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Pricewatch Deals / Anyone got their 7DII + 24-70 f4 IS shipped yet?
« on: November 03, 2014, 09:45:03 PM »
Hi all
So I ordered the 7DII + 24-70 f/4 IS bundle from Henry's on September 17, taking advantage of the bundle offer by Canon Canada. It seems that they are experiencing stock shortages, and my stuff are yet to be shipped, with no estimated date of shipping. Just to get an idea of the shortage situation, has anyone's order (bundles only) been shipped yet? If so, can you say where you ordered them from and when? I am wondering if I should have ordered from Camera Canada or elsewhere instead...
Thanks in advance.

Photography Technique / Need air show advice- Wings over Houston
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:50:17 PM »
Hi all
I shall be attending the Wings over Houston airshow next Sunday. I shall be taking my 5DIII, 5Dc, 24-70II, 70-200II and both TCs. I wish I received the 7DII before that, but I doubt that will happen. In any case, gear is pretty much decided- I shall just take what I have. And I decided to take my monopod.
I would greatly appreciate any air show-related advice (or related to shooting aircrafts). I have seen some amazing threads in these forums, and I know there are a few experts and a lot who are good all round. It will be great to get some tips re shooting planes on the ground, in flight, solos and formations, tracking, pre focusing or not, shutter speeds for props, etc. I have zero experience.
If you have experience of going to Ellington and are willing to share, that will also be much appreciated.
Can't offer much in return except I will post all the reasonably acceptable pictures :)
Thanks in advance.

Thanks to CanonPriceWatch, I was about to spend another $ 373 on a 600EX-RT when I stopped at the last moment.
But it is a great price for the flash. Use the code TEDDYRFD. Shipping is free. I understand some low-end lenses are also included, but don't know which ones.

Lenses / Inexpensive standard walk around lens question
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:09:36 AM »
Often I don't want to carry the expensive 24-70II with me and pick an inexpensive lens. The use is generally street photography, or a gathering of friends, or a short trip.

For the past few months it had been the 40mm which was perfectly fine if somewhat limited. It only replicates one FL of the amazingly versatile zoom but doesn't offer any additional advantage.

So I made a shortlist of some choices that are within the 24-70 range, below $ 500 and have some unique advantage  in addition to being a mere cheaper stand-in. None of them seem an obvious choice though (primarily due to the 35/1.4 being there, so if y'all can weigh in on one or the other or add other choices, I shall be much obliged.

1. 24mm f/2.8 IS (only as fast as the 24-70, but has IS- I don't own any other IS lens below 70mm, wider so overlaps less with my 35/1.4)
2. 28mm f/1.8 (cheaper and faster, but I am not sure of the IQ- if it is usable at f/1.8 and sharp at f/2.8 that should be good tho', FL too close to 35/1.4)
3. 28mm f/2.8 IS (same IS advantage, cheaper than the 24 IS, overlaps with my 35/1.4)
4. 35mm f/2 IS (arguably a very good lens, has IS, but overlaps too much with my 35/1.4)
5. 35mm f/2 (used)- (cheaper but again overlaps with the 35/1.4)
6. 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS (old and not such great image quality, but cheap and has IS and is a zoom)
7. 24-105mm f/4L IS (slight advantage of range, but a bit too costly at >$ 600)
8. 24-70mm f/4L IS (included here as I have pre-ordered it with the 7DII and it might end up costing just $ 300, but completely overlaps with my 24-70II)
9. 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM (slow and I am not a big fan of STM- don't do video and prefer the speed of USM)

Thanks so much!

EOS-M / EOS M Accessory question
« on: September 14, 2014, 03:45:20 AM »
Just got the EOS M + 22mm. Like it and will keep it for the long term, so now need to think about accessories.

1. The Canon EF-EF-M adapter: I think of the M as a compact camera to carry everywhere, so I don't know how useful it will be to have the EF adapter and give up the whole compactness thing. Not that I will try to use the reach advantage and shoot birds, LOL  ;D.
So your opinion will be really useful to inform me of advantages I am overlooking. How many of you use the adapter regularly with EF lenses? Which EF lenses do you mostly use? Is that still true if you have a second body?
Retro lovers: is it better to get a FD 50mm and an adapter instead? If so, which 50mm- there seems to be a bunch of them out there (I mean 1.8s and 1.4s, the 1.2s are too expensive and my manual focus capabilities with the M are untested and with regular dSLRs are ok, not stellar!
I like the 80-85mm-ish focal length a lot for portraits and don't have that FL for full frame unless I am lugging my 70-200 II.

2. Wrist strap: I thought of getting a grip for the M, but I am not sold on the metallic grip- once again because it will increase bulk. Here again, those who bought the thumbs up and grip for the M, how useful do you find it?
Is there any wrist strap that works particularly well with the M? I am aware I will have to switch out the neck strap to use the lug connector.

3. Batteries: Wasabi, is it? Any other options? How long is it safe to run the M continuously? If an hour or so (in the mandatory 29.99 minute chunks) is ok, I will use this as my primary video cam.

4. Bag: Neuro earlier had mentioned the Dashpoint 20. Any other suggestions?

Thanks, all, in advance.

FOR SALE Photo Equipment / Canon 500D Close up lens 77mm
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:32:30 PM »
500D Close up filter- 77mm
With box and case, in perfect condition.
$ 100 sold locally, $ 110 shipped to CONUS (all inclusive)
Username sagittariansrk in Fredmiranda (20 'Great' feedback) and deepsbid in ebay (50+ positive feedback)

5D Mark II
27.5K shutter count, great condition (9.5/10), mode dial lock
Box and accessories included, one additional (third party) battery included
Also includes RRS L bracket for 5D Mark II and hand strap.

$ 1225 sold locally (Houston), $ 1250 shipped to CONUS + Paypal fees.
Username sagittariansrk in Fredmiranda (20 'Great' feedback) and deepsbid in ebay (50+ positive feedback)

Technical Support / Flaws on the rear element
« on: July 28, 2014, 06:36:18 PM »
Hi all
I just purchased an EF 100mm Macro USM (non-L) from a member on FredMiranda. The lens has very tiny pin-point flaws on both the front and rear elements, visible when a flashlight is pointed at them. They don't look like scratches, they are too small and superficial to be scratches- and they might only affect the coatings and not the glass. There are about half a dozen, and they are midway between the center and the edge on both elements.
My question is, will these affect the image, and if so, how can I test for it? The seller has agreed to take it back for a full refund but I don't want to return it unless I really see an adverse effect. Can someone please guide me on what to look for?
Thanks in advance.

Software & Accessories / Which gels to get and how many
« on: July 18, 2014, 09:51:54 AM »
Hi all
I am looking for gels for my 600s.
Which color gels should I get, covering most if not all cases of color correction?
Which color gels should I get, for most common/popular color effects?
How many of each should I get, to cover for burnouts and tears, etc.

Back story: I have recently started using shoe mounted flashes (600s) quite a bit, and now want to get some gels. I like the way the Honl gels attach to the flashes (transversely via velcro), but found there filter kit choices somewhat limiting. I contacted and Jason replied within a couple of days saying he will be happy to custom cut.
Now, considering shipping expenses and his having to custom cut, etc. I would like to make sure I ask for all the gels I need at least for a while. Hence, the question.

EOS Bodies / AF point illumination revisited- 6D AF point question
« on: July 12, 2014, 06:02:47 PM »
Just returned from a trip where I had taken the 5DII and the 5Dc. In the 7 days, had sort of gotten used to the AF point illumination of the 2 cameras. Came back to my 5DIII, and the lack of AF illumination was a nasty reminder of the issue. I truly wish Canon could somehow fix this issue... :(
I have been contemplating a 6D as a backup- can anyone tell me how its AF points behave?

Similar to the F stopper gatekeepers.
Doesn't need to be that fancy.
My Lowepro backpack has lugs for them and I need something here badly. Unfortunately Lowepro doesn't sell them separately- only one came with the bag.

Hi all
I shall be visiting the aforementioned places in the first week of July, so any suggestions regarding gear to take, locations to shoot, and precautions/tips will be greatly appreciated. I shall be taking one camera and 2-3 lenses, but I am completely open to suggestions on what to take for what.
Thanks in advance.

Software & Accessories / Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 06, 2014, 02:41:13 AM »
Hi all
I am looking for a backpack with the features below:
1. About 24-30 liters capacity. Vertically deep enough to hold the 135L/pro body.
2. Will be quite ergonomic- a rigid frame will be great.
3. Primary use will be carrying through airports on my back- doesn't need to hold non-photographic stuff, easy access not a necessity (I shall be buying a Lowepro transit for that).
4. Laptop sleeve will be big enough for 15" MBP and will be towards my back.
5. Tripod holder of some sort if I need to carry it.
6. As low a profile as possible.
7. <$ 200 will be great.

The backpacks I have looked at are Thinktank Streetwalker HD and Tenba Shootout 24L, but I have no personal experience with either brand. Any input on those as well as other suggestions will be very helpful.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Rant about 5DIII (and my oversight)
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:58:13 PM »
Never thought I'd be writing this, but I want to write it and get it out of my system so I don't have any more ill-feeling left about this little guy:
1. Truly surprised about the difference between 8fps and 6fps. I was shooting a commencement ceremony and trying to get the 'toss the mortarboards' shot. Boy, was it getting frustrating catching the mortarboard while still within the frame (and yes, I started clicking even before it was being tossed). Nothing like this with my 7D. Could the frame rate be restricted under certain conditions?
2. The lack of AF point illumination in Servo mode is very annoying. With dimly lit subjects in a mostly dark background, I kept losing them. And I had to stick with f/2.8 because I was using 200mm (so at least 1/250) and ISO 1600. I know pros would be fine with these, but I was terrified I shall miss the moments by focusing somewhere else...
Ok, I'm done. It was all right eventually. Just too nerve-wracking at the time.

Lighting / 600EX-RT vs ST-E3-RT as radio commander
« on: May 30, 2014, 09:38:12 PM »
Instead of selling my 3rd Speedlite, I decided to sell the transmitter instead. The decision was quite impulsive when I felt the need for fill flash while taking some product photos.
Now, it is a bit late as the transmitter is already gone, but I was wondering what additional features will I have access to using the flash as a commander instead? Or are they absolutely the same (except for the AF-assist, of course). Can the masters of speedlite shed some light on the matter? (pun unintended, just couldn't phrase it differently :) ) It might also help others who are thinking on these lines and haven't pulled the trigger either way.
Thanks in advance.

I shall list the advantages of 600EX-RT over the ST-E3-RT as I see them posted in the thread (thanks, again!):
1. Optical trigger
2. Angle of LCD screen
3. Longer life of batteries (4x AA vs 2x AA)

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