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How many lenses a year does Canon introduce as new?
How many new EF-S lenses has Canon brought out in the last year?
How many new lenses for EOS-M did Canon announce with the new camera?

1. Canon has a long-term, stable range at the moment. They do not need to bring out a bunch every year.
2. Canon has vested interest in APS-C users going for EF lenses, as can be easily deduced. Nevertheless, point # 1 still works in this case.
3. Is it hard to see how much faith Canon has in the mirrorless market (which, ironically, validates my point). Just look at their investment in the last couple of years.

Yes, and?
Do you think Canon developed the entire line of EOS lenses in one year? Or a hand full of years?

There is nothing to think, I believe in cold, hard facts. Canon introduced the EOS range with 12 lenses and an extender. In a couple of years, yes.

Or that you have misunderstood how long it takes to develop one new lens, not to forget the cost and difficulty.

As I showed above, I don't rely on subjective understanding but on objective data. It does take a long time to develop a lens from scratch, but not so much to adapt A-mount lenses that already exist to FF E-mounts. It is a more long-term and expensive route than asking users to utilize the adapter, so Sony will do that only if they know the FF E-mount will be worthwhile.
FYI, you think developing the new sensor and tech for the A7s did not take time, money or labor?

Proof? (And a budget isn't really proof ... it just means that the MR dept. knows how to spend money.)

If I have to prove to you multi-million dollar firms conduct (effective) market research, then I give up. Do you also ask for proof that the earth revolves around the sun? How about a circumstantial evidence? Sony is down in the stocks and Canon turned a profit. Proof enough for you?

A marketing dept. is "a few people" ... but that is not my point. Rather it is that if you give the "trendsetters" what THEY want, then the sheeple will follow. Basic marketing theory.

Marketing (sic= should be market research) dept doesn't count as the few people. They record what people want, they don't impose their own wants.
Trendsetter based marketing is not a basic marketing theory. Is it what they taught you at school? You should ask for your money back.
This is a very risky technique that will work only under certain conditions: Is the number of trendsetter significantly large? How likely are they to influence the rest of the market? Can the company sustain the slow growth in the beginning until the trend catches? What is the likelihood of competition waiting the initial lag phase and then ramping up just as the log phase is reached.

They don't have the technology for it and purchasing said technology will make it unprofitable. So, yes, there is an economically valid reason.

Yes, that is one possibility. That is why I generalized it to an economically valid reason. However, unlike you I don't have access to Canon's business secrets to state it as a fact.

Yes, Canon has made dozens of lens models, but how many do you actually need? Is the EF 24-70mm f/2.8 II and the EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II not sufficient for nearly everyone's FF needs?

Don't make such comments that make you look silly just for the sake of arguments. So this is why Sony isn't bringing out FF E-mount lenses? Because very few people need them?
I am guessing you have never used a macro lens, or shoot small birds with a 70-200 f/2.8?

Good guess, only partially correct. MY guess is that Sony is optimizing the various cameras for the various needs of various photographers. For those people who primarily do video, there's now the A7s; for those who primarily do stills, there's the A7r; and for those on a budget, there's the A7. Is Canon not doing the same with the 1DC, the 5DIII and the 6D cameras, respectively? Yes, they are.

You are stating the obvious, and acting smug for doing so  ::). Of course the different A7 cameras cater to different markets; my point was, bringing out the A7s while the A7/r setup is still lacking the lenses might imply that the stills market isn't as profitable as they hoped, so they are trying to boost the entire line by bringing out the video-centric model.

The AF on it is more reliable than any of my L lenses. I am starting to wonder if people made up the AF issues because that was the only possible attack on the lens.

Clearly your L lenses are fakes because the AF on Canon L lenses never fails - or you must be doing something wrong!

And once you've admitted that you're at fault and not Canon's L lenses, there's a line of good white stuff over here for you to reinforce that good feeling.

The issue is not people nitpicking problems with the lens since it's not Canon. Of course, that bias truly exists, but nowadays many people want Sigma to succeed.
The problem is Canon AF algorithms don't play well with third party ones very well. And Sigma is the only third party making fast primes, which are most susceptible to AF errors due to the shallow DoF.

Canon lenses have inconsistent AF too, but that is usually a calibration error that can be remedied. With Sigma it is a question of firmware incompatibility. Hopefully the Sigma dock will solve it completely, and I think it was a really great idea.

I just got another copy of the Canon 50/1.4 and this one focuses fine. But it's pretty soft wide open to the point of unusable- so more power to Sigma!

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: June 08, 2014, 12:58:28 AM »

Wonderful. I was wondering for a moment whether you had done a clever merge of two shots - one of the background with a very thin DoF, and one of the couple - that's how "cut out" they look.

You removed the EXIF data from the uploaded file. Would you mind sharing the lens and shot settings?


It is "bokeh panorama" or so called Brenizer method. Google for that, if you don't know abaut it.

I made 40 shots with 200 mm at f/2.8. Subject was covered with 4-5 shots in landscape composition. Other shots were made around the subject. That final image is cropped a lot, because some of the shots were not overlapping, thus, when I make a panorama, the output was in 2 separate images.

Hope you understand.

Of course, I had forgotten about it. Talk about a foreground with a 'pop'.

United States / Re: Repairing Canon 85mm 1.8 myself
« on: June 08, 2014, 12:46:12 AM »
Are you talking about the metallic mount that contains the contact pins and is screwed to the rear of the lens?
I think its best you contact Canon first- they sell many of their user-serviceable parts for very reasonable prices, before going the ebay route.
By the way, make sure to use Japanese industrial standard screwdrivers- these aren't standard Philips heads. I almost stripped a screw- luckily I noticed before I started.

Mind you, if any contact is broken below the mount then you might either have to buy more parts or need to get it serviced professionally altogether. So you might want to take the mount off first and see if there is any deeper damage before ordering a replacement mount. My 2c. But mount replacement by itself is quite easy.
Good luck.

Actually, if you read most of my posts on this forum regarding mirrorless cameras, you'll notice that I in fact do say exactly that: that manufacturers must stop equating mirrorless with tiny.

I see it the other way round: Canon AND prosumers need to stop equating "small size" with "inadequate functionality" :-)

camera industry needs to make the same shift company cars made about 10 years ago. Up to then "small car" meant "cheap car" meant "weak, shitty uninspiring car with poor performance, poor safety, poor acceleration, poors brakes, poor heating, poor lights, poor experience, poor and shitty everything. No advanced functions or luxury whatsoever". Think of a Hyundai Pony 1990s. Or a Vauxhall/Opel Astra. Or a Volkswagen Polo back then.

And now think of a 2014 BMW Mini Cooper. Yes it is more expenseive than a large car was in 1995. BUT .. it delivers ... without any bulk.

I want a Canon FF-sensored SMALL mirrorless camera ... with FULL FUNCTIONALITY. AT a price that puts it relative to a fat 5D 3 or 1D-X exactly where a BMW Mini Cooper sits compared to a BMW 5-series sedan or 7-series or an X5.

It can be done. Some Japanese makers have learned the lesson - Sony, Fuji (albeit they try to sell a regular Mini /APS-C at Cooper/FF prices). Canon and Nikon will have to follow soon .. or they will be taught a lesson. :-)

You think a 2014 Mini Cooper is exactly the same as a BMW 5-series (not even mentioning the other two lines) in a smaller package? How?

On topic: Companies like Canon do a lot of market research before plonking a FF sensor in a mirrorless body (and similar new models). They do not rely on intuition or what a few people might want- because it has to be profitable.
So if Canon isn't bringing out a mirrorless FF (so haven't anyone other than Sony yet) there must be an economically valid reason.
Tell me, why hasn't Sony brought out those A7/r compatible lenses yet. Only 4 lenses for the world's only FF mirrorless camera, and they are more intent on bringing out a 3rd model. Please tell me this demonstrates an amazing demand of their existing FF models. IMO, it is because Sony is experiencing lower sales than expected in the mirrorless STILLS market and therefore brought out the A7s to give the line a shot in the arm through 4K video. They aren't sure of the viability of this line, so are not investing in new FF E-mount lenses until they see sales take off.
It's a guess, but an informed one.

Software & Accessories / Re: Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 07, 2014, 06:40:54 AM »
@ Synkka: I think I'll need to try it out now. But thanks a lot for the offer for photos.

@ Christian: Thanks for suggesting Kenti- it does look nice, but I think it will be too small for my camera gear and for my laptop.
P.S.: You too have a beautiful portfolio. I am getting bonus perks from asking this question.

Software & Accessories / Re: Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 07, 2014, 12:44:30 AM »
Hi sagittariansrock, I can fit the 135l vertically but that is the tallest I would put vertically. I think with a laptop in the bag it should still fit a 135mm vertically but it might be tight, that should give you an idea of the depth. I find the bag very comfortable, I like that it sits well off your back for airflow and I use the chest strap often. The waist strap is good as it folds away but I never use it as I am tall (6'5") waist straps on most bags for me sit in odd spots. I often have it loaded very heavy through airports, maybe 15kg. I find it as comfortable as a heavy bag can be, the back is padded well and you can adjust and move the straps to suit. Overall I am very happy with the bag it's well made like all the thinktank products, and I have never had an issue with its size for flights which is really important to me.

Thanks a lot, that is very useful firsthand information for me. This is quite good news re the TT Streetwalker.
BTW, sweet wildlife photos on your FlickR album! I'm glad I checked it out.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Answer to Everyone's Complaints
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:55:08 PM »



Thanks to you and others who make these amazing things visible to us mere mortals. Two thumbs up!

Software & Accessories / Re: Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:43:53 PM »
@lintoni: The adventure is a nice bag, but it will probably not suffice for all my camera gear that I carry when I travel to a different city. It is very nice as a daypack though, so thanks for the suggestion.

@SloPhoto: Same as above is true for the borealis. I know it is a really good daypack, and I had almost purchased it a couple of years ago when I didn't have this much gear. But I went for the cheaper Mini trekker option. Mountainsmith makes extremely high quality gear although less famous than it deserves.

@Synkka: Thanks for the input. Are you able to put medium sized lenses vertically? Is it relatively comfortable to carry when loaded up?

@eml: The Gura Gear backpacks are great and I really like the butterfly concept, but they won't carry a 15" laptop (the Uinta will, but the laptop compartment is away from me- by the way, may I know why didn't you like it?)

@Rusty: I would be buying the Lowepro Transit (99% certain, unless something much better crops up), so I am looking for more dedicated photo equipment. I don't plan on walking the streets regularly (ironic that I am considering the Streetwalker, LOL) but mostly traveling from city to city, and keeping it in the trunk.

@ScottyP: I am very impressed with the TPBP. I was watching the video and almost about to respond to you saying it looks awesome but will be above my price range when I decided to check the price first. $ 240 for something of that quality- great. I will definitely put it in my shortlist and hopefully find a place locally to test it and buy if I like it (by the way, whichever bags I shortlist I will just try them with my gear and buy it from a local store- hence the need to make a short but effective list).

@P_R: Thanks for the info about Tamracs. I am aware they make very nice backpacks and I shall check out their website. Which ones do you have?

@Waterdonkey: I do intend to eventually get either a Loka or a Tilopa- but I don't have the funds at the moment, so maybe this Christmas (which, as you mentioned, will require a bit of forward thinking).

Software & Accessories / Re: Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 06, 2014, 06:00:04 PM »
I have a Tamrac Adventure 10, which doesn't scream "camera gear, try and steal me!". It will take your laptop with ease, it should take your body with lens attached, but I'm not sure you're looking for a 3 compartment bag? Camera stuff at bottom/other junk on top/laptop against your back. I *believe* that it would just pass as carry-on luggage, but haven't tried myself. Tripod carrying isn't its greatest strength - you're meant to buy a couple of straps to attach to the bottom to hold the tripod. I fin it better to use one of the mesh drinks pockets and use the straps to hol the tripod to the side of the rucksack.

I wouldn't have mentioned the Tamrac, but nobody else has replied!

Yeah, I am a little surprised by the lack of responses yet, but hopefully people will comment over the weekend. But definitely appreciate your mentioning Tamrac- I shall look into the backpack. At this point I am looking at all options.

Software & Accessories / Need help finding a backpack
« on: June 06, 2014, 02:41:13 AM »
Hi all
I am looking for a backpack with the features below:
1. About 24-30 liters capacity. Vertically deep enough to hold the 135L/pro body.
2. Will be quite ergonomic- a rigid frame will be great.
3. Primary use will be carrying through airports on my back- doesn't need to hold non-photographic stuff, easy access not a necessity (I shall be buying a Lowepro transit for that).
4. Laptop sleeve will be big enough for 15" MBP and will be towards my back.
5. Tripod holder of some sort if I need to carry it.
6. As low a profile as possible.
7. <$ 200 will be great.

The backpacks I have looked at are Thinktank Streetwalker HD and Tenba Shootout 24L, but I have no personal experience with either brand. Any input on those as well as other suggestions will be very helpful.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Answer to Everyone's Complaints
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:24:27 PM »
Interesting. So are people always satisfied with Nikon or do they just move on if not satisfied?

Nikon has its own issues.  A lot of people question the execution of the Df, oil/sensor issues, green tinted displays, liveview deficiencies, etc.

Nikon just set aside $17.7 million to address D600 issues. That is not the way any company would choose to spend that money. That coupled with overall market conditions would give any investor pause.


People say that now is the golden age of photography and seeing the exponential increase in number of photos taken, it's hard to disagree with that.  However, a larger market is not aways a good thing for manufacturers.  Competition can be more intense and margins/total profitability can fall.  It may be a boon to one that does not heavily invest in any company's products, but for those that do, a company's long term profitability can be a concern.

Absolutely. I lived through the last "golden age" of photography – the late 60s, early 70s SLR boon. That's a very big reason why I would hesitate to invest a lot in any system other than Canon or Nikon. Pentax, Mamiya, Konica, Yashica, Contax...all were hot SLR brands during the last golden age. Some exist today, but only because the brand name was sold off to other companies. Ten  years from now, I'm pretty sure Canon and Nikon will still be making bodies. Sony, maybe. But, I'm not willing to take that risk.


This has to be Jrista's shortest post. :P

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Answer to Everyone's Complaints
« on: June 05, 2014, 04:17:57 PM »
Since the 5Dmk3, 1Dx and 70D came out, I sound like a total fanboy, but I'm not (I recommend people buy whichever system their friends shoot) . . .

+1. A friend asked me yesterday which one to get between the 1200D and the D3200, and I advised her to get the Nikon based on the specs, the fact that Nikon APS-Cs are better in low light, and the 35/1.8 will be great for taking pictures of her little daughter indoors.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Answer to Everyone's Complaints
« on: June 05, 2014, 02:19:56 PM »
But to frequent a forum just for complaining about gear I don't use- that's just weird to the point of borderline sociopathy.
+1M, and to add to that, complaining about:
- MP when you never print your photos,
- DR when you don't shoot RAW and/or know how to process your photos
- Snob Canon's best lenses over a 2% better lens,
- High ISO performance when you only shoot outdoors at Noon
- Camera size when there are about a million choices
- Other people's work when you don't even shoot or suck yourself

 ;D ;D ;D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Answer to Everyone's Complaints
« on: June 05, 2014, 01:33:19 PM »
And frequent Nikon forums from then on.

I haunt both Canon and Nikon forums.  And from a purely entertainment standpoint Canon Rumors is the best.  ;)  It is frequently like watching a train wreck.  On the Nikion Rumors forum, it is kinda dull.  People ask questions and other people answer them.  Educational, but hardly entertaining.  For the most yucks and ruefull head shaking, Canon Rumors is the go to forum on the Internets Tubes .

Interesting. So are people always satisfied with Nikon or do they just move on if not satisfied?
I've seen you contribute positively on these forums so I understand your standpoint- watch a little fun, help a couple of guys, ask some questions. We all do that.
But to frequent a forum just for complaining about gear I don't use- that's just weird to the point of borderline sociopathy.

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