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EOS Bodies / 5D3 Spot Focus Question, and Advice on Accessories
« on: November 04, 2012, 06:01:09 PM »
Spot Focus & Re-Compose:
I am a bit confused on the "spot focus and re-compose" function, as to how it works on the 5D3.  I do the usual: Spot focus on a subject and Press Shutter half-way to lock focus, and then re-compose the frame before taking my shot.  However, when I view the shot on LCD afterwards, with the AF point display active, I find that it does NOT show the AF point on the initial subject on which I had locked the focus on (even though that subject does appear to be in focus also!).  Did the focus point really shift to the spot right before I took the shot, or does the LCD display show it at the wrong spot? Has anybody else tried this also?

Screen Protectors:
What is your personal experience and opinion on using "Optical Glass Screen Protectors" for the rear and top LCD's on the 5D3?  There are several products in the market claiming to be wear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, multi-coated with 95%+ light transmitting rate. Do you use them, or do you prefer keeping the LCD's clear from protectors?

Neck Strap:
To replace the flashy OEM neck strap that comes with the 5D3, with a Black and more plain and simple, yet durable and strong replacement neck strap, which product(s) would you recommend?

Camera Bag:
As a Small Hoster-Type camera bag, that would fit the 5D3 with the 24-105 kit lens attached, the best product I could find, so far, is the "Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5" bag.  For those who use that bag for this camera, what is your experience with it?  Any other similar feature bags (Small and Holster-Type) you can recommend?     
CPL Filter:
Trying to decide between the 77mm CPL filter from "B+W KSM F-Pro MRC" and "Hoya Pro1 DMC". Obviously, B+W is more expensive. My question is for the 24-105 L lens, would I notice the difference between those two CPL's?
I appreciate all feedbacks.

EOS Bodies / Comparing 6D with 5D3
« on: September 22, 2012, 07:34:44 PM »
After comparing several key specifications between 6D and 5D3, below is my summary on how the two FF bodies compare (at least on paper):

MP:      20.3 vs. 22.3   = 5D3 is slightly better
FPS:      4.5 vs. 6.0   = 5D3 is 33% faster
Processor:      Same Digic 5+   = Tie
Metering:      Same 63-Zone   = Tie
ISO:      Same Range   = Tie
AF Points:      11 vs. 61      = 5D3 is “a lot” better
AF Center Point:   -3 vs. –2 EV   = 6D is 33% more sensitive in low light
Max. Shutter Speed:1/4000 vs. 1/8000   = 5D3 is 1-stop faster
Max. Sync. Speed:   1/180 vs. 1/200   = 5D3 is slightly faster
Silent Shutter:   Same      = Tie
Shutter Cycle:   100k vs. 150k   = 5D3 has 50% longer shutter life
View Finder:   97% vs. 100%   = 5D3 is slightly better
LCD:      3.0” vs. 3.2”   = 5D3 is slightly better
Exposure Comp:   Same +/- 5 EV   = Tie
AE Bracketing:   Same +/- 3   = Tie
Cards:      1 SD vs. SD+CF   = 5D3 is better
Custom Modes:   C1,C2 vs. C1,C2,C3   = 5D3 has 1 extra Dial Mode (C3)
AFMA:      Same      = Tie
HDR:      Same with 3 Exp.   = Tie
Multiple Expos:   Same 9 max.   = Tie
Scene Intel. Auto:   Same      = Tie
Built-in Wi-Fi:   Only in 6D   = 6D is better
Built-in GPS:   Only in 6D   = 6D is better
Size:      6D ~ ¼” Smaller   = 6D is slightly smaller
Weight:      27.2 vs. 33.5 oz   = 6D is 19% lighter 
Current Price($):   2,100 vs. 3,000   = 6D is $900 less

Obviously 6D is a “mini 5D3” with slightly less features that can be bought at $900 less than the current 5D3 price on eBay. The main difference between the two specs (at least to me) is the AF systems. 5D3 uses the 1DX Pro system, while 6D uses a simpler system that has a more sensitive center point, which is a huge improvement over the older 5D2.

Therefore, for me the decision is should I spend $900 more to have the Pro AF in 5D3, or save the money and get the smaller and lighter 6D which would be great using the Center Point focusing (lock focus and re-compose) ………It may be an easy decision for some, but I am still debating!!  Of course, both prices may drop also, but the gap probably stays about the same.
What do others think?

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