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If you're using a Mac, then get HoudahGeo from houdah software.

All you need then is any app for your Android that can export a GPX track.  Most running or cycling apps can do this.

Canon General / Re: Canada Post Thefts Halt Lens Rentals Canada Service
« on: August 01, 2014, 08:20:13 PM »
Oh, that sucks.
I really hope that gets sorted out and solved, before it gives anyone an ulcer. In the best of worlds some of those items on the loose will turn up with their serial numbers on the web so they can be returned to the right owner.

Come on Canadian police officers! Find those thieves!

The Mounties always get their man!

In all seriousness though, I really hope that CPC reimburses you for the lost gear.  Ideally you'll get a brand new fleet of rental equipment!  Although that won't make up for lost revenues.

I'd imagine based on the fact numerous parcels were lost, the broken link in the CPC chain is closer to you.

I have a friend who shoots Pentax, I forget which body, but it's not the newest.  He takes it out in steady rain for hours without covering it.  Once he got a little water in the top display and was concerned.  He let it dry overnight and had no problems since.  If Pentax can do that in a prosumer crop body, then Canon ought to be able to without a lot of R&D money.  Please canon, charge me the additional $50 for comparable weather sealing!

I'd raise that $50 to 10% of the bodies cost if Canon would guarantee IPX-6 or IP66.  Similarly with lenses. Not having to worry is well worth the peace of mind 10% buys for me.

EOS Bodies / Re: Eos7D mk2, How EXCITED will you be if . . .?
« on: July 08, 2014, 01:05:38 AM »
My 7D gets very hot when shooting in the sun, hot enough that I am considering painting it white.

My 7D did that too!

I'd be excited if I could get this list:

- Great High ISO performance.  (Think Sony a7s) I'd trade high MPs for low noise all day long.
- 5D3 Auto-Focus
- More than 10 FPS
- Weather sealing as good or better than the 7D
- 7D Ergonomics

Lenses / Re: What was your first L lens?
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:00:08 PM »
My first was a 70-200mm f/4L IS.

Then came a 35L, which was sold for a 35A

7D M2 would be nice but I hope they offer something like 1Dx with crop sensor.  Same electronics / ergonomics as the 1Dx.  Now that would be VERY NICE.   ;D

For me it would be 7D ergos (add a grip if you need), but same FPS, AF, and electronics as the 1Dx.

My 6D is my quality camera, the 7D2 would satisfy my need for speed!

I'd buy Canon for my primary system:

Canon 5D3
Canon 24L
Sigma 35A
Canon 70-200/2.8L II
Canon 500/4L II

My personal photography setup:

Sony A7s
Metabones EF Adapter
Zeiss 35/2.8
Fuji X100S

If I recall, the main selling point of the 7D when it was released was it's superior redesigned AF system and FPS over the XXD. Here was a solution to those in the prosumer segment that couldn't afford a 1D series to afford a better AF system and were complaining about the old 9 point AF system. It was definitely a more action/sports/wildlife kinda camera. Right now, I would say Canon's AF offerings are on-par - so really is a 7d mark II even needed?

5D3 AF would be a huge increase.  Likewise 3-4 extra FPS would be game changing for those who need the speed.

I'd also be happy if Canon pulled a move like Sony did with the A7s and dropped the sensor resolution, but gave amazing low light ability.  The ability to take a useful shot at 6400+ ISO would greatly enable action shooters.  The 500L is a bright, constant f/4, but that still isn't always fast enough and high ISO performance would greatly enhance it's usability to freeze motion.

With my 6D, I notice every day how much slower it is in FPS and AF than my 7D.  The low light performance is stellar though.

Canon General / Re: $10,000
« on: April 25, 2014, 09:39:23 PM »
6D - $1899
Used 7D - $800
70-300mm L - $1599
Rokinon 24mm - $550
Tamron 24-70 - $1299
Sigma 35mm - $899
135mm L - $1089
Benro A2692 - $220
Timbuk2 Medium Snoop Bag - $170

Leftover of $1475.  I might spring for a Fuji X100s in this case if I had the money to burn.  Or save for an RX1r.

Reviews / Re: Why the DxO bashing?
« on: March 10, 2014, 07:15:14 PM »
Oh, and like many others, I think DxO's software is good (probably the best for noise reduction).

I'd argue for automatic distortion correction as well.

Hello everyone,

I have always shot Canon and love my 6D, but I would love to try one of the Sony FF cameras.

I'm booking a trip to Walt Disney World right now, and it's one of my favorite places to shoot.  I rent from LensRentals a lot, and was deciding what to rent.

Options I'm considering are the:
  • Sony RX1r
  • Sony A7r
  • Sony A7

Lenses I was thinking of renting are:
  • Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 ZA
  • Zeiss 24-70mm f/4 ZA

Normally I'm completely happy shooting in the Disney parks with just my 6D, 35mm, and 70-200mm.  As such, I'm thinking the RX1r may be the best fit with it's fast 35mm.  However, I worry that I'll miss having a viewfinder, and that the newer A7's may have a more evolved UI.

So Sony using guys, what would you recommend?


Software & Accessories / Re: FoCal new version is out
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:04:33 PM »
There are two bug fixes I am interested in. One for a crash and the other where it says can't save the configuration. I will download it next week. Apparently you need to get a new license. So did somebody hack the old one?

I strongly doubt it was hacked.  Reasons for this belief are:

1) Mac OS X update process maintains original license info.
2) Reikan says on their page that you can just copy license info out of old Focal version and paste in new one.

Reikan posted: IMPORTANT: Due to a change in the release process, on Windows your settings will be reset which means you will NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND TRANSACTION ID to obtain your license.  Please make a note of these from the LMS before you install FoCal 1.9.5.  To me this is stating that they just can't pull the user settings across upgrades.  I.e. no one cracked the algorithm giving unique licenses, they just can't auto "copy/paste" it into the new version.

Just my two cents, and I'm open to correction!

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom for iPad Coming Soon
« on: January 17, 2014, 08:11:02 PM »
I really hope that this is going to be included with Creative Cloud!

Also, the software renting is sometime tax beneficial as it is a 100% write off each year.

Once you've moved away from the traditional neck-strap, it's very hard to go back. But the whole sling-strap and holster industry is still very young and evolving fast. PeakDesign has been one of the bigger Kickstarter successes. Is anyone using the Peak Design Capture system?


The Peak Design CapturePro looks to me to be a sophisticated, evolved, compact design. The DualPlate is an intriguing design compatible with both Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss. Any reviews I've read are gushing, but appear to have been written by acolytes or affiliates. Any real-world feedback?

The Leash strap system can convert in seconds from a sling strap to a conventional neck strap. The Leash looks a little thin, so I emailed Peak Design who replied almost immediately saying a wider, more comfortable strap suited to the weight of a pro body with 70-200 zoom will be shipping very soon.

I often work long days on my feet carrying a load of gear. The search for a perfect carrying system is a bit like the search for the holy grail. I have a Spider Pro system www.spiderholster.com with the dual holster belt which has been very good but is now worn out and needs replacing.

Recently I had a case of buyers-regret on a full set of CarrySpeed straps; the Extreme, the Pro and the Dual plus extra F1 foldable plates. Initially the system looked full of promise, and I figured I'd get used to the clumsy attachment system and bulky components. What I will say about CarrySpeed is that it is just great if you're only carrying one body/lens so long as that does not include a 70-200 f/2.8. The ability to instantly hitch the camera up tight solves the BR bouncy-bouncy issue. Two straps doesn't work together and the design implementation of the Dual is a mess.

So what to choose? The new kid from Peak Design? More Spiders? BR? And CarrySpeed appear to have been wiped off the face of the map, litigated out of existence by a cashed-up BR for having the audacity to make a sling strap.


I freaking love the capture.  I have the original capture from the Kickstarter campaign, but it has been replaced by the newer version.

I prefer the newer capture as it has a tripod thread on the bottom and is fully ARCA compliant.  The thigh pad is a must if you are rocking a heavy lens though, otherwise it'll dig into your hip like mad.

Normally I'll leave my BR strap attached to my camera and only click it into my capture when I don't want my camera bouncing.  There's some slack in the BR strap, but that's fine.  **I do attach my BR strap to my camera with a split ring on the Canon strap attachment bar.**  Otherwise you couldn't use the BR strap and the capture at the same time.

I wear mine with a holster (gun) belt.  It has the stiffness needed to prevent my pants from coming down.  I prefer Disse Gear belts, but Bullhide Belts, and Orion Leather Company (not marketed as a holster belt) belts work great too.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: The unbreakable is broken.
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:47:45 PM »
So finally payed up and bought a few pelican cases. 1540 I think and the 1740. Sadly the 1740 got shipped to me cracked! I am blown away! I thought this was the unbreakable box. Super nervous now. The cracking happened when there was nothing in it and the cardboard shipping box had very little to no damage on it. Bought this so I can ship my stuff to Jamaica to do a job. Now wondering if I should switch! Any one had this happen to them ? Should I stay with pelican?

I use Pelicans extensively for shooting gear.  I've never seen anything like this happen on a Pelican before.

My immediate thought is that this may be a counterfeit.  There are some counterfeit Pelican products floating around online.

Barring that, it's probably been horrifically abused during its lifespan at some time.  I've seen people drive cars over Pelican cases with no damage.

Personally, I buy HPRC or Underwater Kinetics cases now, as I find they are at least 95% the quality of the Pelicans, but well under half the price.

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