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They're really quite nice and have the advantage of interchangeable lenses.

Nice attempt but I'm a fixed lens weirdo for that kind of 100% leisure shooting stuff.

Actually one thing that would make me not pull the trigger is the announcement of a full frame Fuji X100s :D

Thanks all for the advices. I'm manage to refrain myself for now but I'll probably hit the store soon for more details and start negociation.

I can send pictures if you are interested. Where are you based?
I'm lost in South west China but thanks for the proposal. Actually the place also matters in the price. I'm sure I could shave a couple hundred easily on the price if I was in the US or EUR. But I don't want to buy online (test + risks of shipping) so there is a probablepremium of buying in such a remote place. I might make a trip to HK soon too.

People here are more into practical photography and 2300$ could buy some nice new and shiny lens with a red ring around it. And they will be as right as you'll be if you buy the Flex. The question is what will bring YOU more joy??? Only you can answer it.
I'm pretty much set on my kit as I don't do birds. Outside of photo, only travel could rival as an expense but I'm on the cheap side for that. But as I said that one of the "cons"

PS.: As a side question: except of the obvious advantage of the Medium Format resolution (is it really equivalent to 60 Mega pixel picture?) is there any advantage to the film (35mm or other) over a full frame DSLR (which I can't compare to)?

Maybe it's propaganda but from what I saw DR is waaaaaayyy better than anything digtal when you shoot B+W. Even on a lubitel.

Why don't you have a look for a Yashicamat 124G instead of the Rolleiflex? Pretty much the same sort of spec and quality, but a whole lot cheaper. If you don't need a TLR, have a look for a decent folder - Agfa Isolette, Franka Solida, Baldix, or like the one I got last week, a Kershaw 450, which only cost me £40 :)
TLR is Superior due to no Mirror clapping. First because of non existant IS but also for noise issues.
I'll think about the Yashicat. But I'm in the "resell value" approach so it might be less advantageous.

Lenses / Re: Review: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:46:11 PM »
I suppose it is time for me to drop out of this conversation... I just bought an 85L mkii... so... I guess the 50mm sigma wasn't meant to be.

Grats on the awesomest piece of loot from the Canon cave. But if you really want a sigma you can always join the 35/85 club ;)

Lenses / Re: New 50mm Sigma ? There are other options !
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:44:34 PM »
I'm with Dylan & Viggo on this one.  If you have the means and photography is your passion, there's nothing "wrong" with owning nice gear, just as there's nothing wrong with the new Sigma 50 or the 35 f/2 IS.

Its a mighty unfortunate waste of talent and kit. And a real shame that talent and kit is not being enjoyed by more people - photography is best when shared ;)

Well actually you could see it the other way around. Not relying on photography for income free up creativity but also the will to share. I don't have any other pretense than to share my foreigner view on "true China" (suburban/rural but not touristy cliché) so I can just "give them away" for viewing and sharing as long as it doesn't cost me anymore money than my gear did.

With no responsability comes great power ;)

Lenses / Re: Which lens to go with
« on: April 07, 2014, 09:46:36 AM »
Please use more conditional. To each his own. 5d3 gripped + 2.8 II IS is fine by me and I' m totally not athletic. Add the x2 converter and yeah I can' t last very long.

The weight issue of the 2.8 is overstated by some. (Don' t see a value judgment please.) Just try it out.

Canon General / Re: 20 Signs You Might be a Photography Addict
« on: April 07, 2014, 09:10:26 AM »
21. Poor F choices, lighting, post processing (and so forth) ruin your p0rn viewing moments.

Photography Technique / Re: Help on what to bring to Krabi...
« on: April 07, 2014, 02:19:20 AM »
Even tho we can discuss the style, I kinda agree with Texas about those topics.

All of them could be answered with 16-35 24-70II and 70-200II. What place in the world wouldn't be covered with those?

Then it's just a very personnal questions about style of shooting, finances (but then again the upgrade/budget path is pretty clear with canon gear), taste for primes (extremely subjective) and tolerance to weight carrying (once again so subjective, some poeple have a 70-200 f4 limit, some other are Surapon style supermen).

I also tend to think that people (who are not newbs) with this kind of issues could rethink their kits to check out for redundancy/inadequacy.

To be productive cristicm: we could have a travel section where people post where they go and could receive advice from local CRers or forumers with experience or interest for the place. This way non interested people like Texas wouldn't have to click on those threads they don't want to see :P

But in one word: Enjoy Thailand. I hadn't had the chance yet so I'll envy you. Show us some pics!

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« on: April 06, 2014, 10:34:30 PM »
Dear Grumbaki: You've not really said why you might want this camera, but you did ask us to dissuade you.

Since I don't know why you want the camera or what you want to do with it, I'll just ask you: What else could you do with $2300?

Another way to think about it is: What aren't you going to be able to do if you spend $2300 on this particular camera?

Dear Vivid, your first question is one of the good point in the con side. That amount can be spend on a trip with my modern gear. I'm Lucky (and working my ass off) enough so that the second one is not that relevant. But yeah, 2300 could be used up for something else...but not in the bank.

As to the why this camera:
- I really love the "whole format", the "belly shooting".
- Film can be a pain but the restraint it imposes usually make me a better photographer. I think I already posted about my outings with a 1Gb CF (13 exposures on a 5d3 shooting full raw) and the lcd blackened out to emulate the case.
- Native Square. Personnal taste for compositon.
- It's not like there is an option for medium format shooting around 2k USD. Replicas are generally toys in term of output. This one (and the Hassels like 500C I had the chance to try out...but Im more a TLR guy) have very good outputs even in our digital area. Those modern medium format are, to my knowledge, the only option for belly shooting and they are around what? 10K?
- Except if I truly mishandle it, there is little chance of loosing much value if I purchase smartly. This is not an investment but not a perishable item like our dslr.
- Pure admiration for engineering/craftmanship. That point is kinda moot but that stuff is a piece of beauty like watches or old cars can be. I mean... hand polished lenses...!
- Ice breaker. That's mentionned in every review and I could notice it with the Hasselblad. Poeple are weary of DSLR but they are drawn to those pieces of curio or nostalgia. (except the unavoidable grumpy photog that think you should leave it in a museum).

Writing all those explanations doesnt really help as your point and the fact that I don't have much time to shoot are the only 2 points on the con side.

Any debunking of my pros? :P

(I know this is a weird GAS thread...thanks for the answers!)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Should I buy 6d or 5MkIII?
« on: April 06, 2014, 10:09:00 PM »
I understand tilt shifts... I don't understand... or should I say... I don't share the interest/draw that people have for it.

To have architecture shots that don't look like laws of physics are turned off?

If you only do rural stuff then there is no point but for cityscapes of skyscraper, with little ability to shoot from (very) far or to fly (or find a vantage point) then TSE is the key...

Lenses / Re: Which lens to go with
« on: April 06, 2014, 10:05:05 PM »
V2 vs V1 makes the whole point easy IMHO. Get the F4 V2.

If the image for this thread came from a document sourced from Canon, does Canon own the copyright to it and does this website have permission to reproduce it? I'm all for leaking information a la Snowden, but you need to be intelligent about how it is done. Another aspect of the Snowden issue is that all documents produced by the government are not covered by copyright as they're "owned" by the people - they're just subject to official secrets acts, etc - and can thus be reproduced freely without limit. That doesn't apply to documents produced and owned by corporations.

Sorry but that's a very poor legal argument and analogy.
Snowden docs were protected by defense statuses, something far more serious than copyright.
In most western country, the right to inform, even just for consumers rights, is superior to copyright.
Just to make a ludicrous point, if I patent murder, do I prevent you to blow the whistle as a witness? :D

Go on leaking as long as there is a point about it, you'll be fine.

Man up and Snowden the sh*t out of the documents.

Lenses / Re: Philosophical question about Sigma Lenses - Why?
« on: April 04, 2014, 11:54:03 AM »
despite all relevant comparison already mentioned, I think I'd point out the Sega story. Better make money with other companies than die trying to force your proprietary system on consumers. (before all the others 80's kids come down on me, I have to say I was a a Sega boy ;) )

Tripod (considering you are shooting aspc and will want night shots)
Bag (comfortable and carry on)
Memory cards (with practice you'll know you needs: ie for me it's roughly 4gb per day in average)
Batteries (at least one)
Battery grip (if your hands feel confortable on it, with the added bonus of the battery life)

That's the very core IMHO. Filters (specially polarizing) come next. That will be necessary for your trip f you want to go beyond snapshots.

As to the inevitable lenses.
1- Try the old method of "locking" a zoom into one focal lenght for a day and see if you like it. That may give you a taste for primes. Some are cheap and efficient (shorty forty comes in mind, 85 1.8, sigma 35 to some extend depending on your definition of Cheap)
2- Depending on your taste of photography and your finances, determine if you will upgrade your body in the not so distant future. If so, skip the mid range and aim straight for L glass. Glass before body is the name of the game.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« on: April 04, 2014, 08:41:36 AM »
@Tolusina: No worries. It's true that if I hadn't make my homework, Rolleis are a field for rip off due to the wide range of price. Sweet story about the grandpa!

@Sporgon: Yeah and I still say it because that's not really a useful expense but, as I can afford it, I struggle with a bad GAS.

@Don: Nice attempt. Time is actually my biggest constraint. Need to work quite a few hours to afford that beauty...

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