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Please - I do need some wise advise 2choose: EF500II/EF600II/EF200-400?  :-\

Yesterday I visited a mini-photo-exhibition with Canon pro photo desk - where they showed the one of the two available in Europe a pro-production Canon EF200-400mm together with the two new EF500mmII and EF600mmII!

After holding and lifting and handling these three super-tele-lenses and comparing the balance and weight - I felt somehow a bit undecided which ONE to pick for my - future wildlife and predominately bird-photography that I have never really and truly invested in - to really seriously try to photographing!
The main thing is of course the hand held ability in the field.
Comparing the EF500II and EF600II made my somehow a bit surprised by the very little real difference of the weigh-factor comparing between these two long-lenses!
I spontaneously came to the impression and part-conclusion that the new EF600mm f/4L IS USM II is so close in weight to the EF500II that I think that it actually maybe would be even the better choice of the two super-tele-lenses namely for full frame DSLR?
My present two DSLR´s are Canon EOS 7D/ 5D MarkII.
I am also in need of a new DSLR body - thinking about 5D Mark III OR 1DX OR 1DMKIV - but leaning now mostly to the 5DMarkIII or who knows - maybe the new 6D with the brand new sensor could be even a bit better in lowlight compared to the MarkIII? That was the Canon Pro Photo informer´s personal un-tested impression about the new coming 6D consumer model that is cheaper than the 5DMKII?
Anyhow - my main question is this:

Investing about 100 000SEK on a new super-tele-lens - should you in my shoes - choose EF600mm f/4L IS USM II before the EF500mm f/4L IS USM II or wait for the EF200-400mm f/4L with Extender 1.4x (560mm f/5.6) with the weight around 4000gr according to the un-checked weight said by the Canon Pro Photo informator at the Canon desk!

I must say that holding the new EF600mm II was little like being very positively surprised by the big barrel that is so "light" (there is always a curve of learning and adopting to handle a big lens).
My present "biggest" tele is the old first version of Canon EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM I with both Extenders version III and also EF300mm f/4L IS and EF70-200mm f/2.8L II/ 4L IS also.
Should I sell one of the 300mm:s or one of the tele-zooms according to your valued opinons?

I would very much appreciate your experiences in handling long-tele-lenses out there in the real field work in various weather conditions etc!

Pros and cons?

Pros - EF600mm II more reach with full frame DSLR and more versatile together with the new EF Extender 1.4X and 2X converters (compared to the EF800mm f/5.6L) that this lens EF600 II, is specially adopted to perform well together with.
Cons - more expensive (but not over-all much more in relation to what EF500mm already costs) and the weight 8.64 lb (3.92 kg) compared to EF500mm II = 7.03 lb (3.19 kg) the difference is = 0.73kg or 730gr or 1.61 lb
Maybe the longer Minimum Focus Distance (EF600mm)=5.0m vs EF500mm=4.0 m
The EF600mm will be a bit bigger back-pack and to handle and to transporting in airplanes etc

(In addition - to a long-super-tele-lens there might always be the additional requirements of more high-class equipement that will add costs like - I do not yet have chosen a Gimbal or a good and light ball-head (Acratech(Arca-Swiss P0) to my tripod still without a ball-head it is a - Gitzo GT3541XLS Systematic 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs - and I recently found this only carbon built Gimbal head and therefore thinking about the carbon gimbal head made by Sirui GP-20 with having low-weight pros compared to Wimberley II about 0.4kg!

I am also considering the need of purchase the Gitzo Monopod called - Gitzo GM5561T Traveler 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod - Supports 55.1 lbs (25kg) but it is really expensive!(I have already the RRS Monopod head - with quick-arcs-swiss-quick-load).

So if there is someone with some time to answer my questions and maybe who are familiar with these choices - please do share your experiences with me!

Wishing you all the very best and may you have great shoots out there in the field with photos that makes difference for you!


In a previous I made a living working on optics.  A little internal dust is not worth worrying about.  A small chip or scratch is not worth worrying about (a dab of flat black paint on a chip is an acceptable treatment).  A lot of internal dust is not really worth worrying about, you'd be surprised how much dust it takes to have any effect on images.  A fingerprint IS worth worrying about, never allow a fingerprint to remain on a lens.  I keep a bottle of ROR and some cotton swabs on hand at all times for just that reason.  Dust on the sensor IS worth worrying about - have it cleaned, better yet, get comfortable doing it yourself.  Internal fungus is worth worrying about - have it cleaned.  Go out and use your lens.

Dear sir (emag)
Thank you so very much for your given facts to me!
I would be quite sure that it is NOT fungus - and there are kind of dust yes but this is like a scratch on the surface more or less what I first tried to gently swab away with a new and clean LensPen and also tried a brand new and clear lenspaper from Kodak but it clearly was INSIDE the and between the two most rear lens-elements.
The good news is that it does not affect the picture as far as I have seen - and also - the fact that I seldom or never use this Canon EF 135mm f/2L stopped down more than about f/5.6 - because one reason to purchase in this type of fast prime is to use it wide open or maybe at f/2.8 - if I need more DOF I usually change to EF 100mm  f/2.8L IS USM.
I also checked my EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM that I purchased as brand new and I have been extremely cautious in the process of change of lenses/extenders with this lens and I could not see one single dust particle inside internally in this lens and when I checked my EF 135 f/2L I was quite surprised to find dust in a quality built "L"-lens , that  to my understanding maybe should have some kind of dust prevention in the construction/sealings=?

Anyhow I do appreciate your answer as well as all your others answers to my kind of novice level question - but I am quite relieved by all your answers and no I think I wish not to give my money to Canon for some small fraction of "scratch" on the surface of the coating and some additional dust particles inside this fast lens!
Thank you so very much for your contributions to my first question here on this knowledge-treasure-forum - because of ALL of YOU!

Wishing you all excellent shoots with your also excellent lenses and DSLRs and much fun and joy when enjoying the IQ and results of your photographing!

//All the Best! 

Dear Co-Canon-Lens-Users!

Anyone here having the experience of Dust particles or a some kind of visible "mark" inside the lenses and between the most rear lens element pointing into the camera (not in the front elements) of Canon EF 135 f/2L

I would very much appreciate your advice, if someone have cared to maybe try to "open up"  or disassemble yourself a lens in order to remove internal dust particles from a EF135mm f/2L without IS?

1. Is this "over-kill" to do?
2. Will Canon accept to remove this from a "L"-lens that should be dust-resistant?
3. Could this operation to take apart an new Canon factory "put-together" lens even have the risk of making the whole lens out of center or even worse the dust-problem?
4. Is Canon granting a free dust-removal to a brand-new lens that is less than a year old since purchased?
5. the dust or some kind of visible "mark" is between the most rear glass and the next one as far as I can see when I look through the open lens against light from window - could I somehow "open" this lens myself or is it maybe jeopardize the integrity of this lens altogether?

To me it is a bit a disappointment to find this dust/mark quite late after purchase in April 2012 this year and I am in doubt of getting any real help!

What is your most wise advice - if you yourself were into this dust/visible mark inside a fast glass like this and the dust/visible mark is in REAR of the lens barrel=?

Thank you for your valued thoughts/advice!

Wishing you all the Best and of course may you have NO dust in your primes!


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