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I feel the same way.  When I had my xs... yes totally needed to upgrade for so many reasons ( video, iso performance, fps,etc), and when I sold my 60d at a loss... that was hard... but the improvements going to full frame were definitive and it just took a while for that to notice.  But now... It will have to be truly earth shattering for me to consider the added expense plus losing money on selling the mkiii. 

I'm not sure I buy this rumor unless the new sensor tech is truly revolutionary (dual pixel doesn't excite me that much).  For me the 5DIII and 1D X are very close to the perfect cameras and it would take at least one or more of these items for me to consider upgrading, assuming no degradation of existing features/performance:

1. 2+ stops of improvement in ISO noise levels
2. 2+ stops of improvement in DR
3. 50% increase in megapixels
4. 50% increase in frame rate
5. Significant weight reduction (1D X) via carbon fiber or something
6. Something revolutionary that we don't know about

I think I'm back on board... but I will wait for a discount...

I feel as though everyone gets their hopes up about WHAT SHOULD BE in the new body... and then when it comes out well below the wishlist, people's hopes are crestfallen... I don't want to say yall are setting yourself up for disappointment... but I think that is the case.

Maybe there is a new sensor... with dual pixel since they haven't integrated it into the mkiii's firmware, and maybe gps, 4K vid, and wifi... and a price tag of $4000... So... maybe... we should curb our enthusiasm

EOS-M / Re: Which batteries do you use on Speedlite Flash 90ex?
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:33:31 PM »
I did have a pair of energizer rechargeable batteries that wouldn't hold a charge after a year.... and they are warranties for two years... So I placed a warranty claim and after making them back, I got a coupon which I used to buy more energizers... as a back up set, I'm perfectly content with them.

EOS-M / Re: Which batteries do you use on Speedlite Flash 90ex?
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:27:58 PM »
I don't think it matters much, just make sure you have spares with you, those little AAA's don't last long if you use the flash much. I use Duracell's in mine, but only because I have them laying around.

It was probably my own fault, but I used a set of Panasonic aaa that were in my junk drawer.

The batteries drained quickly and while it could have been the batteries, others report that the 90ex drains batteries and shots are missed.  I hated the 90ex and I upgraded everything.

I have a set of eneloops that I'm quite fond of... and if I were to point you in a direction, that would be it.

Can't wait to start reading how the 1DX and 5DMkIII can't autofocus - you can buy a used one, but your keeper rate is going to be so low and the IQ is just terrible.

I guess I have to be ready to throw my 1DMk4 in the trash because it will probably just stop taking pictures when the new camera's are announced.

I think of the 5d mkiii a bit like my wife.  I can upgrade at a price... I don't need a new wife... would I like a new wife to spice things up... sure... but the wife at present is not only adequate, but very good...

If this is true, and Canon feels that this "new technology" about to be debuted in the 7D2 is so good that the rest of the lineup must have it, it must be something big!

That is quite optimistic. 

Launch price for the mkiii was 3500... so I suppose $4000 seems like a reasonable bump up in price... with the 1dx's selling at $5000... it really raises the question of whether a 1dx for an extra grand is worth it more than a new mkiv.  Interesting question.

Huh... I was hoping to have more time before being tempted by an mkiv.  I'll have gotten two years out of the body before it was old news... though I'm now wondering about residual resale value... maybe I just won't think about it.


Particularly if the post has a link to a site with Trojans, virus, questionable content, or blatant advertising.

That seems reasonable.

"This aggression will not stand, man!"

He told me to take any post in the house, man!

The post really tied the thread together.

"This aggression will not stand, man!"

I don't care for posts magically disappearing our being redacted.  I think it is reasonable for a notation to be made that a past was removed and the rule that is being cited as having been broken.  Ditto with redactions. 

Business of Photography/Videography / Re: Canon CPS
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:38:49 PM »
I'm a lowly silver... but I have enough points for platinum... but my pocket book quotes that memorable line from TALLADEGA Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, "Ain't nothing wrong with silver."

True.  With my first daughter I was in the el cheapo group.  I brought in my coupon... give me the package, no more, no less.  The funny thing is that I now have offer $10,000 in gear for a product I am reluctant to pay more than $30 for.  Strange world.

I think we might have scared him off.

Don't take the advice given here as an attack on you or your photography. Take it as an opportunity to learn and to grow your business and skills. You'll be setting yourself apart from your competition and you won't be worrying about them anymore. It's all about perception. You can perceive everything written to be an attack on you, get defensive/hurt and nothing will be done to help grow your business. Or you can take the advice given and implement some changes that will make you stand out.

In the end I suppose that's what people are saying. You need to elevate everything you do so that you aren't competing in the same market as the amateur. As you've found out most people just want the cheapest prices and don't have an eye for the art. Don't market to those people.

Hope this helps and doesn't hinder you.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Damn you 1DX!!!!!
« on: June 19, 2014, 01:07:05 PM »
I was about to say that might be easier said than done... but he could start offering services to aspiring models and open up a whole new vein of potential. 

I tried it at the store...fell in love.

I imagine it's a lot cheaper than marriage, divorce, children or criminal defense attorneys.    :P

I just broached the subject of the camera with my girlfriend. She gave me a look like I might not have to worry about marriage after all...  :'(

I must always remember: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission."  :P
get the camera... look for a new girlfriend

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