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Ya I have been watching that one. My plurals eyes 3 demo expired a month ago and is $199 on it's own which makes this a smoken deal. However, I already have an Azden shotgun that works fairly well. Will probably bite the bullet though, to get the Rode mic pro for essentially $30 is great.

I just bought a bunch of new gear. 5Diii, interfit stellar XD strobes and Cactus V5 triggers. The 5Diii with cactus V5 doesnt trigger my strobes through hotshoe or sync cable but will fire my 430ex. With the Cactus V5 on my 7D, no problems. My 5Diii sorta works with the strobes direct with a sync cable. Starts working fine but then when both have been on for a while, the 5Diii stops being able to trigger the strobe. If I disconnect and reconnect cable, It will fire once but that's it. If I then switch to my 7D, fires every time. Not sure what the problem is, exhausted my searches without much of an answer. Called interfit and they are sending me new ones. Contacted my 5D retailer too, they will replace the camera if it turns out to be the problem and not just incompatibility. Need to find another way to test out the camera I guess.

What are you using for post processing? Do you have a certain workflow for landscapes and the forest shots?

I have similar amount of play with my 70-200 on 5diii but is really snug on  my 7d. if it's that loose, wont that affect weather sealing?

Great shots, love #2.

I live around some great forests here in BC, just got a 5Diii and looking forward to getting out to shoot some, just waiting for the rain to stop. Not quite sure I am ready to test out the weather proofing despite the potential for dramatic doom and gloom shots.

Canon General / Re: How to work around Canon shipping restrictions at B&H
« on: October 22, 2012, 11:11:17 PM »
I don't know if it is true in the camera industry but in many other industries of which I have first hand knowledge, US retailers wholesale price is frequently 10-20% cheaper then Canadian wholesale. This is usually directly related to Canadian distribution. The manufacturer restrictions are put in place to protect the Canadian retailer who just can't compete. Some larger ones volume discounts/buying groups  may put them in a position to compete but definately the smaller retailer cannot. What really needs to happen in many industries is the wholesale pricing needs to be the same in both Countries and there really isnt a reason that it shouldn't.

I used to own a skateboard and snowboard shop in Vancouver back in the 90's. Snowboarding was still in it's infancy and most companies sold direct to cdn retailers. We had a strong mail order business and could compete across north america on prices. Then as the industry grew, manufacturers looked to bring in cdn distributors. Canada was a small market and would rather just sell to a distributor and not have to worry about all the hassles of warranty, currency and what not of another country. Instantly our merchandise costs went up 20 to 30%, it was staggering. no longer could we compete with Mailorder in the states. There were actually some shops like CCS that I could buy stuff for the same price as my cdn wholesale. It's really ridiculous how hand cuffed our cdn retailers are and how they take the blame.

I try and buy local but at the end of the day, if it is significantly cheaper, I have to go with the best price. I was in my local camera store today buying some triggers and apologized to the Manager for buying my 5D at beach a few weeks back, I felt bad but told him it just didnt make sense to buy it Canada. He understood, he said he would of sold it to me at that same price if he could but it would be impossible.

I bet you if Canon mandated US and CDN wholesale to be the same, we wouldnt need them imposing cross border restrictions. I would be interested to hear from some cdn canon retailers.

Lenses / Re: Lens suggestions for 3 weeks trip to Egypt and Jordan
« on: October 22, 2012, 12:20:19 PM »
Check out this amazing footage shot of Egypt / Lebanon Montage on Vimeo shot by  Khalid Mohtaseb in Egypt and lebanon on a 5D mark ii *edit. video might have embed turned off but click the link above to view.

Inspirational footage to say the least. You didn't indicate that you were shooting video but any of these clips/locations would make a truly fantastic still. He has a few threads up that he talks about his gear and his experience shooting there off the beaten path. Some good advice there and discussion. There was another thread on it too but can't seem to find it in my bookmarks.

Hoping someone can help me out. Recently got a bunch of new equipment and finally some time to set it up and test it out. However, ran into some problems I couldn't figure out.

Canon 5D mk iii
Canon 7D
Interfit stellar XD strobes
Canon 430 EX
Cactus V5 wireless triggers

So I set up a my gear to shoot some wine bottles for this photigy course I am doing. I set my 5D to full manual, silent shoot off, shutter at 1/160th and tethered it to my MBA and was using live view and eos utility. Hooked one strobe up to my camera with sync cable. Shooting, everything was good. I was messing around with various positioning etc to get the reflections I wanted and back to shooting. Then for no apparent reason, the strobes stopped firing consistently. maybe 1 in 4 shots would fire but random. I checked cable, even switched to a different strobe. no difference, inconsistent and very poor results. I turned off liveview, disconnected from my MBA and same results. Hooked the sync cable up to my 7D and worked 100%. With either camera and my 430 EX I could trigger them optically every time, not one misfire.

Today, went back to shoot some more and was doing fine, 100% after about 50 shots, then it started misfiring again. Around the same time, I thought my 5D shutter sounded like it was in slow motion too but maybe that was just me being pissed off. Again my 7D shot 100% when I tested it... don't get it. The 5D may of heated a bit but liveview doesnt display on the LCD when teathered so it isnt working as hard. Could that have something to do with it?

Anyway, shut everything down, went out and bought some Cactus V5 wireless transceivers. Didnt want to spend a lot and these had very good reviews.

Came back hooked them up to my 5D and stobes. checked channels and right settings. no go, wouldnt fire strobe on shots. Pressed the test button on transceiver on 5D and fired the strobe. When I click shutter, green light on both transceivers light up but dont fire. I hooked it up both to sync cable and hotshoe with no results. I tried with my 7D and no results. I hooked the cactus V5 to my 430EX and that worked 100% and optically fired the strobes every time.

Not sure what is going on. Had such good karma all week but I did decline to jump start a lady's car just before heading home to shoot, was too excited to get all this going... damn u Karma.

Video & Movie / Re: wedding video 5D mkiii Hillbilly music
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:06:31 PM »
Right on.. good work. I have only filmed one wedding video for a relative... stressful but went ok. They loved it so thats all that matters. Thinking about doing some more but definitely would want another at least one other shooter. I did it solo and was challenging to cover all the shots. I set up a HV20 on a tripod and just ran that for the whole ceremony and then took beauty shots from various points. A few questions on yours if you don't mind.

What did you use for a slider? I have an igus and find it a little sticky, looking into building a motorized belt drive. Yours seemed a little sticky too or maybe that was just on my playback.

How many other shooters on that one?

Did you just do a highlight film or some full edits?

Did you have a steadicam with your DSLR or another camera? Been thinking about getting a steadicam as I do a lot of realtor videos but if I do, might get a different camera that has autofocus. I still find my walk throughs a little soft.

Hello from Vancouver, BC. - Regular lurker

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Where do you start for videos?
« on: October 15, 2012, 08:20:37 PM »
When I first got my 7D I got "Learn Canon 5D Mark II Cinematography With Philip Bloom" and "Philip Bloom - Learn To Shoot Great Video With Your Canon 7D" and was amazing, brought me up to speed in a couple of days and made a huge difference in understanding the whole process and reasons why settings or techniques work or dont. There is minimal difference from the mark ii or 7D in terms of what he is teaching and easily applicable to the mark iii.

Definitely recommend both those videos. He goes into a bit of post processing as well.

Cowboy Studio has really good prices, quality is pretty good considering the price. Bought some continuous lighting for video and am happy with it.

here is a soft box and umbrella strobe combo kit for $155

I am not sure how well the 60D AF works but should be able to take killer shots with that lens. On my 7D and 70-200 2.8L non-IS I get fantastic sports shots. Hand held, even indoors at an ice rink with horrible light at 200mm. I always shoot ai servio, Shutter priority ( 1/500th for movement directly at me or 1/1000 for side movement), outside during the day, you shouldn't have a lack of light and I would keep my iso at 100 and aperture between f2.8 and f8 depending what your shooting.

To figure out if it's you, your camera or your lens. go out to the park, bring a tripod, set your timer to 2 sec and snap some still life shots. Pick an object that is standing out on its own with some depth behind it like a player on a field would have. snap some shots and try your other lens. if that doesn't produce well something is wrong. I always shoot sports hand held and if your over 1/500th I don't think IS would help. make sure you relax when you shoot, take smooth breaths and don't get caught up in the action. Go shoot some kids that aren't yours and worry about getting the shot not if their going to catch the ball or not.

just my 2 cents.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Deal: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body for $2899
« on: October 12, 2012, 12:40:16 PM »
hmm, i have the pro-optic 8mm and it's really soft. used it a handful of times and gave it to my son for shooting skateboarding. I think I would rather just stay with my 7D and the sigma until I can get a bigger gig to justify it. For typical real estate stuff that is web listings it will be fine. thanks for the info though, definitely worth a consideration.

I need something around that equivalent for real estate photos. Until I can afford a t/s or 14mm L might just have to keep using my 7D

For ultra-wide angle, look into the Samyang 14mm. It's a killer lens. The distortion is easily fixed in processing.

Here's a thread with great real estate examples shot with this lens:

obsessed with her stuffed animal, was able to teach her to dive down.

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