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Third Party Manufacturers / ...and now Smugmug.
« on: July 24, 2013, 01:46:15 AM »
This just landed in my inbox:

In seven days, on Tuesday, July 30th at 10:30 a.m. PDT, we're unveiling the new SmugMug. We will be streaming our announcement live and direct from our headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Join us for a 30-minute webcast with our CEO and Chief Geek, Don MacAskill. See the new look, catch a live demo, and be a part of the biggest launch since SmugMug started in 2002.

We’re so grateful you found us. Thank you for entrusting us through the years with your priceless photos. We consider you part of our family and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. We think you’re gonna love it.

Chris & Don MacAskill
Founders, photographers, regular guys
Ready to be amazed?

The reason I started with smugmug, and willingly pay good money for it (for that price I could get an extra box of 20 sheets of 4x5" Velvia 50 a year, even at the new prices), is that I like the customisability. I hate flickr with its white backgrounds, I wanted black.
I like smugmug's ability to change almost everything, make galleries look different from each other, all of my public ones (as empty as they are, I should upload more) look the same title-bar and all that, but some privately-shared ones look different, I've stripped all identification and links back to my public galleries.

Still, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt until I see what they've got in store. If they change the way custom galleries work, they're going to lose a lot of customers, I hope they know that and aren't mucking with what works. So maybe they're just changing the home-pages and maybe shared/group pages, in which case it won't affect me (or maybe it'll be a good thing and encourage me to share more).

OK, so it's not exactly a rumour, it's a definite thing if they get more supporters, so I'm doing my bit by sharing.
As you all might know, i've gone a bit film nutty lately. I've been shooting 135 and 120 film a lot, and I've been spending some time over at the APUG forums. Two things there recently caught my eye.

Firstly, is that Velvia (the best landscape film available, the one that killed Kodachrome) went out of production in large sheet sizes, followed quickly by being back in production. I was so happy about that, that Fuji are still making a concerted effort to support their film division, that I was almost contemplating buying a LF camera in celebration.

Secondly, and by strange coincidence very soon after, I see this:
It's a kickstarter project for a travel-sized LF camera, smaller than your average DSLR.
Two versions, 90mm f/6.8 with focussing helicoid (which translates to FF 25mm f/1.8 if you crop the LF to a 3:2 ratio, 21mm if you crop FF to a 4:5 ratio), and a 65mm f/8 version, pre-set at hyperfocal (18mm or 16mm depending on how you crop to compare).
Scan it to a mere 2400dpi (i've scanned velvia to 3200dpi and can't see grain) and you get a 120MP image. Even at 1200dpi you get a modest 30MP image. Take that, D800.
And the best part is, it's only $99 plus a lens (lens is probably about $200). Film's not even expensive either, $2 a shot or so (As in, you could get about 1500 frames in for the same price as a 5D3+lens).

I'm in for the 65mm version, although I may swap to a 90mm (or get both) depending on how easy it is to get a lens. They're already $57k out of $75k, if they get to $85k then everyone gets a free pinhole (which will save me needing a lens for a while).

So, who else would like to support this? Even if not, share it around your friends, you never know who'd be interested...

Canon General / 700D and 100D it is!
« on: March 21, 2013, 01:17:51 AM »
Thanks to www.canon.com.au

Edit: having a read through the 'features' (there's no specs for now):
both 18MP
both 9pt AF (no idea about cross-type), with video AF
both Digic 5
Both vari-angle LCD

I don't see what's between them except maybe build quality. But looking at the lensmounts, the bodies are tiny. And there's some funky new grippy stuff too.

Software & Accessories / Stop Using Instagram
« on: December 18, 2012, 04:29:46 AM »
Then delete your photos.
Then delete your account.

Well, that's what I would do if I had ever used it.
But I urge you all to do the same (you can keep the photos on your own pc, fine, but just take them off the website).
If we let companies like this get away with massive copyright infringements like this, then more will be tempted to do the same. Send a message now, otherwise facebook and flickr will be next, then anything you've ever sent on gmail and yahoo, and after that Canon will claim all the photos you ever make on one of their cameras.

EOS Bodies / Why do you want a FF Mirrorless?
« on: November 22, 2012, 03:31:49 AM »
So with all the talk of "who's going to bring out the first FF Mirrorless and when", I'm interested to know *why* people want some so badly.
The options are pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I'd give some counter-arguments to each option to start with:
- 1/2: Yes, potentially mirrorless can be thinner. But taking out the mirror and reducing the flange distance can lead to other problems, with the greater angle of incidence. Leica has overcome that problem, at least some of it, with fancy microlens arrays, but still problems exist that must be fixed in PP. Read this and this for examples of these problems. Of course, you can use your current EF lenses on any potential-future FF mirrorless body, but then the combo won't be much smaller than using it on an 1100D now.

- 3/4: Yes, taking away the mirror means less parts used in manufacturing and less potential for things to break. But you really think a bit of a mirror (which they've had 40 years of experience and R&D making) adds that much to the cost of a camera?

- 5: It will happen. ... ... eventually. For now there's no denying that phase-detect is faster than phase-in-sensor and contrast-AF. But with enough R&D it will happen.

- 6/7: That's somewhere about where I am.

Any other potential reasons to want an FF Mirrorless that i've missed?

Australia / Gumtree Bargains
« on: November 02, 2012, 05:13:20 PM »
Is it me or are these all ridiculous prices? I was browsing gumtree.com.au this morning, and the most recent ads were amazing
If I had a bit of spare cash, and I was local to inspect them, I'd be there in a flash. Maybe at these prices they're stolen? But they're all spread out, not from one guy, so probably not:

D3S, alleged 1600 shutter, $950 (on ebay about $3k) Melbourne
Nikkor 500mm f/4, $850 Perth
5D3, alleged <2k shutter, $950 (even if that's wrong and it's a 5D2 that's still a good price) Sydney
EF 200 f/1.8 $850 (that's gotta be a collectors item by now worth 5k and up) Glen Iris wherever that is
1Ds mk2, $950 (they're still $1200 on ebay), Ringwood wherever that is
85mm f/1.2 II $850 (i've seen them go on ebay for this price for smashed elements even, this one looks good) Melbourne
5D mk2, alleged new in box (box shows 24-105, not sure if included), $950 Sydney.

Is it me or is that like $20k of equpment being sold for less than 5k? Good luck if anyone more local to these buys them. Still, from Adelaide some of these are worth a plane fare over to inspect, but they'd be gone before I got there.

Canon EF Prime Lenses / Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM
« on: October 10, 2012, 08:59:29 PM »
It's probably one of the most underrated lenses around. It gets vastly outsold by its very-slightly-cheaper little sister the EF 85/1.8, the macros 100 f/2.8 L and non-L, and its bigger brother the 135/2.0 L. Now that the 24/28mm primes have been replaced it's also probably one of the oldest designs. But it's the fastest around in its focal length, it's perfectly usable wide-open, frankly it doesn't even need updating (although if it did receive an update, even just new coatings and whatever better quality glass has been invented in the last 20 years, and a circular aperture, it would be as amazing as the 135/2L. Maybe that's why it's not being updated.).

It also works rather nicely with Extension Tubes for Macro work:

(clicky linky for 100% biggy)

Third Party Manufacturers / Schneider Tilt Shift 28mm f/4.5
« on: September 17, 2012, 05:59:08 PM »

And a whole lot of other ones too...
85/2.4 Macro
35/1.4 (so what, now we've got Canon L, zeiss, samyang, nikon, now Sigma and Schneider to choose from here? Aren't we lucky... :) )
50/1.4 (it's a bit crowded in this length. "Me too!" says Schneider.

Too bad for that "Schneider Kreuznach" label on the front, probably expensive (although they normally come in just under Zeiss)

EOS Bodies / Describe the 6D in one word...
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:05:11 PM »
Anyone got anything else?

Lenses / Zeiss 135m f/2.0 Apo-Sonnar Announced
« on: September 07, 2012, 07:19:43 PM »
from TDP.

I'm surprised there's not more talk about this one yet, seeing as how everyone loves their 135/2L (at least, those who can afford one).
T* coating, huge Zeissy focussing ring, looks like it's built like a tank (aren't they all?), €1600 or US$2000, Nikon and Canon Mounts only (i think they've stopped with the Pentax K, and Sony already have a 135/1.8 from Zeiss), 80cm mfd, 0.25x macro.

I know AF and IS get more and more usful the longer a lens gets, but i've shot birds handheld with an MF 300/4.0 lately, this one should be great in the right light.

Lenses / Samyang 24mm f/1.4 Review
« on: August 29, 2012, 08:12:21 PM »
... it's up at Photozone.

Given how well their 35mm f/1.4 performs (especially considering the price), i'm interested to see how well they do a bit wider. (yes, I posted this link before reading the review)

Lenses / EF 40mm STM Pancake Problem Acknowledged
« on: August 07, 2012, 02:24:52 AM »

(I couldn't find the original thread about people saying they had a problem with it, so starting a new one).

Canon have acknowledged that there is a problem with this lens, I've had it too, where the AF just stops working occasionally.
They're blaming 'pressing the lens'. I know I haven't done it purposefully, but it could happen in my bag(s), and if it takes as little pressure as 'putting a lens cap on', then that's a design flaw.
Still, i'll do what it takes to fix it, it's otherwise a good lens.

My only concern is:
"The firmware to address this phenomenon will be available for download in late August, 2012."

This problem has only happened to me on my EOS 3, not the 7D. Are they talking about lens firmware or camera?

EOS Bodies / No DXO results on 1DX until at least September...?
« on: August 02, 2012, 01:33:08 AM »

Or at least that's how I interpret "DxOMark will return in September".

So how are we to be told which camera to buy until then? I can't make a decision myself! I need laboratory tests, not real world reviews! If I don't know which camera can give me that extra 100 usable high-iso, or which one can give me 0.2 bits more of DR, how am I meant to be a real photographer???

Third Party Manufacturers / Your Ultimate Gear (wish)list
« on: July 30, 2012, 09:13:02 PM »
OK, just for a bit of fun to take our minds of the APS-C disappointment of the EOS-M, and all those "my 1DX/5D3 is borken" threads, what would be your "money no object" kit?

Think about different use scenarios, you get to put One body and One lens into each category:

For me, it's gotta be a Leica M9 Monochrome with probably a Summilux M 35/1.4.
(Close second would be a 5D3 with the 40mm pancake, I just love that little guy)

Portable Landscaping (like the kind you take on a hike):
Probably a Mamiya 7 II with the 43mm Wideangle lens, and a pocket full of Velvia and Efke R25.
(second place would go to anyone who makes a FF mirrorless. But seeing as this is money-no-object, M9 with Summilux 21/1.4. Or maybe a Hartblei H-Cam with an IQ180/Leaf Credo back, and a TS-E 24mm or 17mm, for the widest shots ever possible...)

The "I've got Bear Grylls as a butler to carry my gear" Landscape kit:
Probably one of those nice Alpa 12 4x5" Large Format cameras, if you can get a Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon XL 47/5.6 on it (otherwise that lens on whatever Horseman).

(Portable) Wildlife (that you have to carry yourself):
1DX and 200-400 1.4x (money may be no object for this thread, getting canon to release it is another thing).

(Truck-mounted) Wildlife:
Probably 1DX and 600mm f/4 and a handful of teleconverters.

(Studio) Portraits:
I hear good things about the Hassy (Zeiss) 110mm f/2.0 Planar, and/or the Contax 645 (Zeiss) 80mm f/2, either one mounted on a Contax 645 with an 80MP IQ180 or Leaf Credo.

1DX with whatever lens length you need, 70-200 f/2.8 IS II, 200-400 1.4x, or a 500/600 f/4

I wonder if I could hook up a Better Light 138MP Super 10K Scanning back to an Olympus 20mm or 38mm 4-12x Macro?

OK, that's enough to get started, what's your "ultimate" kit? (and feel free to add in other categories I haven't heard of).

(edit, forgot macro)

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