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Canon General / Re: Should we tell them?
« on: June 26, 2014, 12:21:44 AM »
People are so sensitive and get upset easily these days over nothing so I tend to leave them alone unless they are directly affecting me in some way.

However, if someone asked me for advice I'd gladly give it. In fact I got asked often enough about the basics that I wrote several blog articles and now I just direct them to it!

If someone came over and offered me "advice" or told me that I was doing something "the wrong way" I'd listen but secretly be a bit annoyed! I hate people pointing out my errors, unless they are way more experienced than me and are offering sage advice.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: New Nikon D800s... Why?
« on: June 25, 2014, 01:17:12 PM »
It never made sense to me why Nikon made a D800 and an D800e.

I don't think Nikon thought they would sell as many D800E's as they did.  I think they expected the majority of the D800 buyers to buy the D800 and only a relatively few buy the D800E.  I still think that Nikon sold more D800's than D800E's, but I also think the sales of the D800E was higher than expected.

So was this representative of the mix of still vs. video shooters they have, i.e. is Nikon's user base more concerned about sharpness than moire?  Do they simply lack a large video user base?

I wonder if a 5D3E -- a 5D3 without an AA filter -- was offered by Canon on day one alongside the 5D3, would we see all the videographers take the vanilla 5D3 and the still shooters all take the 5D3E?

Is it that simple a call?  Are there downsides to pulling the AA filter other than moire?  (Forgive me: the role of the AA filter is lost on me.)

- A

Moire can be found in various architechtural detail, certain clothing and in animal fur and feathers. It's not just video. It affects stills too. Although it's possible to reduce moire in post it can be tricky at best (well I certainly don't find it easy). It has to be removed selectively using a brush tool. Takes ages if all you want is a standard shot of say a brick house. Imagine de-moire-ing a hundred architectural shots. Two words. F--- that!

It's much easier to simply crank up the sharpness in post to compensate for the blurriness of the AA filter. RAW shooters do that anyway as part of their workflow.

EOS Bodies / Re: What do you hope-for MOST from Canon in 2014
« on: June 23, 2014, 07:56:39 PM »

If you already know what numbers to put in the XXX's, you've read too many of my posts.  :P

Judging from what I read from you, it will be the 135/1.8  ;)

Lol this guys been a member for a week and even he knows!

EOS-M / Re: Is there a group anywhere of eos m owners?
« on: June 23, 2014, 07:49:51 PM »
Thanks friend Zv. I wonder if you know anything that make better the grip of eos m. I mean something like battery grip, or grip mounted under tripod hole... Sometimes my camera seems to have not enough grip for my hand.

Surapon bought one of these

EOS-M / Re: Is there a group anywhere of eos m owners?
« on: June 23, 2014, 12:38:23 PM »
Nice pics on the flickr page.  Do you have a specific issue?

No I dont. I asked this just to avoid to open a new thread for every my little problem with eos m. I have it since a week, Im a newbie. Thank you everyone

Chances are someone has already asked the same questions that you will so best thing to do is use the search function on the forum. Search using keywords. Things we've covered already that I recall is - how do you carry your M? Which is a good thread, and adaptors must be done to death by now, there's also stuff about various lens combinations. For general usage you could just post the question on this thread. Though I see nothing wrong with starting new ones for specific problems. Costs nothing and we don't mind, gives us something to do while we wait for rumors!

EOS Bodies / Re: What do you hope-for MOST from Canon in 2014
« on: June 23, 2014, 10:47:48 AM »
a wifi interface where the tablet IS the screen/buttons/dials of the camera body.


EOS-M / Re: Is there a group anywhere of eos m owners?
« on: June 23, 2014, 10:45:20 AM »
There are loads of M users here! Speak freely friend what troubles you?

Photography Technique / Re: Help, I've lost my mojo!
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:38:11 AM »
This must be the photographer equivalent of what writers experience. I think it comes and goes but usually not for long periods. I get like that where everything looks total b@!!@ck$ but then I go on holiday and shoot loads of amazing shots. Any kind of change seems to spark the creativity and you start seeing more opportunities.

Give yourself a project like - only shoot green objects for a day or something fun like that.

If I was on a small island I'd prob shoot the same location but in different conditions to see how it looks. You've prob already done that eh? Try some environmental portraits? You must know some great locations and you know the best times to shoot, you could get some epic shots. Sometimes I feel a good landscape shot just needs a subject to pose to make it perfect.

Lenses / Re: 17-40 f/4L vs 16-35 F/4L
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:36:39 PM »
The recently released 10-18 is a no brainer if you have an APSC body. Stopped down a bit it will do just fine for landscapes. If you decide to move to FF you could easily sell it and move on.

Or you could get the excellent 10-22 but is the extra cost worth it for you?

Buying any of the L ultrawides seems like a waste. At widest you'll get 25mm or something. If that's all you need you're better off with the EF-S 15-85 or EF-S 17-55. (Great lenses but a PITA when you try and sell them as you lose a lot of money).

The new STM lenses made for APS C seem like a really great deal to me. You get cheap and good IQ. That's what I would do then if I need a IQ boost move up to a 6D and some L glass.

Canon General / Re: Is Australia Canon's favorite?
« on: June 21, 2014, 04:48:11 AM »
Very quick test done this morning with my old and well used 2.8L II, the 4L & TS-E 17f4L. 1DX body. All 100 ISO.

Nice, I need to look at it on a larger screen but even on my phone the 16-35/4 looks good in the corners. Thanks for posting!

EOS Bodies / Re: DSLR vs Mirrorless :: Evolution of cameras
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:09:33 AM »
The way I see mirrorless is that they make an excellent replacement to a point and shoot compact camera not a DSLR. Well not yet anyway.

Like Jrista says - Enjoy taking pics and slow down a bit. Most good togs will lug a tripod and a full bag of gear because they don't want to compromise. Yes you can get the shot without it but what's point of half arsing something? Do it right or go home! I'm surprised you didn't slap that guy and take his toy camera off him for being a tool and scaring away your subjects! "You'll get this back when you learn how to act like a photographer!"  ;D

Canon General / Re: Is Australia Canon's favorite?
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:57:01 AM »
Hey what did I know?

Picked mine up from Sun Studios this afternoon! A bit under AUD$1300.00.  ;D

Hopefully will be able to do some comparison tests with my existing 2.8 II over the weekend.

Sample shots please!!!   ;D ;D ;D

EOS-M / Re: Canon EF-M 55-200 f/4.5-6.3 IS STM Gets Official
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:52:15 AM »
Where are 135 2.8 and 85 2.0 and 50 1.4 for M? Come on Canon, we need some nice primes!

I don't see a lot of EFS primes so I'm not really surprised by the lack of EFM primes.

EFS primes don't make much sense to me (except a dedicated macro which they already made) but EFM primes would be small and that is a pretty clear advantage for the M system. Just look at the 22mm f/2, it's tiny. A 35 or 55 prime could be enticing if they were fast primes like 1.8 or even 1.4 (though I doubt it would be 1.4). I think a prime in the portrait range would be ideal to compliment the 35mm fov from the 22/2.

FWIW the FD 50/1.4 works really nicely on the M via adaptor. It's a nice focal length but the lack of AF can make it a tricky lens to use when taking pics of moving subjects. That's why I want to see a 50ish prime for M with AF.

Misleading thread title (not that I can blame you, since Adobe was purposefully obfuscating).

They made the PS+LR paired package a permanent offering now, but if you read the fine print, the $10 is anything BUT permanent, as much as they try to make it appear so.

If it's still $9.99 p/m next year I'll probably take it. It would be really douchy of them to say "hey it's permanent" then change it a year or two later. They'd lose all credibility. If anything this announcement buys me some time and I don't feel like I have to sign up right away or lose this deal.

I was going to sign up now to get familiar with Lr 5 and the new features in Photoshop. I feel like as a semi serious photog I should be up to date on processing techniques. Don't wanna be left out!

But now I'm over the initial excitement. Time to focus on my portfolio! (Long overdue!)

Wow not much love for Adobe eh? Fair nuff.

Think I'll hold out on that subscription, at least until I replace my 5D2 with a newer body. Currently quite happy with Lr 4 and CS5.

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