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a lot of work..to manage

thanks for this useful forum

now my most used spot


may I suggest the finest FACE lens-VALUES for canon.........  will be the 35 1.4 sigma...yes a bit wide....
but it gets ....close and is inclusive of the scene...sigma 35 ...better than the canon - I own both
perfect - full quality - wide open if you want or need it.... a crazy good lens... I like it more each day

and 135 f2 canon L...again.... perfect wide open ....beautiful piece
for ...longer and strictly a good face...
maybe 85LII  ....love it to death.......  but more $$

I do not care for the 50L... for any of this...
just my idea

14L II, 35 sig, 135 f2(sub 85L II if you want) ...all you need (one tube and a 1.4x TC for 135)...that's it


2 samples of 35 sig, one each of 135L and 85L
add a 14L II and ....travel-on......

Lenses / Re: Is the 16-35 L II worth its price?
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:09:20 AM »
I had the 10-22 canon on crop sensors...loved it

thren got the 16-35 II when I moved to 5D2...
loved it.. it was very good...still have it with 5D3...
but I got the 14L II and love it more..

the 16-35 is still useful when I have a small kit ...
like a 16-35 and a 70-200 ...or maybe just with a 100L macro..
the zoom covers toward normal..

but for me if I want the best..I use the 14L II..
fits nicely below the 24-105 (or 24-70 II) ...or just a great prime like the 35 sigma...maybe add a 135 f2L...

14mm is wonderful..
I guess 50% more for that one..

the 16-35 actually has lower chromatics/fringing than the 14L II...this is all correctable
14L sharper...over all...and  to the edges...for sure

is 16-35 worth it ....yes...pay attention to your copy to make sure it is good...
but...it IS worth it - IMO


Lenses / Re: If you could only have three lenses...
« on: June 03, 2013, 08:28:10 AM »
this is awful...

I am about to face the reality though

14L II,  35 sigma and then EITHER  135 f2 (w.1.4x and tubes)  or 100L macro.

I would miss macro or closeup ability... and I would long for f2 aperture...
but I bet I choose the 100L macro...just too  'able'  a lens...
14L, 35 f1.4 sigma and 100L macro..

that will leave a LOT of lenses packed away....WOW

if only ONE lens ....or a forth lens.....I would add  my 24-105 ....so versatile
if only TWO lenses......14L and 24-105

long is not quite as important to me as  ...fast aperture ....and ultra wide

Third Party Manufacturers / sigma 120-300 new and old
« on: May 29, 2013, 10:26:26 AM »
what is the difference between this lens

and this lens

Lenstip liked the new one....

it seems that one could confuse these two..
except for the price difference

what has changed?
did I miss something ?

I do notice the different looking BUILD

thanks for help here


Abstract / Re: Beautiful bokeh! Let me see yours!
« on: May 27, 2013, 04:53:47 PM »
the sigma 35mm @ f1.4.... 5D3
I sold my 35L (which I liked)  and bought this lens

first shot:
daughter in-focus
the woman(mother) - on the left - in the background is a good example of a nice bokeh quality - to my eye...
the guy in right corner is pretty nice treatment too

of course the quality varies  with differing back ground distance and foreground focus distance
and of course different busy shapes too....  the sigma is not tops...but pretty good IMO

this just seems to be an ideal combo for the sigma 35......

second shot:
different distances...plus the stove-hood on left ...the lines start to get slightly busy..  the 85L would likely handle that differently
I believe...all this is pretty subjective...


lots of nice examples in this post
people here have really nice compositional ideas too...

I would say the 35 sigma and then - either - the 135L or 85L canon are a great pair..

the sigma is sharp wide open, has minimal distortion and chromatics,
 is built solidly and focuses accurately and quickly .... it is a wonderful lens -  IMO


Lenses / Re: Standard Lens for Paris and London holiday.
« on: May 27, 2013, 02:11:23 PM »

you think I am over reacting....?

I found London to be very safe been there a lot...
My brother lived ther 35 yrs..I visited regularly....felt at home

just a few times to Paris...LOVE it.. but there is a known thread of thieves as I described....
I stand by my report

the issues I described were also described by a number of posts I read...upon return and asking about other's experiences...

packs opened in 3-4 attempts ... zipping a bit at a time...
by trailing pair of thieves - one at watch - one behind you...in the tube or a crowd

so I believe Paris is a bit more risk.... and recognized as such.

but I am not an expert.....I defer to your expertise on Parisian/London Crime ...
me...I will stay alert....more alert in Paris


Lenses / Re: Standard Lens for Paris and London holiday.
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:36:59 AM »

I use 5D3 ...

I already have the 16-35II, 14L II, 24-105, Sigma 35 1.4, 100L Macro, 85L II 135L, 70-200 f2.8 II and f4 I.S. .....
and tried the 24-70 II ... returned it for softness at 70mm....but may get it back.......  yes too much...I love them all

so what would I take to Paris / London  ?
my general plan was to make up THE most able and smallest kit for travel and/or home (I have too much gear)

the FIRST PLAN -  WAS  -  to have the 24-70 II ... THEN add the 135 f2 ....small and capable
and THEN add the 14L II  ..... get the WHOLE bridge in the shot

but then I tried the sigma 35 1.4 - wow....gotta have it on every trip now...

so ...adjusting
FIRST - I would NOT go to Paris without an ultrawide - for bridges, buildings, even museums -  end of story...

SECOND - for night or weak light
one needs a low-light walkaround that WORKS - the sigma 35 is PERFECT ... cafes, portions of lighted bridges, nicely framed day scenes
then a bit of low light 'reach' - the 135 (1a 1.4x TC still yields f2.8)

so for ME...I would take the following ...adding EACH new lens ... as I accepted more space/weight requirements

first - if ONLY one lens - the 24-105 is it... in a small single case ...and 3 batteries and a 3-4 VERY large cards or offload laptop ability.

if ONLY two  lenses ..... 16-35 II and  the 135L (for me I would cheat and take 50 1.8 ).... for you... take the 50 1.4
(so you already have the Paris kit)

if ONLY three lenses the 14L II(or 16-35), sigma 35 and 135L - that set is crazy good quality...very good low-light
if a FORTH lens is ok, THEN GET THE 24-70 II (and no 16-35 - stay with 14L II) ....
.........so at this point you have 14L II 35 sigma 135L AND a walk-around zoom - 24-70 .... all world-class optics
a 4 lens kit should do it ...add a 25mm tube and a tamron 1.4x sp pro
(a tamron 1.4x on the 135 L gains a little reach - with very little loss in quality or speed)

I cant see 70-200 (f2.8 OR f4) as a travel lens in cities


my conclusion for you is - you have 16-35 and 50mm and 135L
this will do almost everything.... just use them....
I would swap the 50mm for the sigma if any change at all.... the sigma is as good @ 1.4 as the 50 is at f5.6 IMO - a killer

you could walk around the city with 16-35 all day ..ultrawide to near normal
I used 10-22(same as 16-35)  for 90% shots in Chicago over 3 days

I sometimes go out for long city walks with the 16-35 and a 100mm macro...like street fairs etc.. gets me close and wide... and fast enough

one more thing ... in PARIS especially...
keep your kit VERY CLOSE -  I would run a little cable/lock thru the zippers on a back pack or carry in my front...
the little teenaged thieves are very clever and work in pairs in Paris... they partly unzipped our back pack TWICE at train station entrances ....EVEN when we knew they were there...

just my thoughts

I use a Tamron sp pro 1.4x on the 70-200 II... just fine

but the 2x III is fairly good..... on that lens too

having f8 NOW, on the 5D3, also allows me to use the 2x III on my 70-200 f4 I.S. ...
but the native lenses are much better in focus speed and clarity


Lenses / Canon CN-E 14mm T3.1 L F Cinema Prime Lens (EF Mount)
« on: May 21, 2013, 07:33:14 PM »
Canon CN-E 14mm T3.1 L F Cinema Prime Lens (EF Mount)

is this - inside/the elements -  the same as the14L II?

is it autofocus?....


sorry that I dont fully understand the video lens series....  and features

thanks for helping me here

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Fuji x100(s) to Supplement an SLR
« on: May 15, 2013, 12:53:59 PM »
I use the 24-105 a fair amount...... pretty flexible

but when I want  to get MORE...
I use the 35 1.4 sigma .......and  the 135 f2... (maybe sub the 85L II)
get those two real bargains...if you want primes

I would vote for a stretch into the 14 L  II ....
14, 35 135 (or 85) ... is a VERY capable set

mostly...you'll likely use the 35 1.4 sig..... the best of these 4 lenses IMO...
135 f2 is second place then 85L II....
14L II is even more specialized and optional

yes the immediate avail of the 24-70 II zoom is nice...
but 35 and 85/135 ...and FAST is so nice to use

just my idea...
having used them all ............own all but the 24-70 II


Lenses / Re: 100mm f/2.8L with a diopter?
« on: May 11, 2013, 09:12:40 AM »
as said above 12mm and 25mm tubes... work great

Lenses / Re: 24-105L or Sigma 35.1.4 for 6D walk-around
« on: May 04, 2013, 05:06:14 PM »
if I may say
with a 5d3

a 24-105 is a great lens... for walkaround
24mm is actually pretty wide... and that lens is accurate and sharp too

but also you WILL have 'special needs'

super wide (I also sometimes bring a 14mm II...)
and for fast 'normal' the 35 f1.4 SIGMA...it really is better  than the 35L... used both  a lot...

then a 135 f2...
now you can do cafes'    at night... portraits with more blur...
and a 12mm ext tube... and/or a diopter lens ... ..for OCCASIONAL macros... they also work on 24-105...

and I keep a tam sp pro 1.4x TC...for some more reach ....with 135mm f2 ==> 189mm f2.8
 so now I have all the options

14mm,  24-105mm, 35 f1.4 fast, 135 f2/189mm fast... and some macro

camera and 4 lenses is a complete kit - IMO

start with the 24-105.. then .....consider a fast companion......like 35 1.4...
that pair is already almost a complete kit

maybe super wide 14m..........maybe fast tele (135mm)..

this really is a pretty complete kit...extended

I have ....70-200 (f4 and f28)  but they are bigger and heavier.... the others go out more...

back to 24-105............ the basic start point...add specialty things as you  go/grow

just my opinion

plus these are avail used..... and are medium priced lenses...

6D looks sensitive.. it will love the 35 1.4 (sigma OR Canon) and 135 f2 ...as you add them....
even from the used market...


I used to carry the hood from the 35L 1.4.... and use it on the 135 too.. saved space...handy
they are a kit in themselves..

then add 14L II
and the 24-105 is flex and quick response lens...

hope you get the 24-105 first..... then ONE specialist lens...at a time


did it change your settings ...the firmware change?....
silent is same for me..
maybe it got changed to regular LOUD...?

like the focus point settings/selections DID get changed on me...
I had to go thru and check all the settings that I 'expect' on my dial...

microadjust seemed to stick though

the camera works
I had hoped for the red square on servo focus...but a weak hope..

and I wanted the CF/SD card shift when one is removed ...to be 'fixed'...
(when I pull the CF card and shut the door, AND THEN replace it, the camera used SD as primary...bugs me)
but that one is minor...

the mental effect for me is
everything looks sharper...
and...I get an extra 3 mpg after I wash my car....

Lenses / Re: What exactly is a 100% crop?
« on: April 28, 2013, 06:51:23 AM »

100% crop is like said here a few ways...
clip out a part of the full-sized shot...and dont resize it..

I use Faststone (a FREE photo utility you SHOULD have) for this stuff.. works great ...and on a series of photos keeps the same size you choose... for each consecutive pic...
in the 'Crop Board'  use 'lossless crop to file' 
you can set the size of the crop sample.....
the word sample is a hint....
... it automatically appends   _cr    to your native shot

so here is a recent Smith River Panorama ...with a 300x200 100% crop

hope that helps


I use Faststone to look over my RAW CF card sometimes... it CAN convert directly to jpg .. in a pinch...
it is VERY useful.....

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