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Lol....UK pricing for the 16-35 f4 LIS seems to be nearly as expensive as the f2.8 version!
While I'm sure the UK price will fall dramatically once the product is on the shelves, i really thing that canon urgently needs to refresh it's UK RRP policy.
It's a tax for the impatient.

I've been an early adopter in video game systems and that's about it.  I've been able to not go nuts and buy camera gear at launch.... which I believe shows great moral character... though I'm the only one that would believe that.

does it have to be full height?

I got a small one that i take everywhere simply because i never bring the big expensive ones with its only about 30cm tall but packs down to about the size of a 100 f2.8 lens including ball head. it was well under $100 no monopod option though or extra feet...

That's interesting... I haven't thought about that... about 50% of the time I'm at 30 inches or smaller because I photograph my 8 month old on the floor... but I'm leaning towards no...

I appreciate yall's concern, but I don't do many long exposures... some, but nothing that requires a big investment.  And I generally lol bears with my bare hands... using a tripod just wouldn't be fair.   

And having said all of that.... I have an old velbon that I used to do some video, and a dolica that I paid twenty bucks for... ski in my experience, I don't see the NEED for a really expensive tripod... and so for me, spending $100 on one is really pushing it.

For what it is worth, I'm picking up a b&w 3 stop at 77mm and I have a step down... or maybe it is a step up filter converter do I can fit it in my other lenses as well.


First off, let me apologize for asking a question that has been asked half a hundred times... but here we go.

I find a roof on Amazon that gets solid reviews and it is almost perfect for my needs.

Her are my needs:
It doesn't have to be that light weight, but aluminum would be nice.
I want a removable leg which works as a monopod.
I prefer a wing release on the legs rather than the screw type, but I can live with it.
I want a ball head.
I want a removable head so I can use the legs as a flash stand with an umbrella bracket.
And here's the deal breaker for me... I want the monopod to have the additional spokes which turn it into a tripod.

So do I need to start my own tripod company to get all of these specifications?

I found one on Amazon that meets four of the above, but I'd really like the retractable spokes.

Sometimes people just try to get you to buy stuff. Caveat emptor.

For me personally, and I well understand others will see it differently, reliability is worth way more to me than a $100


Tested my Canon 600EX-RT flashes with Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter, I have no issue trigger the flashes at 150 feet. 15/15 shots, got them all.

My garage is not that big, but I'm going to test them at 200 feet this coming weekend - stay tune... ::)

Still work at 200ft.... :o :o :o

Have you tested the distance using the 600rt as the trigger?

I'm so late to this conversation, but is the presumption threat the 16-35 f4L going to replace the 17-40 f4L ?

I'm not a big fan of the wide angle look so it doesn't really affect me one way or another, but I have thought about doing some freelance real estate photography on the weekends.  So obviously a wide angle is preferable for that... and I'm curious if waiting for the new lens to drop in price is worth it....

I was told to buy an grip, because the 6D´s GPS drains the batteries quite much. Better take an exchance battery in my backpack without an grip?

I would think it would be far easier to take one or two spare charged batteries with you than getting a grip.  You should get a grip because you want a grip, not for just the extra battery.  How long does it take to change a battery on a 6D?  Compare that with the full time bulk and weight of a grip.

More to the point, the grip doesn't offer any added power, other than keeping two charged batteries in there at the same time.  So just spend your money on extra batteries, keep them charged, and swap out as needed.  And deactivate the GPS when you aren't shooting.  I've never even turned mine on, although I would for some nice landscapes or travel photography.

3rd party grips do allow you to use double a batteries in a pinch and that is a nice option.

Get the 6d and a solid tripod.  I'd personally go with a SanDisk card which are seemingly more reliable, and I wouldn't get a third party grip.  Just get an oem battery.

If you are doing mostly landscape, manually focus on a tripod using live view and probably smaller apertures...

There is usually more than one rebate form.  A visit to the flashes section on the Canon site shows the rebate.

I'm seeing a $50 instant savings... but still no rebate.  It's no biggy.

the title says it all... I opened up the current rebate form and I didn't see the 600rt listed, so I'm going to guess no.


It is a joke. It is listed for $ 549 and there is a $ 50 rebate making it $ 499. Which is $ 60 more than it cost a few months ago.
Get the 2x 600RT plus transmitter bundle for 1019 from Adorama. Mine just shipped :)

I just bought one... and there is an argument to be made that it is both new and from an authorized retailer... so I could qualify for a $50 mail in rebate... but it isn't meant to be.

the title says it all... I opened up the current rebate form and I didn't see the 600rt listed, so I'm going to guess no.


I was on prostituterumors.com the other week... and there were some prostitutes complaining about the same thing.  Something about "just giving it away"... so photography isn't the only industry affected by an influx of amateurs. 

It isn't about the gear.... always... my kid will make goofy faces at me because she assumes my time isn't worth as much as a photographer's... then she gets in trouble and the day is ruined... So it can be worth having someone else tame the kid's photos.

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