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Even if a guest has persuaded the bride and groom to let them 'shoot' the wedding (not my favourite, but it is their day, not mine), the photos of the 'guest second-shooter' 'belong' to the photog as well.

What's the definition of "guest second-shooter?"  Does this mean every guest with a smartphone is a second-shooter who must turn over the photos to the pro?

I would say that wedding photography is more about organisation and relationships towards the subjects than pressing the shutter, especially so with digital and TTL flash.

I learned this lesson while pressing the shutter, and also while reviewing my photos later.  What did I miss that I could have gotten?  What views/angles worked?  How could I have positioned myself better?  Which guests should I have made a point to photograph better?  (the primary photog typically followed the bride, it was my job to make sure all the guests were in the final set of images, and to fill in the scenery he couldn't get)

These are the questions:

First, in your jurisdiction, do you have any legal obligations to the pro you followed?  You should not take answers to this question from anyone on this forum: ask a lawyer.  Even without a written contract, there may be an obligation.

Second, was there any non-binding understanding, written or otherwise?  Did the pro talk to you about getting your pictures?

Third, what is your development path as a photographer?  One good wedding shoot doesn't make you a pro, and I'm speaking from experience as an occasional second-shooter.  Even if you have no legal obligation to the pro, you may still want his help, or the help of other pros to develop.  You've probably got a ways to go, and you don't want to have to climb that mountain solo.

As an addendum, this is also a test of your pro's ethics: if you approach him neutrally and say "the client contacted me and wants my photos" (without disparaging his), you'll find out what kind of person he is.  If he says "all your pictures are mine even though we never discussed it" then you've learned a relatively cheap lesson about where not to go for your continued development: this guy is not interested in your development at all.  If he says "hey, we had no agreement, they're your photos," then you've just established a trust relationship with a good guy, and it might lead to future collaboration and development.

EOS Bodies / Re: New DSLR and PowerShots in May [CR2]
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:48:31 AM »
Despite my almost delusional desire for a 7D2, to me it makes sense that the next camera will be a new Rebel.... after all, the T5i is a year old and overdue for a replacement.....

It could be a 70D with higher frame rate, more robust body, pro weather sealing.  That would add $500 to the price of the 70D, and it would be purchased by bird/wildlife/sports enthusiasts.   It should also hold its higher price tag longer than the 70D.

EOS Bodies / Re: New DSLR and PowerShots in May [CR2]
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:33:50 AM »
April Fools Day was yesterday...    :P

But today is not.  It may be a fool's post, but it is post Fool's.

EOS Bodies / Re: New DSLR and PowerShots in May [CR2]
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:14:56 AM »
If I held my breath I'd be dead.

This forum is turning into Cynic Rumors.  I wonder if people are happier over at Nihilist Rumors.   :-)

But seriously, for most people a new camera is a luxury, and we still have global economic problems.  Not a good time to introduce an upscale Toyota for mass production.

I'm hoping for the 7D2.  My next body will be either a 6D refurb or a 7D2 refurb; and the sooner it hits the shelves, the sooner it hits the refurb store.  :-)

A camera with 100x zoom is intended for entertainment only. Including voyeurs.

Quite true....

I'm sure "Robert Capa" would have made the photo of the birds copulating with a 28mm lens. :o Do not ask me how it would come so close. :P

Anybody could do as Capa did there, stage the shot with no enemy fire for miles, not saying he wasn't a true combat photographer, just that holding that image up as an example is fatally flawed. Unlike the many thousands of close combat images shot nowadays with 16-35mm lenses.

Was that a staged shot?

Some evidence suggests that.


Seriously, though: if the IQ, handling and performance are reasonable for the price, I might get one.  This is about as close as I'm going to get to a 1DX+600II+2x tele.

It will be good for UFOs or is that dust on the lens  :)

Same thing, right?  Also works for distant Blobsquatch sightings.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: When can we drop 'D' for 'Digital'
« on: March 29, 2014, 12:32:42 PM »
I have a pet-peeve with the word “film” or “filming” – like when we’re told that they’re filming the next Avengers movie but there’s no film involved.

And "tin foil" is now made of aluminum, and "dialing" a phone continued well into the era of touch-tone.  Language evolution lags social evolution.

Or, as Calvin (cartoon version) famously said: "verbing weirds language."  http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1993/01/25

OK, so they’re “shooting” the film… but the word “film” is stuck in our vocabulary.

"Shooting?"  Doesn't that require a projectile of some kind?

 8) :P

Pricewatch Deals / Re: BEWARE LEXAR FAIL!
« on: March 29, 2014, 11:33:38 AM »
It's not an Anecdote. It's a fact.

I didn't mean to come across as insulting, or as questioning your truthfulness.  To me, an anecdote may well be true, but is not independently verified and compared with similar stories.  What I meant is that for every person who has problems with Lexar, there are as many who have problems with Sandisk, Transcend and other brands.  The only way to determine whether a specific brand has a higher failure rate is to do some kind of scientific test.

My main intent was to help you figure out what the problem is.  As I say, not many people seem to have the failure rate you report, not for any major brand.

And exactly how do you test a CF card thoroughly?

From my work in information technology, I encountered a program called DBAN, which is a free tool to securely wipe hard drives of private data before you get rid of them.  I run 20 passes on new cards.  You need to be careful with this program, though, it can easily wipe your main hard drive if you're not careful.

Prior to that, I had written a program that simulated storing and erasing files on the device until it was full.  I also ran 20 passes of that.

If you want to do it manually, you can do a full format, copy some files until it fills the drive, then format and repeat.  That would be tedious for 20 reps.  I'm told there are programs out there designed to test the speed and error condition of flash memory and USB flash drives.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Weekend Lexar Memory Card Sale at Adorama
« on: March 29, 2014, 09:36:59 AM »
I hate spending money on memory cards.  So I test them like I do my lenses and bodies... so I under and remove them as little as possible.

What's your test procedure?

Stupid phone.  I treat them like my lenses and body... at least it didn't replace the word with testes... I might have more explaining to do.


Hey, that gives me an idea for a new feature in the P&S market: your camera suggests the photo composition; you can override it of course, but why would you override the superior AI?   :P

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Weekend Lexar Memory Card Sale at Adorama
« on: March 29, 2014, 09:01:51 AM »
I hate spending money on memory cards.  So I test them like I do my lenses and bodies... so I under and remove them as little as possible.

What's your test procedure?

Pricewatch Deals / Re: BEWARE LEXAR FAIL!
« on: March 29, 2014, 08:54:18 AM »
I don't want to pick on anyone... but if you have multiple cards fail... it might not be the cards... it is more likely that you are the common denominator.

And that's a reasonable point, opening the Card Door & or trying to remove the cards while the Camera is still in shutdown mode is a guaranteed Card screw Up, done that.

And it's also fair to say all manufactured equipment has a failure rate.

It's always good to start with the question "other people don't seem to have this problem, so what could I be doing wrong."  Even if it turns out the problem is hardware failure, it doesn't hurt to talk to others about their experiences, and think it through carefully.  True failure rate on major brand cards must be very low or we'd see a lot more complaints.  Having multiple faulty cards certainly isn't impossible, but it is very unlikely.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: BEWARE LEXAR FAIL!
« on: March 28, 2014, 06:33:26 PM »
Your personal anecdotes are just anecdotes.
It may well be anecdotal, but we generally take experiences like this and make decisions going forward that are reflected by that experience

Yes, that's true.  My point was that I've heard the same story with the villain being Sandisk or some other brand.  All manufacturers ship some defective stock.  Amazon (and other vendors) are in good position to know if they're getting heavy returns on certain brands or models and can (and have) suspended sales of those.  If Amazon continues to sell them, it's likely Lexars do not have an overall failure rate out of line with the industry as a whole.

My questions are: did you buy from Amazon itself or from another vendor through Amazon?  After how many full uses did the cards fail?  I.e., did they fail early (first 20-30 uses) middle (30-150) or later?  If they failed early, I'll again recommend testing all cards with a computer and card reader before trusting them for high-value use.

If the problem is not really with Lexar, you're at risk of having the same experience with Sandisk.

Good luck.

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