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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Specs Revealed?
« on: December 02, 2013, 07:10:50 PM »
CMOS Hybrid II?? That's not Dual Pixel AF is it?? Disappointing.

These specs are about the same as the old one but with wifi. If that's the case I will be very happy because I like my M and don't want to upgrade it anytime soon.

Yay for lousy specs!

Third Party Lenses (Sigma, Tamron, etc.) / Re: Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC
« on: December 02, 2013, 10:34:52 AM »
I think I'm gonna like this lens!  ;D ;D ;D

Software & Accessories / Re: Tripod for someone who's never used one?
« on: December 02, 2013, 12:48:27 AM »
Totally agree with Neuro on the drift and settle issue with the 498RC2 ballhead. This caused me manor headaches when lining up the Reikan Focal target. You have to take the settle into account then you're always worried about how much it's moved and if you need to realign.  :(

I expected better from Manfrotto ballheads. Guess I shoulda listened to more CR advice! Will be replacing the ballhead soon.

Reviews / Re: Review: EOS M System
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:45:04 AM »
is there a new ML for the new firmware? I didn't reinstall ML after the firmware update

Yes, check this link. Click on the description of the video to get the guys files. He put the files all in one easy place to make the installation process easier.


Software & Accessories / Re: Tripod for someone who's never used one?
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:36:59 AM »
For time lapse and other specialized types of photography like that you'll likely need something solid. If you don't mind the weight you can get a pretty decent aluminium one for around $200, maybe less. I use a Manfrotto 055XPROB which gets the job done. Doesn't have a hook for the centre column though but it's heavy enough that you might not need to weigh it down. If you can afford a Carbon Fibre one go for a Gitzo tripod. They make tripods from all kinds of space age materials I've never heard of but are super light.

Whatever you get the ball head will be the most crucial element. You'll want to also make sure you have good clamps and plates. Thats what attaches the camera to the ballhead. Depends also on how much flexibility you want. You might want L plates to easily switch orientation.

For video you might want something else completely. I know nothing of video sorry. I think a 3 way panning type head might be better. (They suck for anything other than smooth panning though).

There is no magic "one tripod" solution really. You'll just have to figure out what you want the tripod to do for you and buy that particular attachment.

Don't buy a cheap one. You are trusting the tripod to hold very high value equipment, get something reliable.

Software & Accessories / Re: Another question about filters
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:27:23 PM »
The Grad ND filter in LR is way more versatile than a real one for about 1 - 1.5 EV to bring back skies and cloud definition. The highlights slider also helps a lot in this regard. I very rarely use a grad ND in the field now unless shooting into the sun. And the Cokin P is fiddly and only goes wide as 24mm without vignetting.

The CP-L is one that I think everyone should own. Helps get rid of the glare and reflections which wouldn't be possible in post. The saturated colors and contrast are also a bonus. I wonder if you just set WB to cloudy does that have the same effect as a warming polarizer or does that filter do something mysterious that I don't know about??

The only other filter I have is the ND400, which like PBD mentioned you would need for long exposure photography. Can't get wispy waterfalls and motion blur without it. (Well you can kinda do it by stopping down to f/22 or smaller but it's less than ideal and limiting).

One thing I realized was pointless was the 2 or 3 stop ND filters. You're better off with one that stops some serious light. Hence the demand for the Lee Big Stopper!

Software & Accessories / Re: Another question about filters
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:19:24 PM »
Hmmm, I would also like to know the answer to this. Good question.

Canon General / Re: So what have we bought this Black... Er, Weekend?
« on: November 30, 2013, 12:12:40 PM »
Nada. I live in Japan where there is never a discount or rebate on gear. In fact prices went up here! Enjoy your new toys you lucky people!

That 24-70L II deal at $1799 is very nice indeed!

Reviews / Re: Review: EOS M System
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:57:01 AM »
Such a great option for traveling light, particularly with the 22mm:

This was taken in Rome.

Very nicely done! Thanks for the comments too, really appreciate it!

Just installed ML myself and can't wait to try out some of the cool features!

Canon General / Re: Upgraded - Sell old equipment?
« on: November 29, 2013, 07:35:18 PM »
Sell sell sell! Get rid of the ef-s lenses while you still can. They're dropping in price nowadays. I assume you bought a 6D for improved IQ. Once you start using it you'll not want to use anything else!

I kept my 7D only as my back up and it rarely gets used now. The high frame rate of the 7D still appeals to me though and I want to keep it. However, I see no adv for you to keep a t4i.

If you decide down the line you need a back up you could always just pick up a EOS M deal or a used rebel. Though I doubt you will.

Agree with 99% of what you said, other than the EOS M part.  Frankly I'd like a new rebel for the price of a used one...and this might be the time of year to get lucky!!

The M is actually not a bad little gizmo once you find a use for it!! I use it to capture those "quick snaps" that would otherwise be lost while changing lenses. It means I can park a 135L on my camera all day and not worry about any wide stuff. M got me covered!
+1 ... also installing Magic Lantern makes it even more useful.

Thanks Rienzphotoz - my first order of business today is to install ML!! I just ordered an FD - EOS M adapter, been bidding on some FD glass too. Time for some "pure photography" fun with digital ML assistsnce!!! Haha!

update - mission successful! Thanks to this guy -


 ;D ;D ;D ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: POLL: The 2nd ff camera in 2014 will be...
« on: November 28, 2013, 11:01:55 PM »
Hard to say what Canon is up to. I would definitely say that a high MP, high end EOS 1Dx (not to be confused with the 1DX) is in the lineup but the second body?

The 5D3 is still pretty much leading edge and the 6D is also pretty new so I can't imagine a "replacement" for either one anytime soon. (perhaps 2015) With the rumored 7D2 leading the APS-c lineup again I would venture a guess that a second FF body (IF one is released) would be a smaller version of the high end EOS 1Dx like the Nikon D800 or D800E.

Seems reasonable to me IF Canon follows Nikon's current offerings. Canon has been stagnant lately in terms of their camera offerings and sadly so has Nikon to a degree.

They offer so many camera bodies that are so similar to each other it really makes you wonder why?

Think about it. With the 60D with a 18MP sensor and shooting at 5.3fps and $600 cheaper than the 7D (not talking about sales) why would you buy the 7D? MOST people don't realize how certain features affect real world shooting,  so price DOES play in in buying a first camera.  Canon has so many cameras that are so similar it doesn't make sense.

I mean really?  The SL1, T5i and the T3? THREE entry level cameras? Why? The T5i is a great camera, ONE entry level camera is fine, really.

Almost seems like Canon cares more about video shooting lately than they do the still segment.  Hey Canon! I DON'T shoot video with my 7D! Never will!


Because entry level is where they make the most money and that money then gets used for R&D of the higher end stuff and new lenses.

The SL1 is marketed at, well let's be honest, young ladies. It's a small and compact and fits in a handbag.

The t5i is marketed at the beginner, and those on a budget that want functionality and good IQ.

The 60/70D is for the hobbyist and enthusiast, but likely those who find the rebel a bit too small and plasticky. It fits a certain profile. I can't quite figure what myself but I'm sure it exists!

The 7D is for serious photographers who need the speed and durability but aren't pro and don't have thousands in the bank. A poor mans sports camera.

It's all about choice. Why are there 50 types of potato chips? Why not just one pack in one size? Some people are hungrier than others just like some photogs want more camera than others. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Two New Full Frame Cameras in 2014? [CR1]
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:16:47 PM »
Depressing news for people that would like to see a high MP studio camera sooner (like myself)

It really is shocking that Canon will prob take 3 years to announce a high MP D800 equivalent, since the D800 was outed/released, or 4 years to actual release - Q1/2 2015.
Which probably means that the D800 was in Dev for 2 years before Feb 2012. Or another way to look at it is canon is 5 years behind Nikon / sony tech. And for sure they will not be sitting on their current tech gleeing for 5 years which it what it seems since the success of the 5D mkII.

What will Nikon / Sony be offering in 2015, Sony doing a mirrorless Medium format / larger sensor with Zeiss lenses at a half the cost of anything comparable? Imagine a larger A7r for $5-6K and lenses 1.5K a pop, bargain of the century which will kill the 1D xS DOA!!

Or Fuji stepping back into pro MF which they do so well - they designed and made the hasselblad HD platform and lenses and now they have some nice sensor tech too, plus they have a brilliant heritage in large Rangefinders, so a larger format x-pro like the old 67 and 69 ones in late 2015 could happen also.

What in the hell happened to the ones they were meant to be testing at the 2012 olympics??? My bet is that it was a higher MP sensor but the same IQ which they are struggling with.
And the statement from 2012 I remember from a Canon exec that said if the market wanted a higher MP camera they could deliver that tomorrow ... !

I for one will probably be getting a Sony A7r to fill the gap and if it and the zeiss lenses are any good. Will be hiring one soon to test it out, and more amazing all for a very reasonable cost you can get a decent camera with excellent sensor and a couple of decent primes.

I'm still slightly bemused by the 1D form, as weather sealing will be low on many's list - Studios?!  landscape/ outdoor advertising photogs maybe but most will be used to setting up hides / gazebos to wait out the weather to get the shot.

A chunkier 5Dish or mini 1D would be nice, I never use anywhere near 1 battery's capacity on a busy shoot ( event and wedding and sports guys may eat a lot more tho) 

What I do feel is it will be a way to make more profit, as Canon do know a lot of people are waiting such a camera. So charging premium will help, but they must have done the maths as a 5Dish body with a high MP sensor would be more accessable and sell more units. But say a 1D form body would make $3K profit and a 5Dish body may make $500 per unit.

It had better be one hell of a camera to justify a $7-9K price tag. We will be looking for sensor quality much beyond a D800 - more like Phase One P45 or IQ40 or HD5 50, and if they keep the flash sync to 160/200( needs to be 320+ at least)  it will loose some appeal from people that use location flash units, which would be a big group of users in my eyes, that will be also eyeing up MFDB options by now.

As a general pro camera I think they got the 5D III right (a better sensor would have been nicer) Its lovely to use, quick enough for most circumstances even sports and with a decent set of L's (primes for me ) its a great combo.
So I'm not sure what upgrades they can do - maybe a 24MP sensor better IQ, wider AF coverage, little bit more FPS? Dual pixel looks very good for video.. which I hardly every use and many in this position too. Could Dual pixel AF be made to work with translucent mirror and get much more instant and accurate focus on any lens ( from copy to copy)? Now that would be interesting, and maybe useable Wifi that can cope with raw files.

I guess alot of video guys would love dual pixel AF on a 5D, so that may get released sooner than we think.

If it wasnt for my love of the L Primes i'd be outa here a long time ago!! Arghhh.

Maybe Canon realized there weren't enough people out there that needed a 40MP camera three years ago so waited it out? Even now there are very few DSLRs over 30MP. Look at the infrastructure - lenses aren't quite up to scratch yet, Canon are working on that first. Then there's memory, we are only now seeing CFast cards appearing. And then there's processing power. Three years ago most folk had about 4Gb RAM average on their MBP or whatever and were using Lightroom 3 or older. And then there's screen resolution. What are you gonna view that giant file on? 4K screen? Do you have one yet?

Maybe next year we will have all these things in place, right on schedule for a high MP body release. Nikon went and released something with high MP early without good glass. All you'll get is mush and a slow ass computer to look at your mush.

Patience young grasshopper, the real deal is coming! ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: L Lenses for crop bodies
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:04:09 PM »
Sure, you can use EF lenses on an APS-C camera.  That still misses the point, which is that an EF-S prime would be about two-thirds the size of an EF prime at the same focal length.  Folks who shoot solely with crop bodies are carrying around a lot of extra weight and bulk if they carry EF primes.

What's the basis for that?  The only current EF-S prime is the 60/2.8 macro, and it's bigger and heavier than the 50/1.4 and 50/2.5 macro, and the 85/1.8 is similar in size and 25% heavier.  Or maybe you're comparing the Sigma 30/1.4 DC to the Canon 35/1.4L, not really a fair comparison, IMO.

There are plenty of "light" EF lenses - let me see now, there's the 40mm f/2.8 pancake (don't get much lighter than that), the 35mm f/2 and newer IS version, the 28mm 1.8, the plastic (not so) fantastic 50mm f/1.8II, the 50mm f/1.4 isn't that heavy either and then there's the 24&28 f/2.8IS are quite small and compact too. The 85mm f/1.8 and 100mm f/2 are relatively light too.

I really don't see why we need more lighter EF-S lenses when there already are a bunch of very good EF lenses that cover a wide range of focal lengths and work on all cameras.

To me light = will break easily, like the 50mm f/1.8II. I don't want that. I'd rather have something with some weight for counterbalance and sturdiness.

And really, are the crop body users carrying a lot of unnecessary weight?? I don't think a couple of extra grams is going to make any significant difference. If they are that feeble maybe they ought to leave the DSLRs to the big adults and just use their little toy lego camera instead.   :P

Software & Accessories / Re: Long exposure photography
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:39:55 AM »
You're absolutely right of course, any way at all that you can restrict the light from reaching your sensor will necessarily require a slower shutter speed to obtain a given exposure. So cracking-down on your aperture all the way & slapping-on a 2x TC will certainly give you a longer exposure time, but the resulting hit to your image quality will likely be pretty high... To minimize diffraction (& maximize sharpness) I try not to crank down my apertures any smaller than f/16. And I'll only use a TC if the "field of view" demands it.

If you just have to have that extra 3-stops of exposure time (from f/16 to f/64), I'll again urge you to consider stacking an additional filter on top of your Big Stopper. To achive that additional 3-stops I'd use my Lee 3-stop 4x4" glass filter http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/491473-REG/LEE_Filters_9NDG_4x4_Neutral_Density_ND.html; which is a bit expensive, but the resin filters are almost as good and much more reasonably priced.

Of course, if I forgot my extra ND filters (or I'm just too lazy to walk back to the truck) I'll do what ever I have to do to get the long exposure time that I want -- I'll use a polarizer even if I don't really need it, I'll crank-down the aperture to a ridiculously small size, what ever it takes...


Yeah, diffraction worries me too, but I will get to see how bad it actually is for different scenes. I am getting a .6 ND as well as part of the startup kit, so I´ll get an additional two stops there. I agree that stacking is probably the way to go, and that is probably where I will end up finally. Nevertheless, I will experiment with all kind of stuff (using the EC for instance) and see how my pictures are punished. I have also surmised that there is a limit to how many filters it is wise to stack given its impact on IQ, so I given the need for extra stops will probably have to cough up for some expensive high stop filters (hence the alluring Z system;)

With very good filters I'd probably only stack two or three max. Also I'd try and keep the aperture at around f/8 - 16 maybe f/22 if really required. It also helps to shoot on cloudy or slightly dullish days rather than bright sun. Shoot late afternoon and blue hour to get some color in your shots.

I'm getting into long exposures myself. Just recently bought a ND400 just to experiment a bit. If I like it I might buy into the more expensive stuff.

EOS Bodies / Re: Two New Full Frame Cameras in 2014? [CR1]
« on: November 28, 2013, 08:53:23 AM »
The 5D3 will be 2 years old next March, which isn't that far away. We can likely assume that there will be at least an announcement of a 5D4 later on in 2014, can we not? Isn't that one of the full frames? The other would be the high megapixel studio beast 1DXs.

3 years does seem kinda short for the 5D line to be upgraded though. 2 years seems very unlikely so I think we can rule out a 5D4 coming next year!

Could there be something FF that we haven't seen before? What could that be? I just want this year to end so I can find out already!  ;D

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