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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:29:12 PM »
Sheesh, take it easy on the OP. We all have to justify our expenses somehow :)

Photography Technique / Re: Austin,Texas
« on: October 23, 2014, 01:48:05 PM »
When are you going there? The F1 race is next weekend, so downtown is going to be a zoo all next week. The Red Bull team is going to put on some kind of demonstration in downtown on Wednesday, so that should be quite the spectacle. 

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 750D real world review
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:29:27 PM »
I'd actually flip that. I think the extra DR is the cake and the tilt screen is merely an added bonus. I've never taken a "lesser" picture because I didn't have a tilt screen. WIFI is completely useless to me (I'm sure it serves other ppl very well, just doesn't fit my own workflow) so I don't care either way. And I agree that competition is always good. It forces everyone to stay serious and we are the ones who benefit from this.

Yeah, different strokes for different folks. Fortunately, for most scenarios that may be DR limited, I'm able to adequately control DR through other means. On the flip side, a tilt screen would come very handy for me when a shot requires extremely high or extremely low angles. As for WIFI, although I wouldn't use it all the time, it would be very handy for gigs that require immediately uploading images onto the web. Shuffling memory cards to a tablet or laptop is a pain.

Either way, the D750 at least includes these features and lets the end user determine how relevant they are to each user's needs. No such luck with the 5D3, but then again it is approaching three years old at this point.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 750D real world review
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:22:05 PM »
Absolutely, and I certainly don't want to come off as biased against it. IMHO the D750 means Canon should drop the price on the 5D3 until the 5D4 is available.

It will be interesting to see what happens with 5D3 pricing. For someone who isn't heavily invested in either system, I don't see any incentive to purchase a 5D3 over a D750. If someone who isn't heavily invested in either system asked for my opinion regarding both bodies, I'd tell them both are great tools, but the D750 clearly offers more value for the dollar.

Reviews / Re: Product Review – Nikon D810 vs Canon Mark III
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:12:27 PM »
Wow, if the dude in the video was a foot taller, he'd look like a clone of one of my photography instructors. 

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 750D real world review
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:53:03 PM »
There's a lot to like about the D750. For me, the kickers are the price, WIFI, and tilt screen. Some people consider WIFI and a tilt screen to be "consumer grade" items, but there are many times I'm on assignment that both would come in handy. The extra DR is merely an added bonus.

As a Canon shooter, I'm glad that the D750 and D810 have been released in between product cycles of the 5D line. Competition is a beautiful thing.

Sports / Re: Your favourite motorsports events
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:50:00 AM »
Is anyone else heading out to Austin? I'd love to meet up with some fellow CR members :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: How to differentiate crop vs. FF
« on: October 13, 2014, 12:12:34 PM »
I find the tonal range of FF images to be substantially better than those captured with a crop sensor. That said, I almost never recommend FF over a crop body for those seeking the most value per dollar.

Anyway, at the end of the day if all Canon sees and hears is that it's not that big of a deal, nobody but a few will care, we will be stuck with this old 500nm fab for another decade or two, literally. So I don't see that it does anyone any good to minimize it. Even if you don't need it, it won't hurt you and a new fab might bring stuff that you do care about more too. Plus at least once in a blue moon you must mess up the exposure on a one of shot and at least you'll be able to rescue that better. And for those who do care more, we'll it would be great. Less money to get all your gear from one brand than a mix. Less to carry and drag around which can be a pain, literally. Canon does make awesome lenses, has a very nice UI and so on so it is nicer if Canon improves their sensors to go to a different system.

So if I understand correctly, the purpose of incessantly complaining about the lack of DR in Canon sensors is to get Canon to notice, light a fire under Canon's ass, and inspire them improve DR? That objective, by nature, requires repeating the same sentiment (Canon's DR sucks) over and over again on a forum. That action, by nature, is one that many people on this forum find very irritating. Naturally, those people will eventually voice their displeasure.

What I don't understand is that when people happy with their Canon gear voice their displease, the pro-DR guys all of a sudden start complaining that they're being bullied, and complain that they're being personally insulted? I'm not saying that personal insults are OK, but seriously, what do you expect? Should I go stand in front of a church, proclaim the virtues of Islam, and expect a welcoming response?

The notion that the pro-DR guys are innocent angels in all this, and only the brainwashed happy Canon guys are throwing the insults, is absolutely ridiculous. You must have missed the posts where the DR advocates state their intentions of saving the anti-DR guys from their ignorance, showing them the error of their ways, and showing them how much happier they'd be if that had equally high standards of IQ and DR. That must constitute objective commentary in your book.   

... The difference is does the person work around them. In dilbert case, not so much and why I said DR is the least of the problems others and I have observed with his photos. Which in kinda like ignoring the gaping hole in the wall to work on a miniscule paint chip.

But I'm sure he'll get a high DR body and his photos will still continue to be what they are. That's the real tragedy here.

And above is another example for V8Beast who claims nobody every goes down the first path of personally trashing someone's photography. Of course if someone dares point out that a few of those who insult others work personally (in many cases without ever having even seen any of it) have sometimes had nothing but a few OOF cat shots, then suddenly it's oh see the DR crowd just goes around and picks and insults people. NO! They were just pushed to the point of pointing out some hypocrisy.

label them as talentless geeks who shoot lens caps all day.

Which most are.

It has been demonstrated time and time and time again that most of the "problems" these trolls ascribe to inadequate sensors, actually come from their own incompetent conversion and post processing decisions; or from a deliberate attempt to fake the "proof" that a problem exists. 

Haha, ah yes and once again, V8Beast are you still going to claim that NOBODY says that DR never makes any difference and that it's not the other side that constantly starts taking it personal and constantly subtly, or in this case, very much not, tries to imply or directly state that anyone who might ever have a use for more DR are just dweebs, trolls, incompetent morons?

I take it I've said something that offends you :o? Man, I must have been a real d!ck to get called out twice in a span of 6 minutes ;D

My claims were based on my personal observations, which I admit could have very well missed insults directed at the pro-DR crowd. I'm sorry that I choose to ignore most of this preposterous back-and-forth squabbling. I was incorrect in my assessment, and extend my sincere apologies. Does that work for you ;D?

Please humor me for just a moment, though. Are the anti-DR guys the only one hurling insults? From my perspective, the insults are originating from both sides, but maybe I'm just crazy.

Actually, what it will come with is a tripod mount that attaches to the lens, thereby shifting the center of gravity and the weight that the ball friction needs to keep horizontal. As it stands, in the 70-300 range, I'm only aware of the Canon 70-300L having a lens collar for tripods.

Yeah, keep blaming the gear, buddy. I've shot with heavy long lenses without tripod collars more times than I can count. A sturdy tripod, a cable release, and locking up the mirror works wonders.

I'm guessing that the gear you're using is completely different to that which I use on a regular basis as you have different regular operating requirements.

Possibly, but since you brought up a 70-300, I presume we're talking about long lenses, in which case my experience applying the aforementioned techniques (sturdy tripod, cable release, mirror lock) with a 70-300L, 70-200 f/2.8L, and 100-400L are still applicable to the discussion.

Here ya go, dilbert:
Yes, then I'll be able to come back and taunt you all with pictures that your Canon cameras can't match :D

I don't see a vow anywhere in that text.

You've stated your intentions of taunting Canon users with pictures that our Canon cameras can't match. That's the point. Nitpicking over semantics is merely an attempt to divert focus from your stated intentions, which you claim you never stated: ie "taunt you all with pictures that your Canon cameras can't match." 

Replacing "vow" with "state" or "express" doesn't change the context of you said in the least bit. Nice try, though.

Chicago Wedding Photographer here. Very cool site. I happen to shoot Canon, but I don't think it makes ANY difference. I love Chicago, but now we are entering our cold season :-(

Love your portfolio and processing technique! Great stuff :)

At the time, I thought the first photo I sold was half decent. Looking back at it now, I think it's complete $hit and I can't believe anyone paid money for it :o


Sending more than one or two letters does do anything and might even be counter productive (unless maybe they just keep a running numerical tally and won't eventually notice if the same person sends the same letter 100 times  ;D ? ). If lots of people bring it up all over the place maybe it spirals into enough attention for Canon to decide to go to a new fab sooner rather than another 15 years from now. And more attention can get more people to actually write in.

I think you greatly underestimate how seriously companies take customer complaint letters and over-estimate forum banter. Having worked lots of low-level customer service jobs when I was paying for college, I can assure you that it's much harder to ignore a complaint letter submitted directly to a company than it is to ignore forum banter or even a phone call. A random complaint letter makes it much higher up the totempole then you might think, especially when it bears some semblance of intelligence :)

Interestingly, one of those low-level customer service jobs was at Toshiba when Masaya Maeda was running the show. As soon as he took over, he demanded that the entire company begin transitioning to digitized documents because he felt paper was for cavemen. Considering that was 14 years ago, that doesn't sound like a person who's content resting on antiquated technology. 

IMHO, Canon determined that the potential money to be made by improving sensor DR didn't, from a business perspective, justify the investment required to improve sensor DR. At least for this generation of bodies. Either that, or they don't have the technology to do it.

I'm sure many forum members have been asked to participate in Canon's surveys and market research studies. If the majority of those surveyed expressed gross dissatisfaction with DR, I don't see how they could ignore it.

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