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Thank you I will put it on the list.


If you get the chance, check out Navajo Bridge.  There's a relatively new bridge (1994) between the north and south rims there, and they've turned the old bridge into a pedestrian bridge.  It's narrow enough at that spot that you can walk across from one side to the other, and you'll often see folks rafting down the river below you.

Photography Technique / Re: So I really stepped into it....
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:26:08 PM »
What you have here is a person who doesn't want a critique.  She wants blind acceptance and accolades.  Don't sweat it.  Take a look at the site "uglyhedghog"  same kind of stuff.  You give good feedback and get attacked by trolls.


So I'm a member/participant on Facebook of my local photography club.  A woman who is a novice asks what can she do to improve here photos of her daughter who is a comparative weight lifter.  The woman said she has a Canon t3.

So I proceed to give an honest critique.  Focus looks off here, try using a tripod and live view focus, the guys in the background are distracting, try either slimmer depth of field or move so they aren't as visible, have something in the foreground that is characteristic of the sport and blue it out, maybe do a long exposure with second curtain flash so there is movement...

There was a portrait where the subject was on the left side of the image looking left and I said to frame it differently so the open space of the photo is in the direction she's looking....

And boy oh boy did I start something.

This is what I heard... I can't copy and paste on my phone, but the gist was be positive.  I was positive.  I was positive that I have good advice.

Then I heard... put some examples... So I did of a basketball shot where the ref was blurry in the foreground, and a softball shot where the catcher was blurry in the foreground... And the response I receive is that it was too distracting.  Ok sure... busy foreground aren't someone's cup of tea... but it is a widely used technique.

Then I put up some toy model to explain the concepts about depth of field, live view focus, etc. And the gist of that response is it was an embarrassment to photography. 

They aren't just throwing the baby out with the bath water, they are putting the baby in a blender so it goes down the sink easily.  Oh my.

So I came here to rant... because while I don't care about the group, just like here, seeing different images do inspire.

If it isn't too late, be sure to get a light colored vest with mesh to allow for air flow.  It will get hot out there and you will need the ventilation.  Remember, in the winter you can always add layers.


Sorry, but I didn't know where else to post this question.

I am headed for North Rim and Brice this June for about 10 days.

If anybody has suggestion about spots to shoot, or other places to visit I would appreciate it.  I will have a rental car.  I think a stop at Valley of Fire on the way to the Canyon would be good.

I would also appreciate any technical or gear recommendations.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Sek my friend.
Thanks for Recommend " Photo/ Safari Vest" for me on this Great Trip., After see The Photos of this Great Vest, I will go to the local Camera Shop,to try on---If They do not have, I will order from Amazon. Yes, This will add to my Vest Collection for most of Difference Photos Trips.
Have a great Work week, Sir.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Wet Spaniel
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:02:43 PM »
You nailed it.
Great work.


Try case 2  and maybe use only 9 focus points.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Wiley and the Grey Ghost
« on: May 12, 2014, 02:45:56 PM »
Nice series, and fun.

Surapon, you have most lengths covered.  There are new and impending uwa lenses coming that I am lusting after too.  You may want to consider going on the cheap with a Samyang 14mm.  I have one and with a little practice, you will find that they put out an amazing image for about $300.00.  Really, set it to about f8 and about 10 feet or so, play with iso and shutter speed, look at your image on the screen and your histogram and essentially everything is so sharp you won't believe it.  When the new lenses come in (hopefully in the fall), you can either get those or stick with the cheapo, but excellent Sammy.

For Horseshoe Bend, you will need at least a 14 mm (a smidge long on full frame), and the 8 mm will be nice to have for this scene too.  I agree with the tripod.  By the way, you better not be afraid of heights, or you will loose your cookies here!

Just a thought.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: May 05, 2014, 05:21:58 PM »
Feeding Cardinal

Software & Accessories / Re: Gimbal Head: Wimberley Vs Jobu
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:21:13 PM »
Hey Dylan- Congrats!

I love my Wimberly II.  Also, I love SD Zoo.  I was in SD last year and went down to that private showing "Zoo La La".  That was great- get to front of the room when they start, have a flash diffuser and your 24-70II for best results.

You may also want to venture to Coronado Island and walk along the beach.  I shot some guys biking on the breakers, a beach wedding, and all kinds of interesting stuff.  The Gas Lamp district is also fun and has great night street photography.

You will love your gimbal.

I have the RRS PG-02 LLR, and I've used the Wimberley II.  Both are excellent. 

The RRS setup allows multirow pano shots with regular lenses, and it breaks down into two pieces for easier transport.  Its side-mount design lets you reach 'under' the lens from either side to access rings/controls.

Regarding the Wimberley, I think the P-10 may be too small.  For superteles, you need a P-20 at least, longer ones for larger lenses (http://www.tripodhead.com/products/lens-plates-main.cfm).  Personally, I went with a RRS replacement lens foot.

Got it. Cool, thanks Neuro ;)

PS. My co-worker has 4 VIP tickets to the Wild Animal Park, San Diego. We will have backstage treatment - getting very close to the animals. My co-workers and I thinking to spend a weekend there.


Canon General / Re: My weapons of war.
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:08:34 PM »
In the long run Surapon, no matter the cost of the lens, it will be cheaper than a pretty girl.  And likely to stay with you longer.

Yes, I know I need more arsenal. :)

Salutes to you, dear friend, sanj.
You know , what you doing.  Yes, You need only 2  of new Arsenal for complete your army ----- Ef 1200 mm and Beautiful girl to carry  this monster Lens for you, on your long trip.
Ha, Ha, Ha.
Have a great weekend, Sir.

EOS Bodies / Re: More Sensor Technology Talk [CR1]
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:55:54 PM »
I would be up for a 5DIV.

Aside from a better image, what else would others want in a 5DIII upgrade to make it worthwhile?  Hmmmm.

I for one wold like better/faster focusing, and it would be great if they included an intrinsic automated afma adjustment like Focal, or better, if there was a way that it could be done in real time all the time.


<div name="googleone_share_1" style="position:relative;z-index:5;float: right; /*margin: 70px 0 0 0;*/ top:70px; right:120px; width:0;"><g:plusone size="tall" count="1" href="http://www.canonrumors.com/?p=16448"></g:plusone></div><div style="float: right; margin:0 0 70px 70px;"><a href="https://twitter.com/share" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="vertical" data-url="http://www.canonrumors.com/?p=16448">Tweet</a></div>
<p>We’re told by a few other people that Canon is working on a “foveon like” sensor for their next generation of full frame cameras. The goal is to have the new sensor tech in their next “prosumer” camera, so perhaps that means a new large megapixel camera with a smaller body than an EOS-1, or the EOS 5D Mark IV in 2015.</p>
<p>The replacement to the EOS 7D will have a new sensor not currently available in the Canon lineup, but we’re told the camera is being specced more on features, especially for fast action and video than brand new EOS technology. By the sounds of things, the new sensor tech is best suited for the full frame segment.</p>
<p>More to come…</p>
<p><strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">c</span>r</strong></p>

EOS Bodies / Re: New Sensor Technology Coming From Canon? [CR1]
« on: April 29, 2014, 11:46:05 PM »
Exactly!  A dearth of juicy rumors lately!

Hope this it true. 


Finally an interesting rumor! Too bad it's only CR1... Hoping there's more to come on this!


Hey Surapon and thanks for writing.  I am honored.  I read your posts all the time.

You have a few more toys than I do.  I can make some suggestions to you too.  You have a lot of territory to cover, so plan for that.  Plus, you may want to spend more than a day at several places like Zion, and the slots.
I was in Page last November and you should look at X canyon with overland tours.  It isn't as nice as Antelope, but it is a good starting point because Charlie only takes 3 (serious) photographers at a time.  You will be the only people in the canyon, so you can take your time and learn low light photography, and Charlie is very helpful.  You will need a good tripod.  Be in good shape, because you have to get down to the canyon, which is a bit of a climb.

Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower) are bigger, more colorful, and more photogenic.  On the other hand, you will be crowded out by tourists with iPads etc. taking pictures.  I don't remember which one I went to, but there is a difference, so do some research.  Despite crowds, it is well worth the trip.  You need to be patient to get a clean shot.

One MAJOR TIP:  in the canyons when you shoot up, do NOT get the sky or sunlight anywhere near the lens or the flare will degrade your contrast.

With Horseshoe Bend I brought a 14mm Samyang and it was barely wide enough.  The lighting during the day isn't the best as the sun tends to shine into the lens.  May want to consider golden hours for this trip.  For the canyons, time doesn't matter, except a few times of year, you can see light beams going to the floor of the canyon.

While in Page, you may want to get up before the sun and take pics of the power plant as the sun comes up.  There are some nice bluffs in the area too.

In Zion, get some input as to where is the best place and time.  I spent one day there, and I didn't get optimal vantage points, though did get some spectacular shots.

I'll look forward to hearing about your trip.

Thanks again.



Sorry, but I didn't know where else to post this question.

I am headed for North Rim and Brice this June for about 10 days.

If anybody has suggestion about spots to shoot, or other places to visit I would appreciate it.  I will have a rental car.  I think a stop at Valley of Fire on the way to the Canyon would be good.

I would also appreciate any technical or gear recommendations.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Sek.
Yes, in this June 2014 start June6 th. to June 14 th.I will visit At National Park in Utah too, Start At Las Vegas to Brian Head, and the next day at Zion park,----Bryce Cannon, Escalanie, Kodakchrome Basil, Moab town, The Arches, Canyonland, Monument Valley, Page, Horseshoe at Sunset,  Horseshoe Bend , Antelope , Brian Head, Glenn Canyon, Brian Head and Go back to Las Vegas.
Sorry, I do not know where I am going, Because My older sister and my Brother in-law set up the schedule for my wife and me---I just go with them and shoot the photos---Ha, Ha, Ha, I will go with my full load of photography equipment that fit on my largest back pack, + belly belt pack + Great Fiber glass Tripods, and enjoy my wonderfull trip.
See you there.

Thank you, done!

Sorry, but I didn't know where else to post this question.

I am headed for North Rim and Brice this June for about 10 days.

If anybody has suggestion about spots to shoot, or other places to visit I would appreciate it.  I will have a rental car.  I think a stop at Valley of Fire on the way to the Canyon would be good.

I would also appreciate any technical or gear recommendations.

Thanks in advance.


I noticed your title said "possibly Bryce" and the only good advice I can give you is drop the "possibly."  Of the two, I find Bryce Canyon to be more photogenic (if a location can be photogenic).  I have only been to Bryce once and I found it more beautiful than the Grand Canyon, overall, and totally different.

Software & Accessories / Re: The best tripod ...
« on: April 27, 2014, 10:50:17 PM »
I totally agree on the Wimberley II as a good value for the money.

Another thing to think about is the accessories that they offer.  I love the leveling base, and quick release clamps that allow quick change between different cameras and even heads..  Look at the site and they offer a line of L-plates, and foot plates with Arca Swiss adapters, etc. etc.  So the whole ecosystem works well, is stable, and expandable.

It is expensive, but your gear is way more expensive.


No, I didn't. From what I've read, I understand that Manfrotto and Induro offer the best quality in terms of sturdiness and strength.

Read more.

Also, don't use manufacturer's load ratings as a guideline, they are useful for comparison within a brand, but effectively meaningless for comparison across brands.  A Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 is rated for 17 lbs - does that mean it can hold 17 lbs without breaking, hold 17 lbs with complete stability and no vibration, or something in between? 

The Really Right Stuff TQC-14 is their 'travel tripod', the lightest and weakest one they make.  It's rated for 25 lbs.  That load capacity might, just might, be a bit conservative.


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