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Third Party Manufacturers / 3rd Party ... Bodies??
« on: July 26, 2012, 09:48:39 PM »
So here's an idea I've been mulling over for a while...
There are already 3rd party manufacturers (SigRoKina etc), who make 3rd Party lenses with AF, they take a few Canon lenses and bodies apart, look at the electrical signals going back and forth, and then build that capability into their own lenses. It's worked for the last 30 years or so quite nicely.

Now, think about the Sigma SD1 dslr (without laughing at the launch price). The mount is physically a Pentax PK-mount, but the electrical signals going between camera and lens are the same as EF lenses and bodies. They already knew how to make the lenses work with AF, seems they now know how to make bodies too.
There's also already another body that takes EF-lenses, the Hartblei H1-Cam, that at least operates the aperture on EF lenses (I'm not sure about IS, i'm pretty sure not AF), but then projects it to an MF back (like an IQ180 or whatever you mortgage your house to buy)

Now take into account that the new EOS-M probably will never take an FF sensor, and that probably means canon will never produce an M9-killer tiny-FF.

Now, imagine what I'm imagining.

A MILC/EVIL/mirrorless whatever, made by a 3rd-party (probably Sigma), with whatever sensor (maybe a D800-ish sensor, maybe a Foveon X3 15/46 Megapixel-ish sensor), with the Nikon-J1/EOS-M/650D AF-pixels inbuilt, with a flange distance of 10-20mm, with an adapter to take EF lenses with full AF and IS and whatever.

But the main point is, FF sensor: mirrorless body.

It's certainly possible, maybe Sigma's even working on one as we speak.

Would you buy one?
If it means you can use almost any glass ever made in live-view, plus if it means you can use your EF-mount FF glass on a smaller body with AF, what would you pay?
(presumably not the $10k of the SD1, for that I'd get a Leica M9 any day). $1k sound reasonable? maybe $2k?
Am I just clutching at straws for the last possibility of an affordable FF MILC with live-view (given the Leica M10 may or may not have live-view, but it will still never be affordable).

Come on Sigma, you're our only hope!

Canon EF Prime Lenses / Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM "Pancake"
« on: June 19, 2012, 07:44:37 AM »
Well, this has got to be the quickest announcement->lens gallery thread ever, because I know some of you already have one (myself included).
Unfortunately I only bought it this afternoon after work, it's pitch black outside, so I can't show any photos with it (without taking shots of my messy, messy house), so here's some shots of it.

It really is tiny.

Pictured next to:
The similarly-sized Kenko Pro 300 DG 1.4x Teleconverter and 12mm extension tube. (for the record I think the rear element might *just* touch the teleconverter, but i'm not going to try it before I've even used it)
The similarly-priced and focal-length EF 50mm f/1.8 II and Asahi Pentax Takumar 50mm f/1.4.
The nothing-similar EF 70-300L and my 'alternative' street-lens Rokinon/Samyang 35 f/1.4.

Australia / Holy Crap - Adelaide gets the Pancake First.
« on: June 18, 2012, 07:39:14 AM »
Beleive it or not, I saw one this afternoon.
Stopped past on the way home from work to get a battery for my EOS 3, planned to ask them if/when they'd be getting one in, and up there on the shelf is one attached to a 600D on display. Unpacked today, or maybe yesterday, and 2 others in stock.
That's not even the surprising bit.
It was only $250.
That's less than B+H + Shipping (199+57=$256), and B+H still don't even have them.

I was so tempted to buy one, just in case he misread and it was meant to be $350 (which is more where I'd guess, given canon's aussie prices). But I signed up to buy a house last week so I'm meant to be not buying more lenses (I'm already in the bad books for not calling the mortgage broker today, bringing home a new lens as well would probably have meant that we wouldn't be buying a house...)
Still, I had to tear myself away from the counter and put the amex away, it was a very tempting deal...


0-zone metering, 0-AF points, 0.5fps.
At least it's mirrorless...

EOS Bodies - For Video / 48fps - Too Fast?
« on: April 25, 2012, 05:22:58 PM »
Given how much everyone around here whinges and whines when the latest camera doesn't have 1080p60, I thought this was an interesting read:

Australia / Hiring a 5D3 in Melbourne, cheaply?
« on: April 04, 2012, 02:35:51 AM »
So i'm going to melbourne on the 13th to 15th, my partner's doing a book launch or two, and I thought i'd be volunteer official-photog again.
I've no problems with my 7D and prime-setup (35/1.4, 50/1.4, 55/1.2, 85/1.8, 100/2.0, 120/2.8, 180/2.8, not that i'll be taking all of them), but I thought it might be a nice time to play around with the 5D3. Unfortunately, after googling a bit, I've found a few places that already have the 5D3 in stock to rent (Michael's and Ben's and a few others), but they all seem to be around the $125-mark.
Is it too unreasonable to think I could find one for $50 a day (or $100 for the weekend)? $250 for only 48 hours doesn't sound like the best deal (i'd rather buy and resell a 135/2.0L for less of a price hit).

EOS Bodies / Used 5D2...?
« on: February 22, 2012, 07:42:33 PM »
So i've just had one of my best mates ring me, he was talking to a Wedding Photog who dropped her 5d2 the other day, she went to replace it and was apprently told by the Canon Australia rep "don't replace your 5D2 now, wait a week for the 5D3". (Apparently this rep was also right about the 24-70II a few weeks ago).

Anyway, long story short, is that I've been offered my mate's used 5D2, he wants to ditch it within a week to beat the price-drop (and doesn't need a replacement until June, so doesn't mind being camera-less until then). I've been watching them go for $1600-2000 used on ebay, he's been offerend $1800 or so by a shop, and he's offered it to me for the same price. It's a few years old, but barely used, 7500 shots and absolutely mint condition.

Question is, do I want it? I do want an FF eventually, not sure how much use i'd get out of it (although about 5 of my mates are getting married this year, a wedding body with my 7D as backup would be nice). Or should I join the queue and stick in an extra grand for the 5D3 as well?

EOS Bodies / Noise: shrinking High-MP vs Native Low-MP
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:33:38 PM »
So there's bsically 2 camps in the "what I want from the 5D3" various threads:
The High-MP camp, looking for something to beat the (alleged, i'll believe it when i see it) 36MP D800. Beat as is beat it in MP.
The High-ISO camp, looking for a see-in-the-dark camera, to beat the current lord-of-darkness D3S.

Now, If you take a low-MP camera, and upscale the image to high-mp, you don't get nearly as much detail for printing billboards (sometimes I think everyone prints billboards at 300dpi on a daily basis given what I read here, yet noone gets paid enough for these billboards to hire a Phase One IQ 180).
But, if you take a high-MP camera, you can shrink it down to the same printable-size as the low-MP camera, but is the noise better or worse?

Here's my basic test I just did. With a 7D and Samyang 35/1.4, taking a shot of my garden at various ISOs, in both RAW and sRAW.
Conveniently, sRAW on a 7D is exactly half the width and half the height of a RAW file, so 1/4 the size at 4.5MP. That means that every pixel is made up of one block of RGGB photosites (which makes 4 pixels in RAW mode). Now I don't know exactly how canon makes the sRAW file, but my guess is that shooting in sRAW will equate to what you'd get if they made a native 4.5MP sensor using the same sensor tech available at the time (it is for this reason you can't compare, say, the 1Ds2 to shrunk-1Ds3, because the processes and designs are 3-4 years newer).

Is it better to shoot in full-size RAW, then shrink when printing, or to shoot in the sRAW size that you need?
All shots are DPP processed, Standard style, WB cloudy, Sharpness 3, NR 0:0, ALO, PIC, etc all off, and converted to 100% jpg.
The 4.5MP sRAW shots were cropped at 500x500 and saved as 100% jpg.
The 18MP RAW shots were cropped at 1000x1000 (for same framing), then shrunk to 500x500 (which is what would happen if you print it on the same size paper as the sRAW shot), using GIMP, then saved as 100% jpg.

The 4 shots i'm posting below are at iso 3200 and 6400, purposefully to make noise as bad as possible to show up better. (Look at the filenames to see which is which).

Australia / Finally, cheap cameras in Australian shops
« on: November 28, 2011, 06:22:54 AM »
JB-Hifi have started selling grey-import DSLRs, at prices closer to the rest of the world.
7D body $1348 (That's about what I paid in Europe for it) (compare at Teds $1800)
5D2 body $2187, with 24-105L $3089
niftyfifty $96
EFs 15-85 $729
EFs 10-22 $769

Surely there's some online places that sells cheaper, but JB is an actual brick shop, and their marketing power means the big brands will actually sit up and take notice. Nikon already has, and they've come up with the most pitiful 5-point excuses for us paying up to 50% more than other countries.
"Not the right manual".
Pffffffft. I bought my camera in Holland, got a dutch, german, french, and italian manual. I downloaded the english manual from the canon website, as I did for firmware updates.
And we all know grey-market in the usa gets accepted for warranty purchases with proof of purchase.

In slightly maybe-related news, when I went to look for examples of 'high' local prices, I first thought of Teds, but I did find a nice surprise there, they're selling refurbs with the line "Canon remarketed stock: This stock is returned dealer stock that has been serviced by Canon. All stock includes a Canon 12 Month Warranty. Stock is limited. Remarketed stock available Online or at our Melbourne City store ONLY."
For comparison, a 7D-body at $1620 is still higher than a new one at JB now, but it's nice to have the choice, and they'll come down eventually, it's only a matter of time now...

Lenses / Samyang 24 f/1.4 is coming
« on: August 16, 2011, 08:17:06 AM »
They've already got the 8mm fisheye, 14 f/2.8, 35 f/1.4, 85 f/1.4.
Now they're bringing in the 24 f/1.4.

My predictions: MF-only is fairly certain, centre should be sharp and corners maybe a bit fuzzy, 1/4 the price of the canon L, same size and maybe a bit lighter. Who wouldn't want one?

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