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Canon General / Re: $10,000
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:36:42 PM »
I have about 10k in gear... And I'm not sure I WANT anything other than what I have...

It I'd shop strange... you slowly start buying gear and one day your gear is more expensive than your first car. 

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:47:30 PM »
Dear Friends.
Sorry , I am not the Lawyer or an Attorney. It happen  to me many times, And I have the copy of this page" The Photographer's Right"  in my pocket and let the read, and I ask for they name and ask --If they are Lawyer or Attorney or not ?, and write  their name on my notes book---After that No problem at all.
PS, To all of my friends---Please copy and print " The Photographer's Right" and keep in your Camera bag, One day you will need them.

One other note, its all well and good to know your rights, but do yourself a favour and don't whip this out without explaining yourself first... and keep in mind showing this to a fellow like the one mentioned in the original post is pointless, aggressive and will only make things worse.

Whatever happened to good ole... no speeka da engliss.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 21, 2014, 02:28:39 PM »
Yesterday I was hitting some softballs to my daughter and three boys came and joined us, two teens and one elementary age kid.  Their parents were there, but it was fun.  It reminded me of the reality of the movies like the sandlot. 

It was actually more fun than coaching my little girls softball team. You hit one girl in the face with a softball... And then hit another the next practice... And I'm the bad guy.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:42:53 PM »
But the perception in the public that any person with a camera is a pervert in training - or in practice - is an unfortunate one. I don't know what we can do to change it.

I think a good first step is making sure that our flies are zipped.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 21, 2014, 11:29:24 AM »
You can always wear a burka.  They are fashionable, GREAT in the summer, and hide your face extremely well.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:31:38 PM »
Sign of bad times.
Lets not judge the man who stopped you, in his mind he did his 'citizen job of the day'. He did what he thought was correct. He should have checked the situation properly before reacting but I am glad that there are people out there who feel that they need to protect the kids. Good. I think it is incorrect on anyone's part to call him a pervert.

I have a similar story but perhaps I, unlike you, was actually wrong. I had bought an underwater housing for my S90. I took it to my gym pool in broad daylight to see how it works. There were just kids in the pool. Boys. I was NOT taking their photos just trying to see how the housing feels underwater. One fat mama started singing the opera… I immediately stopped.

Good luck with learning servo focus etc. Try back button focus please.

I'm getting a little impatient for Dual pixel to be added to the 5D mkiii firmware.  The last time I used back button focusing while taking video, it wasn't good.  The aperture opened up... it searched a little... it was annoying.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:29:57 PM »
Be glad that he spoke to you and didn't just call the police.  I know folks who have ended up in the back of a police cruiser.  People are paranoid - but, unfortunately with the rise of the internet - the perverts are out there and taking and sharing pictures, too.  So the paranoia is not completely out of line.  At least now in the digital age, if you are approached and accused, you can immediately show the pics to prove your innocence.  Back in the film days, it was not so easy.

But we shouldn't have to constantly prove out innocence.  For a benign activity such as photography,  we should not be automatically thrown in to consideration as either terrorists or child rapists. 

Afterall... those who have participated in the bikini thread are not all full-grown lady rapists...

If it is a public place... people are being photographed... not necessarily by a photographer... but by street light cameras, parking lot cameras, cameras at a checkout...

Hey... don't photograph me... that died a long time ago.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:34:42 PM »
I have business cards in my wallet, but I don't have them to justify my existence, just if someone asks where I post my work or to look at my catalog... then I'll throw one down because it is easier than giving them my email address or phone number.   Basically calling cards because I don't like talking to people.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:06:23 PM »
I know getting into fights isn't socially acceptable... but in my middle age I'm more willing to kick a little ass than I was when I was younger.  But it feels awkward to tell someone... give me five minutes to put my gear away and then I'll happily beat that ass. 

Funny story! 

I was in Colorado last winter skiing with my wife and another couple.  We are completely normal looking young adults from the midwest.  We were at Copper Mountain Resort after a full day of skiing having a nice dinner at a slope side restaurant (still in our ski gear).  I had my 5d2 and 50 1.4 (hardly a obtrusive setup) and i was taking a few pics of our friends and the ambiance (typical vacation stuff).  It was busy and I was not doing anything to attract attention other than taking a few harmless photos in a busy public place. 

Then, some guy comes up to me and asks to see my camera (he didn't say it in a nice way).  I asked why, and he said he wanted to see if I had taken pictures of his kids.  He then accused me of taking photos of children in the restaurant and called me a sicko (and something else worse but I don't remember).  My wife and friends were as shocked as me and I basically told him to go f**k himself.  Plus me and my friend are big guys and this guy was maybe 5'5" so there wasn't much he could do.  However, it ruined my night as it left me pissed off the whole time. 

Because I drove 800 miles and spent thousand of dollars so I could take pictures of random kids in a restaurant in Colorado?  What am I going to do with these pictures?  Some people are just paranoid...  Fun world we live in, huh???


Is that just the random price or you actually saw these lenses on sale that cheap?
In regard to your question, my vote goes for 85 1.2ii, but you need to decide which focal length you use more. So people don't like 85mm, others don't like 135mm.

The prices are reflective of prices that I either have purchased before or are in the process of buying.  I have some back channel methods for reducing my costs...

So for others... it is more expensive... for me...I'm more than happy with the price I wind up with.

Lenses / Re: Bought the 300mm 2.8 ii and think its huge
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:23:00 PM »
I felt uncomfortable for the first time ever with this lens. Its awesome fast and sharp but wonder if the limited use will be worth tying up $7300. Any uses that would be helpful to try.

How much can you sell it for if you want to buy something else?  I think of all of my gear as having money in escrow. 

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:20:12 PM »
Thanks all for the support.

Here is the epilogue.

I did offer to show him the pics, but red faced, he declined.  When I left, I did take his pic, and I let him know that I was doing it, just to piss him off.

Here is the kicker.  I am a respected surgeon in town.  I get total enjoyment behind my camera, I get my creative outlet, and it is a stress reliever.  In a given week, many people put their lives in my hands.  Not a big deal, it is my profession.  I like being anonymous behind a camera, and also having no responsibilities.

So, I would be the last one in the world to be involved in this and at the same time, I am furious at this twit for appointing himself playground monitor. 

Given all that is going on in the world, I am like so many of you, very paranoid about kids, so I don't point a lens at any that aren't family or friends who request portraits.



Make sure you have the lens insured before you go around taking people's photos and pissing them off.  If they act out and decide to smash your body/lens to the ground... I wouldn't want to rely on the police to find them and make them responsible for the the cost of the damages... and even if they were caught, they might not have two farthings to rub together...

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:15:03 PM »
Actually, it did happen once.  I just got a lens from Amazon, a 70-200 f/4L USM... and I was excited about.  I got the delivery @ 1:45p.m. and I needed to pick up my kid from school around 2:30, so I took my body and my new lens to the school parking lot and waited.  While I waited for my daughter and the kids to be dismissed into the parking lot, I rolled down my window and took some boring photos... power lines, trees (stuff that was high and away from the parents cars and their kids that weren't old enough to be in school). 

And a few minutes before the kids are let out I get a tap on my window from one of the janitors at the school.  And that poor guy is put in the awkward position of telling me to not photograph... but he said... oh you are one of the parents... we got a call...

And at that point I volunteered to put it away.  I didn't put the janitor through the uncomfortable circumstance of asking a parent to put away a camera. 

But that was annoying... because I think I was at the school for a good three or four years at that point, and I really wasn't doing anything crazy... and I was in the parking lot... not like a crazy perv across the street with my 600mm lens... but yes... it is the world we live in. 

Amazingly, despite everyone and their dog having a camera on their phone, REAL cameras are feared and evidently, a cause for concern.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 08:12:41 PM »
Happened to me a few years back at the Whistler tube park.  Just pointed to my children and said "if those are your kids I'll stop now." She went from foaming at the mouth to red faced fast enough to freeze the action on the slope!

You should have taken a photo of her just then and really pissed her off.

Photography Technique / Re: Am I the only one this has happened to?
« on: April 20, 2014, 07:53:22 PM »
No... but I generally try not to shoot other kids without permission and I know you weren't doing that.

That's tough, because I can smoothie with home because I have a crazy wife who would be concerned about pervs so she might have asked me to do something stupid like that.  I would have approached the photog and asked that they not photograph my kid because I have a bat S___ crazy wife...

But she has mellowed. 

I photograph my daughter's school events and no one has ever asked me not to... but I think I volunteer the year book info pretty quickly so they know why I'm doing it.

As a joke I have though about getting an index card in my fedora that says press... but that seems silly.

Don't take too much offense.  At least the guy cared about his kid, presuming there was his kid in the mix... because we see a ton of apathy from some parents.

Also... maybe you have Jon Hamm condition where your package is just huge even when flaccid so it looks like you are hiding a cobra inyour pants. 

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