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maybe it can't handle all the traffic from those of us interested in this lens! :)

B&H is shipping mine on Sunday!

Lenses / Re: Wide or ultra-wide angle with excellent corner performance
« on: September 28, 2012, 07:32:39 PM »
I have the 24L II and it is very good in the edges/corners by F/2.8 and the center is razor sharp. It may not be as wide as you prefer if you are specifically looking to shoot sprawling landscapes but for general purpose photography, landscape and low light it is your best all around wide angle option. The 24mm TSE is F/3.5 and the 17mm TSE is F/4.

I would also say D800 is produced with the successful logic of 5D mk2. Canon has had two cams with the same sensor though, the 1Dsmk3 and the 5dmk2. 5D mk3 is out so 1Ds line is empty for now. Canon might decide to go with a 3D-4D kind of middle model to address 5D2 owners unhappy about 5D3 specs as well as 1Ds3 owners. Alternatively they can launch two cams one pure 1Ds line and a D800 competitor.

I also think that Canon may consider going back to its previous model line with a high megapixel sensor in a 1D body and the same sensor in a 5D body named the 3/4D and priced in $4,000 range. This would give Canon the most comprehensive lineup of SLRs, covering all segments of the market.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Rented a D600
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:35:27 PM »
Sounds like you need to sit down and read the instruction manual - a lot of your complaints could be remedied by changing a few settings.

I suppose that is true.  I might be able to remap ISO and AF buttons the right hand side.  What about the drive mode selector?  It is also definitely the case that I would get used to a lot of these annoyances... but some of them (like lack of AF points outside of the center of the frame and lack of AF point selection modes) are definite steps back.

It is an entry level full frame. The 5D Mark II is/was no different with its 9 AF points. That was my biggest gripe when I started using one, coming from the well spaced out 9 AF points on a 60D. From what I read, the AF points in the 5D2 are like that because Canon actually used a APS-C AF sensor mapped to cover the full frame etc to save costs. Completely explains all the focus points in the middle, as if I really only had ONE! Nikon has opted to do the same thing, using the APS-C D7000 based AF.

The autofocus on the 5D3 can not be understated in how much better it is and how much easier it is to take the shots that you really want. People on this board that complain about the features for the increased price have never used one. Those who have don't need to complain.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Rented a D600
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:30:01 PM »
But is the rear LCD screen green??

Also, what I find interesting that no review has specifically mentioned is that the D600 has 39 AF points, 9 of which are crosss type, but only sensitive to F/5.6. There is no center F/2.8 cross type for use with larger aperture lenses. Not even F/4. I just thought that was quite interesting, and could cause some people some frustration.

HDR - High Dynamic Range / Re: Post your HDR images:
« on: September 27, 2012, 03:26:49 AM »

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Who upgraded from 5d mk2 to mk3 ?
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:30:42 PM »
As Mt. Spokane referenced, today I loaded a portrait taken of a friend and I on Saturday, at ISO 12,800. With +12 noise and luminance noise reduction applied in Lightroom I had an acceptable, clean, usable image that I was quite content with. On my Mk 2 I was generally hesitant to resort to ISO 6400.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Who upgraded from 5d mk2 to mk3 ?
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:21:41 PM »

Long time lurker,first time poster.

Have had d60, 10d ,1dmk2, 5d , 5d mk2

Gear is 35L , 85Lii, 100macro, 17-40L , 70-200mk2, and just this week a 24-70L mk2
And 600ex plus stert3, 2x550ex

Anyway,to the point- I've been sitting on the fence about jumping to mk3....
Have mk3 owners here generally upgraded from a mk2 or something older?
Since I now have mk2 of 24-70 and 70-200 plus new flash I'm thinking the mk3 would compliment my gear very well

I shoot mostly family stuff with a little concert photography as a sideline

Hello! I upgraded from a Mk 2 to the Mk 3 and have had absolutely no regrets. While many who specifically shoot landscape on a tripod at base ISO or studio at base ISO with controlled lighting may not benefit much from the Mk 3's improvements, for things like photographing children the markedly improved autofocus and higher frame rate makes a world of difference! The number of keepers increases exponentially. The higher ISO capabilities also help you obtain that extra bit of image quality out of the same shots you would have taken with your Mk 2 under the same settings or it allows you to push it that much more to capture the images that you couldn't take with the Mk 2 or wouldn't choose to save/salvage. The ergonomics/handling of the Mk 3 are noticeably improved. I actually enjoy holding my camera, even when I am not shooting.

If you are not hung up on or restricted by the price, I would highly recommend you consider upgrading. It does seem like you would benefit in both quality of photos and quality of shooting experience. If available in your area, I'd recommend renting the Mk 3 for a day even. For the all around general purpose photography that I like and find myself doing, photographing moving subjects, shooting from ISO 100-12,800, handheld HDR bracketing, etc, It has been worth every penny to me. I could or would not choose to go back to the Mk 2, which I appreciated for what it was and was designed mostly for, but always felt there were areas it was lacking. The Mk 3 has addressed those areas properly. Canon did listen to its user base.

Just thought I'd share, in case that helps. Good luck, whatever you do!

EOS Bodies / Re: Why I'm not jumping to Nikon
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:55:48 PM »
The grass is NOT greener on the other side.
It may look like it from a distance, but when you get there, you can often find it is only painted on.

Friends of mine with D800's complain bitterly about their greenish coloured screens, the poor auto focussing, especially when you pick a point on ther left side as well as other problems.
I have a 5D3 (as well as a 60D with around 150,000 shutter actuations), and I've never had a problem with them at all. In fact, I am still amazed at what a great all-around camera the 5D3 is.
It really isn't lacking anything.

While the spec sheets and DXO tests may say otherwise, in side to side testing, you'd be very hard pressed to see any differences between the D800 and 5D3.
I shoot everthing from weddings, to parties, carpets, products,interiors, portraits, landscapes - you name it, and the 5D3 always does a great job.
I initially went with the Canon system, because of the their lenses and their lower costs compared to Nikons.
The quality is maybe slightly better with Canon, but as most of us spend more on lenses than we do on bodies, the variety, quality and cost of the lenses is what really swayed me to go Canon, and why I stay with Canon.

This thing of D7000 and D800 having a poor AF is a legend. It's just less noob-friendly or noob-proof than most Canon models, but they work great.

No one says the 5D3 is not a capable camera, but the D600 looks pretty much like 90% of it for 60% of the price. If you shoot low-iso you even have some serious advantage.

If you are unaware you should not spread ignorance. There are autofocuses issues (reported by Nikon users) with the Nikon D7000, D800 and D4. Google D800 autofocus issues or search on youtube. There IS a definite and undeniable problem and it is not a few random isolated owners. There are numerous threads on nikon or photography forums. There are countless D800 owners whose D800's have been sent to the nearest Nikon service center for the issue, some multiple times, with many coming back the same as if they were never touched or in worse condition. Imagine you pay $3,000 for a camera or any piece of equipment and it malfunctions in a way that honestly hinders the purpose you bought it for. You would be more than quite a bit upset about the matter.

Here is a well respected Nikon photographer who documents in detail his supposedly fictionary account of his problems with his D800. Photos of what his camera was taking etc. What is even sadder is he sent his camera to Nikon services, they "fixed" it and it came back with the left autofocus points being somewhat accurate but having zero accuracy in the center and right!

In the second link, he does research on the matter and he is finding that approximately HALF the Nikon D800 bodies he has been inspecting etc may be afflicted with AF issues.



I go to photography school and one of my best friends happens to shoot with a D7000. He is currently affected by the legend-ary D7000 autofocus issues. He is not a noob who should be blamed for obvious user error. His camera misfocuses and misfocuses quite frequently. He mainly shoots portraits, for a living as his occupation, and when he intends to lock focus on the closest eye and achieves focus confirmation, his shots may come out inches out of focus. He does not find this funny one bit. This is already after he has applied AFMA etc. He sent his camera to Nikon services, where they inspected it, claimed they fixed it, and returned it to him. He says it is ever so slightly better but he currently descirbes his beloved camera as one equipped with 39 autofocus points that help him capture 16 megapixels of blurriness! He laughs about the matter, only because right now there's not much else he can do. He will be sending his camera back to Nikon in hopes that maybe they will fix it, if they can, before his warranty expires. He now has a vastly greater appreciation for the basic things like autofocus. A camera that autofocuses properly is a priority in the next camera he purchases. We all don't fully appreciate things until we don't have them anymore.

On another note, I also have another friend who shoots with a D7000 who reports inconsistent focus issues.

So, please, do not spread false information. It misleads others into disbelieving those who are experiencing the reported problems, as if they were liars.

EOS Bodies / Re: Adorama is selling 5d3 for $2745 on eBay now
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:59:13 PM »
Adorama has sold 818 5D Mark III's on ebay alone, which has netted them well over $2,400,000!.. not too shabby.. 100 5D3's were sold alone in the last 9 or so hours of that sale!! and that was when everyone was likely sleeping.

I hope you are not in business. They didn't "net" $2.4 million. The grossed $2.4 million. What they netted was the sale price less wholesale cost, less shipping, less overhead. If they actually made $50 net on each one (which might be more generous than you think) that's about $41,000. That's not bad for a one-day sale, but it's a far cry from $2.4 million and assumes they actually made $50 in profit on each one.

No, I am not in business, I am in law. But I do have an economics background and a business degree and understand it is revenue, not net profit. That is still a nice chunk of revenue, and revenue and volume do tend to correlate with profit. They obviously didn't make as much or any profit on the one day sale at the price point they unloaded the cameras at but what they did do was free up inventory space and cash flow.

EOS Bodies / Re: Adorama is selling 5d3 for $2745 on eBay now
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:52:49 PM »
Mine is out for delivery! :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Why I'm not jumping to Nikon
« on: September 21, 2012, 01:40:11 AM »
There's been a lot of talk lately about how the 5Dm3 is overpriced, has poor DR, etc and how the 6D is overpriced and under-spec'ed.  And the Nikon D800 and D600 look like pretty sweet cameras.

I would seem like an ideal candidate to jump to Nikon: I'm currently shooting a T1i that was my first DSLR when I got it 3+ years ago.  I've shot quite a bit and learned a lot, and I feel like I'd get a lot out of a new body.  But I'm not particularly tied to the Canon system for FF -- my only EF lens is the 50/1.8, and I have one 430 flash.  I have a couple of EF-S lenses I'd have to replace if I got a FF body, no matter whether I went Canon or Nikon.

The D600 looks pretty nice, and I could probably talk myself into a D800 for $3K more easily than a 5Dm3 for $500 more.  But I'm probably going to stick with Canon -- my next camera is probably a 6D.

Why?  The lenses.  First of all, the 6D kit with the 24-105 f/4 looks like a good deal, and the 24-105 seems like an ideal lens for walking around with a FF body.  As far as I know, Nikon has no lens that really competes with the 24-105.  The other main lens that I see myself getting is the 70-200 f/4 IS, which is great for someone only semi-serious like me to walk around with -- I've rented both the 70-200 f/4 and f/2.8, and paying half as much for a lens that is half the weight seems like a great deal to me (and coming from the crop body I shoot now, f/4 on FF would be pretty fast).  Again, Nikon has nothing to match this lens -- they only have the f/2.8 version.

Even having access to the crazy stuff that I might only rent once a year like the Canon 8-15 fisheye or the 17mm TS-E matters to me.

So perhaps the D600 has better IQ, but I'm sure that (especially compared to what I shoot now) in absolute terms, the Canon 6D has excellent IQ too, and as others have said before, the Canon *system* is still enough ahead of Nikon that the Nikon bodies as not enough to entice me to switch.

well said.. : )

Canon General / Re: How do you sell your gear?
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:23:22 PM »
A tip: When selling your gear through CL or any other such source, choose to meet somewhere public. I personally choose Starbucks and insist they come in to meet once they arrive because there is security video feed for authorities in case someone chooses to do something crazy like make a run for it once they've inspected your gear. You have to be covered when you're selling a body or an L lens etc.

Canon General / Re: How many of us are making money out of photography ?
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:19:35 PM »
Currently I am fortunate to make enough doing my 9-4 that it funds the purchase of my gear and I am able to approach photography merely as a hobby. I remain open to taking freelance paid gigs here and there but have found that I generally value my free time more than the pay+work.

Canon General / Re: How come Canon never responds to anything?
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:12:38 PM »
I'm thankful that our cameras LOOK like the ones they advertise! :)

and even perform as advertised too.

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