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Well the flash has shown up and the manual really lives up the reviews.  It's quite bad... :o

I've just done a couple of on and off camera tests with it getting use the various setting.  Played with the HSS setting and seems to work well.

I haven't put it through a photo shoot yet, but should have some chances over the holidays.


Couldn't resist the extra bell & whistle, so just ordered YN-568EX directly from the Yongnuo web site.


Thanks for all the info.  I'll probably go for the 565, with the battery pack.  Although the 568 has another bell and whistle.  Not sure how much of the HSS functionality I will use in the short term.


Has anyone had any experience with the   Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash for Canon.  I got an email from Cowboy studio with this listed as $160 and did a bit searching around and seems like a a good starter flash.


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