding of video being more relevant than photos right there is admitting to the world that their own NEWSPAPER business is irrelevant, why even bother with a business that admits themselves that they deserve no place in this age!?!?

Yeah a P&S or not-even-dedicated-for-photos iPhone can get a fine shot, cover an event whatever. But no manual controls, forget about low light, any fast action, and surely miss not able to go any wider or longer.
The reporters and journalists have the advantage of being able to go places and meet people the average Joe can't, but the average Joe would be using nicer cameras more often than these folk who would be bringing their iPhones specifically for shoots. Doubt they'll get anything that's any better or any more relevant than what that average Joe is going to capture... What the Paper is doing though I think, is trying to get themselves to survive on user submitted photos, and if their own force uses iPhones then well, everyone's on par, so you can never tell if the shot came from one of their "iPhoneographers" or a local someone who was on scene.
Won't win any puliterzers maybe, but the internet can't stop buzzing with the ever tiring "wow, shot with a phone!!" tag

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & RAW Video, A Case Study
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:51:47 AM »
The raw looks too warm. But I didn't like the halo around the fire of the candle of the H.264 at 200%. Interesting stuff and I can't wait for ML to get to the 6D, if it ever does.

Well guess what, it's RAW and a simple adjustment in white balance and your gold! (or silver, for the cooler color??)
And I recall some early attempts/tests proving the 6D is capable as well, but alas, extreme card speeds are required and both the current limitations of SD card speeds and the major issue, the uber slow transfer from buffer to card in the 6D kills it. You might be able to run lower res sequences around 720P but still doesn't look great. Now the 50D looks to be capable of RAW video as well, and that camera has fast transfer speeds so with the fastes SD cards (95mb/s) one can achieve desirable results.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Olympus OMD EM5 or 6D
« on: May 30, 2013, 04:19:16 AM »
If you're considering the Oly EM5 then I think you should also have a good look at the Fuji X-mount bodies.  Much closer to the 6D in terms of IQ, the handling & ergonomics are great, and the lenses, oh man the lenses...  Fancy a 35mm f/1.4 better than Canon's 35L for $600?

The only things that should hold you back from switching to mirrorless are:

 - if you need fast AF for sports, birds, etc.
 - your existing investment in Canon gear i.e. do you want to keep your 70-200L?

Big feature of the OM-D is the AF, super fast and accurate, while the Fuji cameras are awesome for IQ and yes, those lenses~ The AF department still needs catching up, even going up against the 6D, which doesn't have the world's best AF but I'd say a lot more responsive and accurate than Fuji bodies. While I have a Panasonic GH3, got that for video work as well as a second body to my 5DII. I am impressed with the noise performance, the 5D still feels like it cleans up better but at high ISOs from 3200 and beyond the GH3, to me, retains more detail, and at least doesn't get ruined with banding.
And the AF on the GH3 smokes the 5DII, in daylight they're pretty close, but once lights go dim the Gh3 still gets the focus right on and speedy. And I assume the OM-D is similar or maybe better.

I would agree though the 70-200L is a keeper, if I go two camera set up then I have a WA on my GH3 and a 70-200 on my 5DII, I will see how things go next wedding, but Ryan Brenizer loves the OM-D and has photos to show during wedding shoots.

Question: My main issue with "free" Flickr is (or was?) that only the newest 300 shots or something like that are shown - has this changed or do I still need a paid account to be able to show older shots?

It appears all the photos on the stream are viewable now, I need to check again, but in that case it really makes me happy. I was contemplating paying just so all the photos are viewable, but now (along with my effective ad blocker) I have no reason to pay, and I do like the new look, so I'm happy :)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Disposable film cameras
« on: May 21, 2013, 04:49:37 AM »
And they're still selling these which is awesome, and I still see people using them, times haven't moved on quite yet

That's some crazy vignetting on the first pic

Maybe I just don't crop in to insane levels but the lens looks plain sharp wide open, never had any problems with missing focus either, with other Canon glass I needed AFMA but no need with this.
Then again, I don't have any sharper glass, the Canon 50mm 1.4 is stopped down, but that lens isn't much of a joy to use in comparison, especially with IQ in general

Does anyone know if this kind of shooting could be possible on the 6D in the future?
By the way, fantastic job (again) to the ML team!  :D

They said they're working on other cameras as well, and there is a limited build for the 5DII, and appears to be working well, albeit not as good as the 5D3. The problem though here is with the cards, SDs don't go as fast as CF and even then you need the fasted available CF cards. So the SD only 6D may not work well. Though, lower resolution with the fasted SD cards could work, not sure, much is in development with so many changes coming so quick~

Lenses / Re: 50 f1.4 vs 85 f1.8.....
« on: May 16, 2013, 12:13:35 AM »
I've been doing a lot of senior photo shoots, and also some general portrait work over the last few years and I was thinking that a prime lens might be in order for better DOF and results....

When you say better DOF what do you actually mean? A shallower DOF or deeper DOF or a particular bokeh look? Your 70-200 is a fantastic portrait lens, it's the go-to lens for portrait shooters across the planet. I'd suggest looking at the exif data on your portrait shots and see what focal length is your most used for what you consider the best results. PS Bridge or Lightroom will sort these for you. That might help aim you towards a well informed decision for a 50, an 85 or a 135 or just to stay with what you've already got.

Looking at your current lens list, I see a gap at the wider end if you're looking for quality. You'll pick up a good pre-owned 24-105 for the $amount in your budget.


I'd like to have a shallower DOF. I know I can't get much with Crop, but using a faster lens should help, correct?
Also as I mentioned, I'll be leaving the crop world and heading towards FF around the end of the year, as I save up for the 5D3. Once I go FF, I will no longer have the 15-85, as it's for Crop bodies only. If I can collect enough, I could get the 5D3 with the 24-105 as a kit. Until than, I'd like to have a little shallower DOF in my photos.


Well, not being able to go shallow on a crop body is a myth, while indeed you can get shallower with larger formats with wider fields of view. I can get nice and shallow with a 25mm F/1.4 on a micro four thirds camera, which is about a 50mm F/2.8 equivalent with the sensor being smaller than APS-C. But, I also have a 5DII and being able to shoot wider and with shallow depth of field certainly is nice, but the big advantage is really being able to shoot stopped down and still get good subject separation. That said, my favorite is a 35mm F/1.4, but for what you do the 85mm is good, I don't like Canon's 50mm, purple fringing and bokeh could be a lot better. But personally I would go with Sigma's 85mm 1.4, sharper, far less CA, and bokeh on level with the 85L, but even a good used deal is double the price of a used 85mm 1.8

Amusingly all Canon DSLR product shots (photos of the camera unit) is usually taken on digital medium format.

Interesting ... in India, Canon is running a TV ad which mentions at the bottom of the screen, "the entire commercial shot with a 5D Mark III"

No MF video out there yet, if the commercial was shot with 5D3 video that's believable, but if all the photos of the gear were with the 5D3 (sorry, can't tell which you're referring to) then yeah, hmmm

Well, yes, camera phones and other consumer gear are getting better, but just because a phone can get a good IQ shot especially in nice light, doesn't mean you will 'get' the shot. Why did anyone want the 7D over the 5DII when the 5D had the bigger sensor and huge leap in IQ and noise performance? Speed, the AF that won't fail and weather sealing. For having so much DOF the iPhone's AF baffles me, I'm just trying to take a picture of a rigged up camera and somehow the phone focuses on the wall behind, even when the subject I want to focus on is filling the frame... well to say, pro gear and consumer toys are getting close with IQ, but that phone isn't going to guarantee a captured shot, or work in every condition and environment, and instead will give you a loading screen or fall asleep, or run out of battery because it's running everything else non camera related etc etc etc done to death argument... but, just want to get back how gear matters and don't let anyone tell you otherwise... I mean, if people were truly content with the older iPhones in camera quality, then fewer people would have upgraded and made a big deal about it's camera being "good enough",simply people want quality and functionality, but when they don't want to invest in a real system they'll say "oh, gear doesn't matter, I can make ART with this" and if another iphone with a super good camera comes up, heck, those hipsters will upgrade because it's got even better "good enough camera" what a joke... sure, if you can get great shots with any camera then go ahead, I'm not against that, but I'll judge on the shots that were missed!

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Dc & 1Dx
« on: May 06, 2013, 10:08:06 AM »
No it's more like

1DX+$6000+firmware = 1DC

But yes, the 1DC does everything the 1DX does in terms of stills it just shoots 4K video in addition to that.  Canon says they did stuff for heat dissipation but that could mean one extra screw or completely redesigned parts, I'm not sure.

Yes the price increase is bogus, but there's definitely physical improvements to allow the camera to output that kind of high bitrate high res video, even with 1080P on the other DSLRs they struggle with overheating, but even with quality components added for heat dissipation I don't see any of that adding beyond $1K.
Also, EOSHD reports disappointment with a test shoot using the 1DC, rather soft output similar to how the 5DMarkIII video looks, doesn't make any sense...

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