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Photography Technique / Re: Help, I've lost my mojo!
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:38:11 AM »
This must be the photographer equivalent of what writers experience. I think it comes and goes but usually not for long periods. I get like that where everything looks total b@!!@ck$ but then I go on holiday and shoot loads of amazing shots. Any kind of change seems to spark the creativity and you start seeing more opportunities.

Give yourself a project like - only shoot green objects for a day or something fun like that.

If I was on a small island I'd prob shoot the same location but in different conditions to see how it looks. You've prob already done that eh? Try some environmental portraits? You must know some great locations and you know the best times to shoot, you could get some epic shots. Sometimes I feel a good landscape shot just needs a subject to pose to make it perfect.

Lenses / Re: 17-40 f/4L vs 16-35 F/4L
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:36:39 PM »
The recently released 10-18 is a no brainer if you have an APSC body. Stopped down a bit it will do just fine for landscapes. If you decide to move to FF you could easily sell it and move on.

Or you could get the excellent 10-22 but is the extra cost worth it for you?

Buying any of the L ultrawides seems like a waste. At widest you'll get 25mm or something. If that's all you need you're better off with the EF-S 15-85 or EF-S 17-55. (Great lenses but a PITA when you try and sell them as you lose a lot of money).

The new STM lenses made for APS C seem like a really great deal to me. You get cheap and good IQ. That's what I would do then if I need a IQ boost move up to a 6D and some L glass.

Canon General / Re: Is Australia Canon's favorite?
« on: June 21, 2014, 04:48:11 AM »
Very quick test done this morning with my old and well used 2.8L II, the 4L & TS-E 17f4L. 1DX body. All 100 ISO.

Nice, I need to look at it on a larger screen but even on my phone the 16-35/4 looks good in the corners. Thanks for posting!

EOS Bodies / Re: DSLR vs Mirrorless :: Evolution of cameras
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:09:33 AM »
The way I see mirrorless is that they make an excellent replacement to a point and shoot compact camera not a DSLR. Well not yet anyway.

Like Jrista says - Enjoy taking pics and slow down a bit. Most good togs will lug a tripod and a full bag of gear because they don't want to compromise. Yes you can get the shot without it but what's point of half arsing something? Do it right or go home! I'm surprised you didn't slap that guy and take his toy camera off him for being a tool and scaring away your subjects! "You'll get this back when you learn how to act like a photographer!"  ;D

Canon General / Re: Is Australia Canon's favorite?
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:57:01 AM »
Hey what did I know?

Picked mine up from Sun Studios this afternoon! A bit under AUD$1300.00.  ;D

Hopefully will be able to do some comparison tests with my existing 2.8 II over the weekend.

Sample shots please!!!   ;D ;D ;D

EOS-M / Re: Canon EF-M 55-200 f/4.5-6.3 IS STM Gets Official
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:52:15 AM »
Where are 135 2.8 and 85 2.0 and 50 1.4 for M? Come on Canon, we need some nice primes!

I don't see a lot of EFS primes so I'm not really surprised by the lack of EFM primes.

EFS primes don't make much sense to me (except a dedicated macro which they already made) but EFM primes would be small and that is a pretty clear advantage for the M system. Just look at the 22mm f/2, it's tiny. A 35 or 55 prime could be enticing if they were fast primes like 1.8 or even 1.4 (though I doubt it would be 1.4). I think a prime in the portrait range would be ideal to compliment the 35mm fov from the 22/2.

FWIW the FD 50/1.4 works really nicely on the M via adaptor. It's a nice focal length but the lack of AF can make it a tricky lens to use when taking pics of moving subjects. That's why I want to see a 50ish prime for M with AF.

Misleading thread title (not that I can blame you, since Adobe was purposefully obfuscating).

They made the PS+LR paired package a permanent offering now, but if you read the fine print, the $10 is anything BUT permanent, as much as they try to make it appear so.

If it's still $9.99 p/m next year I'll probably take it. It would be really douchy of them to say "hey it's permanent" then change it a year or two later. They'd lose all credibility. If anything this announcement buys me some time and I don't feel like I have to sign up right away or lose this deal.

I was going to sign up now to get familiar with Lr 5 and the new features in Photoshop. I feel like as a semi serious photog I should be up to date on processing techniques. Don't wanna be left out!

But now I'm over the initial excitement. Time to focus on my portfolio! (Long overdue!)

Wow not much love for Adobe eh? Fair nuff.

Think I'll hold out on that subscription, at least until I replace my 5D2 with a newer body. Currently quite happy with Lr 4 and CS5.

Canon General / Re: Is Australia Canon's favorite?
« on: June 19, 2014, 09:30:45 AM »
It's not even out in Japan yet. Release date is 27th June on

Saw this article from Digital Camera World

Think I have no reason to moan about the subscription model now! Gonna sign up tomorrow morning. What do you guys think?


and what if you use more than just photoshop? now those who use other programs are really put through the pricing ringer. plus those who invested hundreds and thousands with Adobe already get nothing that those who never spent a dime on them yet.

worst of all the second you stop paying it's all gone, doesn't matter if you've given them $2000 over some years, quit paying and it's gone, hell no

(unless they make it ridiculously low like $7.50 a month, forever, for the full suite) heck no to software rentals!

It's only money and $120 a year is a pittance compared to a new L lens or a new camera. If it ever gets to the point that I can no longer afford to pay $9.99 a month for something - Lord help me because I probably have bigger issues than a subscription to CC! (In which case I would probably be selling off my gear and not be shooting).

What does $10 get you these days?

One short cab ride? A hamburger and some fries? A ticket to see a movie perhaps? I ride my bike to work, don't eat fast food and the internet takes care of the movies!  ;)

I think that should offset the cost of this subscription!

I was starting to warm up to the CC idea, but hesitant because the price was temporary, and I don't like locking myself into a photo organization system that I can only lease.  Locking the price is nice, but they also stripped out the free website (Behance) and reduced your storage to 2 gb.  Not a huge deal, but I was considering moving away from things like Flickr and trying out Behance, and admit it really was motivation for me to consider going to the cloud.

Photoshop updates don't really mean much to me, but they rarely do.  Mostly they seem to make more and more advanced tools that just do what I can do manually.  I think the tools work well for beginner to intermediate users, but have limited impact for more advanced use. 

Other than that, no Lightroom update, and a bunch of stuff for an iPad that I don't have.  Meh.

If you sign up for the yearly subscription you get 20Gb of cloud storage and a free Behance site. Not that 20Gb means much in terms of storage though! Could be enough for your portfolio though.

There's bound to be Lr updates in the future and now at least we know the price isn't going to change so we can sit back and wait to see what come out.

Seems like a stupid limitation

Depends on your point of view, from Canon's perspective it's a very smart limitation :-> as it isn't immediately recognizable but becomes more important the more you use flashes ... so they sell two flashes instead of one, one basic and one upgrade (the latter also as a master flash)

I have to admit the 430 exii is looking a bit dated in comparison to my YN 560III flashes with their built in radio trigger. Damn those are some nifty flashes!

Well, after my very mixed experience with the Yn rt trigger (I don't know about their other gear) I have found new enthusiasm about original Canon flash equipment ... whatever you say about money-grabbing Canon, they certainly have a very high reliability and "just works" factor.

Pity the 430ex isn't sealed though, that stopped me shooting even in light rain a couple of times as high charge electricity and water don't square :-o

Sorry to hear about the YN RT failure, perhaps Yongnuo are better at making the simpler dumb triggers as mine have been very reliable so far. I've got the new RF 603 II triggers with the on off switch on the side and a locking wheel for the foot. The price is so cheap that I almost consider them to be disposable. Quite excited about their upcoming YN 560 TX that will allow remote power control.

I'm a manual flash guy so 600 EX RT doesn't appeal to me much. I agree about the quality and just works comment but I'm just not earning enough from photography to justify the extra cost.

Saw this article from Digital Camera World

Think I have no reason to moan about the subscription model now! Gonna sign up tomorrow morning. What do you guys think?

I like the size of the 430 exii personally, it packs a fair amount of power too.

I've got it, too - but it has very slow recycling time and holds much less charge for multiple flashes. It's all around very nice for indoors though and not as heavy as the 580ex2-type. The only problem is the (deliberately crippled) limited flash head movement vs. the "big brother" models, next to the missing master capability of course.

Yeah, I agree a lot of the time I want to bounce from behind my right shoulder. Seems like a stupid limitation when I have Yongnuo flashes that rotate 360 degrees!

Haven't noticed the slow recycle time all that much as I don't use it for the heavy stuff.

I have to admit the 430 exii is looking a bit dated in comparison to my YN 560III flashes with their built in radio trigger. Damn those are some nifty flashes!

Hmmm in my experience you're better off with a decent flash that will function with the camera you have. I like the size of the 430 exii personally, it packs a fair amount of power too. As an on camera fill and bounce option its pretty decent. I had the 320ex but found the lack of features very limiting, very quickly. I've sold a bunch of flashes since then but the 430 exii is always ready to go. Price is also fairly reasonable.

Get some cheap radio triggers to complete the flash set up.

Lens for travel - I like my 24-105L as a one lens solution for day trips. Or you could do 24-70 f/4L IS & 70-300L for more range. If I could redo my gear I'd go with 6D and that latter lens combo (plus a 14mm Samyang for good measure!).

There's very little you can't cover with those three lenses no matter where you go.

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