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Canon General / Reach and the inverted bell curve
« on: June 10, 2014, 12:30:08 AM »
I was thinking about this the other day and I thought I would go ahead and write it down just in case I feel like referencing it one day.  For the purposes of pricing, I'm using figures below retail... maybe there is a sale... maybe a rebate... but I could never image paying full price on anything.  Also, I'm not considering the price of the bodies... since there are some cheap crop and full frame options... I'll leave the ratios respective of the lens and the sensor type.

My first set of lenses were the kit, 18-55, and the much maligned (and deservedly so) 75-300mm.  On my XS, a crop body, that gave me an effective reach for 480mm give or take.  @ the bargain basement price of $100, I got a whole 4.8mm per dollar... oh... and all the blurry photos I wanted.  It was a buffet of blur...

Then I elected to give up some reach in favor of the Canon 55-250mm IS.  The images were better... variable aperture doesn't really come into play with this discussion, but all in all it was a solid lens.  Again, on a crop body, my reach was 400mm give or take.  @ the time, the lens cost around $170, so the mm/$ ratio is 2.35mm/$. MM's are starting to get expensive in this game of reach.

Eventually I upgraded my body to another crop body... so it is a push.  But then I kept pushing the image quality barrier... and low and behold, a 70-200mm f/4L USM shows up @ my door.  Now I'm at 320mm and a ratio of .533mm/$.  Outrageous.  I then played the game of climb the ladder with the 70-200's and while my reach wasn't changed, my ratio went from .533 to .246 to finally .145mm/$. 

Then I upgrade from crop to full frame bring my reach to a paltry 200mm and a ratio of .0909mm/$. 

Here's where things started to go the other direction... Losing all that reach either compels you to buy a new lens, maybe a fast prime... or in my case I bought a teleconvertor, 1.4x.  Now I'm rocking 280mm and a ratio of .107mm/$.  The reach is increasing an amazingly so is the ratio.  I personally don't have a 2x teleconvertor... but if I did, then we are at 400mm and .154mm/$.

So what's the moral... I think it is simple.  Reach is cheap in the beginning... but when you come out the other end you'll have to pay dearly for it.

Nice timing with the first shot.  I can never seem to get that ball on bat shot... though in my defense I spend most of my time coaching the girls...

Mine has served me well. It's somewhere around 125,000 pictures and still works fine. There is a cat hair in the viewfinder prism and the rubber grip is getting a bit loose, but other than that it works great.

I do regret not getting the 7D with the superior autofocus, but overall I am happy with it.

My rubber grip started to come loose as well...

I had it for 2+ years... and I really liked the 60D.  I do like shooting at shallow depths of field though... and the 60D doesn't have AFMA... But if you are shooting at reasonable depth of fields, you should be golden. 

Also... it is the same 18mp sensor that has been around forever... and it gets grainy pretty quickly depending upon your personal preference.  I could tolerate iso 2500... but some people complain past 800.

I liked/loved the articulating screen, I loved the shoulder lcd as compared to not having a shoulder lcd.

the 9 cross type AF points is adequate... I really liked my 60D and in good light, I'm not sure I could see a difference in image quality between my mkiii and the 60D... I say get it...

Photography Technique / Re: Help, I've lost my mojo!
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:59:03 PM »
I'm not sure landscape photography lends itself to creativity.
Oh, JD, you didn't really say that did you?  I think that landscape and nature photography in general require the most creativity.  You are presented with a fixed set of objects and conditions and you must use your creativity to take a good shot.  If composition is "the strongest way of seeing" then choosing the right lens, finding the right location and choosing the right time, height, angle, filters, and shutter speed are all creative choices required to achieve the best shot.  At least that's how I see it, but maybe I've misinterpreted your comments :)

In terms of resources like you mentioned - I really like the Creative Whack Pack & Innovative Whack Pack (of cards) by Roger von Oech.

It was kinda a joke... And like mini of my jokes it wasn't very funny.

Photography Technique / Re: Help, I've lost my mojo!
« on: June 09, 2014, 03:53:20 PM »
I think we've all been there and I echo the suggestions to shoot something else.  If you shoot landscapes, try shooting something completely different, even if it's not something you're passionate about.  Try macro, product photography, cars, architecture, portraits, etc.  What will happen is that you'll learn some new skills and they you'll be dying to try them out with landscapes. 

Buying some good photography books can help as well.  I have some Ansel Adams books that inspire me, and Genesis by Sebastiao Salgado is one I treated myself to last year.  It's a stunning book and one that will inspire just about anyone.

Also... there is a book I liked... imagine by jonah leher... It discusses where creativity stems from in the brain and good ways to foster it... having said that... I'm not sure landscape photography lends itself to creativity.

By the way I use Sandisk Cards. So I have licence for Rescue Pro. I need it yesterday and it worked fine.

I had the license... I meant to take it upstairs but I didn't and the wife probably threw it away.  But there are plenty of free programs... so that isn't a big deal.

Photography Technique / Re: Help, I've lost my mojo!
« on: June 08, 2014, 09:25:51 PM »
Mix and match techniques... incorporate landscape photography with second shutter flash portraiture.  Make an effort to go out during the golden hour... and take joy in your hits and in your misses because knowing why you screwed up will give you knowledge for the next time.

How do you transfer images?  With a card reader, you generally see the folder architecture, so you'd see the '101' folder. 

Personally, I have extra cards - the card with the images doesn't get formatted until the set is at least triaged (so I know it's complete) and stored on the internal SSD and at least one external HDD.

It was late at night and I was tired... that's the crux of the issue.  I transfer the file via usb directly into the camera... i am trying to avoid taking the cf card in and out because of the bent pin concern...

I can see the folders... i just was careless.

also, I had plenty of space on my card left over for my next project... I again was being lazy because I didn't want to sort through yesterday's photos with today's photos... I fully accept the consequences of my laziness... and next time i'll go through the confirm, regardless of the time of night.
Is this a real issue or not? I mean I read about it and I try to be gentle or ... shoot using both cards at the same time (mirroring) and then using the SD card to transfer images via a card reader.

But should we be afraid? Is 5D3 so fragile? When I had a 5D2 I was moving the CF card in and out with no issues (for almost 4 years).

I think if you use cheap products with poor quality control and you force the card... I think it can happen... but with the mkiii + a San disk... I'm guessing the risk is near zero... but not zero... so I'll be vigilant in my fear.

I might just be getting old. I was returning two movies to Redbox and when I got to the store dot dot dot what did I forget, the movies.

EOS Bodies / Re: 50d just died, trip in a week, what should I do?
« on: June 08, 2014, 06:31:27 PM »
If you are doing weddings, have a backup!  Its Rule 1. 
Don't go out and blow all your money on a new camera without having a backup, a new one has higher odds of dying soon than one that's been in use for a year or five,
I'd suggest getting a couple of refurb 60D's if that's what your budget allows.  Don't forget, you will need extra batteries for any newer camera model, you will also need SD cards.
Maybe a couple of used 50D's in not a bad choice, then your batteries and  CF cards will all work.

I had my daughter's xti as a backup to my 5D mkiii... let's just say there was a drop off in quality... so I upgrade her camera to a sl1... Not as good... but in good light... it will suffice if a circumstance requires.

EOS Bodies / Re: 50d just died, trip in a week, what should I do?
« on: June 08, 2014, 05:32:54 PM »
I don't like buying things BECAUSE you have to... but because there is a good price and you have a need that should be filled. 

I don't think the 6D is at a good price at the moment... I'd suggest getting another 50d for the short term and then selling it at a slight loss when you finally find a deal that is worth while. 

Having said that, maybe there is a great deal on the 6d that I am otherwise ignorant to...

How do you transfer images?  With a card reader, you generally see the folder architecture, so you'd see the '101' folder. 

Personally, I have extra cards - the card with the images doesn't get formatted until the set is at least triaged (so I know it's complete) and stored on the internal SSD and at least one external HDD.

Ditto here, I have a similar workflow.

And you can easily recover the images even after the in camera format with some recovery software.

I've had a CF usb 3 card reader in my cart for around 6 months now... and finally I have a compelling reason to buy it. 

When the images rolled over to a new folder, I'm wondering why they did not transfer, what software are you using? 
I could see it happening to me, if Lightroom does not see all the folders on the card.  Lightroom will not overwrite images so, if they are duplicates, a error will come up.
I tend to rename the images during import to a descriptive name like Joes Graduation - June 2014, which prevents duplications.
Since you did not do a low level format, you should be able to recover them.

I drag and drop.  I know lightroom will do the work for me... and I even learned how to set that up... and then I proceeded to forget about it because of hubris... plain and simple.

When people talk nostalgically about film, I remember:
Film slips off take-up spool. Shoot 48 exposures of nothing before thinking: Wow! That's a really long roll of film;
Better put some film in the camera. Open camera back. Oh, film was already in the camera...exposed;
Film sticks together on developing reel. Best shots are always the ones destroyed;
Pour the developer out of the tank. Hmm, smells like fixer...oh oh!
Fire call comes in over the police radio. Rush to the scene. Shoot flames coming out of building. Switch film. Wait! the ISO dial says 400, but that was slide film;
That print looks pretty good, lets flip on the lights...who left the box of paper open!
Just shot six rolls of film of championship game. Loading the film now. In walks someone. Light flip: "Anybody in here?"
I could go on and on. I definitely don't miss the film era.
;D When people write "LOL".. they're usually not.  Not this time.  I'm glad there's no one around at the moment, because I can't stop howling.  Thanks for the memories!  Each and every one...

I did some film work in college... but it was of nephrons and really not very interesting... but I can say... in my limited experience... I didn't have any of the above happen... though I did have a partner do a crap job on attaching the kidney in the parafin... so the suspended tissue just fell off the block... I'm never going to get over that one.

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