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I would stop using the expansion points, switch over to spot AF, and then try again. 

With spot AF, you're telling the camera that THIS is where you want focus, and to not even bother taking the picture till that spot is in focus.  With expansion points in the mix, you're basically saying that if there isn't enough contrast at that point, go ahead and see if there's enough contrast at any of the others - and shoot that.

Which is fine, if you're dealing with more depth of field... i.e. if you're shooting your dog from farther off, as he runs through the yard.  If you're trying to nail his eye, with shallow DOF, you want to take the camera by the horns and show it EXACTLY where you want that focus. 

Software & Accessories / Re: NAB 2012: Singular Software PluralEyes
« on: April 17, 2012, 03:11:19 PM »

I feel horrible for anyone who manually syncs more than 2 cameras.  I mean, frankly, two is easy, but when you start stacking more cameras, it turns into a friggin nightmare.  There are few things in this world more satisfying than watching PE sync up a 5-camera shoot in a matter of seconds

Hmm - interesting!   I don't have a 5DMK1, but I did the same sort of side by side comparison with my 5DMK2, and found the opposite.  My MK3 was just a bit brighter than the MK2 at the same settings.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mk III vs D800/E, is the 5D3 better at anything?
« on: April 16, 2012, 06:51:36 PM »
why bother getting back on topic?  the whole D800 vs. 5D3 topic is so far past the "beaten to a pulp" phase.  This dead horse of a topic has been beaten into a fine mist.

Forum junkies, dxo chart loving spec geeks, nikon fanbois masquerading as current canon users, and ticked off landscape shooters (none of whom have actually tried the camera) will continue to bash the 5D3, while professional shooters who are actually out enjoying their 5D3 will disagree and sing it's praises (wedding/event/low-light shooters especially).  wash rinse repeat 

I don't personally know a single 5D3 owner who isn't happy with it, and I know quite a few... But I'll admit I know more people shooters, who're more likely to be shooting in low available light.  Don't know any landscape shooters.  I love mine.  AF performance alone made it worth the upgrade.  And don't even get me started on the ISO performance.  If you think the D800 is awesome... great, go buy one.   It's apparently a very capable camera, and I'm sure it'll serve you well (especially if you dig ginormous raw files for stills or horrible moire in video.... argh, now i'm stooping to that level aren't I - darnit).

Lenses / Re: Canon 50mm 1.2L or Canon 85mm 1.2L?
« on: April 16, 2012, 06:39:46 PM »
I bought the 85L II and instantly fell in love with it.  Barely took it off the camera for a long while, and it's still one of my all-time favorite lenses.

Then I bought the 50L expecting the same love affair, and after a rather frustrating 2 week trial period, ended up selling it.  The lack of sharpness really bothered me.  The 50 is a fantastic thumbnail lens - in that EVERY shot it takes looks stunning as a thumnail, but if you pixel-peep, it falls short.  At least the copy I had - it was just soft.   I'll probably buy another if they do ever release a mk2, but not until then - and it could be a while.

Just my uber-humble opinion.  A lot of photographers who are much more skilled than I adore the 50L.  It just wasn't my cup of tea

Technical Support / Re: 5D mark iii CF card issue
« on: April 14, 2012, 03:26:13 PM »
He's talking about video - the 5d3 can't write video to both cards simultaneously.  only stills

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Entry-level video production
« on: April 14, 2012, 02:19:50 PM »
Already incorporated?  They show admirable determination.  Bursting that bubble might be fruitless

All this is just my uber-humble opinion - many may disagree.  But yes - just a camera and a lens is just barely getting started.  Unless they plan to do nothing but static shots, at the very least, they'll need a set of sticks with a fluid head - the Manfrotto 701HDV is a good low cost starter head (701 head and sticks can be had for around $300).  They can get away with not having a shoulder rig. 

Audio is a whole other ball of wax.  Nothing can cheapen a well-shot video like bad audio.  Unless they're planning to do nothing but music videos and shoot without sound, they'll need something.  Zoom H4n or an H1 in a pinch ($100 to $300).  A decent shotgun mic to stick on the end of a home made boom pole might also be a good call.  Omnidirectional / stereo mics on the zooms are great for environmental sound but don't do very well with dialogue

A T3i (even a used T2i) actually punches above it's pay grade, in terms of video quality, but that's also highly dependent on the glass.  Just one "$400 zoom" sounds scary.  Slow glass works OK if you've invested heavily in lighting - or available/home-made lighting works OK if you've invested heavily in fast glass.  Combine slow/cheap glass and bad lighting, and they'll have a very short quick journey into bad video land.  Instead of a cheap sliding aperture zoom (zooming is close to useless in anything but run-n-gun event video where every moment counts and you don't have time to compose your shots as carefully), they might look at picking up a couple cheap but decent primes, like a 35 f/2 ($300'ish) and an 85 f/1.8 ($400'ish).  The 85 is especially good for it's price.  If they go with a used T2i instead of the newer T3i, they might make their money go farther.  Buying used in general could seriously save them some dough

There's also all the peripherals like memory cards, NLE editing software, etc...

If they really do have great writing ability and creativity... that will be the most valuable asset in their bag, and can overcome a slew of gear-related obstacles.


show me a  show that shoots "regularly". on a 7d

Last Call with Carson Daly
They shoot with 5D's and 7D's

EOS Bodies / Re: Cinema EOS 1D & EOS C500 for NAB
« on: April 11, 2012, 06:51:41 PM »
Wish I was one of those people to whom $10k doesn't mean much.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Cinema EOS Above the C300?
« on: April 10, 2012, 05:18:16 PM »
Maybe you should read this:  Here's a quote from that posting: "The big story here is just how mind-blowingly good mass produced low cost technology is getting."

No argument there - you can now get 98% of the way there for under $10k, and maybe in the example above, 99% for $15k... which is indeed mind blowing.  But there will always be the big boys, who are willing to pay 10x the price for that last percent.  I was simply pointing out that if this camera rumor is true, it's most likely aimed at those big boys, not at those of us who are happily riding the wave of mass produced low cost technology.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Cinema EOS Above the C300?
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:06:12 PM »
I think maybe CR should stick to consumer-to-semi-pro-level rumors, because it seems like people don't get that this would be a whole different level of camera.  Post after post comparing this rumor to the FS700 - haha

In other news, Nissan Europe may develop a new Formula One car, priced at $800K... and the verdict from the CR crowd is that it is way overpriced compared to the upcoming Scion FR-S, and Nissan should just improve the Altima first.    ???

EOS Bodies / Re: New Cinema EOS Above the C300?
« on: April 10, 2012, 02:44:59 PM »
Guys....  seriously.... a $35k-$49k camera would IN NO WAY be meant to compete with a $8K camera.  It would be aimed at the $50k to $100k high end market.   

If you're the owner of a production studio, and were recently considering purchasing a Sony F65, or an Arri Alexa, or even a RED Epic setup, this announcement would pique your interest.  If the FS700 announcement made you drool, this is obviously not meant for you.  This is just funny.

Do you think Canon has no interest in catering to bigtime studios as well as the indie crowd?

Black & White / Re: So..what sucks about this shot?
« on: April 10, 2012, 12:23:55 PM »
Who cares what anyone here thinks of it?  Do you like it?   Shoot for yourself first and foremost, develop your own style and to heck with anyone else's opinion

If you want to start trying to charge people to shoot portraits, you'll have to learn how to shoot to please the client, but beyond that, just shoot to please yourself.

EOS Bodies / Re: The Light Leak Issue
« on: April 10, 2012, 11:49:43 AM »
People are still screaming about this?  Seriously?  Yes yes, this is a HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
IF you're doing near pitch-black landscape photography
AND you're relying on the meter to figure out your exposure for you
AND you've put the camera in a place where you can't use the rear LCD
AND you're not willing to wait to execute the exposure until after the LCD backlight turns off

I don't do much nighttime landscape / astrophotography - but when I have, I've never once relied on the camera's metering system.  That's what M mode and a few test shots are for.   Why all the drama?

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