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Speaking of price drops.

eGlobal has the 5D body only on sale atm $1940AUD


If you include shipping @$130ish thats cheaper than anyone that has the camera listed in Australia.

eg TEDs current price $2799AUD + Shipping

If your looking to buy a 5D2 then it looks like now is the time.

Personally I'm waiting to see how this 1D-C rumour pans out.

EOS Bodies / Re: Concept Cinema DSLR Official
« on: November 09, 2011, 04:42:26 AM »
If Canon added RAW video capture to a 1D Mark IV, you'd have your Scarlet X right now. The newly revised Scarlet X is nothing more than an APS-H sized sensor. Red no longer impresses me at all. They're just about marketing hype. The only thing Red does better than Canon is they have the good sense to realize not to use highly compressed codecs that negate the point of shooting with large sensors in the first place. If Canon ever figures that out, they will blow Red out of the water.

Don't forget the other things that RED does really well.

Such as drop frames.


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 5D X
« on: November 09, 2011, 04:36:56 AM »
The product line according to me (after updates)

1Dx - Flagship - $7000
3D - 4k Video - $5000
5D3 - 25-30 MP - $2500
7D2 - 21MP - $1600
70D - 21MP - $1200
T4i - 21MP - $800
T4 - 15MP - $600

What is it with everyone thinking that they are going to make a 3D?

Unless they actually make a 3D capable camera it won't happen. Same reason why we won't get a 2D.
Similar to your ideal i now get the feeling that its going to go something like this...

1D-X Flagship - $7000
1D-C 4K Video DSLR - $5000
5D3 - High MP Full Frame, Basic HD video (similar to mk2 already has) - $2500
7D2 - Top APSC - $2000

The the usual such as, 70D, 700D, 1200D etc

The top 4 are going to be the key here.
From what Canon seems to be doing, they are streamlining their products.

Key being that the 1D X is the Photographers camera and the C being the videographers camera, for example the C will not have the high 12fps shooting speeds of the X or the ethernet connection, instead it has 4K video and headphone jack for audio monitoring.

And before anyone else decides to smite this post i understand the D and the Ds were different lines of the same family in basically the same situation. lets just see how this plays out this time.

EOS Bodies / Re: Two More EF Cine Primes in the Works
« on: November 08, 2011, 09:12:23 PM »
Any guesses regarding whether these EF Cine Primes will perform better/worse/not differently than their still lens equivalents, when used for still images on cameras like the 1Ds3 and 5D2?

Theoretically they should work better as they cover a larger area, have better light sensitivity and (one would guess) have better glass.

But then again they won't have autofocus ability so a lot of photographers will not like that (unless your totally old school and do everything manually)

EOS Bodies / Re: Cinema EOS Development Opinion
« on: November 06, 2011, 12:39:43 AM »
Looking at the prices of the new cinema lenses, it seems videographers have no problem spending more.

Just because Canon is pricing the new lenses at $45-48k for the zooms and $6,800 for EACH of the primes doesn't mean the video community can readily afford these products.  At those steep prices, I'd have to have a huge project with an intense need in order to justify that expense.  With most of the low and restricted mid range budgets these days, I have a feeling that many will be sticking with their current lens lineup for awhile to come.

Firstly unless you are working in a film production house or television studio, the zoom lenses are not marketed at yourself.

And the Primes with their MSRT of $6800 is not that bad, especially when you take into consideration that this is not street price.
How many amateur photographers do you see walking around with a Sigma 200-500? (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/551435-REG/Sigma_597101_200_500mm_f_2_8_EX_DG.html)
Ok i understand that its a $25,000 lens but its also not something that the average Joe will want for his kit.

The same goes for these lenses, they are aimed at the semi pro/advanced amateur videographer, that is using EOS equipment and wants to take it a step beyond a basic Canon 50mm f1.2 for filming (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/457680-GREY/Canon_1257B002AA_Normal_EF_50mm_f_1_2L.html) which is $1500 by itself and not really designed for video.

Software & Accessories / Re: Off Camera Microphones
« on: November 06, 2011, 12:26:59 AM »
I have used both he Rode NTG2 and Video Mic on my camera when shooting recently.

Half way through shooting the NTG2 got broken (clumsy grip), so we had to just use the VideoMic (non pro). Stuck a dead cat on it and kept shooting.
Surprisingly once we were able to adjust the levels in camera on the 60D we got really good sound, as good if not better than the NTG2 on a boom pole.

Plus it meant we didn't have to lug around a heap of extra equipment.

The other thing to remember is the Rode Video Mics use a 9v battery for power. We got 5 FULL days of shooting from 1x Duracell Advanced 9v. Which is actually really good.

Lenses / Re: canon is not for poor film makers anymore! 47,000$??!!!
« on: November 05, 2011, 06:53:36 AM »
Except that you'll have to focus it manually.

If you are having to use auto focus as a film maker your doing it wrong  ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: Dan Chung Talks EOS-1D X Video
« on: October 29, 2011, 01:34:47 AM »
If we were interested in Video we would have bought a video camera instead.

oh, really? why not to use canon a800 for still picture?
many of us are interested in high quality video not less than in high quality photoes.

Have to agree with astrocrab on this one.....kinda!

If you want to take 1/2 decent video then you take a dramatic hike in prices.

This was the beauty of EOS video, it allowed sensors closer to actual film dimensions at a fairly cheap price.
Plus it allows a very shallow depth of field that most budget videocameras can't even dream of getting.

As soon as you start buying "budget" video cameras that can do the same or similar style video of the EOS line your almost on a 1:1 $:$ outlay but with a camera twice the weight and 4x the bulk.

EOS Bodies / Re: Dan Chung Talks EOS-1D X Video
« on: October 27, 2011, 07:52:45 PM »
I just don't see them using the full frame sensor(you'd have line skipping problems again),  for a video camera @ $3k , so how are they gonna use a smaller sensor and still call it a 5D?. It doesn't make any sense. They need to differentiate from their existing cameras (by pricing above probably).  This means a new lineup.

The problem is we don't know what the boffins in their white coats have been cooking up in the labs.

If you watch the video the rep mentions a few times that the 1DX is a PRO Photography DSLR camera, the video was extra.
He makes that point clear a few times.
This is why it sounds to me like they are going to try and release a PRO Video DSLR e.g. the next 5D model being that its been accepted unofficially by the industry as being the video DSLR of choice already.

You mention line skipping but as they said in the video that it has been reduced dramatically with the new sensor, remember that this is the Photo DSLR, it then makes me wonder what the Video version could achieve.

As for the smaller sensor, If you are shooting video @1080p you are pretty much using about 2MP, so increase that to 4K (4096×2160) and you will be around the 8.8MP mark.
The current 5D2 shoots Photos at 5616 x 3744 as we know is 21MP. even if that was reduced to 18MP like on the 1DX it can still more than cover the sensor range required for 4K.

Sure you may loose 3MP but you also gain a clearer image with better spacial resolution.

Think of it more like the CPU race that happened a few years ago, people were pushing for faster and faster CPUs, until we hit almost 4GHz, then suddenly the average CPU dropped to around the 2GHz speed. BUT they also added a second core, then quad core, octo core etc.
By reducing the speed of the core and making it do more with the cycles it has they managed to create much more productive CPUs.

If we then take that same analogy to camera sensors it seems that Canon are doing the similar thing now. Reduce the MP count but make the pixels that are there do a hell of a lot more.

If this means that we get much better quality images (even if slightly smaller in physical size) then that doesn't seem like an all too bad thing, especially when you can then blow the image up with less distortion.

EOS Bodies / Re: Dan Chung Talks EOS-1D X Video
« on: October 27, 2011, 07:02:50 PM »
There is also the other possibility that people seem to gloss over.

The one of Canon is reducing its line and creating a more streamlined product portfolio.

Merge the 1D series into one PRO photography line camera.
Change the 5D to make it PRO video focused (this could be why they don't want to tread on the video departments feet, they have a video DSLR in the works and have not announced it of yet, why kill the sales of the 5D2 until the rumours are definite?)
Make the xxD series the top APSC camera and merge all the features of the 7D and 60D to make an epic 70D.
Make the xxxD series the basic limited camera, plastic body, limited features compared to the xxD etc
xxxxD series remains the older tech based my first DSLR.

I know that i will get bitched at my the fans of the 7D wanting a 7D2 etc about this but I'm not bagging the camera I'm talking about streamlining the products. Give the customers less choice but make the choices you have amazing compared to the competition. Sorta like how Apple compete with their products.

You want a phone...we have the iPhone, broken into (canon line equivelent) 4S = 1DX, 4 = xxD, 3GS = xxxD and the touch = xxxxD.

Not exactly far fetched if you think about it like that. 

They can increase profit margins, refine their tooling and manufacturing and R+D departments because they won't have to work on as many models. Resulting in a much much better camera for us.

Who knows we may eventually see that 4K video Canon 5D3 HDSLR for under $3k everyone is dreaming of.

EOS Bodies / Re: Dan Chung Talks EOS-1D X Video
« on: October 27, 2011, 04:38:14 PM »
Is it just me or  does it seem like whenever he gets probed about video, it comes across as "this is the photographers camera .... you want the videographers camera".

Maybe they ARE going to revamp the 5D3 line to make it purely video based. e.g. clean HDMI, headphone jack etc.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 5D X
« on: October 25, 2011, 07:11:10 AM »
Hmmm, I think the 5D MK3 will become the video DSLR in Canon's lineup with fewer MP (improving the DR of the sensor) and extra video features not found on any other camera and that we'll see a 3D introduced that has higher megapixels.

How they'll price them, I've no idea..

Agreed...... kinda.

I have a feeling that they will release a camera with the specs you are thinking for the 5D3 but it will be a new line, e.g. the 6D that we have heard rumours about. The 5D3 will more than likely be the large MP camera that you are speaking of .

The main reason for this thinking is if they change the 5D3 into a pure video based DSLR can you imagine the bitching and moaning on these and other forums .... "they have ruined the 5D".... "OMG I'm going to sell all my gear and move to Nikon" etc etc. It would make more sense to start the line off fresh and dedicated.

On saying that the one thing i REALLY hope they add is a headphone jack for monitoring.

As stupid as it sounds it could also be the mythical 6D video DSLR.

Thats not a 5D3 or 1D series.
Its still EOS
Its something a lot of 5D2 video shooters are hoping for.
It could "possibly" be Full Frame
It would not have to be huge MP sticking around the 18-24bracket.

/walks off and grabs flame suit.

Software & Accessories / Re: Dual charger 5D Mark II
« on: September 29, 2011, 08:49:46 PM »

EOS Bodies / Re: No 5D Mark III on Novemeber 3 [CR2]
« on: September 26, 2011, 08:36:05 PM »
^ an evf will ruin the 5d line evf flickr and are unprofessional I prefer optical viewfinders but thats just me.
and you are not alone ;)

Things heard in the past
1) Film is better, digital is unprofessional
2) Auto focus is unprofessional. Manual focus in what the Pros do.
3) Electronic aperture is for amateurs. I need the aperture ring.

Now, most people now will not go back to film, want their 90 point autofocus and all the exposure features that electronic aperture offer. And SOON, people will think the same thing about EVFs. They will say, how did I ever live without it? Why? Because EVFs allows a much broader range of useable lenses, much better judging of exposure and from what I understand (I might be wrong) a faster burst speed (like the new Sonys) which is only possible without the mirror.

Ironically, I shoot video so I don't use auto focus, I would prefer a manual aperture ring for more universal adaption. But I want an EVF because of benefits mentioned above, especially quicker snap judgement of exposure without relying so much on the meter when doing things Manual, which is what I almost always do.

Just like all other aspects of a modern camera, electronics will over take the OVF and in hindsight, people will embrace it and learn to like it.
However, today's EVF technology is not at the level when it is actually better than the OVF (yet). But I'm sure it will evolve and replace the pentaprism in the future. The problem is that nobody knows when that future is coming till it's already here. ;) Finally, 5D won't become a camcorder no matter what your dreams are, it's a DSLR. Just wait for Canon to release a FF something which will be THE camera for videos.

You know what's strange is that after shooting video with the Canon DSLRs, I now way prefer the DSLR form factor for shooting video. I've owned video cameras, a 16mm Eclair ACL and a Beaulieu super 8mm and the DSLR is so small and easy to shoot with, form factor wise, especially for hand held type stuff where often now, I just pull out the slack in the neck strap and it because a super stable rig of sorts, and you can do it quickly if you're shooting b-roll without setting up a rig. You just have so many options with DSLRs in terms of how to outfit it.

It's nice because you can add rigs and what not to make the DSLR as big and gadgety as you want, but it can be stripped all the way down to a simple, small camera; and that is something you just can't do with the larger video cameras.

The only reason why video people love the 5D is because it's the only Full Frame video camera so it has that special look that you can't get with other cameras.

Mostly, I just want the thing to come out. Tired of waiting like everyone else.

Agreed :)

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