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Lenses / Re: Samyang 24 f/1.4 is coming
« on: August 16, 2011, 11:21:56 PM »
On where they've reviewed the 8, 35, 85, all of them are pure old-fashioned turn-a-ring stop-down aperture, so i'm guessing the 24 1.4 would be too. But you gotta expect some shortcomings for the prices...

Is it me, or are canon's websites making more and more 'mistakes' recently?

or are we all just looking harder?

Lenses / Samyang 24 f/1.4 is coming
« on: August 16, 2011, 08:17:06 AM »
They've already got the 8mm fisheye, 14 f/2.8, 35 f/1.4, 85 f/1.4.
Now they're bringing in the 24 f/1.4.

My predictions: MF-only is fairly certain, centre should be sharp and corners maybe a bit fuzzy, 1/4 the price of the canon L, same size and maybe a bit lighter. Who wouldn't want one?

EOS Bodies / Re: Buying a refurb 7D
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:52:23 AM »
Apparently, Canon Europe sells refurbs via eBay.

i've heard this a few times around the place, and finally figured out where. and search for 'canon refurb' turns up the seller 'canon_uk1'. currently 170 items up, a 5D kit, 24-105L, 17-55 f/2.8, 70-200 f/4L IS, and a crudload of pixma printers and Ixus cameras.
Postage only to UK, hence i couldn't even find it using where i'd looked before. maybe my sister in London is going to be receiving a few boxes in the mail for my mum to bring home with her to Aus when she's up there end of the year...

Canon EF-S and EF-M Lenses / Re: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:16:17 AM »
These 2 shots are from a boat crossing the river (forget the name of it).

That'd be the Star Ferry? Love the shots of the island, last time i was in HK i thought i'd film the light show in full HD for the hell of it. Even my 15-85 wasn't wide enough to fit it all in, looks like next time i go back i gotta buy a 10-22...

Lenses / Re: Which is the best "normal" prime for a Crop Camera?
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:09:57 AM »
Plus, the T3i jpg's look sharper with the same lenses than a 7D anyways, because the 7D is meant to be taken and processed in RAW, not JPG, so corners were cut.

You have a reliable source for that ?

When TDP did his review of the 7D, he said that at the same 'sharpness' setting, the 7D was softer than the 50D, but i haven't seen anything mentioning the 550/600/60D.

*If* it's true (that the 7D is softer), then my money would be on it just being older, they improve algorithms and features all the time, eg the 600D has digital zoom in movies, not because it's better or more expensive, just because it's the newest. From now on every camera's gonna have that, and more, regardless of cost.

Software & Accessories / Re: Digital Photo Professional 3.10.1 Updater
« on: August 14, 2011, 08:56:16 AM »
There is no software that knows the Canon color profile as DPP does. Aperture, LR, Phase One etc. might have some nice features but the color tone would never be as good  and clean as DPP.

True, but does that mean you can't steal the DPP colour profile for other programs?
This and this probably only apply to us penguin worshippers, but it still means you can use the exact colour profile without DPP.

i dont get why they say XP sp2 isnt supported it works just fine.
Not supported often just means "untested and the support hotline won't help you" and not necessarily that something is broken.

Hey, DPP isn't meant to be supported on linux, but it works (wine 1.2.3, DPP at least)  :D

Software & Accessories / Re: To HDR or Not To HDR
« on: August 14, 2011, 08:42:17 AM »
I went with my gf to a few photo exhibitions on the weekend for the SALA Festival.

All she kept asking me was 'what's wrong with those photos? all the colours are weird.'
So I had to explain to her the whole 'idea' behind HDR, in capturing more range of light than the camera can handle in one shot.
Funnily enough, we went to the next exhibit, and she really liked the shots, mostly dark grey cloudy landscape scenes. i could tell that they were HDR too, but she had no idea, they just had that 'i like it' factor to the untrained eye. And isn't that what counts? If it makes the shot look good to the layman's eye, then use whatever tool you want to get the job done.

There just happens to be a lot of examples of 'bad' HDR around. but what i call 'bad HDR' (mainly with the fake-looking colours) someone else might really like. It's only a relatively recently-popular thing, give it a few years for people to calm down and figure out how to use it properly, then the proportion of 'good' HDR will increase.

K-amps is right, it's a tool. I'd reckon it more with an angle-grinder or a circular saw. You can build a house both with and without a circular saw. In the right hands, you can make a nice house. In the wrong hands, you're left with a useless pile of rubble where a house should be. There's nothing to stop you using whatever tools you come across, but they only make good work when they're used by the right hands...

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & 7D Mark II Within a Month! [CR0]
« on: August 14, 2011, 06:52:16 AM »
Damn I hate premature excitement

and every straight woman too, i'm sure

Lenses / Re: rumors about a new EF-S 10-22mm ??
« on: August 14, 2011, 03:22:41 AM »
Well, NOW there's a rumor about a new 10-22mm.

Well, there's a reason this site isn't called, rumours have to start somewhere  :P :P

Assuming the info was correct, and it is about an EF 10-22 replacement, i wouldn't think there'd be that much incentive in sheer volume to update it ... but if you look at the sales numbers of the Tamrons, Sigmas, Tokinas, they must add up to enough of a reason to update the 10-22. Some have better IQ in parts, some have a wider range (down to 8mm), the Tokinas have fixed f/4 and f/2.8 apertures. I still can't decide where the sweet-spot in all of them lies so haven't bought one yet.

But maybe the original 'rumour' could have just been mis-interpretation of the 8-15 f/4 fisheye (De-Fisheye it and it might beat the 10-22, anyone tried it yet?) or the 'rumoured' Full-Frame 12-24 (hey, if they can zoom down to 12mm on full frame, they should be able to zoom to 8mm on EF-S, even sigma can do that, do you want sigma to beat you, eh, canon?).

Still, i'm more excited about the EF-S 11mm f/2 prime patent, but not holding my breath to hold one in my hands...

Lenses / Re: Which is the best "normal" prime for a Crop Camera?
« on: August 14, 2011, 03:13:02 AM »
I've been in the same boat as you since i bought my camera, 7D and 15-35, so i've got more to gain by going a faster 25-35mm ish prime.
So far i've only got the 50 f/1.8, and its sharpness (even wide open) is good enough for me (maybe because i only use it in almost black without a flash, ISO3200 and upwards means softer and smaller images after NR).
One of my main criteria would be a small walkaround lens, sharp, and light, more full-body portraits wide open and f/5-8 landscapes for weight-critical hikes (or i'd just bring my 15-85)

I've compared all the options you have, and lots more, in different mounts and ages up to 60 years old.
and what i've come up with (from reviews and opinions, never having used myself):
Samyang 35/1.4 definitely gets my resolution vote, especially for the price, but it's huge. (and apparently not too contrasty wide open). And MF only.
EF 35/2 is definitely up there, and not too expensive (nice and small too).
EF 28/1.8 looks really soft on the borders from what i've seen. but centre res beats the 35/2.
EF 28/2.8 looks nicely sharp, but you've already got the 17-55 so not much point.
EF 24/1.4L and 35/1.4L both look good, but they're L-priced, and L-sized. (and i've thought the same as you, a 2nd hand 5D makes more sense with a 50/1.4 (or 1.8 ) than wide Ls on my 7D)
sigma 20/1.8 is a bit too wide, and soft as butter until f/5.6, not too useful.
sigma 30/1.4 is good for the price, sharp centre but corners are squishy until f/4 at least (not a bad thing if you want a portrait with blurred background though). APS-C only.
Zeiss 35/2. well yeah. if i had the money, i'd have bought it already.

a few other weird places i've been looking, if you don't mind Manual Focus M42 primes:
Asahi Pentax Takumar 35/2, there's 3 versions and 1 is really good IQ and nice colours, not sure which one though.
Also the MIR-24N (soviet ripoff of Zeiss design), apparently has really good colours and really contrasty from wide open, goes for $100 or so on ebay.
But i've never seen any proper MTF reviews, just washy 'i like this lens' statements from consumers (who for all  we know could be comparing it the the 18-55nonIS bathroom-window they're used to).

So for you, i'd be recommending either the Canon EF 35/2 for small, light, AF, or the Samyang 35/1.4 if you don't mind the extra size and MF.

But i'm waiting in the vain hope that one day canon will release their own EF-S 28-35/1.4-2.0. but by then i'll have bought my 5D mk4 and won't need it anymore...

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]
« on: August 10, 2011, 09:36:18 PM »
Another serious answer:
Taking photos of a party at my salsa school, darkened room with a few coloured spots on a mirrorball, mostly full-body portraits if i could get the room

Just a selection of EXIFs from that night:
7D, EF-50 f/1.8 @ f/1.8, ISO5000, 1/50s, -2/3EV for Sassy doing a speech on stage with lights on him.
ISO 5000, 1/13s, -2/3EV for dancers with the lights on.
ISO5000, 1/100s, -8/3EV with the lights off and just the mirrorball.
or ISO3200, 1/50s, -1EV with a bit more lighting.

all in Av mode, lighting changing too rapidly for M, -EV exposure comp was to try to keep the noise down and not blow out the lights (didn't help most people were wearing black), couldn't use a flash (a: don't have one, b: can't piss off the dancers). too much motion blur in most of them, the others too dark, the rest too noisy even RAW-processed and shrunk to 1/4 original dimensions. sometimes even f/1.8 was not enough DOF to keep the entire subject in focus, so going f/1.4 or f/1.2 was out of the question, especially as they were dancing back and forward unpredictably.

yes, 7D and 50/1.8, best i had at the time (i even bought the 50/1.8 for S___s and giggles just to try it for this event).
(yes, I would have taken a 5D2, or a 50/1.2, but i don't have them).
If i could have used even ISO16,000 with the same noise as a 7D's ISO3200 i would have loved the faster shutter, more DOF, and 0EV.

EOS Bodies / Re: *UPDATE* This & That
« on: August 10, 2011, 01:25:57 AM »
I wonder if this means that they could eventually can the 7D?

Can the 7D for what?
putting all the features (fps, afma, 19ptaf, sealing) that make it better than the 60D, with APS-C, into a 70D? possible, but then it's just a 7Dmk2 with a different name. leaves too much price room between the 600D and 70D too. more price points at the lower end make people spend.

take the FPS and AF, put it into a FF camera? then there's no 'sports' APS-C for a start, and it would rip sales from under the APS-H 1Dmk4 unless it's similarly priced to the 1D4 (then it becomes a 'ff+8fps+19ptaf' vs '1.3x+10fps+45ptaf' decision, i think all but sports pros would take the FF).

If the 6D is going to be anything, it's going to be video version of the 5D mk2. maybe same 21mp sensor with raw video? or 5D3 is built more like the 7D, 30ish MP and 5-6fps with same video as now, 6D is then same 30ish MP, 2-3fps, bult like 5D2 now, with a pellicle mirror for video AF (or somehow better video AF)?

or maybe an APS-H sports camera, maybe same specs as 7D, lower fps than the 1D4 but gripless body and not a 1-series tank. (that's just 7Dmk2 with a different name so people realise you can't use EF-S on it.) doubtful.

EOS Bodies / Re: *UPDATE* This & That
« on: August 09, 2011, 11:48:35 PM »
It was pointed out to me that if you click the second 5D Mark II link, the URL says “6D” at the end. <em>*thanks Mike*</em></p>

i'm sure i'm not the only one who played around with the endings of the URL.
1DS, 1Dmk4, 5D, 6D (the second link from 5Dmk2), 7D work.
but 1DSmk4, 1Dmk5, 3D, 4D, go to a 404page.

damn. i hope it is a placeholder and not a bug. but 6D (split of 5Dmk2 line perhaps?) coming before 1Ds4/1D5? unfortunately i don't think so...

Lenses / Re: Hours away from buying a used 16-35L II
« on: August 09, 2011, 12:31:39 AM »
Why bother buying one? wait until the riots spread to your city then go loot the nearest shop like every other idiot is doing...  :o ::)

as for the 14-24, i'm guessing a fair bit of barelling at 14mm, better IQ vs the 16-35 at f/2.8, hopefully they'll solve the curved plane of focus  (making it extend/retract the right way would probably help there), and the price will be a lot more than the 16-35 is new now.

go get the 2nd hand one now, and use it for the year it'll take for any 14-24 gets announced, let alone released.
dont worry about resale value, it'll hold up there until the 16-35 v3 comes out, which will come out a lot higher priced than 16-35 v2 is now, so you'll probably get your money back give or take a hundred or two...

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