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EOS Bodies / Camera ownership on Flickr: 2013-2014
« on: January 13, 2015, 06:31:21 PM »
It's interesting to see that Canon still leads the number of flickr user and 5D Mark III is the only full frame in top 10 Cameras Overall.


Top 5 brands on Flickr, 2013-14
by Matthew Almon Roth, on Flickr

Top cameras overall on Flickr, 2013-2014
by Matthew Almon Roth, on Flickr

Top DSLRs on Flickr, 2013-2014
by Matthew Almon Roth, on Flickr

Software & Accessories / Adobe CC (2014) now online
« on: June 18, 2014, 07:34:02 PM »
Photoshop CC (2014)

Smart Object improvements
Maintain the links to external files by automatically packaging them in a single directory. You can also convert your existing embedded Smart Objects to linked Smart Objects.

Improved Layer Comps
Save time now that you can change the visibility, position, or appearance of one layer in a Layer Comp and then sync that change to all the others. Plus, easily see the attributes of each Layer Comp, and toggle a Layer Comp within a Smart Object.

Blur Gallery motion effects
Use Path Blur to add blur along any path and Spin Blur to create circular or elliptical blurs. The Mercury Graphics Engine makes all Blur Gallery interactions fast and fluid.

Focus Mask
Let Photoshop help you start a mask by automatically selecting the in-focus areas of your image. Focus Mask works great with potraits and other images that have shallow depth of field, and the Mercury Graphics Engine delivers fast performance.

Improvements to Content-Aware technology
New technology in Content-Aware Fill, Move, and Patch smoothly blends areas containing gradients, like skies, so you can create seamless, realistic results like never before.

Smarter Smart Guides
Forget trying to align multiple shapes or objects at exact distances from one another on canvas. Now you can quickly see the distance in pixels between objects so you can lay out content with precision.

Desktop fonts from Typekit
Choose the fonts you need from the Typekit library, sync them to your desktop, and get immediate access to them in your Photoshop font menu. Photoshop will even automatically replace missing fonts in your documents.

Font Search
Search for fonts by name, and see instant previews of each font to zero in on the perfect one.

Expanded 3D printing capabilities
Now you can see exactly where and how Photoshop repaired your 3D meshes so it's easy to refine your designs in third-party 3D modeling apps. Get more accurate renderings of your models prior to printing thanks to WYSIWYG previews. And get support for more 3D printers and service providers.

Adobe Generator enhancements
Simplify the process of naming Generator assets and get greater flexibility in organizing the output from Generator by setting document-wide defaults, and by specifying subfolders for exported assets. Generator also offers new APIs so developers can create even more powerful plug-ins.

Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements
Heal images, fix perspective distortions, and create vignettes with greater precision. Plus, access an interactive histogram, before/after previews, and more.

Improved Windows 8.1 stylus support
Get to work quickly and comfortably with your stylus on Windows 8.1 devices, and enjoy smoother brush strokes thanks to higher-frequency sampling.

Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support
Upsample images up to 15 times faster (depending on file size and video card configuration) now that the Mercury Graphics Engine delivers an OpenCL performance boost. The engine powers new Blur Gallery motion effects and the Focus Mask feature, too.

Experimental features
A new preference setting allows you to test drive and help shape new Photoshop features before they’re officially released.

Intelligent upsampling, even faster
Enlarge a low-res image so it looks great in print, or start with a larger image and blow it up to poster or billboard size. Upsampling preserves detail and sharpness without introducing noise, and now you get even more immediate results thanks to an OpenCL boost from the Mercury Graphics Engine.

Workflow Enhancements
Work faster and smarter thanks to new feature enhancements throughout your workflows. Now you have access to an expanded Color Panel; you can access your most recently used brushes, sync your workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and menu customizations with Sync Settings; and more.

And so much more
Also includes: support for very large PNG files; the ability to export 3D LUTs; support for new video formats including Sony RAW and Canon RAW; and more. See full release notes

Animal Kingdom / 2012 visit to KL Bird Park
« on: September 10, 2012, 10:34:32 PM »
This is my 3rd annual visit to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park in the last 4 years. I missed last year because my wife was pregnant and all...
Now, our son is already big enough for his 1st visit to the bird park.  :)

So let me start this thread my this photo:

5D3 + 70-200II + 2xIII

Cattle Egret by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

EOS Bodies - For Video / Magic Lantern v2.3
« on: July 26, 2012, 06:00:27 PM »
For now, v2.3 is only available to supporters who are willing to put up $10 or more, but if you’re willing to wait (and you trust the hype), you’ll be able to download it free on August 13th.

Supported OSes

- Windows 7 (including SP1) 32-bit version (64-bit version is not supported.)
- Windows Vista (including SP1/SP2) 32-bit version (64-bit version is not supported.)
- Windows XP SP3 32-bit version

5D MK III Sample Images / 5D3 + 70-200 + 2x for Birding (low light)
« on: April 22, 2012, 08:00:56 PM »
All shots are from yesterday..
Oriental Magpie Robin, female I think.. 

5D3 + EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II + 2x III extender
Photoshop CS6 Beta & Topaz DeNoise
ISO 4000, 8000, 8000 & 8000

Untitled by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

Untitled by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

Untitled by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

Untitled by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 5DMIII vs 7D for birding
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:33:37 AM »

I'm currently using a 70-200MII + 2xIII for birding and I'm wondering how bad will I miss my 7D by upgrading to 5DMIII?  :-\
A super-tele is definitely a big NO for me.

I know that by going from crop to FF, I'll lose the extra reach. The subject will be smaller in the viewfinder and the extra 4mp of the 5DMIII will not be much of a help.

However, I've seen in another thread here in CR discussing the comparison in DPReview between 5DMIII and D800 by enlarging the 5DMIII image with a slight quality loss on the Canon side.

So, back to my question, how much can we enlarge 5DMIII images until the quality degrades to a level comparable to a 7D image?

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