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PowerShot / Re: Compact cameras - do everything but good fotos
« on: March 25, 2014, 02:10:54 PM »
The s110 would have been a good choise - if the big electronics store would carry it. But no - they have to have duplicates of 20MP 20x Zoom cameras, and the few ones that are better are either not in stock now or they don't carry them at all. The best they had was the Ixus 255 hs (which she just bought). Unfortunately there was no time even for amazon prime delivery.

I don't know why she doesn't feel comfortable taking the camera without the camera bag (which is one too much to take). I would not give up my 6D - even if the risk of damage or theft ist higher than leaving it at home.

I think I'm venting my frustration with the physical stores here a little as well. My expectation was not that I could come near the 6Ds quality, but being unable to reproduce even the compact cameras 800 ISO image without maxing out my 6Ds ISO range did hit me quite a bit. On the bright side: makes me realize just how awesome the 6D is.

EOS-M (& other mirrorless large-sensors cameras) are just too big. The last sub-400€ compact camera to surprise me with image quality was the panasonic TZ10. Small sensor cameras are not bad per-se, too high of a pixel density is.

PowerShot / Compact cameras - do everything but good fotos
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:13:36 AM »
My GF's getting a compact digital camera (sub 250€) for travelling, as she doesn't want to take her 550D/50 f1.8. When reading reviews, I made a mistake by trying to duplicate the noise level in some review's test shots with my 6D and comparing the ISO difference. Result: I didn't have enough ISO on the 6D to go beyond 200/400 ISO on the compact camera.

Why is there no inexpensive compact camera with OK image quality? Is the low-end compact camera market dying because of cellphones, or because it's filled with crap trying to pack more megapixels & zoom just for the sales pitch? They seem to be in a downward spiral, trying to differentiate themselves from cellphones with more zoom & megapixels, but becoming crappier in the process and letting people take better photos with that phone.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: When can we drop 'D' for 'Digital'
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:24:44 AM »
It's SLR since the there is a single lens for viewing and exposing the film. Before that there were only rangefinder cameras, with a second optical path for viewing.

not so inexpensive, but I didn't purchase it for the camera: Superclamp & Magic Arm.

Gaffer's tape

the end-strips of the canon neckstrap cut of and sewn to a small loop (d=30mm) through the left strap-attachemnt of the camera. Very secure (much more than a blackrapid) and used to attach my camera to the backpack's front strap with a climbing carabiner. I don't even need to take it off to take a photo.

simple: that's where my friends and aquaintances see them. I do watermark & downsize them beforehand, though.

1) Optical Digital Audio input (can be in the same jack as the 3,5mm mic input, see macbook pro). This would eliminate the need for external recorders where 2 channels are enough for most folks, while allowing the use of high quality preamps and ADCs. This only need very few additional parts, and they are cheap.

2) As said above, the ability to have expsure compensation when aperture and shtterspeed are manual and iso is on auto.

3) Better wifi teathering (open api would help). FTP upload to a server of my own would help too.

4) Eye-control AF point selection as an option.

now I'm out of ideas.

Definatly the 6D. You pretty much leaned towards the 6D in your post, it seems like you just need an outside confirmation.

Which lens is the EF-s?

I recently purchased it, and regret not getting it earlier.

EOS Bodies / Re: Why are DSLRs so Big?
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:55:59 PM »

When I last purchased a DSLR, I went to a shop, had them give me both a 60D (gib body) and 600D (small body) with same sensor and processor. As soon as I handled them my Hands chose the bigger body as the better camera.

I now have a grip on it 'cause it handles even better with that.

Snapped while taking a walk with 70-200 2.8/60D

Reviews / Re: Meike grip MK-6d for Canon 6D REVIEW
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:59:34 AM »
The rubber on my 60D meike grip smellled like plastic-softeners -  it was very unpleasant holding the camera up to my face so I just removed the rubber from the grip. In the OPs pictures the rubber looks just like my smelly one.

Great to hear they've done a version for the 6D - absolute necessity.

I did not grow up with analog SLRs, nor am I in the 35/40+ Range, nor do i have extra cash to spend. I grew up with P+S cameras and moved up to DSLRs.

My reasoning:

1) Optical viewfinder (no lag) and very low shutter-lag
2) faster focusing (with USM Lenses)
3) Much better grip (& Feel), plus all basic settings on dedicated controls

And of course selectable lenses. But that's not exclusive to DSLRs anymore.

5DII is very close to 40D/60D operation wise, as it has the same type of AF. Menus might be a little different, but you'll get the hang of it pretty fast. 5DIII is much more advanced especially regardig AF.

I came from a 400D to a 5DII and felt at home very fast. Going back was hard.

Canon General / Re: Loving Canon right now.
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:24:39 AM »
The 6D launch is kinda like the 60D launch - many whined over the new plastic case and loss of AFMA (the latter I agree on).
If the Image quality of the 6D - especially on High ISO - is comparable to the 5DIII, and Video quality is like the 5DIII in terms of DR,Moiré/Aliasing and Details, it can become the big brother to my 60D as soon as the price drops in about 6 months. I want to go FF, but the 5DIII is way out of my price range, and the Moiré in Video of the 5DII is just too bad for that kind of money. GPS and Wifi are a nice add in for the cost.
The missing headphone jack can hopefully be compensated for by ML using the AV out - just like on the 60D. 

If it delivers on Image/Video-quality and high ISO performance, I am excited about it. That's what the original 5D was about - great sensor in a (relatively) cheap body. This is the successor to the 5D II I have basically been waiting for since 2010.

Lenses / Re: If you can have ONLY 3 lenses, what would they...???
« on: September 16, 2012, 05:19:15 PM »
As I only have 3 lenses, it's quite easy. Looking back, I would choose the same (on a crop body)

17-55 2.8 IS
50 1.4 (money no object I might choose the 35 1.4 L instead, just to get a little more in the shot when I usually use this lens)
70-200 2.8 L IS

EOS Bodies / Re: Is there a way to confirm focus in Live View
« on: September 07, 2012, 02:25:26 PM »
doesn't work on all cameras, but magic lantern has a feature called focus peaking. Very helpful for video, if it works in magnification I do not know.

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