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EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 70d speclist
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:20:33 PM »
Well currently only Canon knows, and even they may not have chosen a final spec.

What is interesting is the D7100, which is looking like a very impressive camera for the price.   The new 7D mark II (based on the current rumors) looks like it'll trash it, but at twice the price.   So I would guess that Canon will want to make the 70D a reasonable competitor to the D7100 at that price/feature level - which would bring it up a fair bit from the current 60D.   However given what happened with the 6D's spec sheet vs. the D600, anything is possible.

EOS-M / Re: The Next EOS M? [CR1]
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:12:55 PM »
My ave Joe's math:
FF sensor in compact body(like RX1) + pancake fast prime lenses(14,16,35,50,85,135, and or 200mm) = BIG SALE


Only I'm guessing the math gets harder than we think, since it involves creating on chip AF systems that can work with FF DOF, and complete line of lens that gets complicated with size vs. performance vs. cost trade-offs.  And finally how big is the market that would pay for it?  Sure I'd pay for it, and likely many people on this forum would pay for it, but we aren't the average causal photography population.  So would it pay off?

Still I hope someone gets around to it.  At this point I think Sony is the most likely candidate.  Fujifilm could do it, but they seem to be focused on expanding their crop sensor lenses for now.   Canon and Nikon have the resources to do it, but it's questionable if they will being fairly conservative companies.

Canon General / Re: The Canon EOS 7D & EF 400 f/2.8L IS II Break a Record
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:15:30 AM »
Why not use 5D III?  That should give better IQ.

Higher pixel density on the 7D. You'd need a longer lens if you used the 5D3 to get the same final resolution.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List [CR2]
« on: February 19, 2013, 09:04:03 PM »
The only complaint I ever heard from a 7D user was about their sensor. Now they get near 5D3 ISO ability. That is great! They also get a 25% bump in FPS, wifi, gps, upgraded AF system and a few other goodies like video features.

And who are these people complaining that this should have been the 5D3 or 6D? 10 FPS on a FF body is called the 1Dx.

I'm not even sure why I bother with the forum on this site.

+1 The specs look awesome as a high end crop sensor camera, and it's pointless to say this should have been the 6D or 5D3.  Beyond the fact that from a marketing point of view it would make no sense to offer the 5D3/6D with all those specs and kill off the value of the 1Dx, it's fairly obvious that it's easier and cheaper to make smaller mirror-boxes, shutters, view finders, AF systems, and most importantly sensors, than it is to make full frame equivalents.  So of course they can offer near 1Dx level performance for a lower price if they shrink the sensor.

In the end it looks like it comes down to this:
Need great AF and fps for birding/sports on a budget get the 7D(2).
Need great IQ on a budget, get the 6D/5D2.
Need great IQ and mid-range AF/fps get a 5D3.
Need (almost) everything and the kitchen sink and have lots of money, get a 1Dx.
Need maximal DR, 36MP, and huge RAW files, go to another forum.

Of course there is also want (different from need): I want 20fps, 40MP, 16 stops of DR, perfectly clean ISO 25600, 110 point all cross type AF, and under $2000 ;)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Fuji X100s
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:30:44 PM »
I'm very interested in that little camera.  It looks awesome, but I'm waiting to see reviews of it's new AF system, if they are good I may get that instead of a 35mm for my 6D.

Lenses / Re: DXOMark Reviews the Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:10:08 AM »
I'd just get a 24-70 mk II, but f/2.8 would call for even slower shutter speeds.  This lens is really for video, IS isn't usually needed for stills, where subject motion determines the minimum shutter speed.
Very often, the motion you need to stop is that of your shaky hand.

Depends highly on what you are shooting.  If you are shooting moving people, than yeah, it doesn't help much.  But if you are shooting static scenes, and don't want to carry a tripod, or want some motion blur in your image, IS is great for stills, even at wide angles with fast glass.

I'm seriously considering this lens for the size and IS over the excellent Sigma f/1.4, now that I see it performs quite well optically.

Lighting / Re: An open letter to Canon regarding the Canon RT system
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:40:01 PM »
I am very happy with both my 600-EX-RTs and the ST-E3-RT ... they deliver every single time without fail. I think Canon did a very good job ... Canon did not make any false claims about this product ... it delivers what Canon said it would.

As much as I don't like the lack of 2nd curtain sync, etc.  I think Canon did a reasonable job with the system.  They are, as far as I know, the only company to incorporate a radio transceiver into a flash. Which is saying something.  I'm kind of surprised no 3rd party manufacture, and no other camera manufacture has copied the system.  Not having to deal with separate radio transmitters would be awesome for quick setups (and to avoid having to charge extra sets of batteries).   

I don't really expect them to make the system comparable with older flashes or other brands, after all they want to sell as many 600EX-RTs as possible.  And I also fully expect them to hold out on the 440EX-RT as long as they can; after all they have no real competitor for this kind of integrated system yet  - and the market rules.

I'm currently on the edge between using the RT system for convenience, or going with Phottix to get second curtain sync and studio strobe compatibility...   I am disappointed they didn't put 2nd curtain sync in, since then I would have been sold on day one - but for most people I suspect it's a great product.

Having said that, I'm all for writing Canon to ask them to add these features.  It may do nothing, but at least it'll make them aware of the demand, and maybe the next generation of flashes will address those issues.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 2nd camera body with a twist -
« on: February 05, 2013, 06:04:55 PM »
I love my 6D for the quality of the images I get off the sensor, and the WiFi function is really useful at times.  However if you are moving to a rainy place, I'd recommend the 5D3 or a 1 series camera.  The sealing on the 6D is alright, and I've used it in light rain and ocean spray with no problems.  However anything more than that and I'd be putting it away, the sealing is too limited for prolonged water exposure.

I am a portrait photographer, and I love the 6D.  I find the increased dynamic range (over the 5DII) huge for smoother transitions on faces, and the AF is much more accurate for nailing those sharp eyes. 

Plus, the Wi-Fi capability enable me to do this : http://www.dustinabbott.net/2013/02/i-believe-i-can-fly/, which would be near impossible with the 5DII by myself because of nailing the razor thin depth of field of the 135L wide open.


The WiFi is really awesome.   To respond to the OP, I feel this is a such a subjective question that everyone is likely to have a different option here.  All the best portrait photographers are likely to be using their own custom color profiles and tone curves.  Since the 5D2 has been a favorite of portrait photographers for years, it's likely you are sampling their best work on flickr, and for the 6D you are just seeing the initial results - possibly from people who don't edit much or don't edit well - and aren't compressing the extra DR that the 6D offers.   Also I find that the lens can have far greater effects than the sensor in terms of color rendition.

Honestly the biggest thing I'd be worried about with the 6D is the max x-sync speed.  When using studio lights and a radio trigger, you are stuck at a max of 1/160.  Which is a fair bit off of the 1/200 on the 5d2.

However, at the end of the day, I still chose the 6D for it's better DR, color depth, and overall more modern functionality (including its auto-focus and support for the Canon RT flashes). 

I do find the images can be a little flat out of camera, but with a touch of post-processing they are quite nice.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: future of sigma art line
« on: February 03, 2013, 07:43:09 PM »
Personally I can't wait for their 85mm f/1.4 art line lens (assuming they will actually make one).  If it's as good as the 35mm, it could be an awesome alternative to the 85mm f/1.2L.

I'd also like to see them come out with a good 50mm since Canon seems to be in no rush to upgrade the 50mm f/1.4 LoCA monster.

A 135mm f/2 could be nice to see in the art line, but the Canon version is already good and not too much money.

Site Information / Re: Moderators: You are Too Sensitive
« on: February 03, 2013, 06:23:25 PM »
Rules for posting on the internet......

Imagine you are standing in the middle of an intersection and you are about to shout something out to the world.... On one corner is your family.... spouse, children, parents, etc... On the second corner there is a group of policemen, judges, and lawyers.... On the third corner are your friends and aquaintences.... On the fourth corner is your boss and co-workers.... and behind you is the criminal element and in front an assortment of religious leaders.... If it's still a good idea to shout whatever it is out, then it is safe to be posted on the internet.

that post failed on so many levels......


I am in favor of the moderators rejecting posts that do not relate to Canon cameras or photography.  The deleted thread seemed to be only about the family problems of the poster, and made me feel quite uncomfortable seeing it here.  If my son dropped my lens or something, I might post asking about repair or selling for salvage, perhaps, but I certainly would not use this space to recreate my angry response to the accident. I really enjoy this forum, almost as much as I enjoy thumbing through Shutterbuy or Pop Photo.


Personally I'm also glad that thread was deleted.  These forums should be about photography and our random gear talk - mature (and sometimes passionate, but polite) debates about lenses, cameras, photography techniques, company polices, best stores to buy from, ect. are what belongs here.  No need to have the forums polluted with trolling posts, clearly intended to offend or provoke.  It doesn't make for a welcoming place to talk about our collective hobby or profession.


Its kinda critical.
i am in Bangladesh.
One of my friend is coming from USA.
I want him to buy a camera for me.
I'll pay from Bangladesh via my VISA card and ship the camera to his address.
He will bring the camera for me to Bangladesh.

So Digital rev will ship that to USA.
in that case is there any import duty?

I really don't know.  The USA has different import laws, and the digital rev site doesn't say they pay the duty in the USA mode.   Also some online stores will only ship to the country the credit card is registered to.   You are best to call or e-mail digital rev to find out how they handle USA customs and different billing countries.

how they are selling at such cheap rate.

FYI: The way the grey market normally works is that stores buy products directly from the manufacturers in countries that the manufacturer sells them to dealers for less.   Then they resell the product in a country where the manufacturer charges more.   The manufacturer doesn't like this, so won't give you a warranty, but it's not illegal as long as they are paying import customs.

Depending on the country you are in they may pay the import duty for you.   For example in Canada the price they list includes all the Canadian taxes and import duty - you don't pay anything beyond the list price.

The low prices are largely due to the fact the products are "grey market", so you don't get a Canon/Nikon/etc warrant.  However AFAIK they claim they will pay for any repairs that would have been covered by a Canon/etc warrant for the first year. 

I haven't ordered from them myself, but I know people who have ordered lenses from them, and didn't have any problems or extra duty to pay.

That's really cool!

I think adding GPS would be fairly easy.  You wouldn't need to transfer the photos to the Raspberry Pi, just have the Raspberry Pi log GPS data with time stamps, and write it into the EXIF data on the card periodically.

I'm sure someone has already fingered out how to attach a small low power GPS to Raspberry Pi. 

The problem with this setup could be the battery life though.  I'm not sure it would as practical as say logging GPS data with your phone, and combing latter in LR.   Having said that, I think this project is awesome!  And I'm going to have to try some Raspberry Pi + camera hacking.

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