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You're kidding me!!!  :o
Why not in the US?  :'(

Dunno... we're closer to Santa Claus?..

I'm thinking I get to test drive a 7d2 and 24-70/4 L lens then sell it off for a profit on eBay. :}

The 24-70 will be cheaper than their new standard zoom  :o

Lenses / Re: Choose your Weapon: Ultra Wide Zooms for Canon
« on: Today at 01:45:43 AM »
Can't really vote on this one. The one I have and use a lot is my only EF-S, the 10-22. I only regret that it's one lens I never will be able to carry over to a - imagined, and longed for - FF camera. If they release it with EF mount and make it slightly faster, I will be all over it like flies on a turd.

I was in the same situation when I moved to FF. However, I realized 24mm is a lot wider than 17mm on an APS-C (I had the 17-55).
When I need to go wider, the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and TS-E 17mm both offer more unique options. I might still get a UWA zoom but I will wait well into 2015 before I do, and it will possibly be a 16-35 refurb'd.

Lenses / Re: Lenses that you want Canon to release next
« on: Today at 01:42:36 AM »
1) 100-400 L F4.5-5.6 IS II
2) 135 L F2.0 IS II

FYI, if it has IS, it won't be a vII. It will just be 135mm f/2L IS USM.

I think there is zero chance of their being a 135mm f/1.8L IS USM and very little chance of a 135mm f/2L II USM, but there could be a 135mm f/2L IS USM.

I would love a 85mm f/1.4L USM, but there is little chance of that, too.

Lenses / Re: Lenses that you want Canon to release next
« on: Today at 01:35:51 AM »
A version of the 70-300 IS USM lens that isn't rubbish and doesn't cost over $1000.

And I'd like some low calorie ribeye steak, too.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Pablo Escobar, Canon Shooter
« on: Today at 01:03:38 AM »
Did the drug lord really shoot Canon, or is it just a movie prop?

I wouldn't know, but I do know just because you're a mass-murdering bastard doesn't mean you cannot acquire good taste along the way :-o. The interesting question is: If you've really got so much money to spend, what would you buy? Leica?

What do you mean? The company or a camera?

Considering the very enticing pre-order deal on the 7d2, at least here in Canada, or Chinada since out PM just sold the place out from under us, I might order it, play with it, and still be able to sell it without losing anything but time if I don't like it.

You're kidding me!!!  :o
Why not in the US?  :'(

Lenses / Re: 100-400mm and more DO lenses confirmed
« on: Today at 12:59:45 AM »
Unfortunately, Chuck Westfall also stated on camera that Canon is concerned about illumination (or lack thereof) of AF points in AI Servo mode in the 5DIII and will definitely do something about it, except Canon didn't. Canon USA is a subsidiary of Canon Inc. and it seems big daddy doesn't always keep li'l champ in the loop...

Lenses / Re: EF11-24mm F4L listed on a Japanese site
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:35:00 PM »
The 17 TS-E when shifted makes an 11mm rectilinear panorama. So the front elements should be similar.

Ok, I oversimplified. The bulge is similar, but the look is different due to the elements inside the front element. Wouldn't you agree?

I look at it a different way.  Competition is good for the consumer.  If companies are nipping at your heels, then you are going to be forced to up your game.

So, I try (and sometimes fail) to avoid bashing camera companies.


At this point Samsung is an upcoming dSLR contender trying to go all out with features to attract the early adopters. I think they have taken a very bold approach, trying to marry the merits of a dSLR with those of a mirrorless system. The NX1 might not be perfect, but we should not ignore Samsung and I hope they have the financial power to learn from early failures and gradually build a great product.
Canon is an established market leader with a reputation to protect- it is better for them to offer 10 fps of great shooting as opposed to 15 fps with sketchy results.
@Don: the voice of complaint is always louder than the voice of contentment. If the 7DII indeed had 4K video, then you'd see these 4K-advocates never appear and loud complaints about the still features that were traded off for this.

Lenses / Re: 100-400mm DO confirmed
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:13:06 PM »
No other than Chuck Westfall confirmed it. As to when we can expect a 100-400mm DO was not answered.

Hello Osbourne Effect.

Nowhere does Mr Westfall or the article state the 100-400 will use DO.
If I understand the article correctly, there are two issues- replacement of the aging tele zoom, and developing DO and bringing the tech into cheaper lenses.

Lenses / Re: Canon Reveals Details for future Telephoto Lens Line
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:08:11 PM »
A very interesting read. Canon has made a real breakthrough in DO. I would love a short new 100-400mm for travel. A bit worrying, however, for all those who have invested in series II glass if it all suddenly becomes obsolete.

I don't think the 100-400 replacement will necessarily use DO. If I understand the article correctly, there are two issues- replacement of the aging tele zoom, and developing DO and bringing the tech into cheaper lenses.

Lenses / Re: EF11-24mm F4L listed on a Japanese site
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:03:30 PM »
It could be exceptionally good photoshop, but it could also be real.
1. Canon does put L rings on hoods, and in this case the hood is integrated.
2. The spacing between the FL markers is very realistic for a UWA.
3. The ridges on the hood are Canon-style, not like the 14-24.
4. The bulge of the front element and the rings around it look neither like the 14-24, nor the TSE 17mm or the 14/2.8L II. It is very distinctive.
5. The body is also unlike any existing Canon lens. Especially the infra red markers are the first for a Canon UWA I think, and the focusing window is very typical for an UWA (so it is not all copied from a standard zoom).

So yeah, it could be a very elaborate hoax, and if so, kudos to the artist. Or real ;)

Technical Support / Re: 5D III OR 6D or 7DII
« on: September 16, 2014, 12:50:46 PM »
Wow thanks guys, loving the support...

I totally get what you are saying Ruined and you make So much sense. I just can't seem to get my head around having two bodies... I would always have decisions every time I do anything (I don't like so many decisions).  I was going to keep my 600D as my back up (in case it broke - not as a carry along).  I know pros take 2 bodies, but i'm trying to minimise my gear, not increase it on travels. If all I did was out of a car/house then you make more sense, but travelling/backpacking at times, its a bit too heavy. 

My back up break camera on travels is a point and shoot - interested in the new Gx7 vs Rx-100 III.  Currently have s100.  You suggest canon 24-70 for stars, cause of minimal coma. Will have to look if the tamron is good too.

Sagittariansrock - I'm not fully invested in canon, but my partner and brother both have canon so its probably useful to stick with Canon. My partner has a tokina 11-16 F2.8 wide angle so I can bludge off that till I get a wide angle myself.  I feel safer with canon too (hopefully that continues)

Pre-Africa will look heavily into the new sigma 150-600 and if it performs better/same as canon 100-400, consider it bought.

You guys have been great with your advice. I'm leaning towards 5D, also because there is a $200 cashback on it at the moment here (Australia). Also the 7D II may not be out pre-trip (end of October)

Good decision, and have a great trip and post pictures :)
The Rokinon 14/2.8 is also a great lens for astrophotography on a FF.

Canon General / Re: Another Northrup - Canon vs. Nikon
« on: September 16, 2014, 04:59:31 AM »
What I loved about the video:

The fact that-
  • the only advantage Canon cameras have is a larger buffer  :o
  • portrait photogs should use Canon because of the longer reach of Canon's 70-200 II (how about the 99% photogs who don't shoot portraits at 200mm?)
  • sports shooters <10k should use Canon because of the 70-200 II and the 400 5.6 (how about the <10k great whites? or blacks, if you think Nikon)
  • and of course, as someone mentioned- >10k wildlife and sports are recommended to get the D810. As is he hasn't heard of the 1D X or D4s.

I used to like his reviews and technical discussions, but now it has become too ridiculous and lost all objectivity.

EOS Bodies / Re: How can we improve on 5D3 to 5D4?
« on: September 16, 2014, 04:45:36 AM »
While not as fast as the CFast, SDXC UHS-II cards can now reach 250MB/s write speeds.
SD form factor is suitable for consumer and space-constraint application.

CFast form factor is suitable for professional/prosumer.

I can see UHS-II cards being used on the successor of the 6D, 70D, 700d, etc but for 1D, 5D and 7D bodies it makes more sense to go CFast.

UHS-II is constrained to 312MB/s while CFast is 600MB/s.

Of course, whatever works for a professional, he or she will use it- these rigid boundaries are merely theoretical.
I am not very familiar with CFast. They seem to have been around for a while, why hasn't any major manufacturer started using it yet? What about the Nikon XQD cards?- I believe they can write as fast as 500MB/s (the newer version might be even faster)

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