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Canon General / Re: When a Woman is Fed Up...
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:29:51 AM »
Maybe she caught him taking pics of other women, presumably hotter looking ones.

She must be some kinda monster with club feet, looks like she stomped on the screen a few times for good measure!

To be honest I've had nightmares about my GF bashing up my gear after a fight. Scares the crap outta me as much as  knives and scissors!  :o

You took the photo with your gear so the photo belongs to you. Doesn't matter if it was on the clock or not. It is your work. This is basically theft. They can't use your photo for commercial purposes and not compensate you. I assume the billboard ad has no connection to the Union in anyway?

What are you doing about it is the question. Are you letting this one slide becuase that's the worst thing you could possibly do. All that does is give other potential billboard picture theives the green light to steal more photog's work.

EOS Bodies / Re: Photokina 2014
« on: July 26, 2014, 11:45:45 PM »
Realistically we'll prob get a 7DII announcement, a whiff of a new 100-400 if we're lucky and that's about it.

Doesn't bother me though as I'm holding out for a 5D4 at some point. I'll just save my money in the mean time.

Sigma 85 art or a 135 art would be nice to see. Though I prob wouldn't buy it. I almost bought the 35A when it came out, then held out for the 50A and by that point I was over it. If they make a 85 art it will likely be bigger, heavier and of course more expensive. None of those are attributes I like!

Very much doubt any wide angle lenses since they already released two this year.

How about that 50 IS? Where the heck did that get to? That could be useful, eh?

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D now marked as DISCONTINUED at Amazon
« on: July 26, 2014, 10:12:25 AM »
Wow, and it doesn't seem like a mis-labeling error either - the bottom of the description pretty much states that it's discontinued so you should check out the 70D instead!

Then again when you hit the 28-135 button the bracketed (DISCONTINUED) vanishes.


Software & Accessories / Re: Help..
« on: July 23, 2014, 02:31:23 AM »
After clicking the .dmg it creates a drive. Inside of it are the pdf and the fir files to either be copied to cf or accessed via the eos utility. Yeah. Tried it with 2.0.5 from canon and 2.0.3 from some other sites. Even found -1.2.3 and tried it.
Same error. Unable to locate firmware.....check the card, reset battery. It's on the card, in the right spot(root).the impression I am getting is that the camera is not looking in the right place. Would magic lantern do that. Maybe the former owner used it. I'm not that involved with it yet, still learning how to use the camera to its fullest potential.

What size is the memory card?

May not apply here; but I believe on some Canon cameras firmware update won't work on very large cards.


Yeah, I read that too in the instructions. I think they recommend under 64Gb cards. I think. I used a 16Gb one when I did it. What kind of CF is it? UDMA 6 or 7?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: HUMIDITY ALERT!
« on: July 18, 2014, 10:32:49 AM »
Relax. I've lived in Nagoya for three years and there's no fungus on my gear. Yes, it gets very humid but if you keep your gear stored properly then you have nothing to worry about. When you start using the air con the humidity will come down so it won't be constantly humid in your living room.

All my gear is stored in my Kata bag which seems to resist the weather quite well. I used to put a silica gel pack in with my gear back when I had my t2i but I haven't bothered with it in the last few years and nothing has happened. I know some people will think I'm nuts but I haven't seen anything mould like at all.

I tend to see mould form on sinks and the bathroom area more than anything. Fabric, bags, cases, electrical equipment etc don't seem to attract mould.

Get a dehumidifier in your room if it's that bad.

EOS-M / Re: The promised pics of the 18-200 Tammy
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:54:44 PM »
that lens is in my eyes (currently) the  reason for the M to exist.
I'm not a street photographer but Souks in Marakesh, Old Town Jerusalem, Markets in Bangkok... anywhere where it is crowded this lens just shines. And mounted on the M the lens still takes up less real estate in my bag than the Tokina 11-16 2:8 did in the past.

Pitty that it is so hard to get in the land of the free

Got mine from Canada.  It is a sweet lens.

+1, really loving the 11-22. I made a lens gallery for it, post your pics.

Canon General / Re: New Speedlite Coming? [CR2]
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:15:47 PM »
The only way this is gonna work is if they add a built im radio slave function and make the buttons bigger but keep the price the same. Then it might make sense otherwise it's just a waste of money and you might as well just buy the 600s as you get way more for your money.

My 430 exii cost about $250 (bought in Japan). That was about as much as I'd want to pay for something like that. I could get almost 4 YN 560s with just that amount (and I did). So it won't appeal to the cheapos and it's not powerful enough for the heavy stuff that pros need so what is the point??

Is it going to be aimed at those buying their first flash? A gateway to the 600? Then when they upgrade they can still use both together right? What would be their next move? Ummm sell the 4xx and get another 600, duh!

Your observations match mine but before you rely on the M as a travel companion, use it under bad conditions before, that is hanging around your neck and doing 150+ pictures  on two consecutive days.

One will demonstrate what havoc the touchscreen can create, the other what a fun power management with the M is.

I'm satisfied with the M now, but my first SE Asia trip with the M was quiet a learning curve
Thanks for the advice. No original strap is used to avoid the touch screen being set unintentionally with my body. I also try to shut off the camera more often to minimize battery drain. Will travel with two spare batteries.

I do that too (switch it off often when not in use) to save battery life but I wonder if constant on / off is messing with it in any way? Last time I was out and about I actually just pressed menu in between shots. My thinking was that the black menu would use a lot less battery than constant Live View. Certainly made the camera more ready to shoot but I was worried my menu settings might be bumped!

Must be a better way to black out the screen. I need to check the power saving settings again.

Random thought - you know what this camera needs? A screensaver!

BTW - Get the EF-M 11-22mm and you'll love the M even more!

Glad that the M is getting some love, it had taken a lot of bashing in the past but people seem to be warming up to it nowadays. I've seen several positive reviews about it recently. For the price it really is unbelievable! Plus with the right adaptor you can pretty much use any lens you like, and that's when the real fun stuff begins! Get some cheap vintage manual lenses and go out and shoot!

Battery life is a bit of a bummer to be really honest, as a heavy shooter I am a bit disappointed with that. However all you need is a couple of spares in the pocket and you could technically shoot all day. Though it's not that ergonomic for long term shooting.

I am shocked at how much use I'm getting from this thing simply because it's so darn useable and can come with me almost anywhere.

Lenses / Re: UV filter on the new 16-35 f/4?
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:44:59 PM »
A lens like this is meant for outdoor, landscape / seascapes use in which case you'd want some kind of protection. If you were using it indoors in a studio then you can prob skip the filter. It's pretty simple - Use a a filter when required.

I keep a filter on my EF-M 22 f/2 all the time instead of a lens cap. It means it's always ready to shoot and easy to store (don't need to worry). Lens caps are all good and well but they can come off in your bag. Filter makes sense when you're out and about. For all other lenses it depends what I'm doing.

If I'm taking my time (tripod work) I'll remove the filter but that's usually because I want to use an ND or a polarizer.

Canon EF-S and EF-M Lenses / Re: Canon EF-M 11-22mm f4-5.6 IS STM
« on: July 13, 2014, 02:44:44 AM »
 few more shots. This is the Nagoya City Science Museum. Really liking this lens now, just makes walking about in the city fun. I was easliy getting sharp shots at 0.5s. Nice to leave the tripod at home!

EOS Bodies / Re: DSLR ? - thinking out loud ....
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:25:10 AM »
People need different sized and spec'd cameras for different things. For some smaller and lighter means more freedom but for others it's just an inconvenience. Just going by my own feelings I have whittled my gear down to two systems - one full frame and one small mirrorless APS-C. I find that this combo offers the best of both worlds. I can't justify an APS-C DSLR anymore unless I was doing things like birds in flight or field sports and needed the reach and ergonomics.

I'm intrigued by the Sony offerings but then I think that there wouldn't be a whole lot of weight saving and it's not worth the hassle of buying into a whole new system of lenses and accessories. If I was starting out then maybe it would make sense. Ergonomically I find it nowhere near the comfort and ease of a 5DIII or a 7D. The A7 series is kind of in the middle in terms of size, not quite compact but not huge. You'll still need a bag for it, can't pocket it. (EOS M & 22mm is just about pocketable IMO).

Perhaps mirrorless rebels will be the next big thing but who knows. Seems people are quite happy to shoot with a rebel and a kit lens. In some ways the small EOS M perhaps doesn't give potential consumers the impression that it delivers IQ like a DSLR. People that don't understand about sensors will just think it's a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and bypass it for a rebel or Nikon xxxx (which is a professional looking camera for dirt cheap).

When I first bought my rebel t2i it took me a little while to realize that it was smaller in size than the higher up models like 60D / 7D as I bought it online. I got serious "claw" hand syndrome when shooting 1000+ shots in a day. Then I got a 7D and it finally made sense! So this is a real camera then? Hello friend!

EOS-M / Re: Next official EF-M Lens
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:56:47 PM »

What I want, would be a compact 55mm f/2. IS would seal the deal.

Between that and the 22mm f/2 you basically have the EOS M equivalent of 35/85 which is a small light versatile kit with fast glass. And still pocketable!

Anything wider, or more tele, and the length of the lens has to increase significantly, which makes it much less pocketable.

+1 for a small 55 f/2 with or without IS. I find the M great at the wide end but for real telephoto work I much prefer the OVF of a proper DSLR. 55mm on M is about as long as I would like to go.

Canon General / Re: What's Would You Keep? [The anti-G.A.S. thread]
« on: July 11, 2014, 09:01:28 AM »
1B 1L = 5D2 + 24-105L (would really really miss the wide angle stuff but this makes the most sense as I shoot a lot of vacation shots with this combo).

1B 2L = same as above but with the 17-40L! Aaah what would I do without a wide angle!!!? Need for sure!

1B 3L = All of the a above plus 135L. Just love the look of this lens. I use it a fair bit at events.

I could get by very well up to this point to be honest but if I could add an accessory it would be one of my speedlites, prob the 430 exii for the versatility.

My fourth lens has to be the 70-200 f/4L IS. Not been using this as much as I would like but has it's vital uses.

So my superfluous gear is really only two cheap lenses and an EOS M kit. Not too bad, I feel good about my GAS these days. Been selling off a lot of excess. That old Sigma 50 is next for the chop!

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